tagGroup SexLa Playa Ch. 12

La Playa Ch. 12


Chapter 12: Business as Usual?

Edited by Susurrus

I spun around in my chair, back toward my desk. Having such a great view from my home office, overlooking the resort, may have been a mistake -- it's too easy to get distracted by the beauty of the natural views, and too tempting to perv out on all the humping going on. I really needed to concentrate on prep for our senior staff meeting: the first since we opened. Fuck, that gorgeous athlete, Lisa, who had done such an admirable job on my cock Monday morning, was back in the pool doing laps again. You'd think I'd become jaded with all the skin around me all the time, but a really tight bod on a mature woman with a short haircut just twists my hormone release valve to "full open."

"Hi, Steve," I heard from the door, and looked up see Julie's lovely eyes smiling at me across the office. "Just about everyone's in place downstairs. We're just missing Duane, who needed to work with the morning bartender to make sure we were restocked from last night. He called and said he's on his way up the hill, so he should be getting here by the time you get downstairs."

"Thanks, babe," I said to the beautiful redhead.

I swear, if I didn't have Deana I'd try to lock Julie into a long-term relationship in a heartbeat. But, of course, that's a silly thought. Julie's already my regular sex partner, and now that she's also a resort partner she won't likely be leaving anytime soon. It's only the Neanderthal in me that imagines being able to truly possess anyone.

Shaking off such musings, I gathered my thoughts as I grabbed the briefing book and my cup of coffee and went to the meeting. As I hit the top of the stairs, I saw several pairs of eyes watching, either openly or surreptitiously, as I came down. I wasn't wearing my usual cock ring. Instead, I had on a black leather belt with two thin thongs that ran down to the base of my cock, wrapped around it twice, and then twisted together to form a thong down under my ass. Going up from the belt were two more thongs leading to alligator clips on my nipples, their lengths adjusted to make the clips tighten when I stretched to my full height. Not exactly standard business attire, but I wanted to try to inspire my staff to stretch their own sexualities. I hoped it would generate new ideas for La Playa and my other sex resort projects under development.

Sitting around on the leather couches in the conversation pit were my senior staff. Julie, of course, on the loveseat next to me, Marc to her right, Jacklyn from the Isle of Eros, Anjali and Paul from the dungeon, Ed, my Food & Beverage director, Duane, Tony: the Executive Chef, Marion: the Rooms Director, Anita: the Housekeeper, Ray: the Events Staff Manager, and finally Diane, my Security Chief. These folks were dressed in the uniforms of their various trades, meaning that we had everything from Anjali in a leather bustier with her nipples exposed, to Diane wearing a sharp suit with a short skirt and the obvious bulge of her automatic beneath her arm. I greeted each in turn and opened the meeting.

"I want to begin by thanking you all for the hard work and extra effort you put in over the past couple months to get La Playa up and running," I began.

"And I want to compliment you all on the outstanding performance I'm seeing from the staff. You all know that we're ahead of our projections for occupancy rates and reservations. We've already talked about what that means for staffing, turnover, and our training programs, and I want to come back to some of that discussion in a bit. What most of you don't know is that we're also significantly ahead of our financial performance as projected in the business plan." That last caused a small stir and I saw the attention level rise.

"This is going to allow us to accelerate the development of other properties, which means that we will have to fold using La Playa as a training ground for opening teams into our staffing mix. Happily, the senior investors also voted yesterday to provide an across-the-board pay increase to all hourly staff, and pay bonuses to all managers. It's not a huge amount, but I believe in sharing good fortune, and pledge to make a bonus and ownership system a part of the culture of the corporation, as long as we continue to set and exceed bold goals while providing unrivaled service."

A chorus of appreciation rippled around the room.

"You all earned it, and you'll earn even more as the company expands. Now let's get down to the business of making this place the best damn sex resort in the world. Diane, I understand we had some local kids try to sneak into the party last night..."

