tagInterracial LoveLa Vita Dolce Ch. 14

La Vita Dolce Ch. 14


Gianni's dark, thickly lashed lids flickered open and a grin slid across his handsome face. Natasha smiled down at him. God, his woman was beautiful. He let his gaze wander leisurely over the smoothness of her golden brown features. Her full pink lips were curved upward in a mischievous smile. Her wondrous cerulean eyes were fringed by dark lashes which were lowered seductively as she ran her hands over the hard planes of his chest and the taut ripples of his abdomen. She was seated, straddling his hips, wearing nothing but a vintage rolling stones t-shirt. Her mound was intimately pressed against his rapidly growing erection confined by his boxers as she continued to explore the contours of his body with her fingertips.

Now she rocked herself against him, rubbing her engorged clit against him, tossing her dark curls over her shoulders and tilting her head back with a gasp of pleasure.

Smiling and watching her content herself, Gianni slid his hands up her thighs as she pleasured herself against his stiffening cock. His hands slid beneath the t-shirt to encircle her small waist. He gently guided her hips as she sighed in delight and arched.

His voice was husky as he gazed up her. "Enjoying yourself, bella?"

She simply moaned and tilted her head back further, her dark hair tumbling down her back as she began to grind her hips in slow circles.

With a mischievous grin of his own, Gianni lifted one hand a gave her a sharp smack on her smooth brown bottom. She gasped, her eyes flying open and she gazed down at him, her lip caught tantalizingly between her teeth though she did not halt her movements. Gianni's hands slid beneath the t-shirt and over her flat stomach, stopping momentarily to circle the small jewel ensconced in her bellybutton, before continuing to cup the weighty orbs of her breasts in his hands.

She sighed, arching against his hands as his thumbs brushed over her flushed nipples. Gianni suddenly freed one hand from the confines of the t-shirt as he encircled her waist with the other arm, drawing her down towards him.

"Hi baby," she cooed softly and leaned down to brush her lips over his. "Yes," she answered finally. "I'm enjoying myself very much." Gianni reached up and buried a hand in her thick silken locks, pressing her head closer as he deepened the kiss, his tongue delving into the hot sweet crevice of her mouth as he swallowed her moans.

Holding her tightly about the waist he began to slowly thrust against her, reveling in the sweet friction and the ache of restraint.

Her moans were growing more urgent when unable restrain himself any longer, he gripped her by the waist and swiftly rolled her beneath him. He knelt between her splayed thighs. Her t-shirt was bunched up around her ribcage, baring her to his gaze. Her dark hair spilled across the pillow in a riotous river of curls. Her lips were parted, and his cock jerked as her pink tongue darted out and made a quick sweep over her upper lip as her gaze trailed over his body.

He reached forward and gently touched her cheek with one finger. He then stroked it with his whole hand. Drinking in the purity of her features he gently slipped his fingers over the line of her brow, her nose, and then around her mouth. His finger rested for a moment on her plush lips. She lay still, simply looking up a him with sultry lust glazed eyes.

He leaned towards Natasha, still touching her lips, and then his own lips were touching her face. He pressed them to her forehead, and to her cheeks, and then he kissed her mouth.

He kissed her lips very gently, and then held her face with his hands and pressed his lips against hers, and slipped his tongue into her mouth and tasted her deeply. She clasped her arms around his neck and felt the smoothness of his face and the ripples of his soft raven hair as she grasped it, and most of all the long sweet pressure of his tongue inside her mouth.

One of his hands moved along her calf, traced the curve of her bent knee and caressed her thigh. His hand glided up her side, brushing over her ribs. He pushed her the t-shirt up and cupped her breast in his hand. He drew his mouth away from hers, and took her nipple into his lips. With one hand he dragged the t-shirt up over her head and tossed it away.

Natasha gasped for breath; her heart was beating so that she felt it might burst beneath his tender lips. He said her name, but did not so much say it as breathe it; and then he said it again and again as he brushed his lips over her breasts and throat and fastened on her mouth. While he ravished her mouth, he reached down, freeing his aching cock from the confines of his boxers.

He spread his legs and brought the hard flesh at his center into contact with her slightly parted lower lips. Groaning with the pain of self-denial, he slowly rubbed himself against her, letting the motion part her even further, until he came into contact with the blossoming nub that begged for his attention. He moaned deep in his throat, his restraint costing him dearly, beads of sweat glistening on his skin, running down his chest.

