tagGay MaleKurt's Real Birthday Gift

Kurt's Real Birthday Gift


When I answered the phone on December 1st it was my friend Dave asking "Hey, Kurt, don't you have a birthday coming up soon?"

"I sure do Dave. I'll be 24 just a week before Christmas."

"Well Kurt, the reason I'm calling is that I've got a birthday treat in mind for you."

"Oh yeah? -- What are you thinking?"

"Well, my remodeling business is going real well right now," Dave said. "Some good clients who are paying me some good money. However, I do need to take a day off now and then. Soooo . . I think we should plan a day trip to Sun Valley. My treat for your birthday. I'll spring for the lift tickets, and a nice dinner after skiing. We'd better go in your rig though, as my tires aren't too good."

"Sounds like a good deal to me Dave. What date do you have in mind?"

"How about December 18th? If I plan it now, I'll be able to keep that day totally clear."

"I think that'll work for me, Dave. The 18th it is, and thanks! I'm looking forward to it."

Early the morning of December 18th, we loaded up and took off on the 3-hour drive, headed for the world famous ski slopes of Sun Valley, Idaho. Dave and I enjoyed a great day of skiing, and then dinner and drinks at a trendy bar and grill. As we were about to leave Sun Valley, Dave spotted a tobacco shop, and said "Let's get a couple of good cigars to enjoy on the drive home."

As we drove along enjoying our stogies, I felt relaxed, but Dave seemed a bit nervous. Finally, he cleared his throat and asked: "Are you enjoying your birthday treat, Kurt?"

"You bet! It's been a great day! Thanks for everything, Dave."

"Well, Kurt," Dave said. "I have one more treat for you in mind."

"Oh yeah? I can't imagine anything more we could do, unless maybe you have some naked babe ready to jump out of a giant cake or something lined up for me!"

"Well," Dave said somewhat hesitantly, "I was thinking more along the lines that, um, maybe you'd uh, like a blow-job . . ."

"I'm always up for a blow-job, Dave. What guy isn't? I'm curious though, where are you going to conjure up some horny, willing female out here in the middle of nowhere?"

"Well, uh, Kurt, I sort of thought, um, I'd do it myself. If you, uh, just find a secluded place to pull off this road, there's not much traffic . . . I think if I squat down on the side of the car away from the road, anyone driving by will just see you and assume 'There's a guy taking a piss' and won't bother us."

Spotting a likely turnout, I braked sharply and said "Whatever you're up for Dave. I could get real excited about a blow-job along about now!" Exiting the car, I stepped to the rear of the vehicle while saying, "Let me take a leak back here Dave, and then I'll move over by your door for you to do the deed. That way you won't be kneeling in a puddle of my piss." As my pissing began to subside, I took one last drag on my cigar, and dropped the cigar butt under my yellow stream. Man!! Was I looking forward to the next few minutes! I had never had any sort of man-sex before ... and I had a feeling Dave's servicing of my cock would be something special.

Dave said "Shake all the piss off of that ugly fucker, and bring him over here. And be ready for the best blow-job of your life."

I was grinning like the Cheshire Cat as I stepped over to where Dave squatted, waiting to get up close and personal with my big, circumcised cock. I'd left my pecker dangling out of my fly, and Dave went right to work on my fuck-pole. He started by laving the big, mushroom head with his tongue, and then he licked his way down the sides of my stiff tool.

"Why don't you pull my pants down Dave, and give my balls a good workover with your tongue?"

Dave's mouth then went back to my flared penis-head, while he expertly unsnapped my Levi's and shoved my clothing down to my ankles, all the while never missing a beat in his oral assault on my male equipment. After licking around my balls a bit, he put a lip-lock on the head of my pecker, while he stroked my thick rod with one hand and fondled my nuts with the other. He was using just the right pressure on all my masculine hot spots, as only another male knows how to do.

"God, Dave! I'm about there, buddy," I muttered jerkily. "Are you going to be a real man and swallow, or a chicken-shit pussy-whipped spitter?"

"Mmmff" Dave gagged, as I thrust my spewing cock as far as possible down his throat and pumped my jizm into him. He kept my spasming dong deep in his oral cavity, and I could feel his throat contracting as he swallowed what he could of my hot spunk.

I yelled "YEAHHH, BUDDY!!!! Swallow that load, Dave-boy!!! You look like a real cum-slut, with some of my white poison dribbling out the sides of your mouth! Now lick my big tool clean, GENTLY NOW!, buddy ... you know how tender a guy's equipment is just after he cums! That's it . . . now be a good little cock-slut, tuck my package back in, button me up, and we'll be all done here."

As I climbed back into the driver's seat, Dave re-lit his cigar, then took a whiz, and stayed outside for a couple minutes, gathering his thoughts.

He climbed in and I told him, "Now THAT was a great birthday present, Dave. Tell you what though, buddy: there's no need to wait until my birthday ... you can suck my cock anytime!"

Dave contemplated his cigar and said quietly "I can't believe I did that, Kurt. I don't want to talk about it right now."

After that, we drove on home in a sort of tense silence, and I dropped him off at his house. When I saw him a few days later, he acted like the same old Dave, so I guessed he'd gotten past his guilt trip or whatever it was he had been feeling.

A few months later I had him working on a plumbing project in my home. He asked "Remember your last birthday treat from me, Kurt?"

"Sure," I said.

"I feel like trying that again."

When I heard that, I quickly stripped, and got onto my bed on my back. Dave crawled between my knees, and used his talented mouth to quickly bring me to a massive orgasm.

It seems that now, about every 3 months, Dave wants to service my schlong. I don't understand why he always goes through this strange 'I don't even want to THINK about the fact that I just sucked your dick and swallowed your load' mental trip as soon as he is done. But hey! as long as he's willing, he gives great head, and I'm certainly not going to rock the boat by questioning him about it!!

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