tagLoving WivesKylie Takes Her Chance

Kylie Takes Her Chance


Kylie had grown up on the wrong side of the tracks. She came from a rather poor home and when she was 12 her parents divorced much to her relief because she hated the way they argued and fought all the time. She stayed with her mother and sister and they got on fairly well together. Kylie's mother hated Kylie to be out late and so she was restricted in going out at night and it was only allowed if she went with her older sister. Her sister Jill hated having Kylie with her but she loved her sister just the same. Of course it restricted what Jill was able to do too. Jill was the wild one of the two and Kylie knew her sister was fucking boys when they were out together but she had to keep quiet for her sister's sake.

They grew up and Jill couldn't settle with one boy so she had lots of them on a string and was madly fucking them whenever she could. Kylie on the other hand kept very much to herself and she was certainly the shy one of the two. Kylie's shyness stemmed from the fact she was very hairy. She had lots of very fair hair on her arms, under her arms her body and her legs and this embarrassed her so much she kept largely out of sight. Jill, on the other hand, was also hairy but she loved to flaunt her hairiness and this made her very popular.

Eventually Kylie met a young lad who was near the same age as herself and they got on very well because he told her he loved her hairy body and it certainly didn't put him off her. She was so excited that a boy actually liked her that she fell head over heels in love with Tony. Tony was also from the wrong side of the tracks but he had done quite a lot to improve his life and this included courting Kylie. They thought they made a very good couple and went together everywhere. Eventually Kylie gave in to Tony and one evening when her mother and sister were out she let him fuck her. It was really good knowing that she wasn't a virgin anymore and the realization that pregnancy might be a problem cooled her thoughts of doing it again too soon.

Kylie consulted her doctor and after a very careful examination he agreed to give her the pill. She considered this was the one luxury she could afford. She was always very short of money and although the pill cost a bit she always budgeted for it.

Tony and Kylie moved into an apartment, a very small apartment, when she was 19 and he was 21 and although they didn't have very much between them they were very happy together and thought they had it made.

Tony had a job as a night filler at the local supermarket and he worked from 5pm until midnight six nights each week and, although the job didn't pay very much, he liked the job because he was able to spend the days at home with Kylie. The money he was earning wasn't enough to pay all the bills so Kylie decided to get a job too. After much trying she landed a job as a waitress at a diner about a mile away from their apartment and she worked from 4pm until 11pm, when the diner closed, from Monday to Saturday. She didn't like the work at all because she was at the beck and call of the customers who went to the diner. Worst of all her greasy boss, Al, had made it very clear right from the start that she had to look after him to keep the job. At first he wasn't much of a problem - he would just grab her ass or sometimes her breast for a feel and, when she shrugged his hands off, he just grinned at her and left her alone.

On her 21st birthday, Kylie and Tony were married. Her mother wasn't very happy about the marriage because she thought her daughter could have done better but had to accept that this was the way it was going to be. Of course they couldn't afford to go on a honeymoon and just contented themselves knowing they were married and hoped one day to be able to afford a honeymoon.

Once they were married Kylie started to arrange their budget so that they had a little more money each week but nothing she tried seemed to help - the bills still kept pouring in and they were only just meeting the bills with nothing over for themselves. Despite all of her pleadings for Tony to get another job he was content to stay where he was in spite of the low wages. Kylie thought he might be playing around with some of the staff at the supermarket but she didn't know how to find out.

Kylie finally, in desperation, decided she would have to ask Al for a rise. She knew he wouldn't be happy about paying her more but she had to try because their situation was getting desperate. When she approached Al, during a break at the diner, and when she thought he was in a very good mood he just grinned at her and asked her what she was going to do for him if he paid her more? She didn't know what to say and just shrugged her shoulders and said, "Well, I guess anything because I need more money badly to pay the bills!"

Al took full advantage of the situation and offered Kylie and extra $25 each week if she would be very kind to him and do whatever he asked. She knew this was dangerous but didn't know what else to do so she agreed on the condition that what ever they did would only involve him, Al, and he was never to tell Tony anything about the extra money. Al was delighted and told her he would pay her the extra $25 tonight, even though it wasn't payday if she started being nice to him now.

