tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersL/J's (A One Week Chronicles Story)

L/J's (A One Week Chronicles Story)


This may just be the most fun I've had when piecing together all the characters and seeing who could interplay with who; kind of like my own mini-Avengers! The winner of the Interview Part 1 and 2 is also in here and I hope you're not to upset with how I've handled it. I needed to set up the stage for Parts 7 and 8 of the One Week series and draw that story to a close. The characters have changed in so many ways that I need to stop torturing them eventually. In Part 7, you'll finally find out what happened to Louise (I've been teasing it for far too long) and in Part 8, you'll discover the aftermath of this short story. I have one short story I'm yet to publish on this site, a nice Christmas tale, and after Parts 7 and 8, it will be time to sign off. The journey isn't over yet, but the destination is in sight. A huge thank you to those who have supported me and been so kind in your praise. These next few stories are for you.



Louise Nichols


Anders wound her way through the debris that littered the club floor. Broken glass had lashed down from the office above, showering revellers in shards of malice and pain. Blood pooled on the floor, bright in the neon lights.

"Report," she said and waited for the attending officer to hurry over. He looked haggard and she could tell that he was struggling to process the carnage that had engulfed L/J's. She could sense his relief that Anders was here to take command.

The young man flicked through his notes and followed Anders as she wound through the club, seeing everything, taking note of the tiniest detail.

"Three dead ma'am," said the officer. "We also have another one critically injured and on the way to casualty now. Looked in a pretty bad state."

"What do we know so far," asked Anders absently. She had moved through the club, into the staff room and found herself upstairs in the office. She had a pretty good idea of what had happened.

The police officer had followed her through the club, hands shaking with nervous shock from the bloody nightclub and being in the presence of the legendary detective he accompanied. Her exploits were the stuff of legend and he stared at her in awe as he spoke. "Seems like someone came in through the back, killed a few people on the way to the office up here. Probably to shoot on the revellers below." Anders disagreed.

"The killings on the way here were to stop the alarm being raised. The target was the owner. Everything else was just window dressing."

Anders sighed heavily as she surveyed the office, seeing the large blood spatter that had arched to the ceiling and now dripped languidly to the floor. Beyond that, she could see the trashed surveillance equipment. There would be no answers there.

So much death, she thought. L/J's was meant to be a safe haven. Why here?

As she waited for forensics, Anders knelt down and started to sift through the mess, hoping that the ruined office would spill its secrets.  

Nicola and Angela

Jade held the framed document aloft and there was a loud cheer, the sound echoing off the staff room walls. For the briefest of moments, Nicola saw the old Jade; vibrant and brimming with life, mischief and excitement. The Jade who always aimed to misbehave in the best possible way.

And then it was gone. A fleeting moment that ghosted through her. She handed the frame to Heather who kissed it like a trophy and held it high to more cheering. In the noise, Jade slunk out and made her way to the office that overlooked the club's dancefloor. Nicola knew that she would be there for the evening, signing over the rest of the contents to the group of girls who were now the official owners of L/J's.

Louise had promised that it would be theirs when they could show that knew how to run it and Nicola and Angela had gone to Jade a week ago and said that their work was done. They sat in Jade's back garden, enjoying the sun as it shone brightly down on them.

"They can do it," said Angela and Jade gave a sad smile.

"Louise wanted them to have it as soon as they were ready." she said. Nicola nodded and sat down next to her.

"You ok?" she asked and Jade looked off into the distance.

"I'm ok. I miss her. Every day and every minute, but I'm ok."

"You want us to move in here?" asked Angela, but Jade shook her head.

"Crystal keeps us busy with her crazy ideas and Heather is good company. You're welcome to move in if you want. There'll always be space for you, but you don't need to feel like you have to. Louise's charity keeps us all busy." She stood up in one graceful movement and spoke to them both.

"I'll get the deeds signed up."

She'd been as good as her word and the deed was now framed and being hung up on the wall. A party atmosphere rippled through the staff, even though the bar was due to open in an hour, but no one minded. It was theirs now. They'd worked hard for it and were going to party hard and work hard. Nicola wore a metallic silver dress, low cut to highlight her cleavage and Angela wore a matching gold one. It tucked in at the waist and then flared out at the hips, short but long enough to just about cover their decency if they danced.

