tagGroup SexLa Playa Ch. 11

La Playa Ch. 11


Susurrus: editor extraordinaire!

Sam stopped short as she entered the suite, causing the petite brunette with the boy-style haircut who followed her to bump into Sam's luscious rear. It didn't help that the brunette, whose name was Faith, had been focused on that rump, licking her lips in anticipation of driving a strap-on between those cheeks.

"What's wrong, honey?" Faith asked Sam.

The voice caught George's attention, who was on all fours in the middle of the huge bed, having his ass rogered by a huge man with chiseled abs and shoulder length blonde hair. The blonde reminded Sam of one of those types on TV who pitched exercise equipment.

"Oh, hi babe," blurted George with a flaming red blush. "This is Hector, I met him down in the gym."

Hector smiled, grabbed George's hips as George tried to squirm away, and plunged his ample cock firmly back into place. "Arrgh," moaned George, partly in pain, partly in pleasure, and partly in embarrassment.

"Oh, I guess hubby already has dibs on this room. That's okay, we can go to mine," Faith whispered in Sam's ear, wrapping her hands under Sam's arms and massaging her margarita glass shaped tits.

Sam ignored her advances, deciding to take advantage of finding her husband in flagrante to gain the upper hand in their marriage.

"What the hell are you doing?" she almost screamed. "You, who said you might suck a cock but would never let one in your rear: have you gone homo with the first pretty boy who bats his eyes at you?"

"Hector, stop." George tried to scoot forward but was roughly pulled backward, burying Hector's seven inches right up where Hector's carefully coiffed pubes tickled his ass cheeks. "No, I'm not gay, baby. Hector, please stop."

George was pleading as tears welled up in his eyes. Faith, not caring to take part in this apparently domestic feud, decided to step into the powder room.

"So what happened to all the crap about being 'situationally bi' and only willing to occasionally suck cock?" demanded Sam. "You promised me it would only be my strap-on up there where 'The Hulk' is getting his jollies."

"Hector. His name is Hector, and I know I promised, but I kept seeing so many guys enjoying themselves, and got talking to Hector as we worked the circuit, and one thing led to another... I wasn't expecting you back before the party, and I just had to know how it really feels and..."

Samantha had to bite her tongue to keep from bursting into hysterical laughter. Here was her big, macho man - who had only sucked cock three times before, but each time he'd been stoned out of his mind - getting his ass plowed by a pretty boy and sounding like a guilty wife after a shopping spree.

"Alright, alright, that's enough babbling! Hi, Hector, I'm Sam, doesn't my sweet little boy have a nice ass?"

"Yeah, he does. Mind if I fill it with some cream?" Hector smiled at the well built, naked woman standing with her hands on her hips beside the bed.

"Not at all. Go right ahead. In fact, I might join you if Faith didn't already have dibs on me."

Hearing her name, Faith came back in the room and moved right into Sam's open arms.

"Okay, buster. Tonight we fuck, tomorrow we talk, and if I were you, I'd expect things to be a bit different in the bedroom," Sam shook her finger at George as Hector came. She wondered how the hell the dumb body builder could keep his concentration up enough to cum with all the non-sexual talk going on.

"Yes, baby. Anything you say," blubbered George as his own cock, completely untouched, squirted cum all over the bedspread.

Sam had to turn away quickly to keep George from seeing her choking back the laughter. She grabbed Faith and ushered her quickly toward the door.

"Be careful with my sweetie's ass, Hector. I want to be able to pound it with a giant strap-on later. See you at the party, Georgie!"

"Okay. No problemo," grunted Hector in a cheap Schwarzenegger accent as George collapsed onto the bed, tears streaming down his cheeks and his rectum on fire.

Samantha quickly closed the door and burst into belly laughter. "Did you see that?" she almost rolled onto the floor of the hallway. "My husband getting fucked by that male bimbo? I don't believe it!"

"Hector's a porn star. I guess he's part of the industry group promoting the place," Faith said, laughing along with Sam but still not quite getting the whole joke.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart," Sam said, realizing that a lot of the mood building between she and Faith as they flirted by the pool was lost, and that Faith had to be pretty confused.

"George and I have been swinging for years, and I've always loved my time with the ladies," Sam explained, "but he would never fulfill my fantasy of watching him suck cock until a couple years ago when I got him pretty buzzed before we went to a house party."

