tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKylie's Quest Ch. 02

Kylie's Quest Ch. 02


The next day, after our excursion to the nude beach, I remembered my vow to myself and presented myself to a waxing clinic. When I asked for a full Brazilian, the girl in the crisp white tunic raised her eyebrows a little but led me into a cubical with a bed like the gynaecologists use with stirrups and a cabinet along the wall with a few bottles on it. She told me to take off my skirt and panties and jump up on the bed and she would do the rest.

Lying back on the rather firm pillow, I wondered what to expect. I had had regular smear tests so was no stranger to the position I was in with my legs in the stirrups and spread wide apart revealing my entire genital area. However, there was no modesty cloth draped over me and I was fully aware that I would be the centre of focus; or rather my cunt would, to anyone who happened to walk in.

With businesslike efficiency, the girl sprayed my entire pubic area with some kind of cooling spray. It was normally a quite painful procedure, she explained but this was a local anaesthetic spray that would help to deaden the pain. Sure enough, when she patted me on the pussy lips, I felt her hand but not what she was doing.

The wax was spread on and then ripped off, together with the mat of curly hair. As she worked down into my crack, I almost laughed out loud when I thought what might happen if I farted at that precise moment. However, within what seemed an indecently short time, it was done.

It was at that point, as she was smearing a soothing lotion over the area that I felt her fingers being inserted into my happy hole and heard the slurping sounds as she deftly activated my G-spot. "My God," I thought. "She's going to bring me off on her fingers and I can't do a thing about it." Within seemingly seconds, I shuddered to a climax without a word being spoken. Clearly the anaesthetic spray had already worn off because I was feeling her manipulations quite acutely.

With a smile and telling me she would see me outside, she left me to dress and make my way out of the room to reception. There behind the desk and businesslike as ever, she took my card in payment and suggested that I might want to book a follow-up visit in a few weeks time. I did. Of course I did. I was starting to like being made to cum by a woman!

At home, I stripped myself naked in front of my full length mirror and admired the result. Bare as a baby's bum, I thought. I hadn't seen myself look like that since I was a pre-adolescent girl. The touch of the air on my newly denuded skin made me feel especially naughty, as though I were a little girl about to present my naked butt to my father for spanking. I went to pee and as I sat I thought that even this sensation felt different. Don't ask me why.

Back to the bedroom and with a hand mirror, I examined the workmanship that I had subjected myself to. Not a trace of hair remained, not even tell-tale stubble like when I shaved under my arms. My clit protruded slightly from its hood. Maybe it had always been like that but I had never noticed because of the covering of hair. I felt more naked, more exposed that I could ever remember feeling in my life. I imagined myself lying in the middle of a room, surrounded by people watching me as I showed them my clit and masturbated myself to climax after climax while they, so aroused by my performance would ejaculate all over my body. Even the women, who I had only recently discovered could ejaculate.

Which brought me to another thought. If some women could squirt, why was it that I, who considered myself a highly sexual woman, had never done so? I had sometimes felt a strange sensation like wanting to pee when Andy had inadvertently stimulated my G-spot and I had felt it again today when the clinic girl had fingered me inside. I was tempted to use my trusty vibrator (a present from Andy) to experiment to see if I could reproduce the sensation myself. However, Andy would soon be home and I wanted time to perfect the technique without interruption.

I dressed, selecting a particularly brief G-string that I seldom had worn because my hair had curled out from the sides. I immediately noticed how the crotch part slipped between my pussy lips without any resistance from my now departed pubes. As it pressed against my clit, I felt very, very sexy. Some extra brief shorts and a tank top without a bra and I was set to give Andy what I hoped would be a delightful surprise.

I made dinner and was just laying out the cutlery on the table when He arrived. With a friendly pat on my backside, he greeted me with a kiss, his finger running down my arse-crack in a playful caress. We chatted about the day but I didn't tell him about my new look down there. I mentioned that I had done some shopping and had coffee with a friend (did that describe my visit to the clinic?) trying hard to tell enough truth that he wouldn't tell that I was lying.