The dress code that night was party time, so anything went. A huge array of colours and sequins, satins and lace sparkled in the lights as music started to blare from the speakers on the wall. Champagne was popped open, spilt on the floor and mouths stuck onto the heads of bottles to stop losing too much of the precious liquid.

Angela graciously accepted two flutes from Mandy and handed one to Nicola. They both felt proud at what they had achieved. The pair of them had run the bar for a year, training everyone in all aspects of business management, refurbishing the place and figuring out how to distribute an entire block of flats that used to carry weapons and drugs to staff and give everyone a home. They stood where the old dorm had been. Heather had regaled them of all the fantastical things Jade and Louise had done on those cold nights in the dorm and Angela smiled at the thought.

She looped her arm through Nicola's and gave her best sly grin.

"Well," she said, leaning in close to be heard above the music. "We've done it! What now?" she asked and Nicola shrugged.

"Anything we want," she said. "Let's go travelling for a bit." Angela smiled.

"I meant right now," she said and Nicola grinned.

"We don't work here anymore," she said. "Let's go be naughty!"

Angela grabbed Nicola's hand and they quickly left the staff room. Nicola assumed that Angela was leading her to their flat that was now nearly empty. They'd spent the last two days packing up and Nicola would be glad to get back to their home. They'd missed it. Instead, Angela pulled her into the store room, closing the door behind them. A loud clink sounded as Nicola kicked a box of champagne with her heeled sandal.

"We'll get caught in here," said Nicola and Angela grinned as she searched for the light switch.

"Best be quick then," she said and turned the light on.

"What if they see us?" argued Nicola and Angela shrugged.

"We're not the boss anymore," she said. "And besides, thousands of people have seen us have sex." Nicola, figuring that Angela had a fair point, leaned in and kissed her wife. They'd been married for six months and hadn't been apart for longer than an hour in all that time. Some people would find that exhausting, but they delighted in each other's company and missed the other when they were gone.

Angela glanced around quickly to get a feel for the narrow cupboard and then switched off the lamp, leaving them in darkness, the only illumination a small glow from the bottom of the door as the light from the hallway suffused in.

In the dim light, Angela could hear Nicola's breathing increase as her hands roamed over Nicola's body, rubbing the soft material of the dress. She pulled a strap down to reveal a nipple and teased it with her long nails, eliciting a gasp from Nicola. She then started to kiss Nicola's neck, moving down slowly until she felt the soft mound of her breast, kissing further and taking the nipple in her mouth. She teased it with her tongue, using her teeth to ever so gently pull it, forcing the nipple to harden.

Nicola groaned and could feel herself hardening, pulling her knickers down and kicking them off so that Angela could grab the large cock and manipulate it with deft fingers. Angela then gently pushed Nicola to the floor, so that, kneeling, she was directly facing Angela's crotch.

Angela lifted her dress and Nicola slowly pulled her knickers down, kissing the soft and warm flesh between her wife's legs. Moving slowly to her pussy, Nicola's tongue lapped out and found that Angela was already turned on, her scent heavy in Nicola's nose, her taste familiar and exciting. Angela dropped the skirt over Nicola's head and reached out to hold onto the walls on either side of her, using them to hold her upright as Nicola quickly brought her to climax, her tongue teasing her stiffened g-spot.

She cried out as her body shook and used one hand to press Nicola more firmly to her, Nicola's hands wrapped around her legs as she used all of her skill to coax a deep and lasting climax from Angela. Eventually, only a loud panting could be heard in the darkness as Angela tried to control her breathing. With sure hands, she guided Nicola so that she knelt on the champagne boxes and faced away from Angela.

Nicola wasn't sure what was happening, but heard a zip being undone and various noises coming from behind her. She chuckled.

"Here's me thinking you were being spontaneous," she said, knowing that Angela had left something in the cupboard for this moment.

"Hush dear," said Angela and Nicola felt hands grip her waist. Seconds later, she felt a large penis shaped dildo start to push its way into her arse. She turned round to see what was happening, but the store room was still dark. The dildo felt huge and Angela worked it in slowly, applying a little lube to ease it in.