She continued: "After that, he told me he was 'situationally bi' and made a big fuss about being too macho to let a cock near his ass, even though he enjoyed our toys. But in the past year he's found more and more 'situations' that fit the bill, and I told him he should just go for it here at La Playa this week. He hit the roof. I thought he'd pop a blood vessel he was so mad, so I changed the subject and he said, 'I promise you, no cock but yours will ever go back there,' and I had to spend the rest of the night making him feel like Clint Eastwood. I've never seen so much testosterone ooze out of one guy, and now this. Well, I know I humiliated him just now, but he set himself up for it, and I'm going to use the situation to change some of his ways around the house. I foresee a George who lowers the toilet seat and cleans the kitchen from now on. Get it?"

"Oh, you vixen!" Faith laughed, reaching up to flick a thumb across the taller woman's nipple. "Just don't try those kinds of sexual politics with me and we'll do fine!"

Faith was only about five-foot-nothing. Sam had a good seven inches on her, but it put her at the perfect height for the brunette to simply bend over slightly, take the nubbin of the taller woman's nipple between her teeth and pull.

"God, that is so delicious!" Sam moaned. "Can you do that and walk at the same time? Where's your room?"

Faith lifted her lips from Sam's swollen breast and chuckled, "No, sorry, I can't suck and walk. Our room is down one floor in the other wing. Let's hurry, the party starts in two hours and I've got to have three or four cums before I even start getting ready!"

Faith grabbed her new girlfriend by the hand and hurried toward the elevators. The mood was back and the need more intense than ever.

Julie supervised the last preparations for the Hump Day Ho Down, a resort-wide party with a Redneck Riviera theme. While the swim-up bar and poolside service continued, the main bar, except for service on stools at the bar itself, was closed. Activities staff members worked on decorations, games, and other logistics. Food and Beverage staff prepared buffet tables and mini-bars. Event Services checked lights and sound, and the band was setting up for their sound check. Steve's college roommate had been the general manager of the famous Flora Bama Lounge, Package Store & Fireworks Stand west of Pensacola, Florida, and he was busy recreating the funky "third coast" atmosphere of a place where he'd spent many pleasant hours.

There would actually be three bands playing that night. A steel drum group would set up down on the main beach, and later in the evening, a three piece jazz combo would replace a big twelve piece group called Caribbean Soul when it was time for the revelries to settle down. Caribbean Soul was a cover band (the staff had tried to book a headliner, but sex resorts were still risky business for people who sold main stream music) who played Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, Jerry Jeff Walker, Shag music, and a variety of other Southern and Caribbean artists.

Julie checked off items on a clipboard as she moved around, coordinating continuously over a headset. Sunday evening's welcome reception had been a simple affair compared to this, which was intended to be a full blowout party and orgy. Extra security was on patrol, with extra lifeguards at the pool and beach, and extra bowls of condoms, lubes and gels were supplied next to a plethora of futons supplementing the normal complement of outdoor play beds.

A DJ would fill the bands' breaks appropriately. Balloons would drop from the ceiling at midnight just for the fun of it. Guests would be offered grass skirts and cheesy redneck baseball caps as souvenirs. And, of course, liquor would flow freely. One of the many good things about really experienced swingers, thought Julie, was that they understood the effects of alcohol on sexual performance, so excessive imbibing was not one of her big worries. However, she had met with the Food and Beverage director and all the bartenders to reinforce the responsibilities of the resort to their guests, and an extra registered nurse was on duty in the infirmary.

The evening would also see the initiation of two of the resorts feature amenities: the sunken dance floor and the Pina Colada Slip & Slide. The regular dance floor had been retracted to reveal a ten-foot-deep pit with padded walls and a rubberized gym floor. Nozzles, which had received a final test that afternoon, would spray an organic-based foam under control of the DJ. While not a unique amenity by any stretch of the imagination, the foam would be washed away at 10 PM with a torrent of water, inflatable beds and sex pillows would be placed in the pit, and guests would be invited to offer themselves to all cummers in what would thereafter be known as the Sex Pit.

The Slip & Slide, on the other hand, was unique in both scale and implementation. The pina colada flavored gel lubricant was a formula that Steve himself had perfected, and Julie knew from pre-opening tests just how effective a lubricant it was. In fact, the toy store shelves would be stocked with bottles of the magic brew the next day. She expected that this would turn into yet another marketing coup for her oversexed boss and partner.

