tagGroup SexLa Playa Ch. 02

La Playa Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Monday Morning Poolside Impromptu

Steve's private retreat was situated two-thirds of the way up the bluff overlooking the La Playa Spa and Resort. It wrapped partially around the promontory which protected the hidden cove from the prevailing winds, providing spectacular views of the beach and crystal Caribbean in the direction of Aruba, just twenty miles to the south. Steve walked down the steps from his retreat for his morning walk of the grounds, his cock bouncing lewdly in front of him.

He wore his sport sandals with his master key hung from a leather thong around his neck. His only other apparel was a solid gold chain around his waste that had a small plastic pouch hanging on one side with its two ends connected to the large gold cock ring seated at the base of his scrotum, encircling both his cock and balls. The chain was a bit short, so that the total effect was to lift his package and make it jut out boldly in front of his legs. He was not hugely endowed, and enjoyed using cock rings and other jewelry to heighten the impact of his exhibitionist tendencies.

The Landscape Staff greeted him warmly as he walked through the gardens planted atop the grotto. Though the rock walls and cave entrance looked natural, it was all a very carefully sculpted artificial environment. Inside the extensive caves were various nooks, crannies, and benches covered with cushions and softly lit. Deep inside it was possible to pass into a back door of the dungeon on the one hand, or into any of the three Roman baths (men's, women's, or mixed) which were at the rear of the spa complex. One arm of the caves was traversed by the artificial river which circulated through the pools to provide a river tubing experience. Steve had high hopes that this feature, so common at family-oriented resorts, would provide the milieu for creating some interesting new uses of inner-tubes and contribute to creating a word of mouth legend for his island.

It was now nearly ten, but only a few guests sat at tables along the veranda drinking morning coffee, reading newspapers, or sipping Bloody Marys or mimosas. The scene was one you could see at a hundred resorts around the Caribbean, with the only noticeable difference being the relative undress of the patrons. A large woman who Steve guessed to be in her mid-forties watched him walk by and lowered her hand to her naked right breast to give her own nipple a tweak as she appraised his decorated cock. On her left wrist she wore the pink-pink-blue armbands of a curious lesbian topped with the black armband that designated her as dominant. Steve wished her a good morning and reached up to tug on the ring in his own right nipple in acknowledgement.

While last night's reception had not gone late, most guests were still in bed, enjoying their first full night at the resort. John and Carolyn, swingers from the Outer Banks of North Carolina came loping by Steve as he checked one of the many fountains on the property for debris. They wore only running shoes and their wrist bands (both denoting heterosexual-curious) and were obviously headed for a morning run along the beach. They planned to meet their regular swing partners Lisa and David in the pool bar after their run.

As Steve approached the pool he saw a lovely young woman with short blonde hair swimming in a lap lane in one part of the huge pool complex. The pool was designed primarily for sexual play, with many submerged benches and relatively shallow depths, but it also included a diving pool and four full length Olympic lanes for exercise. Steve was a sucker for short haired blondes with medium to small breasts, and as the woman, who Steve remembered he had met last night after his exhibitionistic welcome speech began her next lap she switched from the crawl to the backstroke, revealing a gorgeous set of breasts with long nipples. She wore the single pink and blue bands of a bi-curious woman. Steve decided to spot check the pH on the pool and enjoy the view.

After retrieving the testing kit from its poolside locker (cleverly disguised by the landscape architect as a large boulder) he moved to the diving pool and captured a water sample. He surreptitiously stole a few glances at the blonde, whose name he now remembered was Lisa, until her eyes caught his. She stopped swimming and smiled at him, raising herself out of the water to display her small, firm, mounds.

Pleased with identifying a fellow exhibitionist, Steve smiled in return and arched his back as he straightened to count out the drops of titrate into the sample, thrusting his cock out further and catching a warm ray of sun on his smooth, hairless body. He had undergone an extensive series of laser hair removal treatments a few years ago, and planned on using the services of the spa to keep his body completely smooth from now on.

Lisa resumed her laps, this time changing to the butterfly for a length to display both her gorgeous chest and flawless ass, neither touched with a tan line. Steve completed his test, returned the kit to the "boulder" and went to sit on a deck chair next to the lap lanes. As he settled down he noticed two couples arrive at the pool, one a handsome black couple he knew from Chicago wearing double pink and blue bands like himself (the black man was one of the earliest investors in the resort venture) and the other a heavy-set pair wearing bathing suits and strong heterosexual bands who seemed a bit shocked by his unusual pool attire. Steve hoped they would go ahead and relax, as they had obviously had some strong urges to have passed all the screenings to get into the resort.

On the return length Lisa switched to the backstroke as Steve adjusted the back of the deck chair so he could both recline and watch the water nymph swim. He reached down and idly stroked his balls as Lisa gave an exaggerated kick to send water splashing his way. The black couple, Herb and Roxanne also took up stations near the lap lanes and began applying sunscreen to each others mocha skin. Roxanne had large pendulous breasts with huge aureoles, which Herb took special care to rub large quantities of lotion into.

Steve's cock stiffened under his caress, and he looked across the pool where he was pleased to see the heavy-set pair, Bill and Melinda from Kansas City, were recovering from their initial shocked shyness and were now openly staring as Roxanne stroked Herb's eight inch prick to hardness with the creamy lotion. Steve let one hand tickle the ring in his left nipple as he licked the fingers of his right hand and smoothed them up and down his shaft. Lisa, winded now after a number of laps, had stopped and was hanging on the side of the pool, fascinated by this wealthy man so brazenly displaying his sexuality.

