tagLoving WivesL.A. in New Orleans Ch. 05

L.A. in New Orleans Ch. 05


Pete made quite a show of eating Gerry's fictitious cum from her pussy and L.A. enjoyed it so much she came one more time. He looked over at his woman, she had that gorgeous glow of a just fucked lady, the arousing scent of her sex filling the room. She grinned up from beneath him, telling him how she loved him for giving her such incredible fantasies. He grinned and asked if she was game for one more. She laughed and threw her head back into the pillows, then turned on her side to pay attention, asking what he had in mind.

"Are you hungry yet?" he asked, and she nodded vigorously, seemed like they had not eaten all day. Pete suggested that if they ordered room service and the delivery guy was cute she should try and have her way with him. She grinned as they discussed how they would lay out her seduction of him, Pete leaving it open ended as to how far she should take it.

"Make sure he is excited and horny enough with your first visit to be the one to come back to pick up the cart." he cautioned, and she just giggled.

"Can't I fuck him on his first visit?" she whispered coyly and Pete nodded his head slowly

"Sure you can baby, but then your supper will get cold." he deadpanned.

L.A. was still very horny and she thought this would be fun, but Randy would be the woman in the room.

"So far I have been fucked by Gerry, but poor Randy hasn't had any cock yet." She smiled seductively at Pete. "Looks like someone is going to see me in my sexy sweater outfit after all."

They spent a few more minutes on planning then looked over the menu and Pete handed the phone to her to order. She used a very low and sensuous voice and teased the order taker. When he had her full order and asked if there was anything else she said yes, please make sure a well endowed handsome young man with some time on his hands delivered it to her room, and to ask for "Randy."

Randy then fled to the washroom to make some repairs to her outfit, finishing just as the doorbell was rung. Pete motioned for her to have a look through the peep hole and she did, coming down off her tiptoes with a smile on her face.

"He is cute." she sighed, "I am going to enjoy teasing him."

Her fingers dropped to the three buttons holding her sweater together and undid the top and bottom one, her tiny tuft of pubic hair as well as her pouting pussylips were now exposed. She gathered her sweater in her hand as if she was shy then opened the door wide, standing dead center. She let her eyes move up his body, taking her time around his crotch, then gave him a devastating smile as she let go of her sweater.

"Mmm, looks like room service listened for once." she sighed, "you are a handsome young man and very nicely built." Her eyes dropped back to his crotch as she licked her lips very provocatively. She turned sideways to let him in, aware a breast had escaped her top for him to enjoy, her hand dropping to caress his ass as he moved by, giving it a little squeeze and a tiny giggle as she whispered how toned his butt was.

He was moving into the room when Pete appeared, phone glued to his ear. Pete smiled at them both distractedly and asked if he couldn't have a little privacy for a couple of minutes. Randy was right behind the waiter,her hand still cupping his ass, then she moved in front of him, telling Pete she would take this sexy young man out to the balcony and set up dinner there. Her eyes moved over the waiter, a big smile in her eyes as she whispered for him to follow her, her hands pulling her sweater a little higher and very tight across her ass, knowing he could see most of her butt as she moved in front of him to open the balcony door, letting her breasts spill out again. He moved the cart through and she closed the door firmly, smiling at him as she sauntered over to him, pretending to shiver, turning her back to him and cuddling into him, her sweater up above her bottom so her bare ass was pressed against him.

"What's your name handsome?" she asked looking over her shoulder at him, and after swallowing a few times he managed to say Tim.

"Handsome Tim, I've just had a shiver, put your big arms around me for a second to keep me warm." She moved her arms up over her head as she caressed the back of his neck, giving his arms lots of room. At first he tried to keep his hands on the safety of her sweater, but very quickly found out she had undone the last button and there was nothing but supple skin under his fingers. He held her weakly around her stomach but she giggled at him.

"Don't be shy honey, I want to feel your hands holding me tighter...and a little higher thank you." When he reached her breasts she sighed, whispering that her nipples weren't hard because she was cold, but because a very sexy guy was feeling her up. He was kneading her breasts nicely but was very nervous, wondering about Pete. She turned in his arms, now facing him and told him not to worry, they would hear him coming. She giggled as she said coming, her lips moving along his jaw as she shared her hope that Pete wouldn't be the only one coming, then flicked at his lips with her tongue..