When she whispered his name on a sigh, arching to give him better access to her need, he felt something inside him threatening to break. Dropping to his hands, he held his weight above her, and brought his legs between hers, parting, gaining entry. The trust he saw in her eyes swelled his heart to near bursting.

He leaned down and placed a searing kiss on her parted lips, blowing gently to cool her brow as he pulled away. His hard flesh found its mark unerringly. He slowly eased into her, gritting his teeth against his nearly overpowering need to thrust to the hilt, burying himself in her glorious warmth

He slowly withdrew, then returned to fill her sheath, Gianni shivered, the pleasure coursing through his veins firing his blood like none had ever done before her.

Slowly he reentered her. He stopped, allowing just the head to enter her. He leaned down and brushed his lips against the shell of her ear. "Is this what you wanted, bella?"

Natasha moaned and still he held her still.

"Gian, please," she gasped.

He gripped her hips tightly, and he plunged into her hot sheath.

She screamed in pleasure, her back bowing gracefully up off the bed.

Gianni was still, enjoying the feel of her gripping him inside of her. He lay still in that moment, groaning as the spasm of her muscles coaxed him even harder inside her welcoming body.

Slowly he withdrew, nearly completely, and then thrust hard back into her depths.

She cried out as Gianni thrust harder and harder into her in long, measured strokes. Faster and faster he pistoned his hips against her, the pleasure building.

He cried out her name as he spilled his seed into her welcoming body. The hot seed inside her set off an explosion in Natasha. Ripples of ecstasy flooded her body in overwhelming waves.

Natasha cried out, fisting the sheets into her hands. Gianni's cock made one last plunge into her slick sex. Her mouth dropped open in a silent scream as she arched and her muscles clenched tightly around his shaft. Rolling waves of heat coated her pussy. "Oh God," she gasped. Her body convulsed as she came until finally her breathing held and her body stiffened and then stilled.

Gianni carefully lowered himself on top of her, tightening his arms around her and then rolling onto his side, pulling her with him. She breathed deeply, trembling in his arms in the aftershocks of their passion.

Gianni's fingers trailed lightly up and down her spine.

But then she was pushing at his chest, struggling in his arms. "No," she murmured. His hand went to her hair.

"Little one, what is wrong?"

Gianni rolled her beneath him once more, but she was clawing at him, screaming. "No!"

Tears were streaming down her face and she cried out in anguish, the sound tearing at his heart.

She was hitting him, bucking trying to throw him off when he grasped her wrists in his hands and pinned her to the bed. When he looked down at her the sight that sight that greeted him sent a slice of agonized fear through his chest and he felt as though his heart might stop. Her beautiful body was covered in bruises and she was weeping great anguished sobs. The look in her eyes spoke of her terror.

Confused Gianni glanced about the room, still holding the girl still effortlessly beneath him. He caught his own gaze in the mirror. The sight chilled him. It was his face, and yet it was not. Luca grinned back at him. Gianni stared back of the naked image of Luca Angiolini poised over a struggling Natasha.

Gianni flung himself away from her, his own cry mingling with her wails of fear and pain.

Gianni's eyes flew open, his cries muffled behind the tape over his mouth as he came painfully to consciousness.

He was lying on the floor of the cabin, his body awake with pain and a round of fresh bruises. His jaw ached something fierce.

Gianni's muscles strained against his bonds, even as Colin struggled beside him. Lacey was out of sight behind the island though her muffled cries could be heard which was. at the very least, a blessed revelation that she was conscious.

Gianni growled in frustration as his chest heaved at the exertion. Sweat beaded on his brow as he flexed his muscles, twisting and tugging to break the tape that circled his wrists. But it was no use. There were too many layers of the heavy duty grey tape circling his wrists.

He couldn't get Natasha's lovely eyes from his thoughts and the moment in which Luca had taken her. Her wide azure gaze was filled with fear and hopelessness as they shimmered with unshed tears. She had held herself rigid in Luca's grasp, her back ramrod straight though Gianni couldn't miss the slight tremor in her limbs. His baby had been terrified and there was nothing he could do to help her. The more time he spent being tied up on the floor, the further away Luca was getting and the closer Natasha was to being faced with his brother's undoubtedly sick and malevolent plans

A small shriek shattered his concentration. "Motherf---"

Both men halted and twisted to look towards the island which obscured Lacey from view.