Several couples strolled through the pool area on their way to catch the 10:30 AM boat to the Isle of Eros, the tiny island about a tenth of a mile from the beach. A few lingered for some time, watching the evolving display, but hurried on when the boatman rang his bell as a last call. Steve's cock had now hardened to its full six and a half inches, and the cock ring was doing its job is constricting blood flow and the elasticity of the skin on his scrotum, causing his entire package to swell and the bulbous mushroom head of his cut, hairless cock to blossom further.

Lisa's husband David entered the pool area wearing a thong bikini, a single blue armband, and looking for his wife. He smiled when he saw the lustful way she was drinking in Steve's show. She was a true hedonist and had taught David many wonderful knew ways of the flesh in the three years since their marriage at Hedo II.

Lisa noticed David with a start as he approached her. She thought to herself how silly it was to be embarrassed that she had been staring at another man's cock at a resort like this, but wondered what David was thinking. They always swung as a couple, and David had some trouble with jealousy a few times, including their wedding night when Lisa fucked his best man and brother at the beach reception. David saw her slightly worried glance and decided to reassure her with a bold display of his own growth in the swinging lifestyle.

Herb and Roxanne had moved over close to Steve and were both enjoying his continued impromptu entertainment. Bill had sat down on a deck chair and Melinda was idly stroking his long thin cock protruding from the top of his swimsuit as they watched in wonder this group of people who were so comfortable with their bodies and sexuality. David reached down and took Lisa's hand, helping her out of the pool and guiding her over to Steve's chair. Stepping behind her he reached around her and cupped her breasts, roughly pinching the nipples and whispering in her ear a request that she suck Steve to completion in front of everyone. Lisa was a little shocked at her husband's wish, but her eyes glazed over in lust as she realized this was a sign that both their own relationship and their swinging lifestyle were switching into a new and expanded phase.

Lisa moved out of David's grasp and knelt next to Steve. Steve looked her in the eyes as he moved both hands to his nipples and arched his hips in her direction. She unconsciously licked her lips and bent to kiss his cockhead as David moved around and closer to Steve's chair to improve his view, stroking his rapidly hardening cock that was stretching the Lycra fabric of his thong.

More people entered the pool area and joined the watchers as Steve closed his eyes and roughly pulled his nipples and their golden rings away from his chest. Lisa engulfed his cock, feeling the relative cool of the gold cock ring under her left hand as her right hand sought out her clit with a rapidly building urgency. When he opened his eyes, Steve saw a gorgeous cock come into view as David lowered his thong and stepped out of it, intending to masturbate to the display his wife was putting on with their host. However Steve short circuited that intention with a wave of his hand and a lick of his lips, clearly inviting David over to be sucked.

David was unsure, as he had not had a blowjob from a guy since junior high, much less one in front of what now must be 15 to 20 strangers. However he thought again of Lisa, and how proud and turned on she would be to see her husband open yet another door for their joint experience. Besides, it wasn't like David would be sucking Steve's cock, was it? And he and John had exchanged hand jobs on occasion during swing parties, right? And a mouth ought to be a mouth, right? "Only one way to find out." David mumbled to himself as he stepped toward the couple on the chair.

Lisa noticed the shift in his body as Steve reached out and grabbed David's cock. She looked up and received her second shock of the morning as she realized that Steve was leading her husband's cock to his mouth. She never missed a beat in her expert blowjob as her eyes met her husband's and she smiled at him around Steve's tumescent meat.

Steve began a motion he had first seen his own wife use as she was being fucked and gave a blowjob simultaneously at one of the parties they had attended several years ago. It was almost like the dolphin swimming kick that competitive swimmers used at the beginning of races after their dive into the pool. He began an undulation at his legs that progressed through his thighs, forcing his cock deep into Lisa's mouth and exaggerating the length of her pistoning blowjob. The move continued up through his firm stomach muscles and upper torso to piston his mouth up and down David's rock hard shaft in an equally exaggerated fashion.

Lisa and Steve soon reached a sustainable rhythm, each sucking and licking the man tool in their mouths like a spongy straw, anticipating the creamy liquid that would soon fill their throats. David's head was already swimming as the enormity of the last few minutes sunk in and Steve's vacuum grip on his cock combined to stimulate the most important sex organ in his body, his brain. Lisa increased the speed of her right middle finger as it rolled her clit in tight circles, ignoring the hard concrete beneath her knees with that ability to shut out pain so characteristic of her gender.

Steve had seen the hesitation in David's eyes when he extended the silent invitation to sex, and had guessed correctly that David would not last long in this situation. With a sudden flutter of his tongue on David's cockhead at the apex of a stroke, Steve sent David groaning over the edge of ecstasy. David shot a huge load of cum into Steve's mouth.

Lisa, realizing what was happening, stopped her efforts just long enough to say "Don't swallow!" and resumed her sucking of Steve's plump cock with a redoubled effort. Having worked to develop the talent of cumming on demand like a male porn star, Steve was able to relax and let his orgasm overtake his undulating body with a wonderful shudder, jetting squirt after squirt of sticky liquid into Lisa's talented mouth. Lisa quickly sucked a full load onto her tongue and leaped up onto Steve's chest. She lowered her mouth to Steve's and their tongues shared their harvest as her finger took her over edge and she moaned her orgasm into his throat.

As her throes subsided Lisa remained sitting atop Steve and reached up for her husband, pulling him down and thrusting her cum-covered tongue down his throat. Steve reached up and grabbed those firm, small breasts, running his palms roughly across Lisa's nipples and savoring the extra thrill of what he considered the perfect body type. His own wife's body was even better, but this was a damn fine specimen sitting on his stomach sharing a load of cum with her husband.

David still could not quite believe the last few minutes, and he blushed profusely as the applause of the surrounding onlookers penetrated past the post-orgasmic fog in his brain. Lisa broke their kiss and smiled proudly and lovingly into her husband's eyes. This was going to be a great vacation!

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