"Hi Tim, I'm Randy, and I like to kiss when I meet someone new, especially if they are as hot as you." Before he had a chance to argue her lips were on his, her tongue demanding entrance to his mouth, Her hands guiding his hands under her sweater to her ass, then moving her hands to his butt, pulling him against her gyrating hips until she could feel his cock twitch with all the attention.

'Yeah Tim, like that baby, you feel so good pressed hard against me." She encouraged him, her lips moving quickly back to his mouth as her hands continued to caress his ass, his hands starting to move to the same rhythm. She could feel him continue to harden as she rubbed against his crotch, his ass flexing under her hands as he ground himself on her belly. She spun in his arms again, pressing his hardness between her ass cheeks as she leaned back to continue the kiss, guiding his hands to her nipples and pussy, letting him explore her body.

" Touch me Tim, I need to feel your hot hands all over me.." She leaned back against him thrusting her breasts into his hands, letting her own hands move from his ass to his groin, feeling his pole through his uniform.

"Nice cock Tim." she whispered, "I need to touch you baby."

It was on reflection where she pushed him too hard and he backed away from her kiss, obviously afraid of Pete in the room. Randy smiled up at her sexy waiter and told him not to worry.

"When you come back to pick up the cart I'll make sure he's not here, OK?" Her fingers continuing to rub his thighs. He nodded and she giggled.

"Don't you spill a drop of your lovely cream until you come back to see me." Tim promised he would not then asked her to sign the bill. She told him he would have to open the wine first, moving inside his arms as he did, undoing his shirt buttons as she kissed and licked his chest and nipples. It took him some time to open the bottle but as he finished and placed it back on the table they heard the balcony door opening. Pete did not come out just asked Randy how it was going and she laughed and told him she was just enjoying Tim's body as he opened the wine. Nothing but a mutter from Pete as he stayed in the room but it brought even more of a flush to Tim. He placed the bill on the table and was holding it in place with both hands. Randy took the pen and took one of his hands and held it in hers, her eyes on Tim as she turned his hand and cupped it to her pussy, moving her hips back and forth on his fingers.

"You made me so wet baby, I'm dripping for you." She held his eye for a moment longer then looked away to add the tip to the bill, taking her time as they both enjoyed his fingers moving over her thick bald lips. She slipped his hand away from her pussy and licked at his fingers, then placed his hand firmly on her ass as she started back into the room. As they passed Pete she told him to go out and pour the wine, she was just going to say good-bye to Tim, give him an extra tip because he was so sexy and cute. She held his hand to her bottom until they were to the door, then followed him out to the hall, pinning him to the wall for one more kiss as she rubbed her naked body against him.

" Promise to be back to pick up the cart." She demanded, and he nodded his head. Her fingers moved to cup his balls lightly as she licked his lips.

"Pete will be out honey, just you for my dessert." she whispered, giving his cock a little squeeze as she let him go. letting him see her standing with her sweater open for him to enjoy until the elevator arrived. She went back into the room and gave the details to Pete as they enjoyed their dinner, Randy unable to come down off the high of rubbing Tim's bulge so openly, so wantonly. Pete congratulated her on how far she had come on this trip already, but it was time to move forward.

"You need to get in his pants baby." He told her and she just moaned and agreed. It was decided that Pete would hide in the bathroom if Tim came back, the mirror on the wall in the hall gave him a view of the bed. Randy finished her last sip of wine and called down to room service, asking for Tim. When he took the call she giggled and gave her room number, then asked if his cock was still hard. He gulped a quiet yes and she gave him a seductive sigh.

"Hurry upstairs baby, Pete is gone and I want to take care of your nice big hard problem for you." She hung up and smiled, letting Pete know he was on his way and it was time to get in the bathroom. She checked out the view from the mirror and saw he had a pretty good view of the bed, a small orgasm shuddering through her body as she realized her husband was going to watch her make out with another man's cock. Before she had a chance to think about it the door bell rang. She smiled wickedly at Pete as she took off her sweater and threw it over a chair, going to the door in stockings and high heels only. She opened the door and smiled sweetly at Tim, letting him enjoy the view, then opened her arms to invite him to embrace her. He moved into the room quickly and into her arms as her hands went straight to his ass, pulling his crotch against her.

