L.I.T. World Ch. 01


"Correct again; I am mildly surprised. I would have thought that a man stupid enough to let every shipment that he was responsible for fail to pass inspection would have been too stupid to understand the principles behind those safeguards." Karen took out her own phone and directed the scene to play out on the wall.

The video showed a scene that Nolan recognized immediately; it was the work sheds at one of the Florida camps. He had been the overseer for the northern Florida camps for the sixteen years before he was promoted and moved to Moon Base City. The video zoomed in, going across the yard to a shed on the far side. Nolan had no ideal that the cameras could do that. The camera focused in on a man abusing a naked woman. Nolan experienced a strong sense of déjà vu as he watched; it seemed familiar to him in a way he couldn't understand. The man in the video faced the camera.

Nolan saw himself, much younger, maybe twelve or fourteen years ago. He slumped against the wall for support as he realized it was him on the screen holding a naked young woman. He remembered. Now he really had cause for fearing this woman.

The younger Nolan in the video pushed the screaming, begging, and sobbing woman against a packing container, forcing her to bend over the low container, he kicked her legs apart. The sound on the video was scratchy, but Nolan could hear the deadly menace in his voice as the Nolan in the video told the woman. "If you don't want your kids to suffer, if you don't want your old man to have an accident, if you want them to live a normal life, you better shut the fuck up."

The woman in the video stopped her struggling and lay inert across the crate. The Nolan in the video took something from a sealed envelope and pressed it into the woman's ass. Once again the office was filled with the menacing voice of video Nolan as he explained what was happening to the helpless woman. "Have you ever heard of a SCM? No, I wouldn't think so, it was only discovered two years ago and with all the excitement caused by the other areas that Nano-Tech had influenced, well it just kind of fell through the cracks so to speak." The angle of the camera was wrong to be able to see the insertion, but the body movements of both figures on the screen clearly showed the man shoving something up inside the woman. Nolan in the video spoke over the low painful groan of the woman, saying. "This is going to be your little reminder to do as you are told. If you don't, then this can happen." He pressed a button on a small remote. The woman screamed and fell down to her knees twitching and shaking. Her screams broken and distorted from the intensity of the pain. The younger, crueler Nolan in the video held the button down for ten seconds, closely watching the misery he was causing. After he stopped shocking her with the cattle prod app, and gave her a moment to catch her breath.

He moved to stand before her. "Now you get to guess what I want you to do for me; if you guess wrong then I hit this button." He acted as though he was going to press the button.

"Please," she cried, "I'll do what you want. Please don't shock me again, I'll do anything you want me to."

"Yes you will. By the way, you know that SCM never comes out; it will always be inside you waiting for my call." Heartless and without mercy the younger Nolan in the video crushed any hope the young woman might have had about her life when he said. "From this moment on when ever I want anything, anything at all, you will come. And if you don't come fast enough then I will ..." Nolan in the video hit the button, "... do this." The woman collapsed; she was unable to scream but she lay jerking on the ground making noises like a hurt animal.

Karen stopped the video. "Nolan we found this video on a security camera. We were checking to see if we could find the people who planted the packets but we found you instead." Karen had been looking at the video, but she now turned to face Nolan. "You should have kept up with your intra-company memos. If you had, then you would have known about the upgrades we made on the security cameras. We put in constant full three hundred and sixty degrees with long range audio parabolic dishes. We took security a bit more seriously than you did. Pity, if you had performed your job description, maybe this wouldn't have happened to you." She waved a hand in the direction of the frozen image of the naked woman trying to get to her hands and knees, while video Nolan glared down at her, an insane glint in his eye.

Karen went on with what she had been saying. "I have you on video, raping an employmate, threatening her family with harm, possibly death. I have discovered a series of missing employmates from camps you ran. All seven were young attractive women sentenced or signed to work for the company. After we talked to some of your old friends down in Florida we recovered the bodies of two of your victims. Your friends testified but unfortunately they couldn't cut a deal. They were hanged. After a few minutes of the SCM they told the truth and the bodies, or what was left of them was right where they said you had left them."

