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Lucia looked up and met Cale's eyes as he spoke his next expected command. "Now suck my dick. Just like you sucked Brant's in the parking lot you cocksucker."

Lucia flinched at both his knowledge of her crude act, and his label of her. She knew people had probably seen her swallowing Brant's loads in the parking lot a few times, but it had never really occurred to her that it would get around the school. After all, she knew plenty of girls who gave head to more than just their boyfriend in a quiet corner of the building. Pleadingly, she looked up at Cale one last time in the hopes of some form of redemption on his face. She found only scorn, judgement, and lust. Her pussy pulsed as she reached out and gently lifted his cock at the base, pointing the head at her mouth. Cale saw her throat visibly gulp as she swallowed the excess saliva from her suddenly watering mouth. With a Pavlovian reaction, Lucia found that she was salivating when presented with a penis in her face. Without making a sound, she slowly parted her lips, and leaned in, prepared to taste the second cock in her life.

As much as he wanted to watch his dick finally enter Lucia's lovely mouth for the first time, Cale found himself groaning and closing his eyes involuntarily as he felt the warmth of her lips engulfing the head of his cock. He felt her tongue begin to swirl around the head as she held him shallowly in her mouth, her right hand holding the base of his cock in place while her head rolled around slightly to accentuate the action of her tongue. When he opened his eyes again, he looked down to find her slurping away quietly at his cock, using small gentle bobs of her head to bring him pleasure. Lucia kept her eyes tightly closed as she sucked him, embarrassed and ashamed of what she was doing. Cale unconsciously began to stroke her hair, and when he realized it, suddenly grabbed an handful to cover up his act of intimacy with one of degradation. As he gave the handfuls of hair a sharp tug, Lucia's eyes shot open in surprise, and then locked their gaze on his.

Under her watchful gaze, Cale began to slowly thrust his cock into her mouth, initially staying shallow with long slow strokes. He felt a shiver go up his spine as he watched her eyebrows raise in response, as if taunting him for his gentleness, and begging for him to face fuck her properly. While his perception of her reaction was not entirely correct, Lucia surprised herself with the emotions and feelings coursing through her body. While physically uncomfortable, Lucia found that her pussy was throbbing at the thought of being degraded and having her mouth used as a fuck-hole for Cale's dick. As Cale slowly increased the pace of his thrusts, Lucia gagged for the first time, as his cock head bumped into the entrance to her throat. Unconsciously, Lucia began to grind her hips ever so slightly in time with Cale's humping, squeezing her pelvic muscles to send waves of pleasure coursing through her whole body. Cale, oblivious to everything but his own pleasure, continued to stare down into Lucia's eyes, watching them close tightly as she gagged at the deep end of each thrust, then open again to lock with his as he pulled back.

Cale began to pause with his cock deep inside Lucia's mouth, grinding it against her throat and gagging her purposely. He was amazed that despite the gagging, Lucia made no real effort to push him away, nor did she seem ready to vomit. She seemed to take the gagging, if not willingly, then as a normal and acceptable part of sucking cock. Already rock-hard, Cale felt his cock pulse at the thought, and was startled to realize just how close he was to cumming already. His balls rode high, close to the base of his shaft as he fucked Lucia's passive mouth, coming to rest on her chin and ample lower lip as he held himself hilt-deep. Cale shuddered and groaned in pleasure and dismay as he felt the irrevokable oncoming of his impending orgasm.

Lucia blinked tears out of her eyes as Cale's cock backed away her throat slowly before it would inevitably plunge back in. Sucking in air through gaping nostrils, Lucia shifted her weight as he knees became uncomfortable on the hard tile floor. Serendipitously, Lucia reached one hand down from where they rested on Cale's thighs, seeking the warm wetness between her own. Though she hated herself for it, Lucia found she was unable to control her arousal, and equally could not resist rubbing her clit while Cale fucked her face. Though she did not dwell on the thought, a part of her felt that if she had to give him a blowjob against her will, she may as well get something out of it. Just as her hand reached her swollen clit, Lucia was shocked by the taste of Cale's copious cum blasting deep into her mouth.