"Oh baby you are still nice and hard, and you feel so good, carry me to the bed my lover so we can be more comfortable." Tim bent and picked her up, her arms going around his neck as she thrust her breasts to his eager mouth. He placed her in the middle of the bed and quickly moved in beside her, her hands guiding his head back to her breasts.

"Suck my tits Tim, my nipples have been so hard thinking about you all evening." He moved from breast to breast as Randy looked into the mirror and caught Pete's eye, smiling at him as she encouraged the young waiter to continue with soft sighs and light touches to the back of his neck with her fingers. She let him suckle for a few more minutes then pulled him to her mouth for a kiss, his body on top of hers, his weight on her so sensual and exciting. They kissed as they ground against each other, then Tim broke the kiss and started down her neck and to her breasts again, but only for a moment, as he continued down her body. Her body moved of it's own accord as her belly enjoyed his lips, her legs splayed wide, her hips moving trying to entice his mouth to continue their journey, and then she gasped as his tongue flicked at her highly aroused pussy lips, his mouth dropping down to taste her honey. Her hands are entwined in his hair as her hips rock to meet his mouth, her breathing short and rapid with pleasure and passion. She lets him drink his fill from her dripping wet slit, enjoying an orgasm under his unskilled lips, then whispering to him.

"Baby I need to make you happy too." She smiles as she has him lie on his back his feet on the floor at the end of the bed. Her hands move to the bulge in his pants as she leans into kiss him, her fingers lightly dancing over his covered thickness as she whispers.

" I want to sixty nine with you honey."

Tim only smiles as she sits up again and her fingers work his belt buckle loose. The phone rings, startles the couple, and Randy answers, listens for a moment then silently hands the phone to Tim. He talks for a few seconds and is off the bed and straightening up as he apologizes to Randy.

"All of a sudden they are real busy downstairs and need me back right away." is all he can say as he starts to push the cart out of the room. Randy can't believe her luck and follows him naked out into the hallway, asking if he will have an opportunity to come back later. Tim can only shrug his shoulders as he bends to give her a quick good-by kiss. Randy watches him move down the hall then moves back into their room, pulling the blond wig off her head as Pete emerges from the washroom.

"This wig is fucking bad luck." L.A. yells, "Randy never got a man all night."

Pete takes her in his arms and consoles her as he moves her to the bed, pulling his clothes off as they travel, letting his hard cock catch her attention as he lies on his back on the mattress. L.A.'s eyes smile as she quickly settles herself above him, sliding her juicy slit back and forth on his shaft until the head of his cock slips into position. Her eyes are closed as a low growl escapes her open mouth as she impales herself on his pole, Pete's hands are pulling at her nipples until they are long and hard then moving down to her hips to help guide her movements on his cock. He smiles to himself, everything seems to be going to plan. A week ago when they came to New Orleans there was no way he could have talked L.A. into letting another man even see her bare pussy, now she was craving fucking another guy, well, Gerry for sure, but once one had been between her legs he would make sure they stayed spread for others. Tonight's setup with Len and Bo had gone perfectly, and the timing for Tim to leave her high and dry had been exact. He thrust his hips up at her, burying his cock even deeper as she moaned her appreciation, but her eyes never opened.

L.A.'s only thought was focused on the incredible feeling of a nice hard cock moving deep inside her, rubbing against her most sensitive parts, giving her such delicious pleasure. She had visions of so many men beneath her, Pete certainly, but also Gerry, Len and Bo, and now even Tim, all of them taking turns fucking her, a throaty moan of excitement escaping her lips as she realized it didn't matter as long as that delicious feeling continued inside her tight hot pussy.

Part 2

L.A. sat on the balcony enjoying her coffee after breakfast, she had already been to the spa and was about to shower when the phone rang. She smiled as she recognized the voice, it was Gerry, but quickly her smile turned to a frown as she listened to his words. Allegations against Pete, false expense receipts, legal actions possible. He wanted to meet with her immediately to discuss a solution. Damn right we will meet right away she thought as she took his room number.

His suite was in the more restricted end of the hotel so it took her a moment to find her way. Finally she found the right door and knocked forcefully. Gerry answered quite quickly and with a tight smile let her in.

