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LA Nightout


It was a fantasy we shared, one of a few and it was just one of the dirty stories that spiced up some of our love life, it was never something I expected. The story of her fucking a black cock soon seems to be hotter to her than ones about another woman eating her pussy. It help spice up our live life after over 20 years of being married.

But this fantasy of interracial sex must have been building up, because I did begin to notice that she was more responsive to the stories we'd make up fucking.

Cathy's pretty horny some days, but with a few drinks and these stories she could get wild. Some stories got hotter and hotter over the next few years, and then my wife started bringing up the subject as our fuck sessions

One was about a football player or black movie star picking her up in a bar or club and fucking her as I watched.

One night we wanted to rent a adult movie on cable, something we rarely do.

"You picked the last time, so I'll pick out one," she said.

She went right to the interracial section and picked out something called "Interracial wife fuckers" The movie had her attention, even with fast forwarding between scenes, and stopping to watching really only the fucking, she got wetter and wetter as the movie went along. We ended up fucking half way though it and then late that night, with her adding dirty black cock comments to my story of her being fucked as people watched us.

From that point, about once a month, she'd bring up the idea of a adult movie to spice up the bedroom banter and love making.

Then one night as we fucked, she asked about maybe finding her a black cock to try out. I was a little surprised. She stopped her thrusting.

"No, really," she said, "We've been talking about it for years. If you're serious, then plan out some thing out of town, after that, I'll agree to a threesome with another woman."

I was shocked and surprised, it also got me excited.

She asked me. "What, is it just a story for you to cum? Could you handle it."

"You want to try it, lets do it, I can handle anything that will get you off and cum," I told her.

"It was your fantasy," she said "Now I want to explore some of them and had a adventure. Let's try a black cock adventure and next time we can work on the other woman fantasy."

A few weeks later, we had the chance to get away for a over night stay in LA.

After settling into our room, we changed for dinner. With the plan of attracting a BBC for Cathy to flirt with and maybe try out for a fucking.

She wore a knee length dress, that was a halter top type that barely held in her 38D chest, her curves filled out the dress just right, she wore a thong and low black heels.

We had a stiff drink before we headed out, and laid out a couple of condoms in case she got lucky. If not, we had packed the vibrator and a large dildo to spice up the night also.

AT dinner, she started drinking Vodka and waters, while I had my normal rum and cokes. After a light dinner and two rounds of drinks, we headed to a club just down from the hotel.

As we entered, we noticed it was a good mix of people, with some good music. We got settled and ordered another round. After some small talk, we noticed a black man in his late 20's or early 30's watching her.

We went out to dance a couple of songs and when we returned, he was still at the far bar and returned her smile as we walked by. I went to the bar on the other side of the club to order another round, and give her time to try to flirt a little.

While I was gone, Cathy noticed him looking over at her and she smiled back and played with her almost empty drink's straw. He smiled back and then walked over. He introduced himself as Andre, and asked if she was with a date. Cathy explained that we were out for fun and there were really not rules tonight.

She asked him to dance and when I saw them step out to the dance floor and returned with our new drinks. Hey danced a couple of songs, with Andre trying to brush up on her chest as much as possible. He seemed to be a good dancer and she seemed to enjoy dancing with him.

When they returned to the table, I introduced myself and told him it was good she found a dance partner, because dancing was not something I was good at. We sat and chatted a bit, he was on college at USC, we did not say much about our personal life, but I could tell Cathy was flirting.

I excused myself to use the rest room, as I left Andre offered to order another round of drinks. I stopped at the bar, and ordered myself a drink and gave her time to flirt. After the drinks came, they chatted and then went back out to dance.

I returned to our table and watched them. After a couple of faster songs, a slow song started. Cathy kept him out there and he really started to feel her up. She pressed her leg into his cock, and as she faced me, gave me a dirty smile and look.

Two more songs later, they returned, and he thanked me for letting me spend time dancing with her. He kept saying that she had a wonderful figure etc, he then excused himself to go visit with his friends before they left. Cathy made sure to ask if he would come back to dance some more.

She went to the ladies room and on return, slipped me her thong, it was wet for his pussy. She was horny and drink, this was going to get interesting. She then downed her drink and walked over to Andre, in front of his two other black friends, she asked him to dance, tugging on his pant belt to walk him out to the dance floor.

Even with a fast song, she pressed herself on him and rub his cock with her leg. She was whispering something in his ear also.

After a few songs, she lead him back to our table. It was almost 1:30am, so it was almost time for last call. She told me she had ask Andre up for a night cap, and to dance a little more. We walked next door, with Cathy walking hand in hand with both of us.

Once in the room, I made her a Vodka and water, my rum and coke and Andre asked for a short of rum over ice. She put music on, dimmed the lights and they dance a song, then she looked at me and smiled with a dirty girl look. She turned to Andre, " So, remember what I asked? Would you like to fuck the shit out of this white wife?"

Andre looked at me and looked almost scared. "I told you yes, before, but only if your husband is ok with it". I told him it was something she had to try.

With that Cathy pulled at his pants. They barely came off when his long and fat black cock flopped out. He was already hard. It was a good 10inches and fatter than a fist.

Cathy stoked it with her hand. Looked at me and told me: "Just this once, then you can fuck me all night"

I sat back and undid my pants. She dropped her dress, letting her 38D out and free. She laid back on the bed and brought her knees up to expose her wet pussy. "OK stud, no for play, just fuck me" she told him.

He removed the remainder of his clothing and rolled the condom down his cock. He got between her legs and bent over to kiss her nipples as he rubbed his cock along her pussy lips.

She pushed back on his cock and spread his lips to try to shove it into her. Andre then started to push the head of his monster cock into her pussy. She let out some moans as the cock stretched her open. Slow and steady he drop the cock into her. Once deep inside, he started to fuck her, picking up the pace. Cathy let out some quiet screams as it was shoved into her. Then her breathing got fasted and faster. She told him "fuck me...fuck me like a slut".

Andre keep up his pace, with her legs up in the air as his black cock pumped in and out of her. Suddenly, her body almost jumped up and she both shook and let our a loud semi-scream and moan at the same time as she started to cum. Andre took that opportunity to take long deep stokes into her and yelped as he loaded the condom when he started to cum.

Spent, he rolled off and excused himself to the bathroom. Cathy laid there and reach out to hold my hand, and kiss it. She commented he was nice kid and that cock was huge inside her. She looked up at me and told me "don't worry, it just made me even more horny, once he leaves your going to have fun all night"

He can out to say good bye and I locked the door behind him. Returning to the bed, I removed my clothing and joined Cathy under the sheets. Without waiting, she kissed me once and them started to give me a wonderful BJ, which was a surprise. I was about to cum, when she stopped and pulled me over on to her. My cock slipped into her used, wet pussy and we started to grind our hips in pace with each other. We fucked till we both had orgasms and then played with each other and kissed till I was hard and ready to go for round two. We started off doggy style and finished with her on top, as she talked about what just had happened I shot another load of cum deep into my wife's pussy.

We never tried that adventure again, but some nights in bed, that story gets us both worked up and excited and always helps with the best orgasms.

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