tagInterracial LoveKylee's Story Ch. 05

Kylee's Story Ch. 05


Hey guys! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story. All of your feedback has been really great. Enjoy!!

The kingdom was buzzing with change. When the king had been pronounced dead, it was assumed that old age and heartbreak had been the cause. Aden was crowned when morning came, and soon, he was being advised to marry. He was king.. And he needed a queen to bear heirs to the throne.

It was decided that he would find his queen in the old fashioned way- there was to be a ball.


Kylee had been hiding in shame. She feared that Aden would come for her, to hurt her for lying with his father. What she did not know was that Aden had decided to forgive her before the deed had been done. He suspected his father would once again call for her. She would be in no position to refuse him.

The news of a ball was terrifying for Kylee. She and Mira had been picking out dresses for the event. Her only hope was that she would not be shunned from the company of those with blood more noble than her own.

"You have been allowed to court by the king himself," Mira told her. "No one will shun you. And the men... Oh, the men!" Mira spun around, holding her hands folded to her chest. Many suitors would be there, and Kylee was just as beautiful as any woman above her station.

Kylee smiled at her friend's optimism. She wished she could feel the optimism that Mira felt. With all the stress of her love for Aden, the king's untimely and rather suspicious death, and her first real ball, she could hardly function with her daily life; let alone prepare for a night that could change her life forever.


The night of the ball came quickly, and as Kylee stood in the mirror, she blushed at her reflection. Gone was the girl, who at only 17 came to be a servant to the queen. She was now approaching her nineteenth birthday, and attending the royal ball- as a member of court!!!

She moved her shaking hands to her gown. It was a beautiful silk lavender gown, with lace trim about her bust line. She ran her finger along the swell of her breasts, at the lace. She could hardly breathe because the corset was taken in so tightly. Her hair was down, falling in chocolate colored waves that cascaded to the center of her back, but for the front which was pinned into a series of twists and tied in back.

Her gaze drifted up to her face, and she looked into her own eyes. She wondered what others could see behind them. Could they see the fear she reserved? Or the sadness she felt when she thought of Aden?

"Can they see it?" She asked herself out loud, before feeling her eyes begin to water. She had never cried much, until she came here. The flecks of gold, that made her eyes sparkle when she was glad, were hiding away. Leaving only bronze sadness.

"Can they see what? How beautiful you are?" Mira must have come in while she was in thought. Mira came over and, seeing her face, hugged her tightly. "Everything will be fine. You fret without cause. Come, there are guests arriving, and I think you should be meeting each one!"

Kylee so adored her newfound friendship with Mira, and she hoped they would be friends forever. "And.. Where were you just a moment ago? You disappeared while I was getting ready."

"Well, if you must know, I've taken a liking to one of the guards..." Mira began to blush, and for the first time Kylee saw that her friend had fallen in love. While all of her goings on had clouded her days, she never saw the romance that had been blooming beneath her nose.

"A guard? Well, you must introduce me. Anyone that can make you blush so must be worth meeting."

The girls giggled and headed to the main ballroom. This would be quite a night indeed.


Aden did not want to be married. He enjoyed life as a single man. And he knew that he could not give his heart to another woman. His heart still lay with a girl who could not be made queen.

He allowed the servant girl to adjust his attire, and headed to the study. He would have a small drink before arriving at the ball. There would be a substantial amount of hopeful women tonight, a few of which would be princesses.


The evening was proving fruitful for Kylee, as she had danced with several men, and a few asked if they could write her. She accepted, of course. She felt lucky to have anyone at all show interest in her.

One man in particular, the Earl of Wimshire, was most charming of all. He was good looking, yes. He was very tall, taller than Aden, but he was very different in many other ways. His blonde hair was cut short, and his eyes were the color of coffee. They were so dark, in fact, that there was a moment when she wondered if they were black. But his eyes were so expressive; and there was something warm and endearing in them. His nose was thin, but a bit long, and pointed at the tip.

In contrast, they were quite different. Her caramel skin, and his pale white; her small button nose, and his thin long one; her curvy body, and his thin toned one. She wondered if it was ridiculous to see them together. 'No more ridiculous than me with the king', she thought.

Mira removed herself from them after a while, and watched as Kylee giggled and he held her hand. A suitable match indeed.

When the trumpets sounded to announce the king, the room stood still. Aden made his way down the grand staircase, taking note of all the ladies who were fawning over him. He would certainly not retire to his chambers alone tonight.

As he reached the bottom of the staircase, he stopped to greet a hunting partner of his. He spoke with him briefly, taking note of a girl in a lavender dress accompanied by the Earl of Wimshire. The girl's small waist and full hips taunted him. 'Why did I allow her to come to court?'

Just as he was going to move toward her, he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Highness, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Princess Analeigh of Bernagunet."

Aden turned, to face his advisor of foreign relations and a lovely red headed girl. "Princess. So lovely to make your acquaintance."

She smiled brightly all the way up her green eyes. She dipped low into a curtsy, and said, "No, the pleasure is all mine. I feel quite lucky to be in your company. There are many women hoping to do just so."

The two of them made small talk, and Aden found that discussion came easily between them. She was surprising, as she was fond of hunting, fencing, and riding. She was a rare type of princess. She was not snooty, or self-important. In fact, the was very humble, and unfamiliar with the way in which she should behave. She was the third of three daughters, and the last of all her siblings to be married.

Aden danced and talked with nearly every woman at the ball that night. While his thoughts would drift over to Kylee, he kept himself occupied with all the princesses that were more fitting. At the end of the night, he was actually a bit excited about seeing Analeigh again.

Kylee was excited too, for Earl Von Holdt had shown great promise.


