tagLesbian SexLa Leche Madre

La Leche Madre

byMaggie Red Rose©

Stella, a young twenty-five year old woman, sat in her chair thinking back on an incident that happened a year ago that awakened senses in her that she never knew she had. She had never been bi-curious or at least she hadn't thought so. However, something in her life changed all that, and her bi-curious thinking has never been the same since.

It all began while she was lactating and nursing her two-month old daughter when there was a knock on her door. Without giving it a thought Stella got up out of her seat still holding her daughter to her breast while she continued to suck gently and soothingly on her milk-engorged nipple.

When Stella opened the door, she found her neighbor and landlord Tonya who was about fifty years old standing in front of her.

"Yes, may I help you?" asked Stella politely.

Moments passed as she and Tonya looked at one another, Stella noticing that Tonya was rather ugly and fat, while Tonya couldn't take her eyes off Stella's breasts that had grown two sizes since her pregnancy to a 40 D, and she was still nursing her daughter with her breasts exposed.

Somewhat dumbstruck by this vision of young, bare breasted Stella giving her daughter the very essence of herself or as it is said in Spanish La Leche Madre, Mother's milk, Tonya said nothing.

Stella blushed seeing Tonya staring at her naked breasts. In fact, Tonya was so enthralled and taken aback by this vision of loveliness, she was speechless, and it seemed as if she had forgotten what she had come for to be standing at Stella's doorstep.

"Yes, Tonya, what is it you want?" Stella asked coyly, she now feeling somewhat a wee bit embarrassed having Tonya staring at her naked breasts with her daughter sucking on her left, erect but pliable nipple.

"Ah, to tell you the truth, you know now that I see you feeding your daughter I completely forgot what I came for, but if you don't mind could I see your lovely breasts? It is so very exciting to see such a motherly display of affection of you nursing your daughter. I never had children of my own, so I missed out on that aspect of being a woman."

Tonya caught Stella so off guard with her request to see her breasts that she got really upset and asked her to leave.

"I'm so sorry I've upset you, Stella. I meant no harm. I was just caught so off guard seeing you nursing your daughter with your lovely breasts exposed. To tell you the truth, it has gotten me all aroused and excited. Looking at you as you are reminds me of the Madonna with Child," Tonya said, trying to placate Stella's anger, but she did so much want to see her breasts.

Nevertheless, the landlady thought that whatever it was she had come to see Stella about could wait until another time. Tonya, therefore, turned and left, and Stella closed the door, returning to her rocker to finish nursing her daughter while myriads of thoughts raced through her mind. Stella was still in shock at Tonya's request to see her breasts, but at the same time she was excited and aroused, knowing that seeing her nursing her daughter had such an effect on the landlady.

That night after Stella had put her daughter to bed and finally crawled into hers, she kept thinking about how she had treated Tonya and even felt sorry as well as curious as to why she wanted to see her breasts. It seemed like such a strange request for her to make.

While still contemplating that particular event in her day, Stella finally went to sleep. The next morning when she awakened the thoughts were still gnawing away at her inner self, now even more curious about the whole thing.

After Stella had finished her morning chores, she nursed her daughter, and while looking down at her lovely face with her delicate mouth wrapped around her nipple and seeing her mouth work on sucking the milk from her, Stella had a change of heart and decided to go see Tonya. Why? Stella really didn't know. To apologize for becoming angry with her because of her most unusual request to see her breasts or to find out the reason or reasons for her desire.

There was also something deep inside Stella that made her curious to find out, and if the truth were known she was somewhat aroused with the thought that a woman wanted to see her breasts which seemed very strange to her.

So, after nursing her daughter until she had fallen asleep in her arms, Stella left the apartment and went to Tonya's. She knocked on the door half-afraid of what she was about to do, and yet half-anxious to find out why Tonya had wanted to see her breasts.

When Tonya opened her door, there was a look of wonder and amazement on her face to find Stella standing there after yesterday's experiences, and yet she smiled at her.

Her welcome was so warm that Stella said, "Tonya, I behaved badly yesterday when you asked to see my breasts—why you did I still don't know—but I felt I needed to come and apologize for being so rude. It could have been all very innocent on your part to see me come to the door so casually with my breasts exposed while nursing my daughter."

