tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLab Applications

Lab Applications

byKaryn Gardenia©

Caroline had her laptop computer set firmly in her narrow lap, warming her thighs with its radiated heat. Across from her, Drew sat on the loveseat, his eyes downcast and lost in a memory.

"I'm ready when you are," she offered, keeping a straight face that he could not have understood, had he even been looking. When he hesitated, she reminded him that their therapist had been the one to suggest they do this. She had said that exploring their sexuality through memories and stories was a possible way for them to maintain their sexuality with one another. Personally, Caroline thought it would just make her jealous and irate. Drew obviously feared that very thing.

"I don't know, Care," was all he could respond with. Caroline knew that the only way to get through this was to just assure him that she wouldn't be angry, even if it meant she would have to hide her true feelings. After nearly a half-hour of convincing, he finally began to tell her a story, and she sat back against her pillow sham and did her best to type it accurately:

He sighed heavily, glancing towards the sunbeam on the floor at his feet, and began. "I worked for the science department in college... you know, I had keys to all the labs and classrooms, and I was usually in the building for a few hours every day after everyone else had gone home. As a med student, I always had a lot of extra work to be doing anyway, so I didn't

mind sticking around. One day I was sitting at one of the lab counters working on an outline, and I heard the door creak open across the room.

In walked this gorgeous girl... tall, blonde... a real bombshell. She was wearing a little denim skirt that showed more of her than I ever could have imagined, and I don't remember much about her top, other than the fact that it was tight, and fairly thin. When she got close I could see the outline of her nipples through the material."

Caroline shifted uncomfortably in her chair, her mind suddenly haunted by her husband's arousal at another woman. She tried to convince herself that this happened years before they had even met, and he was simply being a man. Still...

"Anyway, I had seen her before, around school. I didn't know her name, but I had heard things about her that didn't surprise me. They said she was a real tease- the kind of girl that got off on the admiration of others, but didn't offer the goods. You know the type."

"Do I?" Caroline asked, feeling her cheeks flushing. He ignored her question and continued.

"She came in to see Doctor LeMans, who had left hours ago. She had a thick stack of paper in her hand, probably a lab write-up of some kind. I had no idea she was in the science field until that day.... But enough about that. She came in and asked if he was around, which I of course answered in the negative. She was standing next to me with her tits right at my eye level, and she was so close...."

Caroline stopped typing. Copying down his words was only making it worse. She would just listen it through to the end, and then they could forget this whole experiment. "Go on."

"Well, she asked if she could use the lab, and I said fine, whatever, as long as she cleaned up afterwards. When she didn't leave my side, I looked up at her, and there were those perfect tits... still right in my face. I could feel myself starting to sweat, looking at them. She knew I was looking too. She had a big, pretty smile on her face and her eyes followed mine everywhere they went. It wasn't long before she knelt down to look me right in the eyes, and she asked what kind of scientist I was. I thought the question was kind of odd."

"So the ditzy blond didn't know a med student when she saw one..," Caroline snapped. "Big surprise."

"She knew. It wasn't the kind of question she was really needing an answer for. It was more word games.. she was famous for those, I heard. Playing her game, I told her I was currently very interested in anatomy. She bit her lower lip seductively and I could honestly feel my dick getting hard against the bottom of the counter. She was just so gorgeous."

Caroline mumbled a reply and fought back the urge to walk out of the room. She had made him tell the story, after all.

"She walked around behind me and spoke softly right into my ear that she sort of had a thing for scientists. I had no idea what that could possibly mean; I had the idea that she had a thing for anybody that was looking at her. One of her hands fell on my shoulder and she gave it a

little squeeze, then she said the thing that finished filling out my already prominent erection."

"What?" Caroline had to admit, she was curious. Instant erections were not something she was terribly good at creating, mostly out of a lack of interest.

"She asked me if I wanted to experiment on her."

Caroline didn't know what to say.

"She asked if she could be my specimen... of course, the very thought of

it drove me crazy in a way I will never understand. The thought of having her laid out on my lab table..for me to do with as I choose.. it just...."

"Excited you." Caroline finished for him. Her jealousy had now numbed into simple acceptance. "Then what?"

"Then she giggled... a soft little throaty laugh that made me shiver with

rapture.. and then she turned and walked to the door. Before she walked out, she asked if I would let Dr. LeMans know she had stopped by. It wasn't until the door shut behind her that I felt truly stupid."

"So she got you all riled up and left. Same thing she did to everyone else, right? How were you surprised?"

"I know, I know. Like I said, I felt stupid."

Caroline sunk deeper into her chair, setting her laptop aside on a table. "Drew, I thought this story was going to be about a sexual experience...not one you wished had happened."

Drew took a sip from his lemonade and returned it to its glass coaster.

"I actually wasn't finished yet, dear."

Caroline provided a waving 'go on' gesture and crossed her arms against her belly, waiting.

"Well, the more I thought about what happened, the more angry I got. I mean, no guy likes to be teased, let alone by some chic who teases everyone. I actually got the point where just seeing her across the quad gave me a knot in my stomach. I just wanted to teach her a lesson, you know?"

She did know. Sometimes she wanted to teach the same lesson to her husband.

"So one day, I made a few preparations. I left the lab door cracked a bit, but rigged it up so it would lock when it was shut. I sat at my

counter and worked on a report, still in my lab coat from class. Just as I suspected, around dinner time she came in. She was dressed to kill, as usual, and had on a halter top lined with black lace that made me think of fancy lingerie. Part of her stomach was exposed. I nearly popped one just looking at that. She came in, and thank the heavens, she shut that door right behind her. She was too busy playing her games to hear it click a little louder than usual. I pretended not to notice her right away."

"But you noticed," Caroline confirmed. Now she had to hear how the story ended.

