tagBDSMKyla, 38 and Her New Slave Pt. 05

Kyla, 38 and Her New Slave Pt. 05


Continuing the story of Kyla's in laws, Margarite and Eric, and their housekeeper Nicola.

A few days after their amazing session, having repeated it every evening with some small variations to keep it interesting, Eric arrived home early after a fire alarm had cleared his office mid afternoon.

He walked in the front door and through to the kitchen, half expecting to find Nicola cooking, hoping she might require him to serve her before his wife arrived home.

The kitchen was deserted and the cooking hobs off. He looked through the kitchen window, and could see a lawn mower sitting by the outhouse, but there was no sign of the gardener. Not that he would have recognised him as he'd never actually seen him before.

He took off his coat and went upstairs, paused on the landing to listen for any movement but there was nothing to be heard.

He went up the stairs towards Nicola's attic suite and when he got to her bedroom he knelt down to look though the keyhole, hoping that perhaps she was masturbating. After all Nicola said that the spying could continue!

What he saw shocked him more than the first time he'd seen her shafting her cunt with the ten inch black dildo.

Nicola was lying on her bed, sideways on to the door, wearing black fishnet stockings and red high heels. She was almost bent double with her feet were either side of a mans head, the backs of her legs against his torso and chest while he fucked her vigourously. Eric watched as they continued to fuck, Nicola becoming more and more vocal as he ploughed into her. After five minutes she was almost screaming and clawed at the sheets above her head.

Eric assumed this fucker was the gardener, the one that Nicola's friend had recommended.

The gardener closed his eyes and paused, spluttering that he was going to come soon.

Nicola turned her head towards the door and winked theatrically at the eye at the keyhole.

"Don't come yet darling, try and make it last." she pleaded. Then swung her right foot over his bowed head and turned her hips to her left, as his cock slid out of her. She sat up as he collapsed on the bed, soaked in sweat.

Nicola stood up and shook her blonde mane, and told him she was just going for a glass of water then walked towards the door. Eric stood up and scurried silently down the stairs before Nicola opened the door. Nicola had slipped on her sheer long black wraparound gown, knotting the belt loosely at the waist.

She closed the door after her, turned and looked down the stairs at Eric. She pointed down and Eric went down to the ground floor level, disappointed that he had been dismissed.

Eric went back to the kitchen and sat at the table with his cock straining in his pants at the sight of Nicola being fucked. He couldn't really see the gardeners cock but guessed it was sizeable given the screaming Nicola was doing.

He was surprised when the door opened and Nicola walked in.

"Enjoy the show did you?" she asked, a sly grin on her face.

"Yes Mistress, I did."

"Aren't you forgetting yourself?" she asked with an eyebrow raised quizzically.

"Pardon?" replied Eric.

"My rules, when I walk in the room, particularly when I'm dressed like this." her hands flourished.

The penny dropped and Eric fell to his knees and lowered his head to her feet.

"That will be a dozen strokes to your bottom this evening." declared Nicola.

Eric shivered even though it was a warmish day.

"Did you see the size of his cock?"

"No Mistress."

"Well its nearly eight inches long but what's really impressive is his girth, its about 7 inches. God it felt like he was splitting me in two." She flung her head back, shook her hair and laughed. "Kneel up slave." she ordered him.

As he did so she stepped towards him and stood over him, her feet either side of his legs which had the effect of opening her thighs, her stocking tops at eye level.

"Did you enjoy it when we were fucking when I ordered you to remove your cock and replace it with your tongue?"

His mouth went dry but he managed to spurt out "yes Mistress."

"So how would you feel if I told you to put your tongue in my cunt now, given that his cock has just been in me?" She didn't given him a chance to reply to the rhetorical question. "Or perhaps I should make you beg to be allowed to tongue my cunt, after all that is a privilege for a slave like you."

She didn't wait for an answer but grabbed a handful of his hair, pushed his head back and stepped towards him planting her cunt firmly on his mouth.

"Lick me. You have two minutes to make me come."

Well, he didn't manage it in two minutes but as she was so close to orgasm she allowed him to continue licking and sucking her clit until she came in his mouth, a wave of intense pleasure wracking her body and she had to hold onto the back of a kitchen chair to steady herself.