Kylie was terrified what he might ask her to do but agreed. There were no customers in the diner so he took her out the back and told her to take off her apron and her blouse and let him look at her tits! She knew she shouldn't do this but the $25 was so valuable to her that she just stood in front of him, slipped off her apron and blouse as well as her bra and stood in front of him naked to the waist. He looked at her breasts and nipples and moved around inspecting them but she was very relieved when he told her he wouldn't touch her tonight but leave that for another time. He did ask her to lift her arms above her head so he could look at her hairy armpits. She never shaved her armpits or her legs preferring to save money instead. Tony had a beard and so there was no shaving gear in the apartment. She held her arms above her head and Al looked intently at her hairy armpits. As she was very hairy she had a very luxuriant growth under her arms as well as down her arms to her wrists. Al looked at her body for about 5 minutes before the bell sounded announcing a customer had walked into the diner. Al told Kylie to quickly dress and attend the customer but she should leave off her bra and just wear her blouse and the apron. She was embarrassed because her breasts were fairly large and bounced as she walked. Nothing more took place that night and she walked home still without her bra because Al had kept that for a souvenir. She had never walked any distance before without her bra and was aroused when her nipples rubbed on her blouse.

Kylie took off all of her clothes and slipped into bed well before Tony came home and while in bed she played with her nipples and her clit and found she was terribly aroused and wanted to be fucked! She hadn't expected this sort of reaction to her body which had started when she took off her clothes for Al. As soon as Tony came in she waited until he slipped off his clothes and climbed into bed before she pounced on him and almost demanded her fuck her! Tony loved it when Kylie wanted him to fuck her like this and wasted no time in carrying out her request.

Next afternoon Kylie was very embarrassed when she had to walk to work without her bra. Kylie couldn't wear her apron walking down the streets and so her breasts were fairly visible to anyone watching her walk along. She only had the one good bra which she wore to work - her other bra was almost worn out and she was ashamed of that one. As soon as she walked to the back of the diner Al reached over and grabbed her breast through her blouse. She instinctively stepped back but he glared at her and so she stepped forward so he could touch her breasts. He only played with her tits for about 30 seconds but that was sufficient time for her to feel arousal between her legs. She was ashamed of the feeling because she didn't like Al at all but he had this effect on her.

They were rather busy in the diner that evening and although Al had a couple of feels as she rushed around with the orders, he didn't get a chance to get her to take her blouse off. She went home that night, again without her bra, and couldn't get rid of this excitement which had been building all night. Again, Tony had to fuck her hard when he arrived home from work.

Over the next week, Kylie spent a couple of hours all told standing in front of Al without her blouse. All this time he hadn't touched her bare breasts at all. He had only touched her there when she had her blouse on, but this changed on the following Monday evening. Monday is the slackest night for the diner and there were no customers after about 9pm so Al told Kylie to go into the back room and strip off her blouse and apron. Almost out of habit she did this and when he entered the back room she was standing there waiting for him to look at her breasts. He had been to the bathroom while she was undressing and had washed his hands. When he moved closer to her he reached out and touched her bare breasts for the first time. She felt a special thrill shoot through her body as he touched her and as his hands moved around her breasts she started to breathe jerkily. He played with her nipples and she became more aroused. He moved around behind her and reached around for her breasts again and this felt very exciting because she loved Tony to play with her breasts while he fucked her from behind. When Al pressed against her she could feel his hard cock pressing into her backside and she started to shake.

Al had her walking around while she was naked to the waist watching her breasts bounce so sexily as she walked. Her nipples were erect - not very big nipples - and she felt very excited doing this. Nothing more happened that night but Kylie was very aroused and couldn't wait to get home for Tony to fuck her.

Kylie started to appreciate Al a little more. So far, in a couple of months, although he probably could have done anything to her he had behaved as a gentleman but he did grab her breasts on occasions, particularly when they were busy and he didn't have time to get her to strip her blouse off for him. Kylie knew in her mind that sooner or later he would want to go further with her and she was dreading that day.

Her fears were aroused when on the following Monday evening when they were very quiet in the diner he told her to go into the back room but to wait for him to come in before she undressed. She guessed he was going to do something different tonight. She was right. He told her to take her skirt off and he would like to look at her panties. She knew this was going to be something much different but just undid her skirt and let it slip to the floor. Now she was standing in her blouse (without her bra) and just her panties. She didn't wear stockings - they were far too costly - and her panties weren't very sexy as she couldn't afford that sort - these were cotton panties from the cheap store! She was very self-conscious because she knew the hairs between her legs would be showing around the edges of her panties but she also knew there wasn't much she could do about it.