The meeting flowed smoothly along the agenda. We reviewed security issues, problems with the plumbing in a couple of rooms, guest service lessons learned so far, a couple of minor infractions by employees ogling or trying to participate with guests in sex sessions: all the foibles one would expect from a new hotel opening, as well as some of the behavioral issues that will be par for the course at a sex resort. I was very pleased with how on top of things my senior staff were. I caught a couple of them off-guard on some minor issues, but they recovered well and I knew the issues would be resolved, not swept under a handy rug.

Our biggest single problem was a malfunction in the control panel for the "river." As I had hoped, the chance to float around the grounds, fucking on inner tubes, had proved wildly popular, and it was important to maintain quality standards. The control panel had shut down two of the three main pumps that moved the large quantities of water necessary to push people, water, and tubes around in an extended loop. Water purification pumps continued working, and only two of the guests even noticed that the flow was slower than it should have been.

The problem turned out to be a faulty circuit board, but we had dropped the ball in not having a back up in inventory. Marion had corrected the oversight with the Chief Engineer, and I sent my personal plane to Miami to pick up both the replacement and the spare. It was an expensive lesson, but I was committed to 100 percent perfection at La Playa.

"One point of policy that I think we need to relook is watersports in the Spa," Julie said. "We've had several 'accidents' during enemata and a few other treatments, and a number of experienced guests have expressed their disappointment with the ban."

"So what do you specifically propose?" I asked.

"I think we should allow pee play in the properly equipped treatment rooms, but not in the baths," Julie replied. "Our enema treatment areas already require that we have the drainage and equipment needed to properly clean and sterilize the rooms and equipment, so what's the big deal if we let our guests get a little more kink on?"

"Okay, I can live with that for now," I decided. "Maybe we need to put more thought into providing for watersports, fisting, and pushing the BDSM envelope at one of our future properties," I mused.

"Yeah, Boss," Paul joined in. "Maybe do a whole resort just for BDSM like this one is primarily focused on bi."

"Well, Paul, why don't you put your thoughts into electrons and zip me an email on how we might do that, and especially where our limits should be. We'll keep the lawyers out of the discussion until we decide which resort or resorts would be appropriate, and then we'll let the bloodsuckers tell us how we can't break local law."

As the meeting wound down I asked Julie and Jacklyn if they had a couple hours to help me with a special project. Marc picked up some of Julie's duties and Jacklyn was able to get a trusted staffer to cover for her during the lunch service on the Isle, and the two women kept their seats as the rest of the staff filed out the double glass doors. Julie picked up on the twinkle in my eye, and figured that whatever the "special project" was, it would include sex. While I hate being predictable, Julie knew me intimately enough; she knew practically everything I do eventually leads to sex. The women settled back into seats in the conversation pit.

"The next phase of our growth is to be an expansion in the Pacific," I began. "Negotiations for the site will be closed soon, and I'm confident enough of success that I've already got the architects thinking about conceptual plans. My challenge is that if we see the kind of growth I'm now expecting, my time will be pulled in too many directions to give this next project and the ones that succeed it the individual attention necessary to reach the same high standards we've achieved here at La Playa.

"To address this need, I want to assemble a corporate staff that will focus on the development of new properties, including working with the architectural team on amenities, address decorating and food and beverage plans, and hire and train staff. Obviously, experience here at this property is going to be invaluable to that team. I want you two to provide that experience starting in six weeks." Both women looked a little alarmed... six weeks isn't that long.

"I'll be asking a few others to join it as well, and make promotions from existing staff to fill the gaps. Marc, by the way, accepted the offer of the General Manager's position for this property this morning. The development jobs will involve extensive international travel, months at a time living abroad, powerful personalities, and a particular taste for the kind of experience we offer. I think each of you fits that bill. Julie, I want you to be my personal representative on the team, and Jacklyn, I want you to focus on recreational amenities. What do you say?"

The two women looked at each other, their stunned looks mirrored in the other's face. Julie had assumed that the stock I gave her at the shareholders orgy the other night would lead to the General Managership. She liked Marc, but he was also her career competitor in this place.

