tagRomanceLa Hacienta

La Hacienta


It's 3pm right now, and I'm sitting in front of the computer with a glass of Mountain Dew and a bag of popcorn, along with a plate of reheated pizza from last night. But, my mind is away from my food and the Yahoo messenger, with the instant message windows popping up. I quickly close them - my attention is focused on something else. I keep on going back to last night, and wondering if I should have walked out farther, even if it was raining quite hard and the ground beneath me was a muddy mess that impeded my footing. I can't stop thinking about the fantasy... the one I had last night, and the one that continues to play in my mind. You know what I'm talking about...

We are driving down the mud-slicked road, an eerie silence filling the car. You said you were talkative, but the proverbial cat has taken your tongue. I look you over; you're more beautiful than I ever could imagine. The jeans you wear cling to your shapely legs and curvy hips, and my mind begins to stray as my manhood begins to grow in size as I look between your legs to where your sex lies in wait. My eyes continue to move up to the sweater you wear, as it hugs your chest and stomach to keep you warm. Your chest rises and falls as you breathe quietly yet deeply, nervousness a domineering trait for the both of us tonight as we continue to remain silent. I can't help the fact that my gaze has fallen and lingers on your chest, but my mind runs wild again. I can imagine the feeling of your nipple hardening between my lips as my tongue slowly goes over the nub gently.

My fantasies suddenly break apart as you turn the car and I look in front of me, out to the road that's slicked by the rain. It's still quite, and I turn to look back at your face. I can't help but stare into the perfect orbs of your eyes as they concentrate, looking ahead. Your mouth - how it hangs slightly agape, your teeth barely touching - and those lips are what my gaze sees next, and I can only fantasize some more. If I was losing any of this sexual desire, it's just been refilled to it's brimming point.

My left hand slowly moves from my lap, moving through the cold air of the car, and meets your right. For a few seconds, nothing happens, but I slowly draw my thumb over the back of your palm while my fingertips lightly caress the soft flesh of your palm. You turn to look at my hand, and I know you're amazed at how soft my hands are. My hands work wonders - tonight, I plan on showing you every wonder imaginable as I run my hands over your soft flesh. The ends of your lips lift and you smile; your eyes briefly lock onto mine, and I smile back at you. My heart is beating close to 100 times per minute, and I can feel it's getting harder to breathe, but I won't choke.

Minutes later, we pull up to the hotel we picked out for the remainder of the evening - "La Hacienta". However, before we even get out of the car, I lean over to you. You lean closer, too, and as our shallow breaths play over each others lips and chin, our faces come closer until our lips meet. My lips are moist from my tongue constantly running over them in nervousness. As we kiss, our eyes shut; my teeth lightly bite your bottom lip as I kiss you, while you move your tongue over my upper lip. I hear you moan softly as I bite down harder, applying the slightest amount of force needed to send pleasure-pain through you. This won't be a night full of pain - the romance that we were both missing is coming out from the other in such force that only love can describe what kind of night we're about to have.

As I withdraw ever so slowly from you, and our lips embrace is pulled apart, our eyes open slowly, and we only shadow each other's smile. The rain still pounds down on the car, and I remove the black hooded sweatshirt I was wearing. I hand it to you; I'd walk in the downpouring rain as far as it took for this moment, and I don't want anything happening to you. You put the sweater on, and say "Thank you" to me. We get out and quickly run to the desk. After a few minutes of filling out the necessary paperwork - which only wastes time, as it becomes apparent that our lust is the driving factor in our stride - the key is in your hand.

Room 145 - the door opens quickly, and you slowly walk in, flipping on the lights. One bed lies in the center of the room, and a TV on the adjacent wall. A table, with a lamp, sits near the door - which now shuts as I enter and wipe the water from my arms - along with a few brochures. The night stand near the bed has one drawer - a Bible, perhaps? - and another lamp, along with a TV remote lie there. But there won't be anytime for television. I make my way over to the bathroom and flick on the lights, then bring my right hand over my eyes to block the glare of the unnatural light. As my eyes focus, I look around.

It's white all about, but it's perfect. The sink lies to the left of the door - which opens inward - and the toilet is right next to the sink. On the other side is the stand-in shower, enough to fit two people. As I take another step inside, I look behind the open door - the towel hanger holds a few towels, which should be enough for the both of us. I turn and look at the sink, smiling as the usual paper-wrapped soaps lie across the counter. I bring my hands under my shirt and tanktop that I wear underneath and pull them up. As the first articles of clothing are discarded, I hear you move into the bathroom and moan slightly at my near-naked figure. I turn around to give you a look at me.

