tagBDSMKyros-giolla Institute Ch. 08

Kyros-giolla Institute Ch. 08


The grounds were simply stunning and seemed to go on forever. They were in a little Wrangler jeep, bouncing along off-road and on small paths through gardens, and into the forest at the foot of the mountains. The little roads began to climb and soon they were in the mountains in earnest. After about an hour, Anise began to hope they would soon get to wherever they were going; she was thirsty and needed the toilet and the butt-plug was making her ache. When Bryndis stopped the car, however, there didn't seem to be any sign of civilization about.

"Ummmm... Master?" They had been silent the entire journey, and Annis was uncertain whether she could speak or not. But she really did need the facilities.

"Yes, Annis, what is it?" She seemed to have broken him out of a reverie. In truth he was remembering the last time he had been up here. With Catalina. The day before she left. He was so glad to be here in different circumstances with this lovely creature next to him.

"Is there a shop or something around here where I can use the restroom?"

Bryndis smiled. "We'll be out here for two nights, rain or shine. However, if you need the privy, it would make me very happy to watch you. Just squat next to the car."

Annis stared at him, dumbfounded. "Two nights? Outside?" Squat? Watch me?!!

"Yes," he answered. "And if you don't pee soon, I actually will come stand over and watch you. Out you get."

"But," Annis stammered, "what will I use to, you know, wipe?"

"There's a handkerchief in a plastic bag in the glove compartment. We'll wash it soon."

In complete disbelief, Annis removed the handkerchief, opened the door, got out, pulled up her robe and squatted down. No pee. Too nervous. She looked over at Bryndis.

"Well," he said, clearly amused, "push."

She did. It worked. As she was wiping off, Bryndis looked at her and asked if the butt plug was secure.


"Is your plug still in place -- all the way in?" She felt it, pushing out a little, but still in.

"Yes, it's okay. I am sore, though, Master." She put the handkerchief back in the plastic bag and got back in the car, shame faced. "I can't believe I just did that. I've never been camping; I've never really spent a whole lot of time doing out-doors-y stuff. I mean, I've always been interested in it, but I just haven't had the time. I'm sorry if I'm foolish about this stuff. You know, bugs and using the bathroom outside."

You have no idea what you are going to experience, doll, Bryndis thought. But he just smiled.

"Before we continue on here, I want you to know that this is the first time I've been here with someone in a very long time. Where I'm about to take you is one of my favourite places in the world." He looked at her for a long time. Neither of them said anything. "Well. Let's go."

They got out of the car and Bryndis led them on a path through the woods. Annis, in sandals, wasn't shod for a hike and hoped it would be a relatively short walk. She was a little confused when he stopped very abruptly and undressed. She stared as his streamlined torso emerged from underneath his shirt and as his legs came out from his jeans. His sandals he had already kicked aside and now wore only his boxers. Without turning to look at her, he took a deep breath and took them off. "Take off your sandals and your robe, Annis. Leave them with my things." He didn't move, but waited the few moments it took for her to slip out of her things. She hesitated, still unused to stripping in front of someone. And this was outside where anyone could be watching. Well, she thought, I don't see anyone; I might as well get it over with. He saw her indecision and smiled to himself when she began to lift her robe over her head. He very much enjoyed watching her breasts stretch upward and bounce out of the fabric. When she was ready, he turned right and seemed to be walking into the mountain. It was only then that she realized they were looking at the small, dense mouth of a cave. Bryndis went forward toward that dark blackness without ever looking back. ............................................................................................................

Bryndis knew Annis was terrified. This was a test of obedience of a different kind. He knew, as she didn't know, that the way was neither long nor dangerous so long as she staid close to him. He knew the way to their destination very well and trusted that she would call to him if she was in any way unsure. He ducked his head through the entrance of the cave and continued forward and a little to the right, going slowly, listening for Annis to follow. When he was certain she was almost directly on behind him, he smiled to himself and continued.