She recovered first and asked, "What does this mean in the overall scheme of the corporate hierarchy, Steve?"

"Good, I'm glad you're hungry for success," I replied. "It means promotion for both of you. Julie, you'll report directly to me and will be considered a corporate vice-president. Jacklyn, you and the rest of the development team will report to Julie and will have the opportunity to compete for a GM's position at one of the new properties. We're setting up a corporate headquarters in Miami, but La Playa will continue to be my primary residence for the foreseeable future. That means I'll be commuting to Miami regularly, and you ladies can continue to live here and hitch a ride with me, though I think a lot of your administrative work will be stuff you can do from a computer anywhere, so you may not need to commute too much."

"Yes!" Julie suddenly exclaimed. "I can't wait to get started!"

"Me, too, Boss," said Jacklyn with a huge smile. "Thank you so much. I won't let you down."

"I know you won't, beautiful," I smiled at the lovely and nubile brunette. "And as for getting started right away, that's the project I need your immediate help with.

"You two are key to this operation, so we can't take you out of it opening week, but we do need to identify people to replace you. Julie, Marc will make the decision directly about his own replacement, but I want to make sure he gets a strong female to balance his choice. For a bottom who loves to be cuddled, he can be a bit of a bear when it comes to management issues."

"I agree, and think Stephanie can handle the job, unless you have other people in mind," said Julie.

"You may be right about Steph, but let's also go through these applicant packages just to be sure we make the right choice," I replied.

"Jacklyn, same with you. You may have someone in mind, but let's go through the stack together to make sure we give our guests the very best."

I pulled two large stacks of personnel folders from a counter and placed them on the table in the center of the conversation pit.

"Everyone grab a folder. Here are some note pads, and let's wade through quietly." We all began to read.

About halfway through the first folder Jacklyn began to squirm in her chair. Julie held out till folder number three. I didn't even try, idly stroking my cock from the very first. These were no ordinary personnel files.

The standard types of documents were there of course. Resumes, references, applications, non-compete/non-disclosure agreements and the like. But there were also legal release forms in which applicants who made it past the first two rounds of interviews had to agree to filling out complete sexual histories, list their preferences, describe their fantasies, and express their desires. These included full body nude pictures, both standing front and back and erotic poses during which the cameraman encouraged people to express themselves.

These types of applications were only for those prospective staff who would potentially have direct sexual contact with guests, and applicants were told of the requirement from the very first to prevent any wastes of time. Most applicants understood the requirement only too well, and went out of their way to make themselves look every bit as good sexually as their resumes made them look professionally. This meant that the folders each read like a series of letters to Penthouse, many with much more detail than was really required.

After about twenty minutes Jacklyn said, "I've got to have some water, can I get some for anyone else?" and got up to walk toward the bar.

Julie and I responded affirmatively, so Jacklyn brought back three glasses and a pitcher. As she walked back, I noticed the wet spot on her shorts.

"You know, you ladies don't need to stay dressed for this. This is some steamy stuff, and I know I'm responding pretty positively," I said, leaning back and displaying my half-hard cock.

"You're right. I tend to forget that I'm not around the guests," laughed Julie, lifting her top over her shoulders.

"Oh, thanks, Boss," sighed Jacklyn. "I've been getting wetter and wetter, and I wasn't really sure what to do about it."

"Do?" I asked, "You do what I would expect any healthy person to want to do in this situation, make expert notes while frigging yourself!"

We laughed as Julie went over and brought back three towels from the stack (there was one in every room of the house) and settled back into our reading, making notes, but also caressing ourselves as we worked. We openly stole glances at each other as we went, savoring the hedonistic delight of being sexy and getting paid for it.

Shortly thereafter the front door opened and in skipped my sweet Deana. She didn't notice us at first as she came into the main room.

"Hi gorgeous!" I said with a smile.

"Oh, hi!" she replied with a start. "I didn't see you guys there, you're so quiet. What's going on?"

