tagGroup SexLa Playa Ch. 01

La Playa Ch. 01


Chapter 1

The Welcome Reception

I built La Playa with one thought in mind: luxurious sex. I intend it to be the world's most exclusive sex resort, attracting the world's sexiest swingers and hedonists. I'm not talking about a resort only for the pretty people or just the ultra-rich who have the secret handshake. "Ken & Barbie" is not a requirement. Anyone with the right attitude, a raging libido, and the ability to scrape together the admittedly expensive cost of admission is eligible to apply.

That's right, I said "eligible to apply." Potential guests have to sign on to the website, purchase a pin number and password, and fill out a lengthy personal health and sexual history. Then they take an extensive personal profile test, and undergo a relatively brief phone interview before they are asked to put down a deposit on the week-long stay and select two possible dates they could begin their travel.

A hefty deposit. You see our market research reveals that there are a maybe two hundred million folks on the planet who wannabe, tens of millions who actually swing, maybe a couple of million of those who can afford to come to La Playa, and a couple of hundred thousand who will actually come. At our rates, that's enough for me to break even and enjoy all the sex I can stand for the rest of my life.

We want the people who truly want to be here. And we don't make it easy. Once they've put down their deposit, they must be willing to undergo screening for STDs and fill out an additional personality profile, this time with full-length nude photos front and back. Not that we are discriminating based upon body type, but so we can try to achieve a good mix of racial, body type, sexual preference, swinging and other sexual experience, and even temperament in each week's guest quota of just 100 people. Singles are welcome, as long as we can reach a balanced gender mix. They can all be gay and lesbian for all I care; I just love to watch the interplay between the genders in a truly uninhibited social setting. I also want to keep my personal odds of getting laid by both sexes at the maximum. Balancing all this is a fine art, and explains why we don't guarantee everyone will get their first choice of travel week.

I made my money through both luck and hard work. I won a middling-sized Lotto jackpot in Texas and parlayed that into a real fortune through real estate speculation. Got sick of seeing all those cookie cutter houses and big box retail following exactly the same formula all over the country. Did the research, found some progressive architects as partners, and focused on quality of life, transportation convenience, and environmental sensitivity. People flocked. Today I've got developments in 50 cities across America and in 12 foreign countries. I'm even considering building a clothing-optional town in a semi-arid desert, but that's another story.

My bisexual tendencies started young. Wet dreams, sleepovers where I convinced the guys to play strip poker (freaked my Baptist bible-thumpin' mom out one night) and a couple of childhood encounters might have suggested that I would end up gay, but my Mom refused to breast feed me as a baby and of course that gave me a fixation -- teats. It's in the genes. An uncle, brother, and nephew who are gay on one side of the family, and horny rednecks with big dicks and raging heterosexual libidos on the other. Nature plus nurture equals inevitability.

So here I was with an eager dick (and mouth and ass and especially dirty mind,) a fabulous, gorgeous and willing wife (she's for another story), a desire to live in the Caribbean and sail (more on that to come), and more cash than I knew what to do with. Hedonism II & III were great, Desire was fun, Grand Lido was beautiful, but they all had limits both in terms of their luxury and sexual potential. How could I offer people the next level? How could I do it in such a way as to encourage people to expand their sexual horizons in a safe, sane and ultra-luxurious atmosphere? Step one was to buy the whole damn island. This past week was the culmination of step two.

100 people were enjoying champagne, caviar, hors d' ouvres, open bars, and impeccable service in the Starlight Ballroom. The Marketing staff had worked overtime the last few months, splashing our message on every major swinger, gay, lesbian, bisexual, leather, BDSM, and fetish site on the web. We had a booth at every lifestyle convention in North America, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia. We sponsored weekends at resorts in 80 cities worldwide. The buzz was enough to catapult our website into the top ten Google searches. Hell, we had added content above and beyond our resort marketing and were making enough off website memberships to pay for most of that buzz. As a result, we were able to cherry pick the cream of the world's sexual community for this opening week. Would it work? Would we be able to combine world-class service, full European spa treatments, and sex into a formula that would at least pay for itself? This week was crucial to taking that buzz and converting it into action.