"Bought this strap on especially for you," whispered Angela and pushed its whole length in. Nicola groaned as the huge silicone penis filled her up completely and tickled her own g-spot. She felt a silicone pair of balls slap against her arse and pushed against Angela as they worked to get a good rhythm. A muffled buzzing soon started and Nicola felt her insides tremoring as the giant cock started to vibrate, the sensation causing Angela to climax as her own g-spot was tickled by the vibrating strap on.

Within moments, Nicola felt her knees go weak and she groaned loudly and started to cum, great streams of semen spurting from her erect cock and splashing onto the floor. She struggled to keep on her feet in her stiletto heels and grabbed the boxes of champagne for balance. The vibrating cock kept going, the silicone balls slapping against her as Angela thrust deeply into her wife. Nicola started to buck as an anal orgasm swept through her, Angela groaning as she climaxed at the same time.

They almost lost their balance at this time, but Angela held firm onto Nicola as their climax stretched long and hard, leaving them both exhausted by the end of it. Panting, Angela reached down and switched off the giant cock, the muffled vibrating noise coming to a sudden stop. Angela gently leaned down and kissed Nicola's back, a tender gesture.

Before she could pull herself out, the door suddenly opened and Philippa gave them both a wry grin, not fazed by what she saw.

"Ladies," she said. "Just need a box of champagne." Cheeks flushed with embarrassment, Angela kicked a box with her foot and nudged it to Philippa. She took the boxes and winked at Angela.

"Always knew you two were as kinky as the rest of us," she said and closed the door behind them. Nicola heard Angela laughing, the dildo inside of her twitching as she did so. She shook her head and asked if Angela was going to get off her now. She couldn't see her, but she knew that the devil's glint would be in Angela's eyes.

"I've barely started," she said and the vibrations suddenly rose up again, more intense than the first time. A hand snaked round and grabbed Nicola's cock, teasing it into life as Angela started to work up a steady rhythm again.

The second orgasm took longer to arrive but lasted much, much longer.


Philippa like her clothes tight and short. She expected her dress to be virtually sprayed on and, if she sat or wiggled just a little too much, she expected to be flashing a pair of lacy knickers. Most of the time, she was suitably attired, but when it came to work, going out or partying, then it was go tight or go home.

Her current outfit suited her requirements perfectly. It was a shocking blue dress that Mandy had laced her into, with long sleeves and a tight skirt. It hugged every curve deliciously and she felt sexy as hell. She was delighted to now part own the club. She'd been saving for her own breasts for a long time and, with the cash bonus Jade had given them all, she would be able to afford her own pair and a couple of cosmetic surgeries.

Mandy had told her that she didn't need it, but Philippa wanted to make her nose a little smaller and shave her trachea. She felt they were too large and that was all that mattered really. She knew she looked good, but she wanted to feel good. Speaking of which, her new shoes did not feel good at all. They were a shocking blue as well and had a five inch heel and a tiny platform inside. They gripped her feet as if determined to crush her toes and she knew within the first few minutes of the shift that they were a bad idea.

"Get some flats!" Mandy had shouted with a grin, knowing full well what the answer would be. Philippa scowled at her friend and told her to go take a hike.

"They only hurt me physically," she retorted. "Mentally, I'm a Goddess in them!" Mandy laughed, turned back to her DJ tables and changed the song, drawing a cheer from the crowd.

"Go dancing then Goddess," she teased and Philippa shot her a withering look.

"I'm working!" she cried and walked off to clear some tables and serve some drinks. At the first booth, a few women sat inside, enjoying several large jugs of cocktail drinks.

"How you doing ladies?" asked Philippa and they all told her they were great.

"Just great," said one woman, a split second after the rest. She wore a black dress, as tight as Philippa's from which a large pair of breasts threatened to spill out. She was good looking, with long hair to her waist and long lashes to match. Her eyes were filled with a strange mix of curiosity and lust. Philippa saw that she was an RG and gave her a smile and a wink. She wasn't fussed by gender, more how the person felt to her.

As the evening wore on and she cursed her shoes with every step, Philippa served the table several more times. They drank a huge amount of cocktails and were in good spirits.

