tagLoving WivesL.A. in New Orleans Ch. 03

L.A. in New Orleans Ch. 03


Pete moved to L.A. and gathered her in his arms as they both watched Gerry walk away. She slumped against him, her head resting on his chest, her legs like rubber as she recovered slowly from her orgasm with Gerry. Pete just held her, rocking slowly, not saying a word until she recovered enough to look up into his eyes.

"God baby but that was unbelievable watching the two of you stroke each other so hard you both came, and at the same time." he said quietly. "How do you feel?"

"My mind knows I came on Gerry's lap but my body hasn't been used enough, I'm horny as hell baby and need for you to take me home and fuck me silly." Her hand dropped to his crotch and she sighed as she felt the hardness of his cock. "So it was good for you also." she smirked.

"More than good honey it was fucking incredible, let's get you home and naked."

In no time at all they were back in their hotel and in bed, letting their pent up emotions flow from their bodies. They took each other roughly the first time, then relaxed and enjoyed each others bodies for a second bout, but this was not enough to satisfy L.A.'s needs for this evening. She was lying on top of Pete mouthing his limp cock, trying to coax him back to life one more time as he licked lazily at her juicy pussy. Pete had considered this possibility when they had first leaped in the sack and had pulled their little bag of sexual aids next to the bed. He reached in looking for a special dildo, her largest one, then said quietly to her.

"Hey baby Gerry is here."

L..A. Looked up for a moment and smiled, she could see Pete had pulled out a dildo, the one he called her boyfriend. It was long, thick, with very lifelike bulges and veins along the shaft all topped by a very realistic circumcised head nicely ridged and detailed. They had only tried it a few times and she had always found it way too big, but she was still really horny and liked to play these little games with Pete.

"Mmm honey, I was just getting to know him real nice, what's he want?" she replied

"He says he can't get you out of his mind baby, your making his cock so hard all he can think of is needing to fuck you." Pete came back with.

"Since you seem to need a break baby would you mind if I let him fuck me, my pussy is still so wet and ready for a nice big cock."

"Baby I would love to watch Gerry fuck you nice and hard, just raise your pussy up a little and let him see how ready you are for him." Pete watched as she moaned to herself and thrust her ass into the air, moving her hips seductively.

"Gerry honey, my pussy is hot and wet for your big fat cock, come fuck me good and hard." she said softly, then heard Pete say Gerry wanted him to suck on his knob to get him all ready to enter her. She raised up a little and looked back between her legs to see Pete with the big dildo in his mouth, his tongue swirling around the head.

"Yeah baby you suck Gerry's big cock and get him all nice and wet."

Her body started to tingle with the thought of her man preparing her lovers cock to enter her. She looked back and Pete was watching as the big dildo slid back and forth in her slit, then dropped back to his mouth.

L.A. dropped her head back into Pete's crotch as he whispered.

"Gerry likes to dip his head into your pussy then squeeze a big drop of pre cum out of his cock then have me suck it off."

L.A. felt herself shudder at the thought of Gerry teasing her slit with his big cock, then directing the tip to Pete's mouth as he stroked his shaft to bring a dollop of pre cum to the tip.

"Do you like the taste of my pussy mixed with Gerry's cum baby, do you like to suck his dick?" she said in husky voice.

"You two taste good together, and Gerry says I have to suck your pussy clean after he cums inside you, and his dick is OK if it has some of you on it." Pete told her, then started to slowly tease her opening with the dildo.

L.A. was really turned on thinking about Pete sucking Gerry's cock and eating out her pie after he filled her with his cream. She could feel the big cock teasing her pussy and was into the whole fantasy.

"Gerry baby your cock feels so big, be gentle with my tight little pussy."

She could feel the ridges on his fat head as they pulled back through her slit, sliding over her engorged clit and drawing another moan from her. She moved her hips back and forth sliding along the entire length of his shaft, her pussy lips sucking at his girth, coating him with her wetness.

"Fuck that feels good." she moaned, and she gave a small gasp as he slid back to her opening, pressing his thick head at her tiny hole. She rotated her hips as Gerry continued to push forward, the pressure building until he was through her tight opening and into her velvet smooth sheath.

"Oh fuck you are so big baby, I'm all stretched out around your fat cockhead."

Her hips were moving in little grinding circles now, enjoying the feel of Gerry's cock, and she could feel him meeting her rhythm, sliding out of her until just his cockhead was snuggled inside her, then moving back into her, a little deeper, pressing against one side then the other, rubbing the top of her slick insides, then dragging his shaft along the bottom. Her whole mind and body focused only on the pleasure her pussy was enjoying riding Gerry's big cock, moving a little faster and pushing back a little harder every time.

Pete watched L.A.'s pussy stretch around the giant dildo, could hear her moans of pleasure and her steady deep breathing as she moved back and forth on the thick pole he held in his hands. He kept changing the angle as he entered her, pushing a little deeper into her at times but mostly holding fast and letting her drive onto it by herself. As she moved back more and more her legs spread wider bringing her pussy back down to his face. He tongued her slit and pulled a squeal of pleasure from her as she lowered herself even more, moving her clit over his waiting mouth.