About a dozen of our guests were sex-worker celebrities. Porn stars, sex-advice columnists, web mistresses and the like. The rest were hard-core swingers, convention goers and such with a sprinkling of the curious who were smart enough to answer all our questions correctly, and even one young newlywed couple I had personally interviewed to make sure they understood what their honeymoon was to be like. If only the parson had known...

All the guests were dressed in their best resort wear (and many were undressed in their best resort wear.) Flashes of bare breasts, thighs, buttocks, and genitalia were rampant. I doubt you could have pieced together half a quilt from all the dental floss-sized underwear in the place, but it would have plenty of lace, pearls, and sequins on it. We had flown them all to Port au Prince from Miami earlier that day and ferried them on to the island on our two 18-seat commuter planes. They had been encouraged to explore the grounds and have a drink while their room stewards and floor maids (highly trained and well paid service staff, NOT playmates) unpacked for them. Not that there was much unpacking to be done except in the case of the two couples, one dominant the other submissive, who had brought along two trunks of toys and paraphernalia. The pilot had a challenge figuring center of gravity on that takeoff.

Now it was early evening, the large glass doors of the ballroom were all thrown wide open and a hyacinth-scented breeze (I paid top dollar for those landscape architects) wafted into the room as the little three-piece combo played cool jazz out on the veranda. All the guests were present, and it was time for me to welcome them and kick off the great experiment. I walked up to the microphone, wearing only my oversized Margaritaville Café shirt, sandals, and my sexual preference bands.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen! May I have your attention please?" At a cue from me the combo did the best imitation of ruffles and flourishes you can get from a drum, slap base, and piano. "May I have your attention please? Hello and welcome to La Playa. I'm Steve, your host and the owner of what I hope will become the most unique vacation spot on the planet. What's my last name? Well if you are really curious see me around the property some time and ask, but for tonight I want to set the stage of informality, privacy, and discretion. You are at the first resort in the world purpose-built to encourage the free expression and exploration of all aspects of human sexuality. Unfortunately even we can get sued, so there are a few rules that I would like to tell you about, though I hope we have set them out in such a way as to ensure your maximum enjoyment and pleasure, both physical and spiritual, during your stay."

"First and foremost, a word about sexually transmitted disease. I doubt anyone present would be surprised to hear that STDs kill millions worldwide each year. You all submitted to screening during the initial application process, and again two weeks ago. No one infected with any STD would have been allowed to board our ferry aircraft this afternoon. That said, we cannot and do not guarantee that you won't be exposed to infection here at La Playa. The best anyone can do is to encourage you to practice safe and sane sex, especially with strangers, and to get yourself tested regularly. Our goal is to provide you with the maximum opportunity to be safe, so you will find condoms and dental dams in bowls all over the resort, even in boxes at each palapa on the beach and on the little playground island."

"Now to the rules. We have three which we consider absolutely sacrosanct, and violation will result in your immediate invitation to leave. Rule Number One is 'No Means No.' Each of our Activities Staff and Dungeon Masters are highly trained in intervening in any situation which they judge to be less than consensual, and they have a very efficient Security Staff for backup. We are confident that the more experienced of you will help us model the level of self and interpersonal respect and responsibility that this environment requires. If you want to stage a fantasy rape we can accommodate that, just let one of our Activities or Dungeon staff know and they will pass the word."

"Rule Number Two, with a few exceptions the staff are off limits as sexual partners. Our staff are highly trained in customer service by a management crew we pirated from the finest hotels in the world. They are also all given lessons in self-defense. Many of them are very attractive, but don't screw the help. The exceptions I mentioned include our Activities Staff, who in addition to being well trained at ball busting are all licensed sexual surrogates. Activities Staff will model a variety of sexual behaviors during the week to serve as icebreakers and entertainment. They are invited to participate in the Friday night Bacchanalia and may participate as full sexual partners, at their own discretion, only during that event.

