This was a small liberal arts college, seemingly abandoned over the winter break. There were only a handful of students in the dorms, and even the upperclassmen, spread out in off-campus housing nearby, were home for the holidays. Here and there lights shown out from one of the houses bordering the science buildings and library. The freshmen dorm was almost entirely vacant, save for a glow illuminating the lobby and one from the 3rd floor, which only came on very late, and then vanished.

It was Friday. The sun had barely set in a void faraway sky. It was strange the way darkness brought it closer. The winds that blew sharp snow crystals across the streets and sidewalks were alive, and the snow, old and dry after two days on the ground, lay dying, submissive to the whims of a changed climate.

Dark clouds over the mountains had been threatening to storm east for days, but even tonight it seemed their threats were again empty, unfulfilling.

The lights had just gone off in the gym, dissolving half the athletic building into night.

Kyle Williams descended the stairs into the basement. After punching in the locker room's door code, he stalked around the corner, threw off his clothes in a sweat, and headed for the showers. The entire basketball team had been given the weekend off, and (with the exception of Kyle) had left for home.

Water bursting forth from a single showerhead echoed gothically, as it always did on Christmas eve, when he felt the most alone. He took a long shower.

After toweling off, Kyle slunk back to his locker for his clothes. A copy of the school newspaper lay unfolded on the bench by his things. It was opened to the sports page. The main article was a spring preview of Women's Tennis. It was probably left there by one of the tennis girls who took over the locker room in spring. Knowing the same code though, they could've stopped by whenever.

Under the headline there was a full color picture almost a full quarter of the page in size. It was of Becky Henderson taking the serve. She was mid-swing.

Kyle had never actually met Becky, who was only a freshmen. He had seen her out at parties, and at a few bars in town that didn't card. She had a weird way of looking at him that made him uncomfortable, but crazy just the same. Walking by the tennis courts with his teammates once, her opponent had knocked one over the fence. As the ball rolled by their feet she bounded up to the chain link to address them,

"little help," she appealed, charmingly.

Kyle smirked, redirecting the attention of his team. Though only a junior, his commanding physical presence and stoic nature demanded their respect. Even as she stood against the fence, smiling attractively, the boys walked on. She looked after them, dejectedly.

Becky had developed quite a crush on Kyle since she first laid eyes on him practicing in the gym. One time the older Tennis girls brought her and the others out to a dive bar in the bad part of town where they could drink underage. She looked over at him from across the bar, dizzy and reeling from her first night out. He was talking up another girl from her grade. Not much to look at, young, and a little dumb. He was moving in close on her and saying something that made her giggle, then blush. As they left together he glanced back at Becky. He gave her a look of disgust and she turned away, embarrassed that he'd noticed her staring.

That night as Kyle held himself over the drunk, briefly attractive freshmen he'd picked up he thought about Becky. He had seen her a week ago playing wall ball in the gym over the Thanksgiving holiday. She had a great body and he was incited by the way she could move, agile and direct. The girl he was in began moaning theatrically, as though she was about to cum. He couldn't tell if she really was or whether she was too beat to keep up the act.

"Turn around," he said.

She did, and he re-entered her, banging away mechanically. He closed his eyes and thought of Becky, Imagining his hands on her hips, what it was like inside her tight little body. It didn't take long after that. He came into the condom and pulled out. Kyle waited for the girl to fall asleep and then left.

He stared down at the photo of Becky. She was fierce, her eyes locked on ball. She looked amazing in her uniform, the thin white top and that tiny little skirt. He could feel himself getting hard. He stuck his hand down his shorts and began massaging his dick. He thought about what her firm round ass looked like without the skirt, and how bouncy her tits were without the sports bra. He was stroking his shaft vigorously when he heard someone punching in the code outside the door.

Becky strode in, flushed and perspiring after a session in the turf room. She noticed someone out of the corner of her eye.

She jumped with a start to see Kyle there in nothing but his boxers.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" She blurted.

She looked over him. He had such a great body. Her eyes locked on the stain where his boxers clung to the tip of his penis, soaked with pre-cum.

"I, I shou-should go." She stammered.

Becky sprang for the door.

"Stop," he said. She turned back, confused.

"Come here."

She froze, wide-eyed, unable to walk away from the boy she fell asleep thinking about.

"Get over here," he commanded.

She did as she was told, apprehensive, yet overly trusting, as always.

Kyle grabbed Becky by the waist, slamming her into his locker. He was grinding against her before she realized what was happening. She had imagined what it would be like to hook up with Kyle, but nothing could have prepared her for this. She could feel his erection growing, and began to move with him, succumbing to her infatuation.

"I thought you hated me," She said.

Kyle had a firm grasp on her ass, while his other hand had found her breasts, and he was squeezing and fondling both, as much as he could grasp. His mouth was on her neck.

"Honestly," he replied nonchalantly,

"I don't give a shit about you."

"You're hot...

I just wanna fuck you."

Becky was hurt. She tried to break loose from his grasp but he had her pinned.

"I'm not going to have sex with you." She warned, unconvincingly as her breath came heavy, her body melting on to his.

Kyle ran a hand up her thigh only to discover she was wearing nothing more than a thong under her tennis skirt. He snuck a few fingers beneath the material, feeling for her clit. The head of his cock, which had poked its way out of his shorts, was pushing the saturated cotton of her panties up into the opening of her vagina. The cloth stretched thinner and thinner where he pumped against it, inching just the tip inside her.

