tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKylee's Story Ch. 02

Kylee's Story Ch. 02


The next day, Kylee was too embarrassed to mention her run in with the Prince as she performed her daily duties with Mira. Had the Prince found her virginity so unappealing that he could not even bare to mention it? Even today, when he passed her in the hall, he looked right past her, as though she was not there.

But when she was called to see the prince that night, she had the feeling she would not leave the room with her virginity intact.

She entered the room, wearing her servant's uniform. She held her hands together behind her back, her palms sweating with anticipation. Of course, all day she had thought of him, the way her body so easily betrayed her to his touch. She had been wet all day, distracted with thoughts of him; his strong muscular jaw, his jet black hair, his deep blue eyes. Part of her hoped that he would take her tonight and give her the chance to feel what she had heard in the stories.

She stood there, waiting for him to look at her. He simply sat in the chair by the fire, unmoving. "You called for me Sire?" He lifted his hand and motioned for her to come over. She made her way across the room, taking note, as she got closer, of his furrowed brow.

When finally she sat down, he looked up at her, recognizing the fear in her eyes. "I have never been denied of a woman's body. But you fought me. I had not realized why until it was almost too late to turn back."

She sat, trying to understand what he was getting at. "You think you are so irresistible. You are a pig. And if not for you being the prince, I would have done you bodily harm. You may believe you can have any woman you please, but I assure you, I will never give myself to you freely."

The prince chuckled. She was feisty, this.. this little girl. "You didn't grow up a servant, did you? I bet you were your daddy's little girl. Got everything you wanted? You will come to my bed, willingly or not, and you will enjoy the pleasure I give you there. You belong to me now, and it would do you well to remember it."

She stood and stormed out, half expecting him to follow after her, half hoping he would. She was disappointed to have not felt his touch on her skin. She missed the warm rush she had felt the night before, when he had given her so much pleasure with just his fingers. But he hadn't just crushed her innocence that night. Why did he spare her?


For the rest of the week it became obvious the prince wanted her. He would watch her move about the palace, and he would brush against her as if on accident when the two of them were near each other. All the servants took note, and it stirred gossip so great, it was being passed al over the kingdom. The queen noticed it too, and when she made mention if it to the king, he was not surprised. "She is a lovely girl. The duke of Gayle sent her with the other servant girls as a gift only a couple of months ago." The queen was unhappy to hear her husband say that he knew of her, but in her unwell state, she could not deny that he was still a man with needs that men have.


Kylee woke to the sound of screams. She jumped from her bed, and threw on her uniform, running into the hallway. "The queen is dead! Taken by God in her sleep!" The head lady in waiting to the queen screamed. Kylee stood, wondering what this would mean for her. With the queen gone, it was possible that the prince would now claim her as his pleasure slave. Or, with any luck, she might be allowed to leave.

All the queen's maids gathered to discuss their futures before the king appeared and ordered everyone to get to work. "Assume your positions as usual", he said. So, Kylee made the queen's bed, and dusted her chamber. But as she was getting ready to leave, the king appeared in the doorway. A sadness covering his face.

"Your majesty," she bowed, "I am so sorry for your loss". The king looked at her, his sadness transforming into something else. Something more.. Lustful.

"Would you comfort your king? I need to be in the company of another. My son, the prince has helped himself all day to servant girls, and I'm afraid he does not want to talk with an old man about this loss".

She looked down at the floor, and unsure of what else to say, she said, "Of course, highness". He made his way into the room, stopping to sit in the reading chair near the window. He patted the chair next to him, and she sat as well.

"We used to sit here often when we first married. We would laugh and chat during the afternoon, watching the kingdom from the window. You remind me of her. When we first married, her hair was just as yours is. So long and full- like the softest silk."

She immediately felt tense, and started to say that perhaps she should be going, but he read her mind before she could speak. "It would please me to remember what it is to be with a beautiful young woman such as you. Would you give your king such an honor?"

'At least he actually asks before taking what he wants,' she thought. The king was quite a specimen. He was at least 6'3 and had a very chiseled body. He was about 50, but looked not a day over 45. His short brown hair had flecks of grey in it to match his blue grey eyes. She had to admit she was flattered that the king thought her to be so appealing. "Your highness, I know what you are feeling. But I-". He took her hand and stood her up. He pulled her so that she stood between his legs. He continued to sit as he twirled her about, admiring her beauty. He then turned her around and unhinged her dress. She was afraid, and unable to stop the single tear that fell from her eye, hitting the stone floor. The prince would not deflower her after all.

Her dress fell, and he admired her in her shift. "So perfectly you were made". His hands held her at her hips, one hand drifting up to her breast. They were the perfect size, just over a handful of flesh, and so soft. Her nipple became a hard pebble under his touch, and he was amused to see that she was, indeed, responsive to his touch.

Her breathing became uneven as his hands continued to roam her; cupping the curve of her plentiful backside, raising her shift to her waist. While one hand held it, the other pulled her closer. Then he lifted her thigh to rest it on the arm of the chair. "Sire, you mustn't," but she was too late. His skilled mouth descended on her flesh, only now did she realize how moist she had become. He kissed her just above her little nub, then her inner thigh, and back towards the source of her heat. She became anxious, grinding her hips toward him, trying to douse the burning flame.

The king smiled, then gently flicked his tongue across her clit, forcing her to drive her hips further still- nearly falling over in the process. His hand held her, as he began stroking her treasure with his tongue, savoring every drop he encountered. Soon he was ravaging her, pushing his tongue further and further into her tight little entrance, her moans and sighs edging him on.