You whisper my name - "Ohhh... Chrissss...", unintentionally dragging out the S - as your gaze falls upon my chest. The small hairs that are forming don't do anything for me, and I wonder if I should've shaved them off or not. But your hands quickly find their way to my chest, and as your fingernails lightly drag across the surface of my skin, I curl my lower lip into my mouth and bite down. I inhale sharply, and the sound of air being sucked in through the crawlspace of my teeth on my lip play out against your sense of hearing. You know by the way I am reacting - my heartbeat has increased, my hands have moved under your shirt, dragging across your bare-back - that I am turned on by you. That I want, need... you. Only you.

Your hands move to my stomach, running across the trail of hair that leads to my groin. Your hands lightly intertwine with the small hairs, pulling them slightly and moving to the sides of my stomach, across my waist. Small red lines begin to form as your fingertips begin to drag across my skin back to my 'happy trail', and I only inhale sharply again. Your hands find their way on my pants button and zipper; a grin appears on your face as I feel your hands go to work. The joints in your fingers rub against my hardened manhood as you 'fumble' - purposefully, I might add - with the button and the zipper. After a few minutes of this foreplay, your hands move to my belt-line of my pants, then slowly pull them down. My boxers have hiked slightly as my erect manhood springs into the air, pulling my boxers with it. The hole in the boxers shows you a glimpse of my manhood; the veins of it as it rages inside my boxers, exerting high amounts of heat, the rim at the end of my head.

Your tongue slowly moves out of your mouth, drawing lightly over your supple lips as you look up at me. Your lips tug at the ends again, and soon a hungry yet devilish grin is over your remarkable features. Your right hand slips under my boxers; you drag your fingertips over my inner thighs until your right index knuckle comes into contact with my balls. Your hands leaves my inner thigh and soon cups my balls; your fingernails lightly trace over the sensitive skin, sending a wave of euphoria through my spine and up to my brain. My eyes shut to your slightest touch as your left hand comes up to my boxers.

As your fingers curl around the elastic band, your right hand leaves my balls and grips the end of my boxers. You slowly pull down my boxers, exposing my pubic hair and the base of my erect penis. I can see your eyes, how they lock onto my manhood, and I know how bad you want it. I would say you have no idea how badly I want you, but considering I'm hard, I think you get the picture. As the boxers are pulled down enough, my manhood springs into the air and stands straight out, pointing right at your face. Your hands push my boxers and pants to my ankles, and I quickly step out of them. I stand there, completely naked.

And completely yours.

You grin, leaning forward and slightly parting those supple lips of yours. I bite down on my bottom lip harder, suppressing the groan of ecstasy that erupts within as your mouth makes contact with my sensitive head. My right hand moves out to the sink, holding it for balance - I don't think I will be able to keep my footing through this. The warmth of your mouth sends waves of pleasure through my manhood, and my penis twitches slightly in your mouth in reply. You push forward more, and I feel your tongue lightly drag over the underparts of my penis. You come to a stop as half of my length is now in your mouth, and I look down to you.

Your eyes are shut and your cheeks are slightly puffed, but you're lost in your own world. I place my left hand on your head and run my fingers through the strands of your beautiful hair - I don't bother guiding your head like others do. I don't need nor want to hinder or impede your sexual desire. Your head slowly draws back as your tongue comes to life, swirling around the head of my penis as your teeth lightly nip at my length. Your head moves back and forth, your teeth lightly going over my length - no pain is caused, but the pleasure is slowed. I don't want to cum early - not during this union of us becoming one.

After a minute of this gradual step towards our release, your mouth moves away from my length, and you stand up to full. I pull you close to me, my naked body pressing against the fabric that you still wear. The jeans hurt my penis, but I don't care - my arms wrapped around your waist and I kiss you with that same passion that you just showed me. You push me away, your eyes quickly darting towards the shower. I take a step back, then turn around; I don't see it, but I can hear it. You're undressing at a rather fast-paced rate, and if I turned around, I would see your sweater on the floor, with your shirt about to accompany it.

I grabbed the dials of the shower and quickly turn them on, moving my right hand from the "Cold" dial to feel the water. Seconds later, steam rises and I retract my hand - the water is too hot. After fumbling with the dials, I find the perfect temperature and smile, nodding my head slightly in satisfaction. Everything must be perfect - like yourself. As I turn around, my eyes widen in surprise. You stand there, and I can only soak up the beauty that is you as you stand there, in the nude. Much like myself.

