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LA is My Town


Sure, everyone knows LA is the place for the beautiful people. iPhone using, BMW driving, latte drinking, they're always in a hurry to be in the right place at the right time. Well, that's not my LA, I live in the other LA, I'm in no hurry for I have no place I need to be, yeah it's free and easy when you're living on the streets of LA. I got no home, I got no job and I got no car but all that just means I got no worries except my next meal. I do have one thing and that is a story and I'm here to tell it to you.

It was a sunny day but they're all sunny, nothing different about it. I was sitting on a bus bench wondering about lunch. It's my favorite bench as there is a lovely view of down town with the city hall right in the middle. I've heard that at one time you couldn't build any buildings taller than city hall but that was years ago and now it is almost completely surrounded by taller skyscrapers. As I said, I'm just sitting there when this Mercedes pulls up alongside me. When the darkened window slides down I see it is a lady driving with the emphasis on lady. We've all seen or at least heard of these ladies, they're rich and they have nothing to do but spend money. As I'm wondering what in the world she wants with me, she asks me to get in and not the back mind you but up front with her.

So we're heading north on Alameda and at the first red light she asks me if I am not too busy do I have some time for her. This is a joke, right, what does she mean, too busy so I told her my schedule is open after lunch. She then asks if I wouldn't mind dinning at her house with her. Let's see, eat out of a garbage can somewhere, or go to the rich lady's house to 'dine' well you can see this one's a no brainer. The woman seemed unconcerned as she invited me into her house. She fed me roast beef and beer, some potato salad, and then we finished it off with a piece of pie. Now that I was full, I began to question what this woman wanted from me. I had already eaten and since I had nothing to lose, I just came right out and asked her what she wanted.

"I want sex, I want you to take me up to my bedroom, then rip my clothes off and fuck me."

That was all right with me but when I asked her if I could clean up a little bit she said,

"Not till after you do me," and off to her bedroom we went.

Hey I'm a homeless person, I don't get much opportunity for sex and I'm sure no one has ever called me a cocksman or even a lover but I gave her all I had. Just as she asked, I ripped her blouse open spraying buttons across the room, and then I pushed her brassiere up exposing her lily-white breasts. I pushed her down on her bed and climbed on top of her, when I started kissing her I could hear her panting as a bitch in heat. I got off her and started to undress, I told her to pull up her skirt and then to play with herself through her panties. I watched her as I put the rubber on she gave me on and I could tell she was getting excited. I got back on the bed and pulled her panties off; I noticed the contrast of my dirty hands against her white little panties.

I'm not by nature a forceful person but I sensed this was what she wanted from me so I grabbed her hands and held them over her head with one hand and then when she spread her legs I entered her forcibly. She was so wet my cock went in with ease and she lifted herself off the bed to take me all inside. I know I didn't last too long but she seemed to climax at least three or four times before I did.

True to her word, she offered me a shower after we finished then she even gave me some of her husband's clothes but I stole her panties without asking, hey, I had to have some proof to show my buddies. While I got cleaned up, she fixed me a sack of food to take with me. As she drove me back to my bench, I couldn't stand it I had to ask,

"Just what the fuck is this all about?"

"I know, I know I'm weird but I guess it is just the nasty part. I let a dirty bum defile me and it turns me on, I don't know why. I try to fight it but it only works so long and then I'm back on the street looking for someone like you to get me off again."

When she dropped me off at my bench I told her anytime she wanted I'd be glad to do her again but she said it didn't work like that it always had to be a new bum, well she didn't say bum but that's what she meant.

So, it was a good day in LA after all, I got me some new clothes, I got a good lunch and I even got laid. What will tomorrow bring, who knows, this is tinsel town, a live action dreamscape and tomorrow might turn out even be better that today.

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