Our Dungeon Masters and Mistresses, by the way you will meet the Activities and Dungeon Staff in a few minutes, and their subs are the most sexually experienced staff on the property. I urge you to take advantage of their wide range of knowledge and skills to expand your own sexual horizons. They are available for play, again at their own discretion as to how far they go, in the Dungeon and adjoining facilities at anytime.

The Spa offers a full range of services from neck massage to full body bathing and mudpacks to high colonic treatments and everything in between. Our Spa Staff are all very skilled technicians and body workers. They understand that many of the treatments (and especially some of the sexually-specific treatments like prostate massage and full contact suds baths) will result in your arousal. At their personal discretion they may bring you to completion with hands, feet or epidermal contact, but not with penetration of any orifice by either party.

This is an all inclusive resort, so tipping is not accepted for any standard services, but if any of the Spa, Dungeon, or Activities staff provides you with an extra measure of enjoyment you should feel free to express your appreciation. This is not to say that they are prostitutes or gigolos, far from it. Rather that I can tell you from personal experience during their training that if you are favored with their regard, you will have a truly transcendent experience worthy of a gesture of thanks."

"And that brings us to Rule Three: no outside prostitutes, gigolos, escorts, exotic dancers, or other sex workers are allowed on these premises. If you visit any of the local islands during your stay and partake, please refrain from any sexual contact with any other guest or employee for the remainder of the week. We're not judging anyone here. If paying for it gives you an extra kick then more power. But please respect the fact that all the other sexual participants at this resort, both guests and staff, are depending upon and contributing to our efforts to keep this resort totally disease free. We'll even be happy to offer you a free STD screening at the Spa."

"We only have a couple of other major rules which are aimed at your health and safety. Unfortunately they also impinge slightly on a limitless expression of sexuality. First, no public water sports or scat is allowed, even in the Spa. A little pee play can be a great kink on occasion, but for sanitation reasons we ask that you keep those activities in your suites, which the bathrooms are designed to accommodate. In fact, each suite is equipped with a small yellow cube. If you will place that cube on the bathroom counter after your playtime, our rooms staff will professionally sanitize both the room and any toys you leave out, no questions asked or judgments tolerated."

"Secondly, if you practice BDSM or any of its variations please restrict any bondage to the Dungeon, adjoining playrooms, or the Grotto. Handcuffs or shackled feet increase the likelihood of falls or other injuries in the rest of the resort. That said, dominants may feel free to collar and leash submissives anywhere. We also strictly prohibit ball gags except in the privacy of your suites. We even prohibit them in the specially designed BDSM areas. This is done because we cannot be expert on the relationships between doms and their subs, cannot know what degree of power exchange they have agreed to with each other, and ball gags could potentially enable non-consensual acts. For those of you who would like to explore the vast possibilities of BDSM I highly encourage you to attend Tuesday night's 'BDSM 101' session where our expert staff will instruct you on the precepts of power exchange, the use of safewords, the care and feeding of subs, and how to get an extra twist on that nipple clamp that makes her cum and cum."

"With that I would like to introduce our Activities and Dungeon staffs."

Eight of the most gorgeous people I know strolled into the room all wearing microkini bottoms, ball caps with "Lifeguard" embroidered above the brims, whistles, zinc-oxide on their noses and nothing else. Their tanned, hard muscles glistened with beautiful smelling oils as the Events Staff softened the lights. Five blondes, two brunettes, and one redhead. Three of the blondes and the redhead were girls. They paired up in opposite sex couples and took prearranged positions around the room. One couple, a blonde boy and the redhead joined me on stage. I watched with delight the appreciative glances, looks, appraisals, and outright stares this group inspired from our guests. One woman audibly gasped as the largest boy casually brushed against her on his way to his place.