She felt the warmth crawling from between her thighs, growing just as it had before when she had been with the prince. Her breathing became shallow, her heart pounding in her ears. Just as she thought she could take no more, the king thrust two strong fingers into her tight wet channel causing her to shake and shatter in his arms. Her body clenching at his invading digit.

Just as he stood and lifted her shift above her head, and off her shoulders, a loud gasp came from the door. It seemed somewhere in the midst of his lust, the king had forgotten to close the door. The young servant girl stood there, amazed at what she saw. "As you were", the king told her, and she scurried away.

Completely embarrassed, Kylee turned bright red. The moment had been ruined, and reality had come crashing back in. She wrapped her hands sound her, trying to conceal herself from the king, who, judging by the loss of his erection, also had come back to reality.

The king kissed her forehead and said, "You have made this old man feel much better". He then helped her back into her shift, and dress, then removed himself from the room.


That night, she was summoned to the prince's room once again. When she arrived, he closed the door behind her and pinned her to the wall. "You gave yourself to my father this afternoon?!" It came out like an accusation more than it did a question, and she knew he was unhappy with her.

"You dare find anger with me for fulfilling a wish of the king, when you have been frolicking about the palace all day, soiling every maid you could get your hands on? You are a hypocrite, my prince". His anger quickly boiled and he turned her so that her chest pressed hard against the wall. She felt him unhook her dress, the dress falling to the floor.

"Well now that you, too, have been soiled, you will have no problem giving yourself to me as well!" He ripped her shift from her body and possessively groped at her naked flesh. "You deny me of your sweet treasure, but my father may have all of you? And in my mother's bed chamber no less!?"

She started to cry, and as she turned her back around he saw the shame in her eyes. "I had no choice but to submit to your father. But at least he was a gentleman! His touch was soft and gentle. Not like the way you touch me. And my body does not belong to you!"

He picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder, and marched over to the bed. He would show her who was the greater lover. And then, he would lock her away in the dungeon for her disrespect. The threw her down on the bed, and removed his clothes. So driven by rage, was he.. He didn't care if she wanted this. She would enjoy it. He climbed on top of her, spreading her thighs, then feeling her heart beat on his chest. He kissed her neck, licking from her ear to her collar bone. She would enjoy him very much.

His fingers twisted her nipple, then he lowered his head to take it into his mouth. Her gasp told him she was enjoying it, and so did the hardening of her nipple in his hungry mouth. While his mouth sucked at her nipple, his hand drifted down to her womanhood. She was unbelievably wet as his finger found her entrance. She was still so tight, and he forced a finger into her. One became two, and she groaned in discomfort. He quickly grabbed his erection, the head now turning purple with need for release. He pressed the tip against her tight entrance, and looked her in the eyes. "Please, Prince Aden.. I did not have sex with the king".

He looked at her, his eyes still dark with anger. Then, he thrust into her, the entire length of him stretching her, breaking her barrier. Her scream joined his groan, as he stilled within her.

He then started his assault on her body, gripping her backside as he pushed himself deeper, harder, faster. Each time, pulling her into him. She felt the pain starting to drip away and it became replaced with undeniable pleasure. He noticed her moans started to become more like admissions of pleasure, as he felt his release vastly approaching. He wrapped one hand under her to continue pulling her closer and closer to him, while the other left her supple bottom and began rubbing at her slick pearl. This was her undoing as she wrapped her arms around his back and screamed, "Yes, oh yes, please Aden.. I'm coming.. Oh god, yes!" As she shuddered and moaned, pleasure racked through her, causing her body to pulsate around his cock, milking every inch of him. His threw his head back and jammed himself inside her once, twice, three times... Spilling his seed into her. He collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily.

She did not want to feel him go, and so when he moved to lie beside her, she held him closer to her still. He laughed and pulled free, lying beside her, propped up to watch her more intently. "I told you you would enjoy our love making. Were you satisfied, my little library girl?"

The smug grin on his face made her angry, and she regretted that in fact she did enjoy his attentions. "Are you proud? To have taken my virginity like a wild beast takes it's prey? I.. I will never marry now. Who will want me?"

The sadness in her eyes struck a chord within him. He had not anticipated this. All the other women were thrilled to have been taken by him. And they could all marry to dukes, or counts even. "I will want you," he said, "I find I want you now, even." she looked down to see that his erection had returned. How could he be so ready again? After having just finished only moments ago? And how could he trample on her emotions that way?

Before she could speak again, his mouth found hers. He kissed her gently, planting soft sweet kisses on her top, then bottom lip. His arm pulled her closer, and the kiss deepened. She put her hand between them, needing to speak. "Prince Aden, why do you torment me so?"

He smiled as he ran a finger up the side of her body, admiring the shape of her. "You fill me with such desire, I cannot resist you. Why do you torment me, Kylee?"

That was the first time the prince had ever spoken her name. She wondered how he had come to know it, then realized the words he spoke before it. He said it was she who tormented him..

She didn't know why she did it, but she lifted her head to catch his lips with her own. "I did not know you knew my name, Prince."

"The girl who fills me with such aching passion? How could I not?" He then climbed back between her thighs, ready to show her a new level of passion. She let out a groan of satisfaction as he slid back into her tight heat. "I will not share you with other men."

She smiled at this, because she knew it was true. He brought his mouth back down upon hers in a kiss so sensual she thought she could cum then and there. "And please, call me Aden."

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