This pair was still engaged in the loving 69, the intensity of their licks having grown after several delicious orgasms each. James approached the pair and immediately dove into licking the Indian woman's ass, allowing the Asian to more completely focus on sucking the clit. As his tongue flicked against the woman's ass and the Asian sucked on her clit, the Indian woman let a long, loud moan; James thought it was perhaps the sexiest orgasmic sound he had ever heard.

James delighted in the pure erotic delight of licking her ass as he gently squeezed her cheeks and smacked them from time to time, which always eliciting as short, sharp cry from her and then a contented, happy little sigh. He slowly and delicately flicked his around the ridged, rubbery opening to her ass, stopping from time to time in order to lick it entirely in quick, short licks. James would change things up by fingering her ass first with one, then two, then finally three fingers at a time, taking that opportunity to kiss the Asian with all his fiery passion.

James' cock had remained stiff and amazingly rigid as ever this entire time, and he now needed to cum as badly as ever. He took advantage of this position to slide his cock far into the Asian's mouth, slowly sliding it in as deeply as he could. Because he was literally fucking her mouth James was able to get his cock deeper than normal into her throat, so much so that his balls were being squeezed against her forehead with every slow thrust; despite the fact that James was no doubt plugging her throat, the Asian woman was easily able to take his gigantic cock all the way in and suck it happily with every slow, teasing pull out.

He slowly, carefully used his legs to lower his cock down into the Asian woman's mouth, and then slowly extricated himself. To do this James' legs were spread wide open with one leg on a chair, and he was suddenly surprised to feel a soft, warm tongue licking the back of his balls. He turned to see the Latina on all fours behind him, now gently licking and sucking his balls from behind and occasionally flicking his ass as he had done to the Indian woman. Behind her he could see the blonde woman hungrily eating out the black woman's slick pussy.

This fresh delight made James even more ravenously horny than ever, and he now withdrew his cock from the Asian's mouth and slipped it easily into the Indian's ass. Her ass was wet from much licking and had clearly been fucked numerous times because he slipped his entire massive cock into it with one long, steady slide. James immediately began fucking her ass hard as he possibly could, gripping her hips harshly and roughly pulling her back towards him even as he slammed his cock into her ass with as much force as he could. The Asian licked the Indian woman's cunt with all her passion, doubly enflamed now from being able to watch the delectable show going on just above her face. The Latina did her best to continue licking James' balls, taking well timed licks as he came back towards her with every thrust.

After some time of slamming her ass like this James leaned forward to wrap himself around the Indian's slight frame and thereby enable him to play with her large, firm tits as he butt fucked her. He greedily squeezed those tits and pulled her nipples harshly, eliciting a cry that was equal parts pain and intense pleasure. This new position forced him to fuck her more gently as well as spreading him more widely open, which the Latina used to her advantage by now sucking James' balls gently yet deeply into her mouth, licking them lasciviously, and again flicking his ass.

James remained like this for as long as he could, but the slower, more gentle butt fucking combined with the ball and ass licking he was getting from the Latina proving to be just to much for him to withstand, so he returned to his original position and fucked the Indian woman with absolute abandon, fucking her like a mad man, like a wild animal during rutting season. He fucked her with all his force, the moans of the Asian and the Indian woman combining, his own growls growing louder and more intense; the Latina moaned happily as she now simply cupped and tickled his balls rather than trying to lick them and used her free hand to gently massage her engorged clit.

James' cock erupted into the Indian's ass with as much force and might as his first orgasm and what felt like just as much cum. Thick, sticky streams of cum shot out of him, his head thrown back in an orgasmic growl, every muscle in his body tensed with this delightful strain. He came more than he ever had, more than he thought possible, the cum beginning to ooze out of her ass even before he was done cumming in it. James continued to pump until the last drop of cum dribbled its way out of his cock.

When James pulled his cock out of the Indian's ass he slipped it into the Asian's mouth, which she happily sucked and licked clean, swallowing down as much of his cum as she could get. Once satisfied that his cock – which remained steely hard as ever – was as clean as she could get it he withdrew to again drink down some more Kupidon. As soon as he left the Latina crawled over to the Indian's cum-oozing ass and felched her, sucking all of James' copious amounts of cum out of her ass and directly into her mouth. Making a soft, wet slurping sound, the Latina sucked out every drop of cum from her ass, and then positioned herself above the Asian who already had her mouth opened wide like a baby bird waiting to be fed. She slowly worked out some of the cum in her mouth into a long, thick string that she allowed to drop into the Asian's mouth, both women now greedily swallowing whatever cum they had in their mouths and then kissing deeply and passionately, sharing the remnants between themselves.