"Oh fuck Gerry, Pete's sucking on my clit while you fuck me, feels so good."

L.A. stopped moving as much as she was before, now mostly tilting her hips in and out of Pete's mouth, Gerry's cock making longer lazy strokes in and out of her. Pete continued moving the dildo in and out of her, surprised at how much of it she was taking and wondering if she could take it all. As L.A. tilted her hips back and forth a little more aggressively Pete found his mouth was moving from her clit to her opening, his tongue and lips moving over the dildo as he licked and sucked at her stretched hole.

L.A. could feel Pete's mouth sucking the length of her slit as she rocked back and forth on his face, and could feel him mouthing Gerry's cock where it entered her pussy. She moaned with lust as she thought of Pete's lips and tongue sliding on Gerry's shaft, tasting his cock covered with her pussy juices and she started to cum very hard, moving her pussy more violently and grinding down on Pete's face.

"Suck me Pete honey, I'm coming so hard on Gerry's cock, lick my cream off him." she moaned to him, her juices flooding all over Gerry's big thick shaft still pounding into her.

Pete was sucking for all he was worth, knew L.A. was really getting into this fantasy as she moved above him, but his own fantasy was moving forward also, she almost had the entire dildo inside her now, and the little that was left was very slippery. As her orgasm coursed through her he continued to move it in and out of her just a little, each time going a little deeper until she had taken it all, and more as he pushed it inside her past her tight opening then moving his lips over her hole to suck her while the entire dildo was buried in her twat.

L.A. could feel how full she was with Gerry's huge cock in her then felt one more thrust, then Pete's lips taking the place of more cock. She looked between her legs as she pushed with her vaginal muscles, pushing the dildo out of her, God, she had more then 10 inches of very thick cock completely inside her. Pete pressed the dildo back inside her and slapped her clit, making her scream with pleasure as she pushed it back out again.

"Fuck me hard and deep Gerry, give me every inch of your beautiful dick." she screamed as Pete shoved the unit back into as fast as she could spit it out, smacking her clit on each stroke, feeling her whole body shudder as she groaned and moaned in ecstasy for minutes on end until she finally fell off him and begged him to stop.

"Oh Gerry you are one marvelous fuck, you can have my pussy any time you want."

Pete's eyes took in the sight of the entire dildo slipping from L.A.'s pussy, could see how stretched out she was after taking such a thick unit inside her, and loved her all the more for it. He moved to cover her body as his very hard cock slipped inside her very easily. L.A.'s eyes got big as she realized how hard Pete had gotten during their little fantasy and decided to keep it going.

"Oh baby your so hard, how does my pussy feel after Gerry's fat prick has me all stretched. I'm so swollen and wet you fit inside real easy." She wrapped her legs up around his ass and pulled him deeper into her. He grunted a few times as he stroked deep into her then lost control and his load.

"Do you like having my cum and Gerry's in you babe, do you like having sex with more than one cock wanting to fuck you, more than one man making you cum."

"Yes baby I love it." she gasped. "I get so horny for cock I need to have more than one man satisfy me. Does that bother you honey?"

"No baby" he whispered, "that's exactly what I hoped you would say, I need to know other men can come and pleasure you in bed, that you want them to fuck you."

"God yes Pete honey, but the first new cock to fuck me should be Gerry's, I can't get the idea of fucking him out of my mind."

Part 2

L.A. awoke late the next morning, she had slept well but had vivid sex dreams all night. She let her fingers slip between her legs remembering how hot she had felt teasing Gerry, how she had cum grinding on him out in the alley, then coming home and fantasizing about fucking Pete, then Gerry, then Pete again. She had never done anything as wild as that before, but she had never cum so hard and often in her whole life, orgasms that shook her whole body, felt so good she could hardly breathe. She remembered telling Pete she wanted to fuck other men and grinned to herself, right now the only other man was Gerry, but she was not going to rule out anyone else if it made her feel so good.

She used the spa facilities for a nice steam and a workout then showered and did some shopping. On impulse she purchased a blond wig and a small hair dye, thinking she would go a different color for Pete tonight, give him the thrill of a different woman, he had been such good support with Gerry, and wanting her to take it further. She would not see Gerry this evening as she had told Pete she was beat, needed a good sleep and wanted to just order room service and snuggle. After shopping she went back to their room and curled up in bed, sleeping until Pete woke her as he entered the room. They opened a bottle of wine as they decided what they would do this evening when L.A. remembered the wig and dye. She told Pete to wash up first as she had a little surprise for him. She poured herself another glass as she rummaged through her suitcase for an outfit to wear as the other woman, and since they were staying in it could be very erotic. As Pete passed the washroom over to her she grabbed the last of the wine bottle, telling him to open another and disappeared. As she prepared she was surprised at how exciting it was for her to submerge her normal personality under the one that the fantasy blond was bringing out in her, she was feeling the same high she did when she was showing herself to Gerry, wondering if he would like her blond, and of course he would, all men liked a blond with big tits she giggled. A little adjustment here, little more makeup her and she was done..

Pete smiled as she entered the room.

"Wow, I like the way New Orleans agrees with you baby, that is a very sexy look."