Lacey's stood, pulling herself up by the island. Both men stared at her. Her blond hair was mussed and she was ripping duct tape from around her wrists. She shoved her blonde locks out of her face in irritation and carefully peeled a strip of duct tape which was still hanging from the corner of her lips fully from her face, further letting loose a string of curses. Blood was running from her palms but she wiped at it quickly with a dish towel before she stepped around the island, glass crunching beneath her tennis shoes. She grabbed a knife from the knife block and made her way towards the two men who were staring at her wide eyes.

She bent first to Colin and then Gianni, cutting the thick tape wrapped in layers around their wrists and ankles. The two men sat up, rubbing the circulation back into their wrists.

"Jesus, Lace, how'd you get out?" Colin asked his sister, eying her incredulously after he'd grimaced and pulled the duct tape from his lips.

Lacey shrugged and held out her arms for display and glanced down at her legs. She was covered in scratches and nicks. "I was lying on a bunch of glass. I used one of the bigger shards to cut the tape." Colin turned her hands over in his own before getting up and retrieving the some more dish towels and pressing them into her palms to staunch the blood flow.

"You okay?" Gianni looked her over, concerned.

She nodded but her eyes clouded with tears. Her voice wavered. "I'm fine but...he took Tash and Morgan. Is he going to hurt them?"

The siblings looked at Gianni. He couldn't think of anything to say to reassure them not when he was struggling with his own panic and dread. "I'll get them back," he said softly. He immediately went into motion. He bounded up the stairs, grabbing a black leather duffle bag from his room.

He looked over Lacey and Colin. "Call the police. Tell them what's happened."

He started for the door when Lacey halted him, grabbing his arm. "And where are you going? What do you think you're going to do?"

Gianni sighed. "You need to report this. But the police will take time; time that the girls might not have."

"And what are you going to do?" Colin demanded, "Just scour the countryside?"

Gianni looked uncertain.

"Look," Colin said. "We can help you. Maybe...we need to work together."

Gianni glanced between the two, his expression dubious.

Lacey crossed her arms over her chest. "We just need to figure out what we know and what our resources are."

Gianni put down his bag wearily and mirrored Lacey's posture. "Like?"

"Like, I saw them pull up." Lacey said. "A bunch of identical black Chevy Tahoe SUVs. And the men weren't Italian. They were Americans. I assume they've been tracking us since L.A. and there are a bunch of private security firms in the city that use the same sort of vehicle and hire ex-military. However, I'd bet only a couple are so unscrupulous to add murder and kidnapping to their resumes." She tossed her blonde locks over her shoulder continued. "I caught the license plate of the first truck to pull up. I have someone I could call to track it down."

Gianni lifted one raven brow. Colin was staring at his sister. "You have a 'someone'?"

She gave another nonchalant shrug. "Remember that P.I. I dated for a while last year? All kinds of hot." she said getting off track a bit before continuing on. "Anyway, he's kind of an amateur hacker. Totally obsessed with me, but he knows all the sketchiness that goes down in the private security business in L.A." She went behind the island and picked up her cell phone from the debris. "Am I making the call?"

Gianni and Colin glanced at each other. Gianni nodded solemnly. "Make the call."

Gianni and Colin listened as Lacey grabbed a pad and paper. Her voice changed, taking on a lilting flirtatious quality. She'd even promised a dinner date before she posed her favor. She lied; said she was thinking of hiring a security firm for an event she was hosting and wanted those who went above and beyond. She said she'd met a representative but lost his business card. She did, however, somehow manage to remember the license plate number on his black SUV.

She was scribbling furiously on the notepad when she giggled, thanked him in a saccharine sweet voice and said goodbye. She rolled her eyes as she flipped the phone shut. "Ass," she mumbled.

Her gaze darted back and forth between the two men before she flopped down on the couch and perused her notes. "Okay. So the SUV is registered to a Dominic Gonzales, along with eight other vehicles of the same make and model. He's the owner and operator of Black Umbrella Securities Inc.. It's located in west Hollywood." Her face twisted in dismay. "Look, my guy's a good hacker, but the firewall and encryptions...their server is too complicated. He says their records would have to be accessed in person."