That night, as everyone drifted to sleep, Mira and Quincy went to the chapel. They were married before god, and Kylee was their witness. They were married in the garden; the moon, and candles as their only light.

Kylee watched as they held each other; as they spoke vows of everlasting love. It was the kind of life she wanted for herself. It was the kind of life she needed.


When Thomas Von Holdt wrote to her the next week, Kylee was overjoyed. They soon began writing to each other often; and as they got to know one another, Kylee thought less and less of Aden. In a way, she was grateful for her experience with Aden. She felt like she was a woman now. She also new that she would never again allow herself to settle for only a part of a man. No, she was deserving of loyalty.. and of love. She would have what Mira and Quincy had.

Soon they had been corresponding for several weeks, and Thomas invited Kylee to his town. She agreed of course, and two evenings later she was picked up by one of his carriages. Never had she been in a carriage so nice- it was rather large; big enough to seat at least eight people. Blue velvet seats complemented the blue and black damask curtains. A servant girl, who sat at the far end of the cabin, served a small assortment of cheeses and wine available as well.

Kylee could not wait to be with Thomas; for him to hold her hand as they strolled, for his sharp wit, and kind gaze.. Yes, he was quite a catch. If Kylee were lucky enough to have him, she knew that he would make her very happy.


Aden paced back and forth. He watched as Kylee, all dressed up, climbed into the carriage and left. He knew she had been writing to Von Holdt, and was fine with it until now. A sick feeling crept into the pit of his stomach. Writing was one thing, but what would happen tonight? Would he try to have her? Or worse.. Would he want a real relationship with her?

He had no room to complain, really. He had spent countless hours since the ball, dining with princesses that seemed fitting to reign beside him. Analeigh had proved to be his most suitable match. She was funny, and knowledgeable. She was also very active, which was something that interested him.

On the last dinner he had with Analeigh, she mentioned how she and her father would go riding to the sea of Bernagunet. This sea, was the single most beautiful body of water to be seen in all the kingdoms. The bright blue water and pale white sand was hypnotizing. It was said that a marriage was blessed if it occurred there. As a result, people from all throughout the kingdom would go there to be married. Many would take with them a jar, and take a bit of sand home with them.

While Analeigh was charming, Aden had trouble imagining sex with her. Surely, she would be fun to have around, but her body was long and thin. She was without the womanly features he so adored on Kylee. Her breasts were very small, her bottom nearly flat, and her hips were simply non-existent. Before, he may not have cared, truly. But now, he felt that those features were some that he could not do without.

He hoped that he could set aside what he felt for Kylee. He needed to focus on himself.


Kylee stepped out of the carriage and was greeted by Thomas himself. "As lovely as the day we first met", he said. He kissed her hand, and guided her towards a small pond.

"You flatter me so, Thomas. Thank you for inviting me to your home. It really is quite lovely."

There was a bench near the pond, and they sat for a moment in silence. Thomas had so many things to say, but was unsure of what to say first, or how. Truth be told, he was rather nervous.

"Kylee, I want you to know that I really have enjoyed our correspondence. Each letter I have received from you has been the best part of my day. You have such a way with words. I feel like you write the things I think."

Kylee smiled, for she felt the same way when receiving his letters, too. "Then it is an ability we share, for I feel the same way!"

The two smiled at one another. Suddenly, his smiled faded, and was replaced with a small frown. "I do not mean to pressure you, Kylee, but there has been something that I have been wanting to ask for the last couple of weeks."

Fear was in her gut. She knew this would be about Aden. She would tellnhim everything. If he wanted to know, she would be honest. That was the only way she would know if he truly wanted to be with her.

"I know that everyone knows..."

He looked at her in confusion, unsure of what she was beginning to say.

"Ade- the prince.. And I.. Well, it's true. And it is no longer happening, and I know what people must think of me, but I just want to move on with my life. I know that it is not desirable, me being impure, but I have a good heart. I.. I deserve love just as much as anyone else. If it bothers you too much, then I suppose I have to accept it. But I like you very much. It would hurt to lose you as a friend, but-"

"Kylee, this is not about any of that. Yes, I know about your past. Rumor travel fast amongst people who have nothing better to do than whip their slaves and drink their wine. This is not about that at all."

Kylee wiped her face, only now realizing she had started crying. She looked up from her lap, and into his eyes. There was so much kindness there. So much warmth.

"No, Kylee. The question I have for you is one that involves the future- not the past." He stood, and removed a ring from his pocket. Kylee sat in shock as he knelt in front of her and took her hand. "Kylee, I have been taken with you from the moment I laid eyes on you. Your letter light up my days. I want to ask you to be my wife. I want to look upon your face each morning, and lie with you in my arms each night."

By now Kylee had become a fountain of tears. Her hands were shaking, and her heart was beating a mile a minute. She wiped her face with her free hand and took a deep breath.

"Kylee, I'm asking you.. No, I'm begging you. Please. Marry me?"

Words would not form, and so Kylee did the only thing she could do. She nodded in agreement.

Thomas stood and pulled her up with him, holding her and spinning around. "I will make you the happiest woman in the world." As soon as he spoke the words, Thomas eased Kylee to her feet and they looked at one another. He slipped the ring on her finger, then leaned in to kiss her. It was the most tender kiss Kylee had ever received.


Kylee never came back that night. In fact, she did not come back at all. Aden had heard rumors that she was to be married to Von Holdt, but he would not believe this to be true. Even if it were, it did not matter. He had already decided on a bride of his own; he would marry Princess Analeigh.

There was no special proposal. Aden simply asked her at dinner if she would marry him, and she said yes. They finished their meal, sat for a while discussing the challenges of hunting at dusk, then he saw her to her carriage. Their marriage would be one of necessity. Love was for commoners.

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