By bedtime, he had sensed that I was tense over something but didn't press when I said that I was just horny and looking forward to a good fucking. Just as we were about to get undressed for bed, I made an excuse that I needed to check something in the kitchen. I ran back downstairs and stripped off my clothes. By the time I got back to the bedroom, he was in bed looking expectantly at me as I walked in. He looked puzzled for a moment until his eyes focussed on my bare pussy. "My God," he exclaimed. "You look like a child!" Then he was out of bed with his hand between my thighs, marvelling at the smoothness he had never felt before.

Yes, he fucked me but not until he had eaten me out with such enthusiasm that I thought he must have licked the skin completely off my pussy. Afterwards he told me how much he liked the new look me and said he wanted me to stay like that forever. I felt the same way but for slightly different reasons. Remembering the way the men at the beach had stared so appreciatively at my nudity, I was now anticipating how much more they would see of me and that no matter how modest I might pretend to be, they would be able to see my entire sex, witness the moisture of my arousal.

It occurred to me that I couldn't recall whether either of the girls from yesterday had pubic hair or not. I supposed they must have but I simply hadn't noticed. I did remember that both of the men whose cocks I had sucked had seemed remarkably smooth compared with Andy who had what I assumed was a normal growth of pubic hair which covered his lower abdomen, his balls and grew part way down his penis. I had never particularly taken notice of what hair he had down there or how it grew. Just accepted that he was as he was and that all men would be the same, having never seen any other men's cocks until yesterday. I wondered if he, too, would look like a child if his pubic hair were removed but I couldn't imagine him lying on the bed with his feet in stirrups while the white-coated girl waxed him and then masturbated him as she had me.

~ ~ ~ o O 0 O o ~ ~ ~

The next day Andy phoned me from work to say that he had heard from our friends from the beach and invited them around tonight for the evening. I tried to hide my excitement as I told him that was fine by me and I would prepare some nibbles and make sure the bar was stocked for them.

I prepared a cold meal for us to eat when he got home and set about strategically rearranging some lights in the lounge so that whatever was happening would be illuminated from every possible angle. I didn't want to miss seeing anything there was to see just because of a neglected shadow. I even placed a narrow-beam spotlight to shine on the spot where I planned to be sitting. I wanted everyone in the room to be able to see everything I was hoping to show them. They arrived shortly after dinner. Cliff and Harry apparently worked for the same company and had contrived a business meeting out of town to explain their absence to their wives. If necessary, they could back up each other's alibis. Sarah and Michelle worked locally but because they were not married, had no need to explain to anyone where they were and they had come in Michelle's car in case anyone should spot one of the men's cars parked where they were not supposed to be. These people were clearly experienced in the art of deception to cover their peccadillos. I was grateful not to have to make excuses in order to have a fulfilling sex life.

The two girls immediately attached themselves to Andy, even before he had finished getting the drinks. Then they led him to the sofa and were kissing him and groping into his trousers within seconds. He in turn was returning their kisses and had a hand on each girl's tit which he was deftly manipulating out of their low-cut tops. Bras, it seemed, were out of fashion this season.

The men, for the first few minutes, seemed more concerned with divesting themselves of their work suits and then their underwear before paying attention to me. I sat in my chosen position on the other settee and watched as their cocks emerged from their shorts as they pulled them down and kicked them aside. Then, like synchronised swimmers, they descended on me and in short order had me stripped to just my tiny panties which were already soaking with anticipation. Their cocks hardened as they worked, brushing against my skin as they removed my top and bra and then my skirt.

I allowed my legs to part to show my wetness and my spotlight revealed just how eager I was. Then my panties were off and Cliff passed them to Harry as they took turns to sniff, and then taste the saturated crotch. I spread my legs again but they pulled them even wider apart as they admired my total baldness and my now well protruding clit. There was no doubt that they had come here for the specific purpose of fucking me and what their girlfriends did with Andy was of no concern to them.