Karen walked back behind her desk. Watching Nolan, she imagined how he must have looked to her grand daughter. She pictured her Rita at the mercy of this man and she remembered the girl in the video. She didn't stop; she circled all the way around her desk and came back to stand in front of Nolan. "But speaking as a vice president of Nano-Tech Inc. there is no doubt that I have you for willful and unlawful dereliction of duty. You can see the shed right behind and to the right of where you were raping the woman. If you can tear yourself away from the sex, watch the sheds and the gap between the buildings there."

Nolan had the fear of God in him now as he watched, with mounting horror, as the video resumed. Video Nolan was in his moment of glory as he lorded it over the poor woman. Real time Nolan, a man who was in the middle of his greatest and most final defeat, watched the sheds in the background as video Nolan hit the girl with another shot of current, saying it was for lack of enthusiasm. He had the woman on top, forcing her to do all the work for her own rapist.

Nolan couldn't watch this any longer he cried out, "Stop, stop, it's not what it looks like. I knew that girl, it was all a game, she just liked it rough but I never raped or hurt her." Nolan told the first lie that came to him; his mind was not in the best of shape for rational thought.

Bates said nothing, she totally ignored the outburst, instead she fast forwarded the video until a minute later she stopped it. She turned to Nolan. "No, Nolan, it was not a game. You see that is Peggy Ann Brandford, she was one of the bodies we recovered." Bates spoke in a low voice with little emotion, "The body was nothing but a few bones now, no way to prove cause of death, but now we have this video. And we have the times you were at the different camps, they match the times when the girls went missing. And we have the testimony of your late friends in Florida." Bates pointed at the wall and resumed the video. It was during the part where video Nolan had told the woman to suck his cock that real Nolan saw the men run across the space between the buildings. There were six of them and they all carried huge bundles. There was a brief flash of light as the door was cracked enough to reach in and turn off the lights. Video Nolan had missed it because he had his eyes closed enjoying the efforts of his captive. The video stopped.

Karen strode to stand directly in front of Nolan, her face right in his, inches separated their noses. Nolan had never looked into eyes so filled with hate before, his manliness wilted inside him when Karen started to speak. "You worthless piece of shit, I got your sorry ass nine ways to Sunday." She stopped talking for a moment and glanced at the frozen image of video Nolan choking the poor woman with his cock. The picture seemed to re-energize her. "I'm going to pass my recommendations down to the Police Commander when I leave here tonight." Karen Bates paused for a moment, then said, "I think that they air-lock you as the means of execution on the moon but I am not sure." She waited a beat and then went on saying, "I am going to stay until I watch you gain first hand knowledge of how they kill perverts and traitors."

Nolan hadn't moved since his outburst of innocence, he leaned against the wall because his legs seemed too weak to support his weight. He was dead any way you looked at it.

As if she had read his mind Karen said, "I'd be curious to know what thoughts will be going through your head as you feel yourself start to inflate. Every organ in your body will start to blow up like a balloon. The eyes pop right away they say, the scull lasts the longest, but in the end a man is reduced to bits and pieces. Can you imagine what it must feel like? Your body tearing itself apart as the pressure inside is so much greater then the zero pressure outside. They say it is quite dramatic." Karen turned her cold hard eyes at Nolan. "Back to what I was saying, by the way, do you know what happened to Rita Carlton?"

It took Nolan a moment to realize that he was expected to answer. "Who? I don't think I know them, I mean her?"

Karen waved her hand toward the screen again. "It figures, did you know Peggy Ann's name?" When Nolan said nothing, Karen got back in his face. "Nolan, you disgust me. I don't think a fast death is bad enough for you, not even Air Locking. I hate you so much that I am going to give you a choice. I will take you back to Florida, let you work your way through the courts, at the very least it would give you a few more weeks. Here, with that video and my recommendations, you will be out the lock within two maybe three days." Karen Bates rose up to her full height standing ramrod straight she said, "Or you can put this SCM in your ass and give yourself into my custody as my prisoner."

