tagLoving WivesL.A. in New Orleans Ch. 06

L.A. in New Orleans Ch. 06


Gerry looked down at L.A., could see her defenses were shattered, she may not be speaking to him or smiling at him but the juices streaming from her aroused pussy told him different, she was excited. Gerry sucked as she flowed into his mouth, taking his fill of her nectar, then moved up beside her and lowered his mouth to hers, his tongue tracing on her lips until they opened for him, letting her share in the musky taste of her pussy. The kiss was long and passionate, but as her taste faded he ran his hand down to her slit and drew his fingers through her, dipping two inside her to coat them, then back up to their mouths so they could lick her flavour from his hand. Her hips were moving against his hand, she was wet, open, needing more than his fingers to satisfy her, almost inviting him to mount her. He broke the kiss and slid off the bed, slowly undoing his pants and freeing his cock, already hard and bobbing up towards the ceiling. He reached onto the dresser top behind him for a condom when he heard the first actual word she spoke, a very quiet No.

He looked down at her, naked, very aroused, her hips making little circles just off the mattress, her pussy lips open and wet, nipples jutting from her breasts. He looked down at his own cock, hard, God rock hard, he had not been this aroused in a long time.

"L.A., I'm sorry my pet but there is no way I can stop now, and I can't believe you want me to either." He looked at her, his eyes pleading with her.

She moaned and shook her head, God but men can be so dense.

"No, not that, no condom." she whispered quietly. Gerry looked at her and asked if she was sure and she nodded quickly.

"I want you bare, to feel you, to feel your cum fill me. Please fuck me Gerry, that's what you wanted to hear isn't it." she whispered, still a little defiantly.

"And I so want to fuck you my pet, to make you cum over and over again." He moved up between her legs and the two of them held each others eyes as he slowly entered her, watching each others facial expressions and listening to their quiet sighs as he penetrated her for the first time. Gerry could not believe how tight and wet she was, and how hot, his cock felt as if it was dipping into molten metal.

L.A. watched his eyes as he moved inside her. She had softly moaned to herself as he had undressed, his cock was not quite as big as the boyfriend dildo but it was the largest cock she had ever been with, the first new cock since she had been married, and she was enjoying the feeling of being opened wider than she was used to as he moved deeper inside her. She was rocking her hips to help him enter, and she moaned with carnal pleasure as she felt his ballsack press against her ass, his pubic hair brushing her slick pussy lips. Instinctively she raised her legs and locked them around his ass, inviting him to move as deep inside her as he could, a rhythm being set by the pair as they moved together, their bodies glistening with sweat where they pressed together, smiling at each other when they lost the rhythm, short gasping kisses as they ground their groins together, L.A. spreading her legs wider as Gerry lengthened his stroke, pulling out until just his bulbous head remained inside, then thrusting deep into her, crashing against her hips jutting upwards to meet him.

"Yeah baby, fuck me with your fat cock, fill my tight pussy with your big meaty dick, hard Gerry, fuck me hard baby." She had completely given into the delicious feeling he was giving her between her legs.

Her words were like a tonic to Gerry, she had finally succumbed to her need, their need, and he pistoned into her with even more fervour, raising himself onto his arms as his hands gripped her shoulders to help impale her on his thick pole. He knew he couldn't last much longer, her pussy was literally sucking his cock she was so tight, he could feel her use her muscles to milk along his length as he stroked deeper and harder. He sat up and hooked his arms into her knees, pulling her up and opening her to him from a different angle, her sighs of pleasure telling him he made the right decision.

L.A. looked up at Gerry, the lust in his dark eyes, the determined set of his jaw, his well built chest and stomach flexing, the thick shaft of his cock growing from his bushy pubic hair, rubbing deliciously along the roof of her love tunnel, her muscles squeezing along his shaft then pushed aside as his thickly ridged head moved past, the juicy squishy noise they made as he moved in and out of her. He had pulled so many orgasms from her she no longer kept track but just enjoyed them as they took her body. She could tell he was getting close so she thrust herself at him with even more wanton need.