"No, wait," she bargained.

He stood off of her, exasperatedly.

"Alright," he conceded.

Kyle pulled his monsterously engorged penis out of his shorts.

Becky's mouth dropped open.

"Then suck me off." He demanded, holding his dick in his hand.

Becky stared down at his frighteningly large member unconfidently before falling to her knees. She licked along Kyle's shaft and swirled her tongue against the head. She tried to take him in but he was too big. He palmed her head with both hands, thrusting further. Her eyes began watering in pain.

"God, you look so sexy with my dick in your mouth," he said.

"Come on, open up."

He grabbed her cheeks with one hand and squeezed, holding her jaw open. Steadying her with the other hand, he shoved his entire cock down her throat. She looked up at him with tears in her eyes, choking horribly, and struggling to breath. Becky tried to fight him off of her but she was growing weak and beginning to lose consciousness. Becky could hear Kyle groaning with pleasure as she gagged on his long thick member, then everything went black.

Kyle worked quickly, pulling off her shirt and sports bra before tying her hands above her head with laundry loops he strapped to the lockers. He tugged her panties off. By the time Becky finally came to, she awoke to find him ramming his cock into her hot wet pussy.

"No, stop..." she pleaded, but he paid no attention. He pulled her legs up around his waist, steadily pounding his dick inside her and slamming her ass into the unforgiving metal surface behind her. He sucked on her nipples, which were already hard and begging to be played with.

"Kyle, please..." she panted. She was losing her will to resist when his exploring fingers finally found her clit.

"Kyle, oh god, Kyle, please, Ky-oooooh, oooh," She moaned.

Hearing her say his name like that pushed Kyle over the edge. He unclipped the loops around Becky's wrists, letting her fall to the floor. She landed on her back and he stood over her, jerking off. He shot his load all over her tits and face, spilling ejaculate on her lips. She licked droplets from the corners of her mouth. She was in shock from what had taken place. Kyle was already dressed by the time she wrapped her head around it.

"You should probably take a shower," he said, turning to leave.

"You're covered in jizz."

He walked out and had almost made it to the parking lot before thoughts of Becky washing his cum off in the shower invaded his mind. He had hoped that fucking her would get this lusty obsession out of his system, but it only made it worse.

The mirrors in the bathroom were barely coated with steam when she heard someone come in.

"Hello?" she called.

"Someone's in here."

Kyle appeared in the open doorway. He had stripped down, and his erection was reaching critical capacity. He marched towards her, lifted her up by her ass, and jammed his throbbing cock between the pink folds of her vagina. She wrapped her legs around him instinctively as the head of his shaft slide easily through the slippery hole of her pussy. He let his dick rest inside of her, looking up at Becky and leaning in to kiss her lips.

They kissed for a long time before a moan escaped her, setting Kyle back into motion.

"Mmmm," she sighed as Kyle rocked in and out of her gently.

"Do you know what I was doing when you walked in?" he asked her in a low tone, breathing into her ear.

"Um..." she replied, "it looked like, like you were jerking off."

"I was," he said, "to a picture of you in the school paper."

"Oh?" she remarked. Becky was having trouble concentrating on his words...

"God you feel so good," she closed her eyes.

"I think about fucking you every time I jack off," he said.

Becky opened her eyes, looking at him with confusion and surprise as Kyle went on.

"I've wanted you so bad since the first time I saw you. I can't even explain all the ways I've imagined having you."

He stood motionless inside of her. Becky was stunned.

"So you do like me?" she asked "After all of that, you really do like me?"

He was pressed up against her with his eyes closed, taking in every detail of the way she felt, how she smelled.

"God, yes," he sighed passionately, then caught himself, smiling wickedly, "but not in this fantasy..."

He pulled out of her and threw Becky to the floor. She landed face first on the wet tile before lifting herself to her knees. Before she could turn around Kyle had his hands on her hips, bending her over. Resting on her elbows with her legs spread, Becky anticipated the sensation of being penetrated by Kyle's massive shaft. He squeezed his cock between the lips of her pussy.

Becky squirmed, "Its too big this way. I can't fit it all."

Kyle was pumping in and out of her furiously, ripping deeper with each thrust.

She was gasping, "Kyle, please, it won't fit, not the whole thing..."

He tightened his grip on her pelvis.

"Come on," he said, gritting his teeth.

"Take it!"

He tore through her, burying his dick in her pussy. She screamed, and he rammed harder, over and over until her voice was horse from crying out.

"Oh shit, I'm about to cum," he realized.

"Wait," she said, laying a hand on his thigh, and he paused to listen to what she was about to say.

Breathing heavily, she looked back at him. She spoke slowly and deliberately.

"I'm ready for you to cum inside me."

Kyle groaned, "Oh, fuck yeah..." and went to work, slamming his groin against her ass with every thrust. Becky shrieked, clenching him inside of her as waves of orgasmic bliss washed over her whole body. Kyle grunted, jerking wildly and shooting his hot cum up her pussy. He opened his eyes to see gushes of milky semen oozing out of her into the water and down the drain. She collapsed on the shower floor, sloppily freeing his cock from within her. His cum was still dripping out from between her legs as he lay down next to her.

They were both silent for a moment, experiencing the heat and humidity of the shower closing in. Before long Kyle spoke.

"Merry Christmas," he said.

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