She laid the suppository shaped machine on the table. "If you don't insert the SCM, consider the time between now and when the meeting is over, your running start. I am going to issue a warrant for your arrest for murder and take you back to Florida, or I'm going to issue a warrant for willful dereliction of duty, causing a loss of life. If you don't want to die in the next couple of days you will choose the SCM. If not then you are being a man and I will give you the respect that is due you for facing your punishment now. Either way it's your choice."

The video started again as she left the room. Nolan walked over to the desk and looked at the large suppository shape that lay there. He let himself watch the video as video Nolan face fucked the girl and the empty handed men ran back out of the compound in the background. How could he have been so stupid?

Back in the conference room, Karen walked to the podium and called the group to attention. "I have Mr. Nolan helping me on another matter so I will lead the next part of the presentation. Up until now we have only watched the timed bursts of video we get each five years. However we have received a video from the ship as it entered low orbit and the crew was awakened. I have with me tonight the first of the, inside the pod, videos of the first of our pods to land at L.I.T. World, number 6A284752."

She glanced at the door and thought the room code written there and 'Dim lights.' As the room darkened she started the video.

Year 2203, impact plus eighteen years

The monitor showed the barren surface of the dead planet below, slipping silently past the small craft as it slowed its descent, leveling out at an altitude of one kilometer, the Autopilot doing each step at the perfect time, flawlessly bringing the DoJ craft into the very low orbit it required. The computer had the cameras scanning and recording as it followed the Global Positioning Signal to the valley where the wombs were. The DoJ craft didn't have a name; it didn't need one since it was a one time use craft. It would only make this one trip; it was designed to decompose into dirt within ten years from de-activation.

The crew stirred as they were beginning to become aware, eyes opening, trying to focus, after awakening from twelve years of sleep. Though they were not aware of that fact now, they would find out shortly. Most of the crew (really that is the wrong word to describe them since they did nothing to help in the running of the ship) knew nothing other than they had been found guilty. They, each and every one of them, had chosen to be shot into space without knowing where they would be going or how long it would take to get there. They could volunteer to come here or someplace like it, or serve life without parole as an inmate in one of the hellhole prisons back on earth. That had been their choice. All three of them had thought it was one of the easiest decisions they had ever had to make. But they knew nothing about anything. Not yet.

Ellen McCain was first to rise to a sitting position, but she was joined almost immediately by Jimmy Shannon. Both of them fell back into their pods from the stabbing pain in their heads. After a few moments they tried again only more slowly giving themselves time to adjust to the movement. They moaned in unison as they stretched and yawned, each one coming to grips with the situation they were in. Ellen said, "What a fucking hang-over."

Jimmy laughed. "Suitable for the famous first words ever heard on this rock." He sent a wink and a smile at the girl sitting in the next pod. "School children will have to learn those words someday. Did you spend a lot of time coming up with that?"

It was hard to tell if the strange sound they made when they spoke was the sound sensors or if it was their throats being dry from so long in D.C.S. (Deep Cold Sleep). Ellen just let the remark slide by, besides her throat was so dry she did not relish the thought of talking. After his one smart retort Jimmy stayed silent also. The camera continued to run, capturing the silence and stillness of the small cabin. The sound of their crewmate waking up caused both the man and the woman to turn in his direction.

Archie Cummings hit the same pain barrier that his crewmates had before him and fell back into his pod. Jimmy and Ellen exchanged 'been there done that' expressions as they watched the big black man disappear back into his pod.

The young man turned to the girl, "How old are you?"

"It depends," she answered, "If you are talking about how old I was in time lived, before I was frozen, than I'm twenty. However until we play the records back and find out how long we were frozen, I don't know."

"Well I guess that doesn't matter much since we are waking up the same age as we were when we were frozen. I'm nineteen, or I was nineteen when I was frozen." He led her eyes with his own when he looked at Archie's pod. "He has to be forty years old if he is a day. That's the right age to be our father. Do you think they wanted that sort of relationship between us?"