"No, no. It was my fault. I shouldn't have been so bold as to ask to see your breasts. My emotions just got carried away, and I blurted out my desire. You have nothing for which to be sorry," Tonya said in a soft but gruff voice.

"I'm glad you understand, Tonya, for my angry outburst," Stella said apologetically.

"Wellllll, let bygones be bygones. Agreed?" Tonya asked.

"Agreed," Stella replied.

"Well, then, if you're not afraid of this old lady, would you please come in, and I'll make us some tea so we can relax and chat. Your little one is asleep, so you can lay her down on the bed if you think it will be safe," Tonya said.

"Oh, yes, it will be safe. She just finished nursing and is out like a light, and she doesn't roll around," Stella said reassuringly.

"Well, then you go put your daughter down and I'll get our tea," Tonya said with warmth and enthusiasm in her voice.

By the time Stella returned from putting her daughter down to sleep, Tonya already had the tea brewed and was pouring it into china cups resting on their matching saucers.

"Please, sit down, Stella," invited Tonya while she took the chair next to hers instead of across from it, bringing them closer to one another. "Do you mind if I smoke?"

"I'd appreciate it if you didn't. I'm a non-smoker, and smoke usually causes me to cough."

"All right, then. I won't smoke. It wouldn't be good for the baby anyway," said Tonya.

So, for a while Tonya and Stella just chatted about anything and everything, but then Stella felt Tonya's knee rubbing gently against her exposed, lower thigh since she had on a short skirt and loosely fitting blouse instead of a T-Shirt that she usually wears around the apartment. At the same time Stella knew Tonya was watching for her reaction to what she was doing, expecting her to say something like, "Stop that" or "What are you doing?" Tonya also wanted to see if Stella would move her leg away from her gentle caress.

For some reason, however, Stella said nothing and didn't move or break the touch. However, Stella's mind began to race with all kinds of thoughts, wondering what Tonya had in mind. Stella was so naive, and yet shivers ran up and down her body because of her gentle touch.

Since Stella made no immediate comment or move away, Tonya continued to rub her leg, and as she did Stella felt herself becoming wet in her crotch, causing her to wonder why it should be since throughout her life until then she had never been bi-curious.

Thus, as nonchalantly as she could, while still rubbing Stella's leg, Tonya reached over with her left hand and began to run her fingers over the back of Stella's hand and up her forearm, all the while holding her attention with her seductive stare.

"Do you mind what I'm doing, Stella? Touching you as I am?" Tonya asked.

Stella gulped so loudly she knew Tonya heard her, and it took a while for Stella to wrap her mind around what she was doing, but deep down inside Stella knew exactly what she was doing, but she was too timid as well as curious to say, "No."

Instead, Stella let Tonya have her way with her.

Tonya then took Stella by her hand and said, "Come, Dear, let's go into the living room and sit down on the sofa. We'll be more comfortable. Don't you think?"

"Um hmmmm," Stella murmured.

Tonya helped Stella to be seated, and then she sat down beside her while still holding her hand in hers.

"My, but you are a beautiful, young woman, Stella, but then you already know that. Don't you?" Tonya asked rhetorically.

As Tonya said that, she slid her right hand up Stella's right arm, causing goose flesh to rise, and when she reached the level with her breasts, she casually, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, cupped her left breast and gently massaged it, causing Stella's nipple to become hard and stand erect beneath her touch.

At the same time she bent her head and brought her mouth to Stella's right ear and whispered, "I want you so badly, Stella. Just relax and let Tonya do all the work."

Stella was too startled to say anything, and something inside her didn't want to object and tell Tonya she didn't like what she was doing to her. Stella just felt even wetter in her crotch, so much so she could tell her panties were damp from her leaking pussy cream that had formed around her slit.

Tonya lifted her right hand off Stella's breast and placed her palm with splayed fingers on the left side of her face while at the same time she blew into her ear and whispered once more, "Stella, I want you. I want you so very much. Let Tonya make love to you."

Again, Stella was too much in shock and mesmerized by what she had just heard Tonya ask for to say anything, not shocked by what she was doing to her but by how she was feeling throughout her body. Shivers of sensual energy coursed in waves of pleasure that thrilled her, largely in part due to the fact that she knew it was a woman who was turning her on and getting her all hot and bothered.