As she thought of Steve, she saw him checking out the supply of pool floats being inflated near the glass-walled section of the pool. The wall had proven a popular area of the bar, as it allowed patrons to watch the underwater cavorting of people in the pool. Steve hoped that putting a number of toy floats, sea serpents, basic air mattresses, colored life rings and the like, would encourage lots of pool fucking tonight. The pool would be closed at 2 AM and shocked with chemicals to re-purify the water. In typical Steve fashion, he actually played with his own nuts as he watched the staff inflate the toys.

"He's the horniest slut I've ever seen," thought Julie. "Must be why I love him so."

As the sound check began, Steve walked over and joined his lovely partner. He gave her a kiss and squeeze on the ass as she greeted him, and together they listened to the band run through "Brown Eyed Girl," adjusting mikes and levels as they went.

As the song wound down, Julie said, "I think we're ready, boss. Want to try out the Slip & Slide to make sure it works?"

"Only if you'll go with me, beautiful," responded the ever-randy billionaire.

"Well, how can a girl pass up such a suave invitation?" Julie laughed as she took his hand and walked over to the controls.

She turned on the water and pina colada mix flow, and then began stripping as they moved to the run up and launch area. Steve, of course, was already nude and simply slipped out of his sandals. He licked his lips as Julie's golden orbs were once again exposed to the sun. She doffed her headset and radio, they joined hands and, running in unison, launched themselves down the super-slick slide. The contraption had a distinct downward slope, so they picked up some speed as the lubricant reduced friction on their now-glistening bodies. Laughing and screaming, they came off the far end at a good clip and made a big splash in the lap pool as they landed in a tangle of bronzed skin. They came up for air and shared a deep kiss, hands exploring each other's familiar crevices freely.

"Yep, I think we're ready," said Steve, as he lifted Julie up on the side of the pool and dove for her wet pussy lips.

A couple hours later the sun was setting, tiki torches were lit, buffet tables were set, and the band was decked out in their resort wear costumes. Cranking the volume two extra notches to let everyone know the party was starting, they launched the first set with "The Weather is Here, I Wish You Were Beautiful," and the fun was on. The early crowd filtered in, welcomed by Activities staffers with the grass skirts and baseball caps. Some of the guests were in resort party attire: chinos and Hawaiian shirts for the men, short, tight dresses for the women. Some came in shorts and T-shirts, some in swim suits, and some nude. The music was piped throughout the resort as a signal to everyone that the party was on.

Melinda and Bill, the older couple who seemed to have trouble getting into the action earlier in the week, were the first guests down the Slip & Slide. Bill emerged from the pool with a high whoop, Melinda with a grin, and they hurried back to the beginning of the slide like two kids at a water park. Roberto and Stephanie had the first shift as lifeguards, and had brought along huge squirt guns to add to the fun, squirting people waiting for their turn and occasionally sending a stream off into the surrounding crowd.

The Slip & Slide was a success, and folks started getting creative with its use. One couple sat on the launch area, the woman slipping her flowing pussy down over her partner's stiff cock, while another couple held their hands and sling-shotted them down the ramp. Roberto stopped two guys from trying to do the same thing in a sixty-nine position, as during the pre-opening tryouts two of the spa staff had managed to bite each other pretty hard as they hit the water. Female sixty-nine was fine, but the boys would have to settle for fucking.

Steve was pleased with what he saw. There were at least forty people performing some kind of oral sex on one or more partners around the huge clubhouse space. There was a big crowd either watching or playing on the Slip & Slide, and the dance floor was filling fast. His staff were doing their jobs quite efficiently, creating a safe atmosphere for their guests while keeping things light-hearted and fun.

There was quite a bit of fucking going on in hetero and homosexual pairings and bisexual groups. The band was playing great music, and all the food was delicious. His gaze stopped wandering when he spotted two female guests who entered from the pool area. One was a fairly tall blonde with an arm draped around the shoulders of her short brunette companion. Both women wore matching nipple clamps, a micro-mini skirt (the blonde wore black, the brunette white) and both sported very large strap-on cocks poking out from beneath their skirts. Their armbands identified them as bisexual and kinky. Steve immediately walked over to introduce himself.