Gerry was on the edge, he was trying to prolong their first coupling but she had made his balls blue with anticipation and every time he looked at her he just became even more aroused, watching her lick and bite at her lips, her little sighs and moans, soft yes's as he hit that perfect spot, the jiggle of her breasts as he hammered into her, how her hips rose to meet his thrusts, the view of his hardness all slick moving in and out of her smooth clinging pussy lips was taking it's toll. He grunted to her that he was close and she smiled and nodded, jutting her hips up towards him.

"You've made me cum a hundred times all over your cock Gerry, I need to feel you spurt inside me." she said softly, her body concentrating on Gerry, the tightening of his ballsack, the tremors she could feel along his shaft, then spasms, strong flowing movements the length of him, she could feel him splashing inside her, drawing her legs up and around his ass to pull him even deeper inside , her pussy milking his pole, pulling every drop of cream from him she could. He collapsed on top of her and she continued to shudder with excitement feeling his weight on her. They rested as he softened and slowly slipped from inside her.

"You know I only made up all that shit about Pete so I could get you in my bed, there is no lawsuit or investigation." he admitted to her.

"You know you only had to place my hand on your cock and tell me you wanted to fuck me and I would have been here willingly." she countered. "Untie my hands."

Gerry undid her bindings and rolled onto his back. L.A. rubbed her wrists for a moment then moved in between Gerry's legs, her hands holding his limp dick tenderly as she licked him clean.

"I want you again tomorrow." he told her, his eyes on hers as she took him in her mouth, her lips buried in his pubic hair as she sucked him, then sliding back up his length, letting him pop from her mouth

"I want you again today." she answered, "Then all day tomorrow."

Her mouth moved to his scrotum, slipping his balls one at a time into her warm wet mouth, then pursed her lips to suck along the length of him, moving his cock back and forth as she licked and sucked his slowly thickening shaft. Moving to his nice thick head she tongued at his slit, teasingly penetrating then licking as if he was an ice cream cone before devouring just to the borderline of his deep ridge. He was almost ready to fuck her again and she could feel her arousal growing as he grew harder with every touch of her mouth.

Gerry hardened as he watched L.A. suck him, enjoying her work, wanting and needing him hard so he could fuck her again. Once he could stand it no more he took her shoulders and turned her face down and up on her knees, ass high, pussy open and slick with their mixed cream. He can hear her moaning with pleasure before he even enters her.

"You fucked me in my dreams like this." she gushed, "and I loved how good you were." She wiggled her ass at him in anticipation.

Gerry lowered his mouth to her ass, gently biting her cheeks then licking the length of her crack, pulling a small yelp of approval from her.

"Yeah baby, suck my asshole, fuck me with your tongue, I love ass play." she screamed.

He lowered his lips to her rosebud and sucked on her, feeling her relax and open herself to his thrusting tongue. He sat up and ran his thumb through her slit, opening her and wetting his digit, then lined his cockhead up with her wet pussy, his thumb pressing against her asshole. teasing her for a moment then sliding his entire length into her as his thumb moved inside her ass to the webbing between fingers.

L.A. was purring like a kitten as he sucked her asshole, feeling the tip of his tongue tease inside her. She sighed as he moved away but could feel him prepare her for his cock, and she pressed back against him to accept him when she gasped with a small sharp pain followed by an incredible heavy orgasm as she realized he had stuck a finger up her ass. No fuck it was his thumb, she could feel the rest of his fingers splayed on her ass, his thumb moving inside her, guiding her ass back and forth as he fucked her. She had always shied away from anything in her ass, it was dirty, but now that he was inside her she could not believe how good it felt to have objects in both of her holes at the same time. She started tilting her hips to encourage both his thumb and cock to stroke inside her.

"Oh fuck Gerry, you feel so good in both my holes, fuck them hard baby, take me hard."

Gerry hammered into her upturned hips, slamming as deep into her as he possibly could, his thumb deep in her ass guiding her back onto him, his other hand around her hips and teasing her clit. He smashed into her harder and harder, pressing her face into the mattress, watching her hands claw at the sheets as she writhed beneath him, her hips squirming against his cock and thumb, begging each of them to fuck her deeper, harder. As he watched her ass ripple as he pistoned into her he could feel his balls tighten as his orgasm built within. His fingers strummed her clit with more ferocity as he groaned how close he was and he was rewarded with her groans as her pussy clenched wetly at him, he could feel her flow all over his shaft as he shot thick ropes of cum deep inside her again, God she was able to pull more spunk out of him as if he was a teenager again.