While Harry finger-fucked my cunt and Cliff sucked on my nipples, the girls had Andy naked and both were busy with their tongues on his erection. They had somehow found time to strip themselves as well as him and both sides of the room were a squirming collection of naked bodies.

I felt myself being lifted bodily off the settee and planted on all fours in the middle of the floor. Cliff knelt in front of me and without ado shoved his cock into my mouth. I tried to suck him as I had before but instead, he just grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth until his full length was ramming my throat.

Meanwhile Harry nudged my knees apart and with his thumbs was spreading my labia to reveal my fuck hole with its juices dripping out. He pinched my clit between his fingers and I would have yelped had it not been for the cock down my throat. Then I felt his cock, circumcised and hard as stone rammed deep inside my cunt. His balls slapped at my engorged clit as he proceeded to fuck me in long, hard, vicious strokes. I came within seconds and seeing my arsehole convulsing with my climax shoved a finger deep into that as well to feel my spasms as I continued to cum on his cock. It was the first cock my cunt had ever had besides Andy's and he rooted me without mercy. It was pure animal sex that held nothing of the loving copulations I had with my husband.

I expected Cliff to cum in my mouth as he had yesterday but just as he seemed to be swelling for his ejaculation he withdrew and in one smooth movement had swapped places with Harry. Cliff's cock was thicker than Harry's but not as long. I could feel myself stretched wider open than I had ever been before, even by the gynaecologist. He too invaded my arsehole with first one, then two fingers, stretching that open too, so that I could actually feel the cool air entering my rectum. I imagined myself when they had finished with me as having two gaping holes which would be available to anyone who wanted to invade them and the very thought pushed me over the edge again into a shuddering shaking orgasm that left me feeling as though my whole body was convulsing on his cock. Scarcely had that passed when the next one struck and although I enjoyed the taste of my own juices on Harry's cock, it was my cunt and arsehole that were on fire as one climax merged into the next. With a final lunge, Cliff's cock seemed to swell to twice its size and began pumping his semen up to the very depths of my cunt. I could feel every spurt hitting my cervix and thought insanely that I would surely be pregnant after that.

At that moment, Harry's cock erupted and my mouth filled with his thick gooey cum. I tried to hold it in my mouth to savour the taste but it kept spurting in a never-ending series of huge globs until I was forced to swallow over and over again so that I didn't lose any.

As the last drops dripped from their cocks, the men withdrew and sitting on the floor with his back to the settee, Cliff drew me onto his lap. I could feel his still semi-hard cock against my swollen labia as he manoeuvred himself so that it lay between them. Harry then turned his attention back to my tits. He said he was a tit man and that I had small tits. Small but nice and he pinched my nipples simultaneously so hard that I involuntarily ejected some of the contents of my cum-filled cunt over Cliff's cock

Meanwhile, Andy was busy fucking Michelle from behind as she leaned over the edge of the sofa. I had a perfect view of his hard cock ramming repeatedly into her cunt. Her juices were running down her legs as he varied his position to thrust into her from different angles, just as he does with me. Sarah had at least one finger up his arse, following his movements as he fucked Michelle. As he withdrew, she pushed forward so that he was effectively fucking his own arse on her hand. Her other hand gripped his balls and the base of his cock so that the impression was that she was driving a machine that was fucking her girlfriend.

I saw his buttocks clench in the way I knew so well indicated that he was about to cum when Sarah suddenly withdrew her fingers from his arse and clamped the base of his cock like a vice. I heard him gasp with the sudden shock. She pulled him back until his enraged cock emerged from Michelle's hole, angry and red and glistening with her juices. Eventually he understood that Sarah was not going to be deprived of his cum as she had been yesterday and with a quick rearrangement he rammed his cock directly up Sarah's cunt. Like me, she came almost immediately, her contractions obvious around his cock. Her cum seemed to last forever as he remained buried to his full depth into her until with a sudden lunge and with an almost animal moan, he began filling her with his cum. Even when he softened and withdrew, her cunt continued to pulse, each spasm ejecting a little of his semen in a stream that hung in a long pearly strand from her cunt.