"We're just reviewing some personnel files and talking about staffing," I said. "You remember Jacklyn from Eros."

"Of course. How are you?" my ever-effervescent wife waved a greeting, and for the first time I really noticed how she was dressed.

She had on her ubiquitous short shorts, as well as photographer's vest -- unbuttoned - on top. When she waved, the vest flapped open and I got yet another look at the tits that always have and always will make my mouth water. Hiking boots on her feet and her tripod and camera bag slung over her shoulders told me she'd been out on another of her nature photography expeditions.

"I'm fine, Mrs. Johnson, how are you?" replied Jacklyn, unwinding from the lotus position she had assumed on the couch to get up.

"Oh, don't get up, I can see you guys are busy! Must be some awfully exciting personnel files by the look of Steve's cock. Huh, Julie?"

"You bet, Dee," Julie said.

The two women had a slight edge to their relationship: Deana supported my participation in the lifestyle but was always just a little vulnerable to worries about someone else replacing her, despite my best efforts to communicate my undying love. Nonetheless, a partnership almost akin to a polyamorous relationship had evolved between us as Deana became used to the thought that a big part of the sex Julie and I shared was actually work related.

"Steve is over here being his usual horndog self and encouraging Jacklyn and me in the process. You really should spank him more often: he needs it!" Julie said, slapping me on the shoulder with a file.

"I don't have time to keep him in line. My birds keep calling, and I know you're keeping him from going completely over the edge," joked Dee.

"Speaking of birds, I've got two full cards to download to my Mac, and I'm way behind on my other projects, so I'll let you guys get back to 'work.' Have fun, and don't let me disturb you," she said with a smile and a wave as she bounded up the stairs to her private office.

I am so proud of my wife. There are not many women in the world who would blithely wave and smile as their husband sat, naked, in the company of two beautiful - equally naked - women. Deana has grown tremendously in our 25-year marriage.

From a not-quite-innocent Catholic school girl through motherhood (our grown children have been gone from home for a number of years, and I've never given them the opportunity to judge my lifestyle, though they obviously know what I do) and on into her true flowering just a few years ago, it was when she released her creative talents with a camera and computer that she found her calling in life, and her work quickly became recognized as a unique new eye in the world of nature photography.

She's still a tomboy, running more miles than I care to imagine, playing sand volleyball, adventuring and reveling in life. I'm convinced that it's her extreme physical activity and the endorphins she enjoys through it that keep her sex drive relatively low. She has always known of my bisexuality, and we've gone through the stages of, "Don't ask-don't tell," through, "You should see a psychiatrist," and on to, "Do you have a boyfriend?" and, "Yes, you can invite him over, but don't expect me to watch or do anything!"

My winning the lottery had something to do with her unleashing the creativity in her heart, and she was thrilled by the opportunity of traveling to exotic locales around the world. We found a compromise in that we would travel to clothing optional resorts and I would play while she went on treks through the rainforest of whatever country we were in at the time. She loves the beach too, and revels in being able to be nude swimming, and doesn't hesitate to strip off her top during a hot beach volleyball match. However, even today she rarely watches and almost never joins my outside sexual encounters. On the rare occasions she does watch, we always have super-hot sex afterwards, but she's fundamentally wired as a one-man, heterosexual woman, and I deeply respect both the nature and nurture that made her that way.

That being said, there were three rare occasions during which she dabbled in swinging with me, each one heavily lubricated by fine red wine. Once in Paris at a swingers convention where she blew another man as she sat atop my cock, once at a resort on Phuket with a German couple we met on the beach (she fucked the man and actually made out with the woman), and once several weeks earlier, when I hosted a morale-boosting barbecue and orgy for the staff as we struggled to make our opening deadline, she made love to Marc and John after the three of them had destroyed all challengers on the volleyball court. Will she continue to blossom sexually as we live this hedonistic lifestyle? I imagine that the boundaries will blur through time, but that is for her to decide.

We were reading in silence, passing the files around to each other and making notes as we went.

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