La Bella


She turned to look at her lover who was passed out. Norah snored softly, her face pressed into Gabriela's neck, her hand lying limp over Gabriela's breast.

Gabriela couldn't stop staring at her lover and as her claws shortened, she pushed a few loose strands of hair away from Norah's cheek. Norah mumbled and yawned, opening her eyes and hugging Gabriela closer. Her thumb brushed back and forth over a nipple and Gabriela turned slightly, her wings covering them both from the chill in the room.

"I've scratched you." Nora said in a husky whisper and cupped Gabriela's shoulder. Gabriela had scratched marks up and down the front of her body, on her legs and along her neck. They would be gone by mid day since demons didn't scar.

"No worries, mi belleza." Gabriela kissed the top of Norah's head and wrapped her arms around her.

Norah pushed her knee in between Gabriela's legs, where she could feel their combined love, a now dried mix that covered Gabriela's pussy bush.

"Sometimes I forget myself. You shouldn't have provoked me and kept me locked up."

Gabriela lifted an eyebrow and snorted. "I loved it and your animal side. That tongue of yours is a dangerous weapon."

Norah blushed and rubbed her chin against Gabriela's arm. "Your tongue isn't too shabby either."

Gabriela's let out a peel of laughter, which made Nora smile. Both women pressed their lips together and kissed hungrily. Norah's hand drifted down and rubbed Gabriela's mound, enjoying the crisp feel of her bushy curls. She still found it odd that most demon females never trimmed or waxed their pussy hair. It was a sign of virility, unlike werewolf females who shave their cunts while in their human forms. The irony wasn't lost on Norah.

"What now La Bella?" Norah asked pressing a finger deep into Gabriela's needy core.

Gabriela sighed and watched Norah's face as she pulled her leg over Norah's hip. "It's too dangerous to go anywhere today. You'll stay with me where we'll love some more and talk about your new role as my consort."

Norah's eyes went wide and she leaned up on her elbow, taking her sticky fingers back. "B-but Gabriela, that's not possible. A demon can't have a werewolf as a consort. Why do you think I left all those years ago? I knew there was no possibility of a future between us."

"Remember, I'm La Bella. No one dares to question me. Things have changed since you've been gone. I've killed more demon men and women who have tried to stop me. What I says go, and in this case, you will be accepted."

Norah looked over at the fireplace where the fire had long been extinguished. She glanced around the opulent room and finally out the window. Gabriela waited silently, hoping Norah would accept, where she wouldn't have to force her into submission or lock her up until she agreed.

"I need to think things over. I have other responsibilities and others who count one me. And you know full well my people are not going to be happy with this either. You may have a war on your hands."

Gabriela rolled until she was on top of Norah and gave her a deep kiss. She licked at Norah's lips and bit down until she tasted blood. Norah moaned and her eyes flickered closed.

"Let them try and stop me. We survived as children, in the ghettos of this godforsaken city that I now rule. I'm up to the fight and I have the feeling you are also. Say yes, stay with me." Gabriella rubbed her face against Norah and her fangs came out and pressed down, sucking out more blood.

Norah wiped her cheek and look at her fingers that were covered in blood. Gabriela licked her hand, enjoying her taste.

Norah sighed. "How about we enjoy this day together and then when we can speak more reasonably about our future together, we can come to a decision."

Because Norah wasn't looking at Gabriela's face, she missed the hard and cold look in the demon's eyes. Gabriela's eyes turned red and she swooped down and pressed her mouth against Norah's throat, marking her with her fangs and drinking deeply from her throat, much like Norah did to her only a few short hours ago when she was in her wolf form.

When Gabriela looked back at Norah, their eyes met. Norah's eyes grew wide and she let out a gasp and her whole body relaxed. She stared up at the ceiling and stared off in to the distance.

"Oh my sweet, dear wolf." Gabriela brushed the hair away from Norah's forehead and continued to stare into her eyes.

When Nora seemed to be barely conscious, Gabriela laughed and reached down Norah's stomach to nick her tender flesh there. She had plans for Norah over the next few hours. By the end of the day, she would make certain that Norah never left her again.

Norah didn't complain or fight when Gabriela locked her in the cuffs again. She was mindless to the pleasure and building orgasms Gabriela made her feel because of the one simple demon glare she shared with her.

She'd forgotten one simple rule when dealing with a demon. Never look them in the eye for their powers of mind control was strong and could make even the most powerful of werewolves their mindless love slaves.

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