I had thought that the action was over then and perhaps for Andy, it was. But Cliff's cock had stiffened underneath me and turning me around to face him, he slid down onto the floor and slid it once more up my slippery cum-filled cunt. Then Harry came round behind me and kneeling between Cliff's and my legs rubbed his revived knob over my stretched arsehole. My hips, thrusting myself onto Cliff's cock somehow brought my arse into position on my upstroke and his cock penetrated my sphincter until he, too, was buried deep in my body.

I have never felt so full or so like I was being split apart. The men quickly established a rhythm where as one was withdrawing the other was ramming back in. I could feel Harry's cock forcing my bowels to open to him and I found myself slipping into one of the most profound orgasms I have ever had. Not sudden and explosive like my previous ones but wave after wave of deep intense rolling pulses that felt as though my entire insides were being churned up in a mixer. I screamed as I never could when I had a cock in my mouth and didn't care when the screaming and the waves of my orgasm seemed to go on for eternity, like mighty breakers crashing on a wild and rocky shore. My mind was blank to everything besides the violent sensations that gripped my body and I thrashed between their bodies like a fury. Eventually, I became aware that both cocks had frozen in the deepest part of me and were exploding streams of hot thick jism still deeper into my bowels and cunt.

When they withdrew, finally flaccid and exhausted, I collapsed into a spreadeagled wreck on the carpet. I dimly was aware that my gaping holes were fully exposed for anyone to see and could feel the man-sap oozing from me because my muscles no longer had the strength to hold it in. Two men, who until yesterday, I had never met, had turned me into a ravening fuck-slut and I knew that whatever happened, there would be no going back.

From my supine position on the floor, I watched Andy again mount Michelle and fuck her with a savagery I would never have believed he possessed. His cock looked huge and distended as he switched from her cunt to her arsehole and back again without missing a stroke. When she came in a final thundering climax, he was imbedded in her arse and a torrent of clear fluid burst from her gaping cunt, flooding onto the carpet. I thought she was pissing herself until I realised that I had just witnessed my first female ejaculation. I wanted it. I wanted to do that each and every time I come. I want to piss and gush all over men's cocks and in their mouths and anywhere that my fluids can reach.

Andy still had not cum and he turned his attention to Sarah who was frantically masturbating beside them. Perhaps pleased with his success with Michelle, he repeated his performance on the other girl's smaller body, alternating between cunt and arse until she too ejected a fountain of girl-cum into the sodden puddle on the floor. Only then did he withdraw and turning her over, took his cock in his hand and emptied his balls into her mouth. As I had done, she frantically tried to swallow it as fast as he pumped it but it was a lost cause and soon her face was covered in his stickiness. In a trice, Michelle was licking her share from her girlfriend's face, greedily searching her mouth for any traces she may have missed. Both girls holes gaped as I suppose mine did and I found it intensely erotic to know that my man's cock had done that to them both.

As our visitors departed I let their hands wander where they would over my body, fingers probing into both my holes which would now be forever open to any stranger who wanted them. I knew I would have to learn to gush like they did and resolved that I would not rest until it became part of me. I had a longing to see men drenched in my excretions, to have them drink from me and ravish me until I could no longer stand. And I wanted to see Andy used by women in the same way, as a vessel for their pleasure, a cock to be available whenever they needed it, to be milked dry and still used for his mouth and tongue as he sucks their orgasms from him. His genitals would be bald like mine with every detail available to be seen and used. And he would be circumcised so that he would never again be able to hide his sensitive knob behind a foreskin.

Oh yes. I'm going to have fun. And a very great deal of fun indeed!

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