Gianni grimaced. Colin cursed, "Well that's fantastic. That sure as hell isn't going to happen."

"Why not?" Lacey quipped.

Colin snorted. "We're not super spies, Lacey. We're not going to sneak into a presumably well guarded, well secured security firm and access one of their computers."

Gianni shook his head. "Not likely."

Lacey roller her eyes. "You two have no imagination. I'm not suggesting anything like that."

"Well just what are you suggesting?" Gianni queried.

A mischievous smile slid over the blonde's pretty face. "I'm saying...no theatrical espionage necessary. I say we walk in through the front door."


Natasha let out a muffled scream as she fell through the darkness. She fully expected to hit the ground hard when she found herself being flung, none too gently, from the shoulder that had been digging into her stomach, making her nauseous as the blood rushed to her head and each jaunty step of her captor pressed in on her abdomen.

She and Morgan had been dragged from the back of the truck by two men dressed like commandos while Luca looked on, a look of smug satisfaction on his face. Natasha had wriggled desperately as she was carried up the driveway and into a large home settled against the cliffs. What she managed to take in from her awkward position was that they had been brought to a rather large home. It was gated and tall shrubs hid the street from view. It was the kind of upscale neighborhood where the neighbors would be far enough away not to hear whatever went on in the home next door. The thought unsettled her. She could hear the sound of the waves crashing near the back of the home.

She gazed at the Spanish tile floors as she was carried though the foyer and up the stairs. Trying to push down the urge to retch she forced herself take deep breaths through her nose. In vomiting she would only succeed in choking to death. It wasn't how she planned on dying. A dark thought flashed through her mind, though dying that way may be preferable to what Luca had planned for her.

Her tears stung her eyes, and her head pounded as her blood rushed to it, the sound reverberating in her ears. She whimpered a tiny, animalistic sound of agony, muffled by the duct tape plastered across her mouth. They entered a darkened room and Natasha felt herself being dumped unceremoniously from the brute's shoulder. But she didn't hit the ground as she feared. Instead she bounced on a mattress. She heard Morgan's similarly shocked cry as she was tossed beside her.

Natasha struggled desperately at her bonds to no avail. She felt the bed dip with someone's weight and she was quickly flipped onto her stomach. A new fear igniting in her, she shrieked behind the duct tape and wriggled fiercely beneath the man on top of her. But he straddled her, keeping her still with his knees clamped on either side of her thighs and one strong hand between her shoulder blades pressing her deeper into the mattress.

She heard Morgan cry out beside her though she couldn't see her in the darkness. Suddenly she felt the duct tape being cut and her hands being freed. She stilled suddenly. What game was this? The weight lifted suddenly from her and she heard two sets of footsteps retreating from the room, the closing of the door, and then the distinctive click of a lock as the door was locked from the outside.

Natasha lay still for a moment, afraid that any gesture could bring some new terror down upon them. Carefully she reached up and peeled the duct tape from her mouth as slowly as she could though her mouth and cheeks were still left raw and smarting. She gasped deep breaths, gulping huge quantities of air. "Morgan?" she called tentatively in the darkness.

A muffled cry and then "OW!" The redhead wrenched the duct tape from her mouth.

"What the fuck!?"

Natasha felt relief crash over her. Anger was better than hysterics. "Are you okay?" she asked as she rolled on to her back and sat up, rubbing the feeling back into her numbed hands.

"No, I'm not fucking okay, Natasha," Morgan hissed as Natasha could feel her moving around on the bed. "What the hell is going on? And why is your boyfriend's obviously deranged brother trying to kill us?"

Natasha grimaced, "Family feud. Long story."

"No shit," Morgan quipped.

Natasha reached down and made small tear in the duct tape around her ankles before tearing the adhesive from around her ankles. "Good thing I shaved," she grumbled as the balled up the tape, tossed it away and slid off the bed.

"Where are you going?" came Morgan's anxious voice.

"Ouch!" Followed by a bang. Natasha took her first few steps and slammed her shin into a chair. "I'm looking for a light switch."

Natasha moved more slowly, her hands outstretched in front of her, searching blindly and heading in the direction she heard the footsteps leave. When she finally reach the wall, she glided her hands along until she found the door. She didn't bother checking the lock, she'd heard them lock it from the outside. Instead she searched on either side of the door until she found the switch and flicked on the lights.

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