As she regained her composure she told Eric to get her a drink of filtered water. She took it from him and turned on her heels.

"Round two, seconds out." she said and headed out of the door and back up the stairs.

Eric followed her seconds later and as she closed her bedroom door behind her he tip toed up the final staircase and knelt down at the keyhole. He couldn't see everything but he could certainly see Nicola's ruby red lips wrapped around the gardener's shiny purple cock head. She was certainly right regarding its size; it was an inch or two longer than average and much much thicker than his own cock. Nicola took it out of her mouth and turning her head sideways ran her tongue up and down the hard veiny shaft using her teeth to illicit groans from the as yet nameless gardener.

The cock sucking went on for another minute or so, the Nicola wiped her mouth on the back of her hand and asked him to help her up. She stood, rather unsteady on her feet, then taking him by the cock led him back to the bed.

"Stand by the end of the bed and fuck me from behind." She told him, glancing at the door and giving her voyeur slave a secret wink.

She climbed rather ungainly onto the bed and shuffled her not inconsiderable arse backwards towards the waiting erection. He slid into her with ease until his trimmed but not shaven ball sack was nestling against her cunt lips. He held her there for several seconds savouring the pleasure as Nicola breathed through her nose appreciating the pulsing cock inside her.

Then he began to shaft her, slowly at first then quicker and quicker until he was fucking her as hard as Margarite had with the ten inch dildo. The dildo was certainly deeper in her cunt but the warmth of his cock felt so much better.

Eric unzipped his trousers and fumbled around in order to free his rock hard cock. He began to stroke it slowly as he watched the housekeeper get fucked by the gardener, a much more frequent happening than you might imagine, probably exceeded only by the gardener fucking the lady of the house as she raked in her purse for the cash to pay him for tidying up her borders.

Just then Eric heard the familiar tone of the Porsche engine owned by said lady of the house as she pulled into the drive. He snuck off down the stairs to greet her with the news, tucking his todger away.

Once appraised of the situation Margarite decided that she needed to see for herself. She set off up the stairs, diverting only to retrieve a short pile of towels from the airing cupboard.

As she reached Nicola's bedroom she surprised her husband not by kneeling at the keyhole but by brazenly opening the door and entering the room.

"Oh Nicola." She said in mock surprise, "I didn't realise you were entertaining."

Nicola grinned, her face hidden from her lover, whose cock rather rapidly softened and slipped from her cunt.

Margarite dropped the towels and approached them as Nicola turned and sat on the bed.

"Aren't you going to introduce me Nicola?"

"Er, this is Rob, he's your gardener." Said Nicola.

This was a surprise to Margarite as Eric hadn't mentioned anything about a gardener just a big cocked guy ploughing their housekeepers cunt.

"I do hope that I'm not going to be charged for this." Said Margarite somewhat callously.

Rob just stood there, open mouthed and naked, as the older woman looked him up and down.

"Of course I might be persuaded to overlook this little incident," she said, deliberately emphasising the little as she glanced down at Rob's soft cock.

Nicola decided not to prolong his embarrassment and reached over and took his cock in her hand.

"It does get really big, trust me." she said as she squeezed it.

As it began to harden Margarite surprised him by kneeling and taking his cock in her mouth.

If hardened rapidly and Margarite gagged, withdrawing it until just the head between her lips as she savoured the taste of Nicola's cum, then sucked hard as she puled her head back, his cock exiting with a smack, and wiped her mouth with one finger.

"Ahem, do excuse me. It is rather large isn't it?"

She stood and walked towards the door, unbuttoning her silk blouse as she did, unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt allowing it to fall to the floor. She stepped expertly out of it, picking up the key from the bedside locker as she did.

"We don't want to be disturbed now do we."

Eric's heart sank as the view was blocked firstly by his wife black silk knickers then by the key being inserted into the lock. The click was like a dagger to the heart and he slumped down.

By the time she had turned and walked back to the bed she was naked, except for her black lace topped hold ups and 2 inch silver high heels, and by the time she reached them Nicola had his cock in her mouth.