Annis, in the meantime, was terrified indeed. Was he just going to lead her in here and then leave her to rot? She had no clothing and no one else knew they were here. What was she doing? She hadn't even left a note that she was there -- why hadn't she left a note before they had left?! And she was freezing without even her robe on. The stones were wet and cold beneath her feet and the walls of the cave seemed to close in around her. All she could do was focus her eyes on the dim figure directly in front of her, determined that he would not lose her in the cave. He carried only his backpack. How long did they walk? She had no idea. It felt like the darkness went on forever.

In truth, they had only been walking for about ten minutes at a very slow pace. Bryndis wanted her to feel alone; in a cave that was easy. He stopped and slowly turned to her.

"I know you're afraid. I just want you to listen to the quietness. See if you can let it fill you."

"Yes, sir," she said, so softly that outside he would not have been able to hear it. Now that they were still, the silence was greater than anything she had ever heard. A great quaking silence. She could hear water falling from somewhere near and could hear trickles of it dripping close by. She was being so still that she was startled by Bryndis' small movement next to her, reaching up to her, putting one hand on her breast, feeling the hard cold of her nipple beneath his rough fingers.

"I will never betray you Annis; can you trust me?" She could not even see him. But she had no choice but to let him do as he would. Miles deep in this cave they must be, she thought, with no way of escape. She was silent and he was looking hard at her. All she could see was a small spark of light in his eyes and the dim features of his face. "Offer your breasts to me, Annis. Hold them up to me." She did. Not thinking anything but that this could be her end, she put one hand under each breast, holding them out to him in offering. She stood there, shivering. "Are they for me?" She nodded. "I may use them as I see fit?" She shuddered, but only moved closer to him. Without another word, he grabbed her right breast and bit down fast and hard on the nipple. Then, he did the same to her left nipple. She tried not to scream out, scared of shattering this silence that seemed to cover her in pain. Surely, he drew blood. Then suddenly she realized he had continued and, almost crying again, she hurried to keep up. Turning a sharp corner, she saw light ahead and Bryndis' shadow. Light! She had never been so happy to see it. Turning the last corner, she gasped as her breath caught in her throat.

She was in a room. No, she thought, not a room -- a cavern. That was the only way to describe it. Deep in this mountain cave was one of the most beautiful places she had ever seen. The space was flooded with light and elaborately decorated with natural things. The outer face had been carved out of the mountain and was now refracting light as a small waterfall fell past, large enough for the light to refract, dancing onto the floor, but small enough to be quiet. A large bed, a cabinet, a table, and two wood-carved chairs were stationed on the far side of the cavern in order to keep them dry and warm. The floor consisted of soft blankets and straw covering the stone. On the near side of the space was a small stream leading into a deep pool that had been cut into the floor of the cave and three small fires were lit, adding warmth she so desperately needed. Annis was stunned.

'What do you think?' he asked, though the look on her face assured him that she could understand why he loved it so much.

'The light... it's dazzling. I don't really know how else to describe it. Oh, Master, I was so scared...'

'And yet, you never questioned me and you never hesitated; you didn't cry to go back or even say your warning word. You never let your fear overcome your faith -- and that is all I will ever ask of you, Annis. There will be so many times that you will feel afraid, but I will never lead you into a place where you need to doubt my care for your safety.' He picked up a pillow off of the bed and one of the chairs next to the table and brought them near to the mouth of the cave. He sat on the chair and motioned for her to sit on the pillow at his feet. 'Come, sit. I want to talk to you about something that's important for you to understand.' Annis came, sat and looked up at Bryndis inquisitively. She noticed that he seemed relaxed, sitting there naked. She couldn't quite get used to the feeling and tried to sit in a lady-like manner, arms crossed over her chest with her feet tucked up under her. Bryndis smiled, but said nothing.

'Annis, I want to talk to you about rewards and punishment. What do you think a punishment is?'

'Um...it hurts. Or, it takes away something I enjoy or makes me feel uncomfortable.'

'Okay,' said Bryndis. 'What is a reward?'

'A reward is good, it will be something that makes me happy and makes me feel good, right?'

'So, what would be a reward if we weren't here? I mean, if you had done something particularly well, how would you expect to be treated by your partner?'

'Well, maybe flowers or a nice dinner or a small gift, I guess.'

'And here?'