"When she came really close again, I said hi, and called her by name. She seemed pleased that I had gone to the work to find it out, as if that confirmed that she had made an impression on me. Her tits were right there in my face again, but this time I stood up to face her. She didn't

shy away. She probably thought I was just another lab nerd who wouldn't dare touch her. She was wrong. I slid open the drawer that was right where my stiffening dick had been and pretended to fish around, looking for something. She came closer again, running her mouth...saying all kinds of suggestive things. This time she was mid-sentence when I took ahold of her."

"What did you do?"

"Well, in the labs, we have these big hooks that come down from the ceiling to hang plant speciments on.. they are sturdy and deep, made so nothing will fall off. I grabbed a pair of handcuffs out of that drawer and snapped them on her wrists. Before she even knew what was happening, I lifted her whole body against me and hung her cuffs on one of those hooks. She could barely even bend her knees, and there was no chance of getting off that hook. I'll tell you, though... having her body squished against me like that went ahead and finished off my hard-on. I'm sure she could feel it.

"So I said to her.. 'You wanted to be my specimen, and now that's just what you're going to be, you dirty little tease.' She squirmed against me a little, and I couldn't help but love the power I had at that point. She was all mine, and the lab door was locked tight. I could do anything I wanted. I started by whispering into her ear, against one of her hoop earrings. I made sure to let my lips brush against her earlobe, letting her feel my hot breath. I watched those big tits of hers rising and falling with every heavy breath. She looked a little scared, but I was too high on control to care. I was going to teach her a lesson."

Caroline wondered if the therapist had ever imagined that this story-telling session was going to bring out a side of her husband she never thought she'd see...the side that held such primal urges and aggression. She almost wanted to smile.

"So I went around behind her and gave her some more scolding. While I was doing it, I ran my hands all over her, squeezing her tits in my hands, rubbing my thumbs over her hard nipples. I could have bent her over and had my way with her right there...but I didn't. I untied the halter strings behind her neck and fondled her bare tits while she moaned in a mix of fear and unmistakable pleasure. I was hard as a rock against her ass. I moved around in front of her and took her tits in both hands while I lapped at her nipples with my tongue. She wouldn't have admitted it, but I know it had to feel great. I was about to explode in my pants just feeling her little nipples throbbing."

Caroline felt hers throbbing at the suggestion.

"When I had sated my thirst for her nipples, I slid a hand under her leg and lifted her up onto the counter. She couldn't lay down with her hands chained to the hook, so I rehooked her handcuffs to a steel band at the edge of the counter. Her legs just dangled over the edge of the counter while her tits and stomach were perfectly displayed for me. Her arms were still stretched straight above her head. I spent a little more time fondling her, then opened another drawer to find something else I had stashed. I came back out with a metal rod about the length and width of a highlighter, and I smiled at how cold and dense it felt in my hand. I told her my next experiment involved her reaction to a certain metallic substance. She gave a frightened little moan, which I cut off with one of my fingers pushing into her. I played with her dripping pussy for several minutes while she squirmed on my fingers, begging me to stop and not meaning it. She was beautifully tight, which supported her

reputation as a non-serving tease. When I noticed her juices running out of her and soaking the insides of her parted thighs, I knew it was time to use the rod. I didn't put it where you might think."


"No.. I slid it slowly into her ass. She was nearly shaking and crying when I got it all the way in. It drove me crazy to feel how tight she was there. I knew it must be terribly cold, too." A rather sinister smile lit his face, and Caroline was sure she had never seen it before, not even in jest. "By then, I really couldn't take it anymore. My scientist facade was all fine and good, but I was in great need of a fuck. I couldn't wait to hear her false cries of disapproval, mixed with her true moans of pleasure. I left the rod in her ass and watched her squirm while I took my pants down at the waist. I left on the lab coat, and unbuttoned

it up to my stomach. I let her see my rock-hard erection, and couldn't help but smile when her eyes went wide. I told her it was now time to

test her ability to take every inch of my throbbing cock. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her eyelashes fluttered. She wanted it bad."

"And you gave it to her, didn't you."

"You know I did. I gave her an inch at a time, praising her with every inch she took. When I had about three left to go, I went ahead and slammed into her. I could feel the coldness of that metal rod inside her, and couldn't even imagine what it must have felt like to have a big dick in her while that thing was probing her ass. I had to fight to keep from blowing my load right then. Instead, I focused hard and bit my lip while I fucked her, hearing fewer cries of protest than I thought I would. She was so tight...."

"Tighter than me?" Caroline asked, wondering if he even remembered their wedding night. She remembered it very well, though it wasn't until now that she remembered it for the right reasons. Hearing his story had actually excited her. He was staring back at her in surprise, which was understandable. She rarely spoke of anything sex-related unless it was in

disapproval. Now she was literally shifting in her chair with the joy of its potential.

"Care...I.." he began, letting his words trail off. He really had no idea what to make of her comment.

"Andrew..." she replied, getting up from her chair and joining him on the loveseat. "I want you to show me just how you fucked her. Can you do that?"

His eyes lit up visibly, and she thought she saw him let out a silent little gasp. She decided she would have to be the one to run this show if it was going to happen. Standing, she slid down her gray sweatpants to expose her plain blue cotton underwear. His eyes became glued there as she pulled off her sweatshirt and sports bra, revealing her small, pert breasts. She didn't think to notice that the bay window was open and the neighbors could easily have a clear shot of her nudity. Right now, all she was concerned about was giving her husband a reason to forget his sleazy college story.

Less than a minute later, when she was riding the stiff cock Drew had acquired while telling her the story, she took a moment to silently thank their therapist. She then thanked God when Drew laid her on her back and gave her the greatest pounding of her adult life. Her only regret was not having a metal rod around to make it complete.

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