Margarite reached up and put her left hand on Rob's shoulder, then with her right hand grabbed a handful of Nicola's blond curls, pushing her down forcing his cock deeper into her throat.

She laughed at Nicola's gagging noises and stood on tiptoes to kiss Rob on the lips.

She broke the kiss and looked into his eyes.

"You are going to fuck me while I lick her cunt until she comes. Then she will lick me. You'd better not come before I do or else I will be very, very displeased." she warned him.

"Did you come in her already?" She asked.

"No, well not today." he replied.

They manoeuvred into position, Nicola lying on the bed, propped up by pillow with Margarite's head above her cunt, whilst kneeling near the bottom of the bed. Rob was stood at the end and taking his cock near the hilt rubbed it up and down her cunt lips, teasing her by rubbing the head into her clit. Margarite gasped and lowered her head to Nicola's cunt, savouring the distinct taste

before licking around her clit as Nicola held her lips spread wide.

Nicola glanced at the door and the key blocking her slaves view, she would have preferred him to see this. Perhaps she could make it up to him later?

In truth it didn't take Nicola long to come, she made sure it was an extra noisy one for her slaves benefit. By that time Margarite was gasping herself as Rob continued his onslaught. Her cunt was really nice and tight and as Nicola's head was thrashing around he knew he wouldn't hold out much longer.

"Ok, change positions." said Nicola taking control.

Soon Rob was sitting in the large chair with Margarite impaled on his cock as he lifted and dropped her slowly and rhythmically. Nicola was knelt between his legs, holding Margarites knees wide apart. She lowered her mouth into her cunt and licked up his length spreading her lips apart before beginning her assault on her exposed clit.

As required, Margarite came first, then second and finally third before Robs balls tightened.

"I want some come as well." Said Nicola with a pout as she worked on Margarite.

"Yes, that would be lovely." Replied Margarite as her eyes widened.

"Delicious I'd have said." They both laughed at their conspiracy but Rob was non-plussed.

Another change of position was suggested by Nicola and Rob fucked Margarite in the deep stick position with her bent double and Rob standing at the end of the bed as he jackhammered her until he grunted that he was coming.

"Come on her tummy." Said Nicola told directing operations and he pulled out, one string of come covering her cunt lips, but the second shooting onto her flat stomach trailing down onto her neat damp public triangle.

Nicola reached down and scooped up the come and walked towards the ensuite, but unseen by the other two, reached down and thrust her come covered fingers in her wet cunt.

Eric heard everything and silently hurried away down to the next floor, hidden from view.

Rob dressed and left, but not until they had worked out a schedule whereby Margarite would join them once a week.

Nicola saw him to the back door. He just stood with a look of incredulity on his face.

"You, my friend are a very very lucky boy." she chided him, "Now go and finish in the garden."

Nicola went back upstairs and found them in their bedroom. Margarite had changed her shoes, having slipped on a pair of gold high heels, her husband's favourites and as Nicola entered Eric was lying next to her on the bed with Margarite slowly stroking his cock.

"Yes, it was about two inches longer than this little thing but the thickness was what shocked me. It was amazing, so, so, so, filling! My cunt was on fire, especially when my clit as being sucked."

She nodded up towards Nicola who was stood by the open door, hands on hips. Eric glanced up at her. Nicola arched her eyebrow and after several uncomfortable seconds the penny dropped and Eric leapt to his feet then fell to his knees. He bent down and kissed Nicola's foot.

"Please accept my apologies Miss Nicola."

Nicola ignored him and walking past him and took his place on the bed next to his wife.

"Close the door slave." She ordered him.

By the time he locked it and turned, Nicola had a handful of his wife's hair and dragged her head down to her crotch. Margarite reached over and parted Nicola's lips, pulling her clit hood back and then wrapped her lips around her engorged clit, sucking it in her mouth. Nicola groaned and threw her head back and with her left hand extended get index finger down, indicating that Eric should kneel. She allowed Margarite to pleasure her for several minutes as her slave knelt by her side of the bed. His cock was rock hard and he slyly stroked it back and forth. It didn't take long for Nicola to come and Eric wondered if the gardener had heard her ecstatic cries. She pushed Margarite's head away and turned to her slave.