"What's this all about?" She demanded, eyes flashing and jawline jutting. Gerry went on and on about auditors and expenses, fraudulent receipts, allegations of theft, mentioning police, fines and jail. L.A. told him she thought the whole thing sounded like bullshit, Pete had been with the company longer than Gerry, and he just shrugged his shoulders, it wasn't him doing the accusing of a fellow employee, it was corporate finance types. L.A. knew Pete sometimes twisted the rules to his favour so there could be some truth to this, but certainly nothing of the size and scope Gerry was speaking of. She was starting to hyperventilate, nervous adrenaline flowing through her system as she tried to make sense of this.

"Why are you telling me all this shit?" she shouted, "Why aren't you confronting Pete?"

Gerry explained that he had just heard rumours of all this early this morning and was sure he had a better solution than having Pete try to talk his way out of this. He then went on to lay out very graphically exactly what he expected from L.A. to make this whole issue disappear forever without Pete even knowing. He led her to the door telling her if she accepted his plan to be back at his room promptly at one o"clock.

"And don't return if you want to negotiate or change what I expect. If you are here at one then you will do exactly what I expect from you." he warned her, then his face relaxed and smiled at her.

"It's for the best L.A., I know it, you know it, and it is certainly the best for Pete. Hope very much to see you smiling and willing at one o"clock." he said with passion as he closed the door.

L.A. left the hotel and walked for a long time, letting the conversations with Gerry flow through her mind until she was sure she had it sorted away properly, then went back to the hotel to shower and dress for her appointment with Gerry. At the appointed hour she knocked on the door and had it opened by a smiling and confident Gerry, obviously also freshly showered and shaved, she could smell a light cologne.

"Thank you for making the right decision, for us as well as Pete." he said quietly as he locked the door and returned to sit in a large comfortable chair, L.A. noting how well his t- shirt and jeans fit his form.

L.A. moved into the center of the room facing Gerry in his chair and stood there, waiting for his signal. Gerry enjoyed the moment, looking over his prize in her bulky jogging suit, knowing he would have a far better look at her in a few minutes. He nodded his head slightly and L.A. took a deep breath and kicked off her sandals, then pulled the zipper down on the fleecy top of her track suit and took it off, a light pink lace bra now visible. Her fingers quickly went to the waistband of her track pants and pulled them down and off, showing the matching pink lace thong panties. She stood as Gerry enjoyed the view, turning per his request so he could take in the entire package. She could feel her legs trembling with emotion, part of her angry and embarrassed with Gerry and his request, part of her excited to be undressing for his pleasure. Gerry let his eyes wander over the matching bra and pantie set, it was obvious she took some time to prepare for him despite her somewhat chilly demeanor. He motioned for her to continue as he took a sip of champagne.

L.A. reached behind her back and undid her brassiere, her eyes on Gerry's as she let it slip away from her breasts, trying to keep a hard look to her face and a soft look to her nipples, not wanting him to think he was exciting her, but the cool air and the gasp she heard escape from Gerry's lips betrayed her as her nipples hardened on the peaks of her magnificent breasts.

Gerry made eye contact with her for a moment, but his eyes moved to her breasts as she dropped her bra to the floor. He cursed himself for the sharp intake of breath but his eyes were witness to her nipples hardening as he watched and he could not help the small gasp of excitement and arousal. He slowly let his eyes move back up to hers and he could tell she was loosing her battle to not show any open approval of the situation, she had seen the enjoyment and appreciation of her breasts in his eyes. He let her have a moment then nodded once again for her to remove the final piece..

L.A. turned her back to him, hooked her fingers inside the tiny waistband and pulled her panties straight down, her legs together as she bent from the waist, knowing how delicious her pussy lips looked when she bent like that but what choice did she have. She left her panties on the floor as she slowly turned to face him, not quite sure what to do with her arms, not wanting to act seductive but not wanting to look geeky either. She could see and feel his eyes moving over her body, a slight nod for her to turn so his eyes could linger on her ass then back to front on. He held her there for what seemed an eternity then finally motioned her to the bed. She lay down on her back as she had been told with her arms spread over her head. Gerry approached the bed and lightly tied her hands to the headboard.

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