His eyes moved slowly from the blond hair and eyebrows to the perfect makeup, her eyes gleaming and her lips looking delicious. She was wearing a long sleeved cashmere sweater as a very short dress, the front deeply vee'd down to her belly with only three buttons holding the bottom together. Her legs were encased in white stay up stockings, the tops ending inches below her sweater, the bare skin in between daring you to look. A very high set of heels, maybe 5 inches adorned her feet and seemed to make her legs go on forever before the cashmere clung to her nicely rounded behind.

"We should really go out with you looking so hot baby, God I would love to show you off dressed like that." Pete gushed, But L.A. just shook her head and said there was no way she could go out dressed like this, it was for him and him only. Pete heard her but was already working on his very own idea's. He refilled her wineglass and suggested they should toast her new look out on the balcony.

"That way some people are going to see you babe." he smirked, teasing her a little. She had no issue with the balcony, they were up a few floors so no problems. Pete watched as she walked across the room, her breasts moving freely into view with every step, nipples hard from rubbing on the soft cashmere.. He could see the bottoms of her ass cheeks as she walked in front of him, yes this was a very sexy outfit that he would make her share with others.

They moved out to the balcony and L.A. settled herself in a chair, Pete smiling with amusement.

"That is the perfect finish to this look."

He whispered, he had just caught a glimpse of her blond pubic patch just above her slit. L.A. giggled and spread her legs a little wider for him to see then tried to sit primly once again.

"What should we call you this evening?"

He asked her and she thought for a moment and said.

"Randy, because I'm feeling really randy."

Pete gave her a few minutes to relax again and noticed her breasts were even more visible when she was sitting,and the sweater was too short to hide the view of her straw yellow pubes. The sunset was beautiful and they were relaxing and discussing what to order for dinner when the balcony beside them was occupied by two young black guys, a joint in one of their hands. They were behind Pete so were looking straight at L.A. as they realized they were not alone. Pete stood and said hi, then noticed the joint and laughed.

" Don't worry about us you guys, please go ahead and enjoy." He held up his wine glass. "We are."

The two black fellas smiled and the taller one said, "Wine and grass, both a natural high." Then motioned to L.A. and Pete. "Come on over for a hit."

Pete stood up and walked over to the shared railing between them and introduced himself. The two young men were Len and Bo and they both looked over as L.A. stood and joined them.

Len seemed to be the spokesperson and gave her a big smile.

"Mmm,mmm, you are one fine lady, all dressed up and strutting your stuff, makes me proud to be a boy from N'arlens when I see a stone sexy fox like you honey, What's your name.?"

L.A. smiled at them both as she walked over, trying to control her breasts a little but knowing they were still getting some very nice glimpses simple said "Randy".

Len stuck out his hand to take hers and kissed her gently on the wrist.

"Randy honey you are so hot, you are positively making me your namesake." He passed her the joint and she accepted, taking a small drag.

"You got yourself a fine woman there Pete, prime. Taking her to the club later?" It was easier to say yes than to explain so he did.

Randy passed the joint to Pete and he took a pull, then passed it on to Bo, who just agreed with everything Len said. Len reached his arm back into their room and brought out his own wine glass, then passed one to Bo.

"Randy is going to be very popular tonight at any club you go to, your going to have to chase the boys away."

Randy looked at him and giggled a little. "Oh Len, he doesn't have to chase all of them away does he, can't I keep some of the cute ones?"

Len smiled and took a sip." So you would like to keep a couple of cute ones to play with Randy?" he asked and she replied coyly.

"At least a few Len."

He smiled and looked at Pete, asking him if he was the kind of guy that liked to show off his woman, make her strut her stuff in front of other guys and Pete smiled and said that was exactly right. Len acknowledged that he was exactly the same way.

"But you wouldn't mind if she took it a little further would you?"

Pete nodded, and Len asked, "Have you guys gone all the way yet?" and Pete shook his head no.

"But you want her to right?" Pete whispered yes.

Len looked Randy up and down and gave her a quick smile.

"You've been sayin no to him for an awful long time, but I'm thinking your just about ready to change your mind."

Randy looked at him and thought how to respond.

"I have recently discovered how exciting it could be to take a fresh lover to bed, so yes I could be ready to go all the way."

Len looked at her and smiled. " You've got a look in your eye tonight, I think it could happen this very evening." He lit another joint and passed it to Randy, watching her.

You both like it when you strut your stuff in front of hungry guys don't you?"

He could see the answer deep in her eyes before she answered with a sigh, "Yes."

"You are looking really fine tonight Randy, would you like to pose for some pictures of this special night, maybe even some naughty ones?" She sighed again and gave a quick look at Pete, he was smiling and nodding, telling Bo he would love to get some hot pictures of her all dressed up too, then looked into Len's eyes.

"Do you even own a camera?" she giggled, then gasped when he moved inside his room and brought out a very expensive digital SLR camera.

"It's what I do for a living Randy, take pictures of lovely ladies."

Pete was already moving into the room to get their camera as Randy looked at Len.

"How naughty do you want to get?" she asked in a low voice, and he smiled

"Let's just see where life takes us Randy, you might be surprised."

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