"Good evening, ladies, and welcome to the party," said Steve, bending to kiss their hands. "I trust you're enjoying yourselves this week?"

"Oh yes," replied the blonde. "La Playa is so beautiful, the staff is great, and you really meet some interesting people. By the way, this is my friend Faith, and I'm Sam."

"So nice to meet you both. I love your attire. My name is Steve," said their half-hard host. "I'm sure you'll find good use for those strap-ons this evening. If you see me bend over, don't hesitate to slip one in!"

"Actually, I think I'll take you up on that!" enthused Sam. "I'd love for my husband to see how a real bi man takes it."

Steve stepped closer to the pair, initiating skin contact and touching their arms.

"Anytime. We aim to please," he said in a husky voice, leaning in to kiss first the petite and then the taller woman. "Just give me a wave when you want to put on the show." With that, he stepped back, and the two women moved over to the bar with smiles all around.

"This is going to be great," said Sam enthusiastically as she passed a non-alcoholic fruit drink to Faith. "George is going to freak when he sees me fucking the richest guy in the place."

Faith was a little bored by Sam's talk of George. She wanted all of Sam's attention on herself. She also wanted to find her partner, Cherry, who she hadn't seen since lunch, and share Sam's talented tongue in a three-way. She moved in tight against Sam and reached up to tweak a nipple, knowing that the extra sensitivity caused by the clamp would certainly make her take notice.

"God, I love your tits," Faith said, reaching up to nuzzle and kiss her lover's neck. "Why don't you take me out on the dance floor and fuck me hard?"

Sam winced from pain at having the nipple clamp manipulated, but responded immediately to the other woman's advance.

"Yes, you do look like you could use my cock up your ass, you little minx," she said, setting their drinks on a convenient table and leading Faith toward the sunken floor. Faith grabbed a packet of lube as they stepped onto the floor, then stuck her tongue down Sam's throat.

Meanwhile, at the Slip & Slide the crowd had developed a new game. Instead of singles or couples going rapidly down the slide, the entire surface was now covered with writhing bodies. People fucked in all different combinations, letting gravity and the flow of the water/Pina Colada mix slowly move them down the slide and off into the pool. The idea was to cum just as you fell off the end of the slide, and grab lots of tits, ass, cock, and pussy along the way. There were probably thirty people in total on the slide right now, and 20 to 25 more standing along the sides, just letting their hands play across the bodies moving beneath them. It was literally a smorgasbord of all different shapes, sizes, colors, and genders of sybarites, with their libidos feeding off each other and building toward an orgiastic level.

Cherry heard a familiar cry as the band finished their set. It was Faith keening her pleasure, a sound Cherry had enjoyed for nearly seven years, since she had met her lover in college. Cherry excused herself from the cute older woman she had been chatting up at the bar to see what Faith had gotten herself into this time. Following the sound, which was like a high pitched mewing, Cherry moved to a platform that overlooked the sunken floor. There in the middle of the floor, surrounded by several people who cheered them on, was her own sweet little pussy and a knockout blonde. The blonde was behind Faith, her hands reaching around to roughly handle those yummy little tits, sawing a huge strap-on in and out of Faith's ass. Faith's right hand was on her own strap-on, obviously manipulating the part of the dildo that rubbed her clit to heighten her own pleasure. Cherry smiled and moved down toward the floor.

Steve went into the DJ's booth, flashed the house lights twice, and turned on the foam machines. The light flash was the signal for the staff to put out the pads and futons intended to turn the dance floor into a huge orgy venue. Wedges of various shapes and sizes, flat six-inch folding pads, and throw pillows were quickly scattered around the floor as the foam began to spurt from nozzles in the wall. Steve was very pleased to see that Sam and Faith had not missed a beat, oblivious to their surroundings except for the delicious-looking redhead dyke who had joined them, and was sucking on Faith's nipples. He adjusted two of the remote spotlights to illuminate their scene, and left the DJ booth as a favorite techno-fuck song began pulsing through the room. Grabbing a wedge, he went to join the three women.

On the Slip & Slide, the fucking was getting intense. Six women had formed a chain - mouth to pussy - with the free pussy on one end being fucked by Herb and the free mouth on the other polishing Bill's knob. In between, a group of around a dozen men jerked off, aiming their cum onto the supine women on the slide. The entire group was moving very slowly - but inexorably - toward the pool, pulled by gravity.

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