'Well...' Annis was on completely uncertain ground here. She was still a little embarrassed talking about sex, but there was nothing for it. 'I'm guessing it's going to be more sexual. I do something good, I get to cum or I get a kiss or some sort of prize; if I do something bad, you use pain to teach me not to do it again. Right?'

Bryndis smiled and looked out over the forest that stretched out below them. 'Sometimes. It isn't quite as simple as that. The pain you were in last night, for instance, that was not a punishment, was it?' She nodded, thinking. He continued. 'Sometimes, pleasure can be used as a punishment. For instance, what if I made you masturbate in front of your parents. Or, what if I asked you to have sex in public with a complete stranger? Those things would make you physically feel good, but I don't think either of them would be pleasurable for you.'

'You're absolutely right. Um... I'm not going to have to do those things am I?' She had gone a little pale at the mention of her parents.

'Rest assured, parents don't usually get invites,' he answered, smiling. 'I have no plans to involve them in our relationship.' He didn't say, she noticed, that she wouldn't be having sex with a stranger.

'Basically,' he continued, 'I will tell you when I'm doing something specifically as a reward or as a punishment. If I don't specifically say, you can always ask, but it will probably be as a learning experience otherwise. For instance, when I make you cum in a little while, it won't be for a reward or for a punishment. I want to teach you how to let me bring you pleasure and I want to teach you how to accept that pleasure.' He looked at her and saw she was blushing red. 'Annis, I will do the same thing with whips and ropes; I will teach you about pain and how to let me give you pain and how it can help drive you sexually. Do you understand?'

'Yes.' Now it was she who was looking out over the forest.

'I also want you to know that your punishments and rewards do not negate each other. By that I mean that when you do something that earns you a punishment you cannot 'get out' of the punishment by doing something that would earn you a reward. Basically, I keep a running tally.' He reached into his pack, pulled out a notebook and turned to the first page on which was printed 'Annis' list'.

'I will leave this out in your rooms and both of us will update it at the end of every day. This means that both punishments and rewards will usually happen at least a day after the fact.'

'Wait a minute,' said Annis, 'what do you mean that I will update it? I will update what?'

'Let me show you.' Bryndis reached down in order to show her the book more clearly. Every page showed two columns, one labeled 'reward', the other labeled 'punish'.

'Every day before you go to bed,' he continued, 'you will take a few minutes and think about whether you've done anything that you think you need to be punished for and anything you think you deserve to be especially praised for. It's important to me that you do this.'

'But I don't understand. I thought that you would just decide when I had done something right or wrong.'

'Well, I will, in the end. I will, of course, read this every day and decide if you were right -- that you should be rewarded or punished. And, usually, I will be the one who decides what your punishment or reward will be. But I won't be with you every moment of every day. Sometimes you might break a rule or forget to do something and I won't be there to see. This is your chance to 'confess' as it were. Equally, if you do something that really pushes you, either during one of our classes or outside of class, then this is where you write it down and let me know. I will decide if it really is worth a reward. It keeps you in touch with your giolla training in a very personal and honest way.' Bryndis was now looking directly at her. Annis couldn't help but glance down at his flaccid penis and compare it to the butt plug that was still stretching her ass. He saw her glance and reached out to roughly take her chin, forcing her to look at him. 'Pay attention, Annis.'

'Yes, Master, I'm sorry. I think it's a good idea; I'll start keeping the lists tonight.'

'You should think about whether that sort of infraction -- letting your mind wander in class -- should be on it.' He softened his gaze as she looked down at the floor. My goodness, she was so sensitive. He reached out to touch her fawn-white breast. 'But, Annis, I've already started your lists. Look.'

He turned to the first page. Under 'reward' there were two things listed, 'Ceremony of Will -- submission' and 'cave walk'. Under 'punish' it said 'Ceremony of Will -- resistance' and 'Ceremony of Will -- scream'.

'This means that during your Ceremony of will you earned two punishments. You resisted the men strapping you to the cross bench and you screamed out when I came into you, even though I had told you to make no noise.' She looked up at him, about to explain. He put his hand to her lips. 'I understand why. I do. I probably would have done the same thing. But Annis, it is still disobedience. However, you did amazingly well on the walk through the cave and the way you gave yourself to me at the end of the Ceremony was unlike anything I've ever experienced before. Thus, two rewards. Do you understand?'