Your perfect breasts don't droop nor hang, but rather stay aloft like you are wearing your bra still. I look down to your stomach, then to the mound of pubic hair that hardly covers your sex. We've yet to step into the shower, but there are signs of you already being wet. I grin, turning around to face my back to you; my right hand pulls the shower curtains away, and in I step first. The hot water blasts against my skin, and I turn to face the shower-head. As the steam rises from my now drenched form, you slowly step inside, right in front of me. I take a step back to give you more room, but all you do is turn around. The lust in your eyes tells me only one thing, and I don't need to be told twice.

My hands go to your shoulders, and I press you against the wall to our right, then move in front of you. You look at me, breathing heavily; your chest rises and falls as the water cascades down your perfect breasts, along and over your erect nipples, and down your flat stomach. I lean closer and kiss you as our naked bodies press together. I hear you moan slightly in my mouth as my heated member jabs into your stomach, then presses against the both of us as we continue our embrace. My hands go above your shoulders, pressed against the wall; your right leg pushes off the floor of the shower and is placed on the edge of the bathtub for footing, while your left leg wraps around my waist. I move my lips away from yours for the briefest second.

"Let me have it," you whisper, in that seductive, husky tone that only sets me off more. Like I said before, I won't need to be told twice tonight. My right hand moves down to my penis, and I wrap my fingers around the length. I back my hips up enough to get my penis down, between your legs. For the first time, our sex meets and we both moan almost in synch; I feel the moist warmth of your dripping vagina as it eagerly awaits my penis. I crouch slightly and press the head against your vaginal lips. I was never really good at this, but After a few faulty seconds, I slowly slip in. Your mouth hangs agape as your moan is silenced slightly.

I let my penis stay in that much for a few seconds, and I can tell you want more. Your eyes look at me hungrily, and soon your hips begin to move in a counter-clockwise rotation. I shut my eyes slowly and bite down on my soft, bottom lip. I push more of myself into you, and you softly moan again; your vagina seems to wrap itself around my penis and continues to pull it in. Your eyes slowly shut, and as your lips begin to slightly part, I push in all the way with my hips. The base of my penis meets the lips of your vagina, and our pubic hairs intertwine as our sex begins to throb at the touch of the other. I slowly draw myself out of you, until only half my length is buried within you, then I slowly push back in all the way. This slowed pace won't cut it, though, and you already know that I am thinking that.

I began to quicken my pace, drawing my penis out faster and almost slamming it back into you with such force that your backside slaps the bare wall. You moan and inhale sharply everytime I fully push myself into you, and I know that your release is drawing closer. So is mine. It's been far too long since I've made love to someone, and none were as exceptional as you. Your hands instantly go to my back, digging into my flesh slightly, breaking the skin as I continue to push into you. The waves of euphoria continue to steam-roll through the length of my penis and I can feel my balls beginning to tremble as my cum begins to build.

Suddenly, your head snaps back and you let out a louder moan as your own orgasm kicks in. Your footing would have faltered if you weren't up against the wall. I continue the heightened pace, moving in and out of you with such force that even my orgasm cannot wait. With one, final push, I thrust my penis inside of you and let it stay there, pushing as far inside of you as I can. The moans that you make echo and reverberate off the walls, and they only act as an ignition. I lean forward and bite down on your left shoulder as my penis twitches one last time. Then, after a second of nothing, of silence...

My penis seems to erupt as my cum pumps out and into you. You whimper as my semen gushes into you and slams into the vaginal walls, and you dig your nails deeper into me. Your head still leans against the wall of the shower, your hair matted on your face as beads of sweat rolls of both of our brows. My head continues to rest on your shoulder, even as my penis doesn't soften like it usually does. I don't care, though, because I'm still deep within you. And I feel as great as ever... I look up to you and place my lips against your bottom lip, lightly kissing you. You don't do much except let me kiss you, but that's all right - I don't need the kiss returned to know that you're loving the last few moments of your orgasm. So I continue my soft kisses on your lips, chin, down to your neck and finally your left shoulder as your heart begins to slow.

"I love you," I whisper softly.

"I love you, too," you whisper, between labored breaths.

... It's 4 30pm now, and there is a puddle of semen on my lap. I didn't even need to masturbate, although I must admit I did earlier while writing this. That was securely cleaned, whereas this one only made a mess. I felt it while writing this, you know. I could feel your mouth engulfing me, your sex engorging mine and our breaths becoming one as we slipped into orgasm after orgasm. I frown slightly, though, after re-fantasizing.

I owe you oral sex. Don't let me forget.

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