So, Stella just gave herself over to Tonya and decided to let her have her way with her. She was in total control, Stella not really knowing what to do in making love with a woman.

Stella was at Tonya's mercy and taunting attention she was paying to her body.

Tonya squeezed Stella's left breast and felt her nipple harden and become erect beneath the palm of her hand, and as she caressed both her breasts in turn, she dragged her tongue from her ear down the side of her right cheek until she licked ever-so-slowly over her lips, making them all wet with her saliva,

She then opened her mouth and covered Stella's lips with her open mouth, giving her a warm, passionate kiss. With her lips exploring Stella's lips Tonya sucked each, top and bottom, with her mouth working away as if they were candy.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," Tonya moaned as she pressed her mouth over Stella's and thrust her tongue out between her lips, begging for admittance.

As before, this was all new to Stella to have a woman kissing her so passionately. Her lips were so soft, and her kiss was so gentle unlike most men who are more rough and coarse in their lovemaking.

Tonya's lips were velvety wet, and her kisses were sweet and tender. Thus, as Tonya begged for admittance into Stella's mouth with the tip of her tongue, she slowly parted her lips and invited Tonya into it.

Hungrily Tonya explored the inside of Stella's mouth: her teeth, her gums, her inner lips; the inside of her cheeks; and finally Tonya thrust her tongue in as far as it would reach to the back of Stella's mouth until she had a full-French kiss taunting her feminine senses and desires. Never had Stella been kissed so long and tender as Tonya was kissing her. She actually had her swooning with pleasure.

It was then Stella let herself go, turning herself over to her wildest emotions and returned the fervor of Tonya's kiss, seeking out all those places inside her mouth. Their tongues dueled, intertwining with each other as their saliva mingled in a pool of lust.

All the while Tonya massaged Stella's breasts, making them both stand stiff and erect, and while she continued her passionate kiss, she slid her right hand from her breast and slid her hand down her body, breast to chest, chest to abdomen, abdomen to her Mons until her hand rested on her right knee.

With anxiousness in her wanton desires Tonya slipped her hand beneath Stella's short skirt and slid it up between her legs, feeling the softness of her inner thighs. As Tonya went further up Stella's leg, she spread them wider and wider, giving Tonya room for her hand to make its way to her crotch that she cupped in the palm of her hand.

"Oh, shit, Stella, you're so damn wet. You are absolutely soaked with pussy cream," Tonya groaned with great satisfaction, knowing that she had primed her sexual pump well and had her in a situation which she did not want to stop what she was doing and what she planned to do with her body.

Tonya knew she was the first woman with whom Stella was making love, so deep down inside Tonya knew she was making love with a virgin, and she was going to enjoy every minute of it and every part of Stella's delectable, young body.

While Tonya had her fingers playing at Stella's crotch, she took advantage of it and slid the first two fingers of her hand beneath her panties and traced them up between her labia lips.

"Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm," Tonya sighed softly, Stella's pussy is shaved, and her pussy feels like that of a young girl all smooth and silky.

Thus, encouraged by Stella's not resisting what she was doing to her, Tonya knew she had a free hand to do with her whatever she wanted. That was everything.

"My, my, Stella, your pussy is so velvety smooth, and you're so, so wet. Your pussy cream is actually running out of your slit. I can't wait to get my head between your legs and eat that sweet, creamy pussy of yours," Tonya groaned in wanton satisfaction.

Tonya knew Stella was hers for the taking, and it was about time to dip into her feminine charms, but she was more than willing to take it slow and easy. Right now she wanted to see those beautiful, ample, milk-filled breasts she had asked to see yesterday when Stella had become angry at such a request, and now a day later Tonya had complete control of her.

Therefore, Tonya slid her fingers one last time between Stella's moist nether lips and out from her panties. She then brought her hand out from beneath Stella's skirt, and with both hands she unbuttoned her loose blouse one button at a time, beginning at the bottom until she was able to remove it and toss it onto the sofa cushion.

Tonya leaned backwards in order to get a better look at Stella's breasts that were still covered by her nursing bra. Having admired her breasts encased in her bra, Tonya leaned forward, put her hands behind Stella's back, and unsnapped the eyehooks. This caused the straps to become loose, and Tonya took each between thumbs and forefingers and slid them over Stella's shoulders, down her arms, and over her outstretched arms, freeing her breasts completely of their confinement.