"What's the occasion?" asked Philippa. Her hair had sprung loose, so she tied it back with a hairband as one of the girls spoke. She indicated the woman who Philippa had winked at earlier.

"It's Helen's birthday!" she shouted and the group cheered. Helen raised her glass and sipped from it, keeping her eyes on Philippa.

"We were wondering," asked another girl, her voice slurred by drink. "Are all of you men?" Philippa had heard the question a hundred times and gave the stock answer.

"At birth, yes. Now? It doesn't matter. We're all free to express ourselves here."

"Do you all like men?" asked another and Philippa gave the second stock answer.

"We're all free to express ourselves here," she said with a winning smile. The women laughed with good humour and Philippa went back to her work. An hour or so later, Helen approached her as she sat at the bar, discussing orders with the bar staff. The club was busy and she was swamped with work.

"So what about you?" she asked and Philippa gave her a smile. Her voice was deep and husky.

"What about me?" asked Philippa, finishing her orders and turning to Helen.

"Do you like men?" she gave a sultry smile and Philippa felt her heart quicken a little.

"I like people," she said. "Whatever form they take. As long as there is a connection." Helen lay a hand on Philippa's chest and could feel her heart beating fast through the soft fabric of her dress.

"That seems like a connection to me." Helen gave her a frank look and Philippa narrowed her eyes.

"You've never been with a trannie, have you?" she said and Helen shook her head.

"No," she replied. "But I'm thinking I'd like to try it."

"You think you can come to me and say you want sex and I'll do it?" Helen appeared to consider this for a moment and then shrugged. It was an easy shrug, full of confidence and awareness.

"Nothing to lose by trying," she said.

"I normally expect a date first."

"Let's do sex first and the date after if we like it. Might save some money that way." Philippa turned to the bar staff.

"I'm taking my break," she yelled and slid off the stool. Helen was a little taller despite Philippa's incredible heels and Philippa could see her cheeks flushing as she took the woman's hand.

"Come with me," she said.

Philippa owned one of the furthest apartments from the club floor. She was one of the senior managers and had first dibs along with Mandy, Nicola and Angela. Every flat was reached through a series of steps and corridors branching off from the staff room and dorm. To hurry things along, Philippa used her key and they took the lift to the top floor. Philippa tapped in a code on her door, a remnant from Dmitri's time as owner, and they fumbled into Philippa's flat.

The flat was clean and tidy apart from one detail. Clothes. They were strewn everywhere, hanging from every surface possible. Helen laughed at the sight and chided Philippa.

"You're worse than any woman I've met!" she declared and leaned forward to kiss Philippa, the feel of lipstick on lipstick alien to her. She found it appealing and her tongue darted into Philippa's mouth. Philippa had never been the dominant one in sex and was happy for Helen to take the lead. It was also easier when it was someone's first time. Putting them in control put them at ease.

Helen fondled Philippa's breasts through the shocking blue dress and Philippa ran her fingers over Helen's satin dress. Their bodies rubbed against each other sensuously and Helen gave a moan of pleasure, her hands reaching down to Philippa's rear, her fingers lifting the hem of her dress ever so slightly to expose her cheeks, now protected by the thinnest of thongs.

Philippa, still kissing Helen, guided her to the sofa and kicked off some clothes with her foot, balancing well in her heels. Helen pushed back and Philippa was forced to the sofa, sitting down as Helen leaned over her. She unzipped the dress she wore and peeled off the tight garment, her breasts now spilling out, no longer constrained by the flimsy material. She wore no bra and Philippa gently guided her hands over the firm flesh, playfully toying with her nipples until they hardened. Helen's breathing rapidly increased and her hand reached for Philippa's dress, lifting the skirt above her knickers.

With her other hand, she reached into Philippa's lacy briefs and pulled out her rapidly expanding cock. She broke from the kiss and looked down in surprise at its size.

"Oh my," she breathed, her eyes wide with lust, neck red from passion. She started to kiss Philippa's chest, one hand on her cock as she coaxed it to a full erection. Philippa kissed her shoulders and used her hands to pull Helen's knickers off, tugging them over her heels and letting them fall to the floor. As soon as they were off, Helen changed her position, lifting herself up slightly and gently easing down on Philippa's cock.

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