"So, I think we need to talk about what happened today."

Margarite propped herself up on her elbow, eyes wide in anticipation of further humiliation for her husband.

"Have you enjoyed it so far slave?"

"Yes Goddess but..."

"But?" Interjected his wife, "we allow you to watch us, spy on us, and even now you're wanking in front of us and you have the temerity to say but!"

"Now, now Margarite. Don't be so hard on him." She chided her gently. She turned back to her slave. Her left hand flew out and she grabbed his face between her thumb and fingers and squeezed tight.

"Do not ever say but to me again when we are in Mistress mode, otherwise you will regret it. Understand?"

He nodded his head and she released her grip on his cheeks.

"Please accept my apologies Goddess." he pleaded. "I just wanted to ask if I may be allowed to cum."

"Cum? When you haven't finished your duties? When neither of us is completely orgasmed out? Are you totally satisfied Margarite?" She asked his wife.

"Certainly not. Anyway, there's the little matter of post fuck duties."

His eyes were wide as she went on.

"If you are going to serve us next week after he has fucked us, then there's no better time than now to teach you how you will be expected to perform."

Nicola total agreed with her.

She bent and kissed her employer.

"You were fabulous," she said between kisses, then "shall we give him his reward or his punishment first? Or what about both at the same time? Six from you while he's licking me out? Do you want to be licked first or spank him first?"

Nicola spanked him first as he lay on the bed, his head between his wife's stocking clad thighs.

At the first stroke, as he began the count, his wife pushed his head near her cunt. He could see the come on her lips and he was both disgusted and turned on.

"Do you want to be allowed to perform your clean up duties?" Nicola asked him. He hesitated and she spanked him again.


"I asked you a question. Because if you do, then you will be licking come out of her cunt every week." She pulled his head back and leaned over him. "And twice a week from my cunt."

"Please Goddess." Is all he could whisper.

"Please what? Please stop or please go on slut?"

"Please may I perform my duty?"

"Which duty is that slave?" Asked Margarite, eager to extract the maximum humiliation out of the situation.

"My clean up duties Goddess."

Nicola pushed his head down and Margarite spread her cunt lips with her index fingers. Their slave was already trained to lick his own come out of their cunts but this was a big step forward for him and them.

They ladies needn't have worried, their slave took to it well, and if he paused for more than a second then his mouth was pushed or pulled back, which was exactly what turned him on, being dominated and used by these two gorgeous dommes, well, one domme and one switch.

The girls switched places after each six slaps to his bottom, but that didn't really give each a good turn at being licked, so after strokes 31 to 36 Nicola said to Margarite "Another six and six after that until I come."

Her orgasm was a really strong one, surprising even Margarite, and she pushed her slave away and collapsed on the bed.

"He may lick you until you come, then I'll give him his reward."

Margarite sat on the side bed, pointed down indicating where he should kneel, bent her legs and spread her thighs wide. She crooked her finger, and her husband shuffled towards her, bowing his head. Nicola smiled as she heard him whisper "thank you Mistress". It didn't take long for her to come, at which point Nicola ordered him to stand. His legs were shaking as she told him to begin wanking. He stroked his cock slowly at first but she slapped his cock saying "Get on with it, we don't have all day."

He began to wank faster and faster until he was on the verge of coming.

"Don't you dare come without my permission." Said Nicola.

"Please Goddess, please may I come?" He blurted out, his face contorted.

"On your knees. You may come on our feet."

He fell to his knees and shuffled forward to where Nicola's left foot, with black fishnets and red high heels, crossed with Margarite's plain black stocking in a gold strappy sandal. He aimed his cock and the first string of come flew onto Nicola's ankle, then aimed higher, the second shorter string hitting his wife's foot where it ran down onto her shoe.

"Clean up your filth, then you may serve us for the rest of this evening." said his wife.

He bent his head to her foot, his tongue soft and wide, licked in six long strokes and after a few minutes their stockings were clean and his second load of the day swallowed.

In the next part we will go forward in time but back to Kyla and Timon, to show how his submissive side, brought to fruition by Nicola was brought into their marriage. After that we will go back to Kyla's adventure with her new slave after Timon had left her widowed.

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