Tonya looked at Stella's breasts in awe. Her breasts were full and large due to her pregnancy and nursing her daughter. However, her areolas were puffy and her nipples were large and swollen. As Tonya looked at Stella's milked-laden breasts, she salivated, especially when she saw drops of mother's milk on the tips of her lactating nipples.

"Oh, my, that is so, so sexy," Tonya sighed to herself. "Stella's breasts look good enough to suck."

With that very idea in mind and knowing Stella was under her complete control, Tonya bent forward, opened her mouth, and wrapped it around Stella's lactating left breast. With her nipple firmly in her mouth, Tonya sucked on it. As she sucked, sweet mother's milk came out of Stella's puffy nipple, filling her mouth with warm, delicious milk. After sucking on Stella's left nipple, Tonya switched and sucked on her right nipple, getting more tasty milk that she savored with her taste buds.

"Oh, my, Tonya, that feels so good...your sucking my nipples. I was starting to feel full of milk as it was. Suck momma. Suck momma's milk," Stella sighed contentedly.

Thus, caught up in an eating frenzy, Tonya went from nipple to nipple, careful not to suck too much since she knew Stella's daughter would most likely want to nurse upon awakening from her nap. Besides, there were other parts of Stella's body to suck on and more liquids to enjoy.

With that in mind Tonya stopped sucking Stella's nipples, held her on her sides just opposite her breasts, and kissed each breast all over from the base to the nipples. Tonya then buried her face between Stella's perfect 40 D breasts and licked up and down between her cleavage, and on the last downward stroke Tonya left a trail of her wet saliva. This carried her down Stella's chest until she reached the edge of her short skirt.

"This we have to remove, Stella, so I can get to your womanhood with all its tasty goodness. I love going down on women, especially young ones such as yourself," Tonya said salaciously.

Thus, Tonya undid the button holding the side of the skirt and slid the zipper down, loosening it so she had no trouble getting it off Stella's trim hips and long legs until she had it lying next to her blouse.

Now Tonya was free to kiss, lick, and suck her way onto Stella's slightly puffy abdomen with its dimpled bellybutton into which she dipped the tip of her tongue and wiggled it around. When she withdrew her tongue from Stella's bellybutton, she deposited a small pool of her clear saliva, and then she kissed and licked her way down to Stella's hairless, puffy Mons that glistened from her sexually aroused sweat.

Tonya caught Stella at her hips with her hands and ran her open mouth all over Stella's Mons, enjoying the smoothness of her youthful flesh. She kissed and licked between the creases between Stella's thighs and abdomen. At times she stopped to suck on Stella's creased flesh, leaving red marks along the way.

From the creases Tonya did a slow licking and kissing down Stella's legs from her upper thighs to her calves and then to her feet where she sucked each of her toes and even as much of each foot into her mouth as possible, sucking on them as she had sucked on Stella's succulent nipples.

Tonya licked between Stella's toes and kissed her insteps and ankles, causing Stella to moan with sexual delight. Never before had she ever experienced this kind of lovemaking. No one had ever loved her so slowly and completely as Tonya was.

Each unexpected soft, gentle, moist kiss sent waves of pleasure throughout Stella's tender body, and she found it difficult to wait for Tonya to get to her creamy, wet pussy and throbbing clit that by now was protruding out from under its protective hood and swollen shaft that went up and over her pubic bone which is an extension of her love pearl...her love bud...her clit.

By now Tonya was kissing her way past Stella's knees and up the soft, tender insides of her thighs, coming closer and closer to her goal: Stella's creamy pussy.

All the while Stella was moaning and groaning with unbridled sexual desire, anticipating Tonya's eating her pussy.

Tonya slid her hands up Stella's calves and pressed her hands behind the knees, causing them to bend. Once in that position Tonya spread Stella's legs and rolled her on the cheeks of her ass, thus exposing her bottom with its starburst, puckered asshole that was a darker pink than the rest of her flesh.

For now this was Tonya's goal: Stella's asshole. She lowered herself until her head was directly over Stella's ass cheeks, and then she licked her sloppy, wet tongue across Stella's asshole. This caused Stella to jump from the unexpected contact of Tonya's tongue with her asshole, but it felt marvelous.

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