Swooning slightly from the amazing fucking and the drink, James already knew he was not yet done and stumbled his way over to the dark chocolate black woman and the redhead. The black woman sat squarely on the redhead's face, having her pussy hungrily licked by her as she pulled and twisted her own nipples. The redhead lay flat on her back with her legs already spread wide open, the bright pink pussy looking like a target for James' cock; he lay down on top of her and slid his cock deep inside her hot, wet pussy. She moaned loudly as he did, her voice stifled due to the pussy on her mouth. From the position in which he laid James was also able to kiss the black woman, which he did deeply and lovingly, stopping from time to time to suck her tits.

It had seemed to James that the more he fucked the more intensely he needed to cum and the more easily he came, and this third fuck within an hour was no exception. He slid his cock into the redhead and immediately started fucking her wildly, hammering his cock into her with all his remaining might. He kissed the black woman as he did, their kisses escalating in intensity as his urge to cum increased, the rate at which he fucked the redhead growing in intensity and ferocity with every passing second. James fucked like a machine, like some kind of piston driven to simply move in and out repetitively, slamming her with all his might. He fucked the redhead like this, simply, savagely, for some minutes before he once again started to work up towards a howl in anticipation of his orgasm. Before he came James suddenly pulled out of her and jerked off to cum in the black woman's mouth, all over her face and all over the redhead's chest.

As he flicked off the last drop of pearly cum from his cock the other women descended upon these two like a pack of hungry hyenas would attack an injured prey and immediately began to lick and suck up all of James' spilled cum. James grabbed the Kupidon bottle once more to take a deep swig of the vodka, but the dizziness had grown too much for him and as he tipped his head back to take a swig he swooned, stumbled, and fell with a crash on the cold cabin floor. As he started to slip into unconsciousness, the last thing James recalled seeing was all seven women slowly crawling over to where he lay with a hungry, horny look in their eyes...

When James finally came to some hours later, he was laying naked on his cabin floor, the empty bottle of Kupidon clutched in his hand. He looked down and was quite disappointed to see that his cock and balls had returned to their previous mediocre selves, his cock a tiny remnant of the gigantic piece of meat he wielded the night before. It was a mere flaccid shadow of what he had so recently enjoyed, now shriveled and all but hidden inside his body. He reached down, however, and his entire crotch area was still sticky and thick with the odor of pussy, cum, and sex. He knew, regardless of how hard it was to believe, that the orgy he enjoyed last night was not a drunken hallucination, nor was it an insane delusion, but rather a real experience.

James then became aware of several things at once. First, he was bitterly cold from having lain out naked on the floor for hour after hour. Second, he was stiff and sore all over, muscles he didn't even know he had feeling painfully overworked. Third, he realized someone was pounding on the door.

James got up off the floor as quickly as he possibly could, his aching muscles and stiff joints screaming in complaint. Throwing a thick wool blanket over his shoulders, James shuffled over to the door and opened it to find the odd Russian standing there before him as before. He stood smiling widely, and James realized he knew perfectly well what had happened.

"So," he said, his thick accent unable to hide the fact this was a rhetorical question, "you like Kupidon?"

"Yes," James said, realizing there was a certain tone of desperation in his voice as he spoke, "I like it very much."

"Good, glad to hear. You want to buy?"

"Yes, yes, I do!"

"How much you want? Two bottles, maybe six?"

"I'll take a whole case!"

The Russian smiled, again looking like he already knew that'd be the answer. "Ah, so Kupidon work good for you?"

"Yes, it did."

After the little Russian had brought the case of vodka into James' cabin for him and collected his money, James suddenly asked the question that had been on his mind all night. "What is this stuff?"

The little Russian stopped before mounting his dog sled, turning towards James with a smile. "Kupidon is Kupidon, and does what it can."

"But why, what is it? What is 'Kupidon'?!"

"Kupidon," the Russian said with a chuckle, "is Russian for Cupid."

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