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La Rose


I was seated on a chaise when he entered.

He looked nervous and toyed with the buttons on his coat. I rose. He shut the door and stepped back. I suppose a woman like myself, dressed in a pink and white laced lingerie set with light see-through camisole would make one step back. Or maybe it was a bosom tied back in my corsetry.

Whatever it was he remained firm as I approached him. The sound of my heeled slippers echoed in the quiet room as I stepped off the carpet and onto the hardwood. I put a hand on either side of his now open jacket, and gently slid off the coat. The smell of rain was on it. I loved the rain, I'd fall asleep to the sound of it on the window were I not busy with my customer.

Not a shiver escaped his body. I suppose I should have been flattered. Not many men come to this particular place, to my particular room. And not many return to it either.

I stood in front of him. I maintained a position of obedience as well as a stance of seduction as to entice him.

"Good afternoon." He said. A gentleman, I thought rolling my eyes in my head. "You are looking very- uh... very well."

He was a boy, no older than twenty, taller than me with a slight paunch. He had very attractive facial features and had a beautiful head of light brown locks. He had an small moustache and a goatee. His eyes were the color of a storm but hidden behind an expression of confidence and curiosity. I was clearly reflected in his eyes. I could only imagine what he thought of me.

"Shall I tell you my name?" He asked.

I smiled. "If you like, but I am only required to call you sir. It is part of my agreement. You may call me Rose, if you like."

He sighed. I smiled genuinely this time, knowing I've lifted a burden off his chest. He must be from a noble family if he was worried so. "Rose." He said. I could tell he was from Bristol by his accent. I never used to introduce myself but I liked the sound of his voice when he said my name. Also, when he said Rose I felt something I never felt when the others called me that... if they called me that.

I continued. "Also, I am responsible for your pleasure and satisfaction. I shall obey every command you will give me." I thought of him as a complete newcomer so I thought a brief explanation of Rules would help me.

He looked at me. I thought he would pass out.

"Try it." I coaxed.

"Alright." He gulped. "Sit down in your chaise."

I nodded my head and went to my chaise and sat. I arched my back, again to flaunt my god-given assets to him.

"Cross one leg over the other." he commanded.

I put my left leg over my right.

"You're right leg." I switched legs.

As he approached, I removed my eyes from him and lowered them to the floor. I saw his shoes. I then saw him kneel.

Two fingers went under my chin as to tip my head up slightly. My eyes met his. He slid a hand along my corseted torso and to my shoulder slipping off the cami as he did. He rubbed in a way a husband would his wife. Was he married?

He rose and went to the other side of the chaise behind me. He removed the camisole entirely. Suddenly I was the one growing nervous. The illusion I had put up was starting to crumble.

His hand embraced the curves my neck, my crimson hair pinned up on my head, some curls falling onto my ivory shoulders. I felt his lips on my neck. I wanted to cry. No man had ever touched me the way he has and I had few customers every week. Each one drunk and wanting me.

I wanted to reveal my terrible burden to him, but I knew I couldn't. I can't breach the contract that I had signed here, I couldn't put him in an awkward position. I felt his hands untie and unbind my corset. Sweet oxygen filled my lungs. I couldn't stop the tears that came from the liberating deep breath.

My bosoms hung as his hand tentatively felt him. His head was next to mine. Under his breath was a purr. I touched my head to his. The lingering gentle smell or rain water in his hair and eau de cologne lingered in my nostrils.

His hand slid down my belly and onto my groin where he stopped. I knew what he found. My burden, my secret. The purring stopped. His hands stopped. I closed my eyes. I sat still.

"What have we here?" He asked.

"I'm a very special girl with just one extra- talent."

He pulled down my panties and exposing a soft cock. He moved to the front to take me in.

I looked into his eyes. His gentle tenderness was over I thought. This is where he would become the raging, beating, torential man of testoterone and anger. And I would be privy to that rage.

Instead, he then began to move his hand in a way I thought that his hand had somehow detatched. What was he doing? I couldn't stop him, the Rules had stated as such. The purring resumed, only I was making it. It began to rise with the head pulling out from it protective head. At it's full length, he put his tongue on the tip. I had to hold the chair and brace for the sudden surge of pleasure.

He then stood back, his arms at his side. "Strip me." he ordered. I got up and began to remove his vest, his shirt, his cravat, then his pants and shoes. His body was not unpleasant as I thought. Lacking in abdominal muscles, he had hair on his chest, light, a nest of light brown at his soft cock which was remarkable in girth. He was what men would call average. A little bit of a belly, but he was wealthy, I thought. I expected him to try and hide his body, but he stood taller naked, than he did a moment ago fully clothed.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothing." I answered. "You look very noble, Sir." I didn't mean to judge to I lowered my head.

"Please." He said. It made me look up at him. He was smiling. His voice a rich tenor tone to it, musical to my ears. "You do not have to look down at me."

Then a miracle. "You may call me, Charles."

"Charles." I whispered. I had never known the name of any of my clients. The Rules made that perfectly clear.

He then sat me in the chaise. He lied down. He looked down at his own manhood. I took the hint and began by taking it in and out of my mouth, licking his cock. It was deliciously big and veiny. I used the spit as lube and as I gagged on his tip, my hand worked the base to engorge him to his full length. I then took that spit and really slicked up his cock.

He looked down. Still the inexperienced gentleman I had met at the door, I thought. I slicked up my derrière in preparation. I climbed on top of him.

"Rose?" he said with puppy dog eyes.

"Hush." I said, and pushed his engorged head into me. Once it was in, I allowed every inch to enter. I pushed on his chest so it could all go in. We both breathed to catch our breath once he was all the way in. He looked shocked at me. Then he held my leg with one hand as he pulsed his pelvis in me. His other hand found one my breasts and tweaked the nipple.

This symbiosis of loving was much to bare. I was prevented from allowing myself from experiencing pleasure but we both were giving as much as we were getting. He then pushed me to the other end of the chaise. He was over me, my legs being held by him. Our breathing matched, our rythm matched. Charles began to go harder and harder. He looked at me with those stormy eyes. They had somehow changed to blue. Clear as a beautiful day, his flaxen hair looking like wheat in a field and i was in this feild with this man inside of me, pleasuring me, making me feel like a person, loved and desired. I placed my hands on his chest and played with his nipples as he continued to dominate me with his massive cock. His mouth opened in O and silent breath or a sigh let out.

After what felt like hours of heavenly bliss for the both of us I felt his huge prick tense inside of me. He was ready to shoot. He looked at me.

"Do we have to worry about you... uh."

"No." I said. "Being what I am, there's no fear of child bearing. And I remain clean in every way."

With that he slapped his thighs against my bum twice more and exploded inside of me. He arched his back. What was a slight flabby gut, was a beautiful god-like torso of manhood. I felt his hot seed to flow into me. I could feel it as he pulled out, moving sensually through me.

I looked down. My belly was covered with my own warm cum. I had been in heaven so long that I had completely forgotten how much amazing pleasure I had gotten. I lied back, completely satisfied for the first time in my entire life. I felt something then on my stomach. It was Charles. Lapping up my own cum. He then sucked off both my nipples and then looked at me. Blue eyes.

"That was incredible." He said. "Rose..."

I put a hand on the side of his face. The bristles of his hair felt nice. He smiled.

Whatever happened that night, I never saw him again. I knew he would be alright. And that for once in my life. I wasn't some oddity men came to screw and toy with. I was a human made for pleasure, built to fullfill his needs while he fills mine.

I would see him again... We spoke often about this time of his life. The secret being me, the joy of having my company. Of seeing me in his household everyday.

How did that come to be? That is another story...

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