Al came over and touched the hairs sticking out of the side of her panties and she felt the same familiar thrill course through her body. These were big panties but they certainly didn't cover her hairy bush. Al ran his hands down the insides of her legs brushing the hair which grew right down her legs to her ankles. She knew he was turned on touching her because she was listening to his breathing which had changed as soon as she took her skirt off. Inevitably she knew her panties were about to come off. He slipped his fingers in the waist band and pulled them down to her feet and she stepped out of them. Al played with her panties and she knew they were wet from her excitement. Now Al could look at her hairy bush and he was becoming more and more excited as he looked at her body. He couldn't actually see her cunt because the hair was too thick so he told her to lift herself up and sit on the edge of the table. She did this and he made her sit back a bit and then put her legs on the table in front of her which exposed her cunt to him completely. He stuck out his finger and touched her cunt and her clit and she gave a little shudder of excitement. He thrust a couple of fingers up inside her and began playing with her. She was terribly turned on and came with a little scream feeling very embarrassed at what she had done.

Al wouldn't give back her panties so now she had to go home without any underwear at all. He hadn't done anything except play with her cunt after she came and soon after he told her to replace her skirt. Although she had several pairs of panties she knew he wanted her to come to work without wearing any and she felt exposed as she walked to work without any underwear at all.

It was a week later that he made her undress completely and she stood in front of him totally naked. He made her sit up on the table with her legs drawn up in front of her as he played with her again. Once she had reached her orgasm he kissed her for the very first time! She was surprised when she realized her had never kissed her before but she liked his lips on hers. He played with her breasts and her clit and she came again before she was allowed to replace her blouse and skirt. The next evening, Al took her into the back room and pulled out his cock and told her to suck it! Now she knew her troubles were really starting. She wasn't happy about sucking him but when he glared at her and asked if she still wanted the job she dropped to her knees and took his hard, long cock into her mouth. She knew he would want to fuck her soon and the thought of being unfaithful to Tony troubled her but she concentrated on the job in hand (and mouth) and began sucking Al as hard as she could. It didn't take very long before he came in her mouth. He held her head and shot load after load of his cum into her mouth and she swallowed it all. This was the first of many blowjobs she performed for him.

At last he told her he wanted to fuck her! She tried to offer excuses but he just wouldn't listen and sat her up on the table as soon as she was naked and without any ceremony or foreplay he pushed his hard cock deeply into her! He then started pumping his cock into her and soon he shot his load of cum deep into her pussy! She felt terrible because she knew it was wrong and also because she was too scared while he was fucking her to concentrate on cumming herself. He pulled out of her, kissed her and then went to the bathroom to clean up. Kylie slipped off the table and could feel the cum running down her legs. She felt so ashamed for what she had done.

Even though it was an hour later when she was walking home wearing just her shoes, blouse and skirt, she could still feel his cum running out of her and down her legs. They didn't have a shower at home - only a small bath - so she had to run the bath without much hot water and she climbed in and washed herself as much as possible. That night she didn't want to fuck Tony and he felt rather rejected.

She knew this was going to be the first of many such episodes when Al would fuck her! She knew she should look for another job but she had grown comfortable with the diner and could walk to work and she really had begun to like Al and what he was doing to her. Al didn't fuck her every night - sometimes she would give him a blowjob and that would be enough - but she had grown to love the way Al fucked her and she was much more relaxed now and came almost every time. Often while the diner had lots of customers she would go into the back room and he would bend her over the table, lift up her skirt and slip his cock into her and fuck her hard. These would be fast and furious occasions and because she was so turned on she sometimes came several times before he shot his load into her cunt. She had to cope with his cum running down her legs afterwards but she was grateful because her legs were so hairy it tended to slow down the flow of his cum.

Kylie was certainly leading a double life and on many occasions she was fucked twice in the one day - once with Al and also with Tony - and she became very dependent on frequent sex. Al had been very kind to her and had slowly increased her pay until she was getting a lot of money each week. Al wasn't married and therefore was able to give her extra money although he wasn't rich. Slowly she started to enjoy having sex with Al more than she did with Tony. Al was a bit on the fat side but he was only 10 years older than she was although he looked much older.

Incredibly Kylie and Al continued to fuck at work for the next 3 years and Tony didn't suspect a thing. In all this time Kylie never wore a bra or panties to work and even felt good when she walked to work knowing men were watching her but she didn't care - she knew Al would fuck her when she got to work. Al didn't let her down and he began to love her rather than just to fuck her. She had grown very fond of Al.

But all this changed one day when Tony came home with a newspaper in his hand and told Kylie he wanted her to do something special for him. Kylie he was up to something because he rarely got so excited about anything.

What Tony wanted will continue in the next story in this series.

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