"It don't matter what the fuck they want." The voice from the pod was followed by two hands grabbing the sides and pulling the big man to a sitting position. The man's face was the color of old leather, a deep dark brown. His eyes held the light of intelligence, tempered with humor, when he continued, "We proved that we would go beyond the known world to get away from those assholes. So since they are the ones who put us here, why should we give a shit about what they think, now that we are out of their reach?" The man climbed from the sleeping pod and went to the first aid cabinet where he retrieved something. The camera followed the man as he walked toward it until his hand blotted the picture out as he placed tape over the lens. While they couldn't see, everyone heard the man's voice as he said, "For better or worse, we are on our own from now on." And then the sound stopped also.

Karen Bates stopped the video.

"We are pretty sure we set some kind of record with this performance. It took this company less then ten minutes, nine minutes and twenty-one seconds according to the video, to go from settled by man to rebellion." While she laughed out loud, the group felt that it would be wrong to join in. It wasn't a funny laugh. "Hell they hadn't even landed when they began to plot against us." Totally enraged the woman clutched the podium on each side, her knuckles white with the intensity of her feelings she leaned over the podium to glare her anger directly at the people seated around the table. "They had help. Somebody here in this room has been leaking information to our enemies." One by one she pinned them with her eyes like bugs to a mounting board.

"I want whoever it is to know that I will hang him out to dry before this is over. This is the moon, you aren't on earth anymore. You are on private property and you are breathing company air. You feed and clothe your families with your company paychecks. And yet one or more of you have betrayed me and the company. I have just finished talking to another person who has proven himself to be a traitor to me and to the company I work for." Turning her thoughts toward her temporary office she got a reading from the SCM. She thought a command and heard a scream come from down the hallway where the office was located. 'Well,' she thought, 'that answers one question.'

"Wait here, I'll be right back," she told the group as she walked out of the conference room and turned and headed toward the office where Nolan was waiting.

Nolan had thought about whether to insert the thing or not. He knew what it meant to have that damn thing inside you. Plus this one was newer then the one he had used to control the women with. He picked it up and held it in his hands feeling the texture of the metal, how the warmth seemed to radiate from inside it. It felt alive, like he could feel it wanting to move, to change. The video had remained frozen on the last scene where the broken woman, stripped of her self respect, blood leaking from her ass, tried to crawl away. Video Nolan showed no pity toward the woman.

Real time Nolan felt ashamed. 'Hell,' he thought, 'maybe I deserve this shit.'

He stripped and put the SCM at the opening of his asshole. Looking at the video he knew no jury would give a second thought to pushing him out the airlock. Nolan gave control of his life away, as he pushed the damn thing inside his ass. He had just got it as far up his ass as his fingers could push it when it shocked him like a cattle prod. He screamed and fell to the floor. All his muscles cramped so bad he was sobbing with the pain. He lay there in a fetal ball until he heard footsteps nearing the door to the office.

The door slammed open with a crash at the very moment another jolt was shot through his body. Karen stuck her head in the door and spotted Nolan on the floor. "Okay, now you know what the woman feels like, you've had enough rest for a while, let's go."

When Nolan didn't move right away she shocked him, holding the thought for a long moment. "We had made improvements by the time the SCM program was canceled. Did your version have the burn app? You know long ago people thought that if you were bad, you went to hell where you would burn forever, never dying, just burning and suffering forever. Now there's an app for that." She thought, 'Burn,' and Nolan started to twist and turn, and then he started to squirm and beg, and then he started to scream again. He used the desk to pull up on like a child just learning to stand. The heat in his ass felt like it was cooking the flesh. He begged Karen to turn it off. "Damn. I can't take it. Please make it stop. Please. Please. Oh god, please turn the heat off."

Karen Bates came to stand in front of him again. Her eyes were hard as she watched him squirm with the pain of being cooked from the inside. She noticed he was wet with a shiny sheen of sweat. For the first time she realized Nolan had a good body. She let him cook a moment longer while she watched and then turned the heat down. "Follow me," and she walked back down the hallway to the conference room leaving Nolan to follow her, naked and frightened out of his wits.

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