L.A. pushed her hips tight to his groin, wanting to feel all of his cock pulsate within her, filling her with his hot spunk, pulling every sweet morsel from him as he slipped from her. They held each other tenderly for a few minutes, then Gerry explained what he had planned for her tomorrow. She smiled up at him with excitement as she thought of the next day, but also about this evening. they moved apart, Gerry finding a robe to slip on as L.A. pulled on her bra and panties and track suit. They kissed softly and he let her out. She moved down the hall towards the elevator and her room, knowing Pete should be back any minute also. She got to the room first and stripped off everything but her panties and lay on the bed waiting for him. Finally she heard the door open and a second later Pete was in the room, looking at her, a smile on his face.

"Tough day baby?" he inquired and she giggled, patting the bed next to her

"Get comfy" she said coyly, "I've got a story to tell."

Part 2

"The phone rang this morning and it was Gerry." she told him, "I got wet just hearing his voice and was hoping he was going to say he needed to fuck me." Instead she explained his story about the auditors and how she had gone down to his room and they had yelled at each other and how Gerry explained that if she became his slut this afternoon then he would make all the trouble go away. L.A. watched Pete's reaction to the slut word, knowing she had him hooked. She told him how she had gone for a long walk thinking things through, wishing she could have spoken with him, but he was in meetings, so she had no one to talk to so she could decide what to do.

"Finally I just came back here and showered and shaved myself baby smooth and went down to his room." She explained how he had made her strip off her clothes and stand nude in front of him, and then how he had tied her to the bed. Pete looked at her arms and asked if Gerry had hurt her and she smiled and assured him he had not hurt her at all. She went on to explain how he had teased her body with his hands and mouth and how she had resisted giving into him until he undressed. She moved closer to Pete and curled up around him.

"You have always wanted me to be your little wife slut, hungry for yours and other men's cocks, and I have always said no. Coming to New Orleans has made me more comfortable with my body, and with your encouragement I have done a lot of things here that I have never done before, letting Gerry and other men see my bare pussy and breasts, moving so close to men I can feel their hard cocks on me, making me so wet. Then last night with you watching I let Bo and then Tim the waiter suck on my nipples and pussylips, you've been fucking me with the big dildo and I've been dreaming it 's been Gerry's big cock fucking me so nice."

She moved onto her knees so her eyes were even with Pete's as they sat on the bed.

"When he took off his pants and I saw his cock I knew I wasn't going to pretend I didn't want him anymore. He started to get an condom and I told him no, I wanted to feel his bare cock fuck me, to feel him cum inside me. I spread my legs and let him fill me, wrapping my legs around him to pull him inside me when he came. and his cock made me cum a hundred times." She stood beside him and pulled her panties down, letting Pete see her swollen glistening lips as they gaped open. Pete moved forward and inhaled the musky scent of he sex, kissing her puckered lips so softly. He teased her opening with one finger, entering her easily then pulling back, his finger coated in a wet whitish froth.

"All this from one fucking?" he asked and L.A. giggled, taking his finger and sucking it into her mouth, her knees wobbly as she tasted Gerry's cum again.

"No baby, not once, he fucked me and he came, and I sucked him hard so he could fuck me again." She bent at the waist and kissed him, letting him taste another man in her mouth.

"Just like a slut." he whispered. " A cock sucking hungry for dick slut wife." He looked her in the eye and she nodded her head and agreed. Pete looked at her for a second longer then smiled.

"God baby I thought for years you were never going to understand how much I have to love you to even think of sharing you, letting you enjoy as much cock as you can take." L.A. agreed, lamenting on how much cock she must have missed over the years by not letting herself be open to the opportunities she had. Pete agreed as he came back from the mini bar with a bottle of champagne, opening it quickly and letting it fizz,

"But think of all the cock your sexy tits and cunt can get you now baby, this is a celebration." He let the champagne flow over her body then took a pull form the bottle, then passed it to her. He could see she was flushing under her champagne bath.

"Sexy tits and cunt." she whispered , and shuddered with excitement, "Slut words for your new slut wife." She smiled at the lust in his eyes as she used the new terms for her body. She moved back onto the bed as her hands undid his pants and reached for his hard cock.