Yes, she thought, I understand. But her stomach was in complete knots; she had gone farther than she ever thought possible with someone who was almost a complete stranger -- someone she knew basically nothing about -- who was now telling her that she had done something wrong. She looked away from him, furious.

'Annis?' Brydnis' voice was soft and caring. And at that moment she hated it.

'You think you care about me, but you don't. You don't even know me! Do you have any idea how hard that was for me? I can't...I don't...You can't punish me for opening myself up to you!'

Bryndis looked completely taken aback. 'Annis, you must know that I'm not punishing you for your courage!' He reached out and grabbed her arm. 'And I do know you, perhaps better than you know yourself. I don't doubt you. I think you are beautiful. I want you to feel comfortable in who you are without having to question yourself every day. Can you say the same?'

Tears filled her eyes as she pulled her arm away. 'No.' It was all she could manage to say. He knew then that it was time. He got down from the chair and met her on the floor. He wrapped his arms around her as tears fell down her face. 'You are beautiful,' he said, running a hand through her hair and down her back. He guided her back until she was laying on the cold stone. Annis stopped crying as his hands softly met her skin, flitting across her breasts, her stomach, and then parted her legs and rested each on the inside of her thighs. 'Annis, are you listening to me?'

'Yes, Master, I am.' What she really wanted was him to keep moving near her. Her body was betraying her need and desire for him. I don't even need to tell him that I want him, she thought. He can see it. And he can taste it. He knows that I want him.

'Annis, first I'm going to punish you for resisting the other Kyros when they attempted to help guide you. You are never to resist another Kyros here, for any reason. To help you remember this, I am going to give you five strokes across each breast.' Bryndis had reached over to pick up a birch branch, lithe and bendy, keeping one hand on the inside of her leg. He would strike her hard enough to mark her, but not to break her skin. It would probably bruise her again. He looked back at her. 'You will count each stroke and ask for the next one.'

Annis' face was pale, but she nodded. 'I'm sorry, Master.'

'I am waiting for you to ask me to begin.'

Annis looked out at the waterfall and felt the cool breeze over her nakedness. She had her legs spread in front of this man and she was, for the first time, about to ask someone to punish her. She closed her eyes and let the craziness of the situation leave her. This is my Master, she thought. He will teach me and I will learn so much from him.

'Master, I was wrong to resist help. I didn't mean to disobey you. Will you please punish me?' She heard the swish and the snap as the branch hit her pale left breast. The immediately felt the pain wash over her. Though she wanted to roll over or move or cover her breast or anything to ease the pain, she pressed her palms into the stone below her, moaned, and said 'Please sir, can I have another?' And another came and then another. After the third strike, Annis had tears pouring from her face, but she managed to ask for the fourth strike and for the fifth strike. After the fifth, she asked for the sixth strike, the first one on her right breast, but Bryndis paused a moment, leaned down and licked and kissed the sore, marked left breast. He then lifted his arm to match the right breast with the left. By the time he was done, her breasts were purple and red. He kneaded them both, softly, but firmly and under him, legs still splayed open, Annis whined softly. But it wasn't until he leaned down and bit both nipples that she released a sob. He continued biting her, however, his hands following back down to their positions between her legs.

'Annis, now I'm going to go down on you. I want you to pay close attention to what I do. I want you to be able to speak about it clearly when I'm done and tell me what I could do to give you more satisfaction and tell me if there's anything I do that frustrates you. Will you be able to do that?' She nodded. She had stopped crying, but now it was her pussy that was weeping. 'And Annis, I'm going to want to hear you cum. Don't be quiet this time.' He smiled at the look of surprise on her face. He did indeed want to hear his little giolla beg and moan for him.

He started by blowing softly on her wet pussy. Watching it quiver with chills and watching her nipples crimple, it took all of his self-discipline to restrain himself. He knew she would cum hard and fast and decided then to give her what she needed. He bent down, ran his tongue up the inner valley of her pussy and began to suck on her swollen, pink clit.

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