"On stage with me are Julie and Marc, our Activities Directors. Moving clockwise around the room from us are Danielle and Steele," a petite blonde with upturned breasts and a button nose joined her partner, a towering man with jet black skin who had made our female guest gasp, in a friendly wave. "Near the back of the room are Annie and John," a statuesque blonde woman who was basically all legs and tits and a handsome oriental man took a bow. "And to my right are Roberto," the olive-skinned Italian smiled warmly, "and Steph," an all-American girl type, with freckles dotting her face and a big beaming smile gave a cheerful wave then reached down, removed two alligator clips from her thong, and began applying them to her nipples. Wally and the Beaver would have lost it.

The three couples on the floor moved together and began to caress each other. The pair with me on stage took positions on either side of me and began to slowly unbutton my Jimmy Buffett shirt. You could almost hear the sexual static zip around the room. This is what the folks had come for. The Banquet Staff moved through the room refilling champagne and with fresh hors d' ouevres trays.

"Our Dungeon Staff" I squeaked a little of the last word as Marc's middle finger worked it's way down my ass crack "are led by Mistress Anjali and Master Paul." A diminutive but somehow menacing Indian woman in a black suede sari entered the room accompanied by a truly massive black man sporting enough spikes and studs to make Mad Max blush. He cracked a cat 'o nine tails against his thigh and the pair were immediately followed by two female subs dressed as vestal virgins from a Greek temple. This foursome took a position stage right from me and my two partners who were now about half way down the buttons of my shirt and each nibbling an earlobe.

Mistress Anjali and Master Paul began arranging their subs in a tableau which the Events Staff bathed in a soft purple spotlight. "Also on staff are Mistress Claudia and Master Juan" a brunette with spiked hair and pierced nipples and a handsome Hispanic man led their pair of subs to stage left and also began arranging a lit tableau, "and Mistress Dana and Mistress Dirk" a lanky blonde woman in a vinyl catsuit and a not-quite-bearded transvestite in a leather bikini took position near the center of the room with their subs who were naked except for their collars and leashes and prominent horsetail butt plugs.

As Julie and Marc finished with my buttons and drew my shirt off my shoulders with their teeth I stood naked before my 100 newest friends, reached up with my left hand to finger Julie's right breast and with my right to grab Marcs prodigious package that you could tell would not obey the constraints of the microkini long and said "This is the place where your wildest fantasies and deepest desires can find release" I moved my hands to my own torso, tweaking my nipples lightly and smoothing down my belly which years of hard work had failed to flatten enough for my own ego.

"Yes we have some rules, intended to enhance your safety, health, and enjoyment." I moved my right hand along my rapidly hardening shaft, the young newly wed couple who were standing about 25 feet away from me were mesmerized by what I was doing. Julie and Marc leaned in and began to tongue my nipples. "But in many ways those same rules free you of most other limits." My left hand was now cupping my balls as Marc grabbed a handy bottle of lube and dribbled some on my shaft. Stage right, the cat came down on a sub's bared breast, and out in the audience the Activities Staff began demonstrating activities in earnest. Julie sucked hard on my left nipple.

"You will be pampered beyond your dreams here this week. The finest food, exquisitely appointed rooms with your choice of ultra-fine linen or satin bedding, sports and fitness facilities, sailing, fishing, music, dancing, spa treatments, and relaxation on the world's most private beaches are yours for the asking." My cock was now hard and I began to pump, slumping slightly against Marc who supported my weight and rejoined Julie in oral nipple play. "A highly professional and discreet staff are available 24 hours to fulfill your every need and expose you to the delights of the flesh. But most importantly of all you are joined here by 99 other hedonists who share your desire for pleasure. And even amongst yourselves we are seeking to anticipate your every need."

My hand pumped steadily, purposefully as the various sexual tableaux developed around the room. "In your suites you will find arm bands of various colors. These are intended to help you find fellow guests with similar desires. Our color-coding system works like this." Julie and Marc sunk to their knees and began kissing my hands out of the way of my cock. An Events Staff professional discreetly slid a stool behind my rear. The band began a soft, sensual samba.

"If you choose two blue armbands you are telling the world you are strongly heterosexual. One blue armband means that you are heterosexual but potentially curious. Two pink bands mean you are exclusively homosexual. One pink means gay or lesbian but potentially curious."

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