"I made your cock nice and hard telling you how Gerry sucked my tits and fucked my cunt didn't I baby." she cooed. "Your slut wife wanted to feel his big cock fuck her bald cunt again so I licked and sucked him until he could." She lay down on the bed and pulled him on top of her.

"Fuck my cunt baby, fuck my cunt like Gerry did today." Pete needed very little coaxing and very quickly the two of them were rutting like teenagers in the back seat of dad's car. L.A. was screaming with pleasure as he pounded her, hips thrusting up to meet him every time. She pulled him in deep with her legs locked behind him when he finally came, and they rested for a few minutes. Pete looked down at her and smiled, asked if she was up for a celebratory evening. She said yea as long as they weren't too late.

"Gerry has me booked into the spa in the morning for the works, then I am going to his room to fuck all day. I am having dinner with him then more fucking I hope as he has you booked all day and evening. He mentioned guests for dinner and some surprise." She would have kept talking but Pete had moved forward to kiss her. He told her how excited he was knowing she would be back in Gerry's bed in the morning, but he wanted to show her off tonight.

"Do you have a special dress for a brand new slut wife to wear on her first evening out?" She nodded that she had purchased one outfit on a whim, knowing deep down she would never be brave enough to wear it outside, but maybe she would in the room.

"It's bright red and completely see through, with just tiny see through panties, it's really more of a negligee than a dress." Pete said it sounded perfect and that she would wear it to dinner and then to the club in the hotel. She was nervous to go that nude in the hotel with all his company staying there and he agreed. They settled on the hotel next door, it had a fine restaurant and a large dancehall nightclub affair. He shooed her off to the shower while he booked them a table. Once L.A. was done Pete took over the bathroom, when he is done he steps out to a wet dream vision.

L.A. is standing in very high red heels, making her legs seem to go on forever, the fact that the hem of her dress is hardly covering her crotch also adds to their length. The dress, certainly the very sexiest of clubwear or lingerie is also red and flowing silk like material. Halter style, just spaghetti thin straps around her neck and down out onto the spill of her breasts, then just the smallest amount of material needed to almost contain her breasts, cleavage open to below her belly button, the sides of her breasts exposed, the sheer material jiggling with her breasts as she moved, her nipples showing through. The skirt portion was also sheer, her butt cleavage as well as the bottoms of her cheeks showing as she walked, the cleft between her cheeks obvious. In front he could see she was wearing tiny red panties, so as she walked or danced her pussy did not show through, good thing he thought, that would be too hot even for New Orleans. Pete was just about to compliment her on her outfit when she sat down so he could see how it looked and he had to take a deep breath before he could continue. The dress was too short to do anything but ride up when she sat, so her panties came into sight immediately. They were made of the same material as the dress and the red color really showcased her pussy, her lips still open from all the prior sex today, her dark pink inner lips taking on a darker coral colour through the transparent mesh. She coyly looked up at him as she let her legs part a little, enhancing the view even more.

"Do you think your horny slut wife will attract any attention in this little outfit?" she cooed, giving her shoulders a little shake causing her breasts to sway in and out of view. Pete just grinned as he dressed, telling her how hot and sexy she looked and how this trip has been life changing for them as a couple, and especially for her, she has been reborn as a much more self confident woman with a healthy open appreciation of her sexuality, understanding her needs as well as his, and realizing she has the mind and the body to push the boundaries on what in the past would have only been mental fantasies that she may have masturbated over, now she knew she could experience these dreams and make them part of her new, very arousing and sensual reality. He gave her a quick kiss then helped her on with a wrap so they were not arrested on the way to the restaurant. They were escorted to a quiet table for two and were able to sit beside each other facing out into the garden area. L.A.'s skirt did nothing to hide her panties and she whispered to Pete that she hoped they had a cute young waiter so she could tease him. Sure enough her wishes came true, and the couple watched as his eyes moved over L.A.'s generous breasts, dark nipples obvious, then the intake of breath as he noticed her pussy lips open in invitation, begging his eyes at least to enjoy. L.A. could feel her own temperature rise as she watched this young man enjoy her body, his ears first but then his face and neck turning red as he stumbled through the specials for the evening. It took some time but he was able to get their order for drinks and left menu's for them to peruse.

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