Cale's grip on her hair kept her from pulling back, and instead Lucia was forced to swallow in order to keep from choking as more and more cum continued to fill her mouth. Through her surprise, Lucia's hand continued to work her clit as if on auto-pilot, and within moments, she lost the ability to keep swallowing his load as her own orgasm rocked her frame. Cale's semen flowed freely from the corners of her mouth as Lucia gasped for air around the girth of his shaft in the throes of her climax. In the heat of his own finish, Cale didn't even notice Lucia's orgasm, so intent was he on his own pleasure. When he finally re-opened his eyes, Cale looked down to see Lucia splattered with cum all down her chest and stomach and staining her pants with huge wet gobs.

Pulling his wet, sticky, and cum-covered cock from her mouth, Cale began to slap and slide his member all over her face. Slowly, Lucia's eyes opened, and she looked up and watched as Cale stared down at her, determined to humiliate her further. When she did not react to his actions, he grew angry, and jammed his semi-hard cock into her slackly open and still cum-filled mouth. At this, Lucia's eyes flew back open in surprise, and Cale felt his cock harden again in return. Without the need for the normal extended recovery period, Cale felt himself ready to go again, and without delay began to thrust his cock into Lucia's mouth again, this time harder than the first with his desensitized erection. Lucia gagged hard on his cock and he felt a satisfying spurt of his own semen splatter his thighs as she fought for air around his cock.

Her mouth and throat now thoroughly lubricated, Cale's cock now began to slide into Lucia's throat slightly on the very end of his thrusts. Feeling the opening giving way to his pounding, he began to focus on it, thrusting home and grinding his cock deeper until he felt his cock head plop into her throat entirely. He held it there for a moment while Lucia gagged ferociously, and to no avail. Pulling out again, he watched as a thick syrupy saliva mixed with cum followed his cock out of her mouth, falling in heavy strings onto Lucia's now soaked breasts. Lucia gasped for air in the short reprieve, mildly pleased at her newfound talent, but mostly appalled at the treatment she was receiving. Before she could gather her thoughts to protest, Cale's cock was back in her mouth, this time his hips simply thrusted forward while he used his hands to pull her head up and down its length.

Sensing what he wanted, Lucia decided to hasten the end of her ordeal by willingly pushing herself down on his cock, deepthroating him on her own. She found it difficult at first, and gagged horrifically as she attempted to convince her throat to voluntarily allow his cock entrance. She began to cup and rub his balls as she slid her mouth up and down his shaft, and she found it begin to get easier and easier to take all his length down her throat as it began to loosen. Her gagging became less powerful, and soon she managed to maintain control of her gag reflex entirely. Filled with pride at overcoming the challenge, Lucia looked up and made eye contact with Cale as she took his cock to the root. She held him deep for as long as her breath held out, maintaining eye contact even as her chest began to convulse from lack of oxygen. Finally, when she could take it no longer, she pulled her head off, but only slowly. Cale graced her with a small smile as she pulled off of his cock, a string of saliva connecting her lips with the head of his cock.

"I'm going to cum all over your slutty face." Cale said, the first words spoken in nearly twenty minutes as he watched, mesmerized while she learned to deepthroat.

Lucia merely nodded as she took in deep breaths to recover from the time she had spent buried in his groin. She worked her jaw unconsciously as she knelt waiting for his hot load, working out the kink from leaving it open so long under Cale's onslaught. Cale's hand was a blur as he stroked his cock, coaxing out a second load in a row. He felt the pressure begin to build and reach the point of no return. He grunted and said in a low voice:

"Stick out your tongue and catch what you can, whore."

Michael Henderson was in shock as he watched the scene unfold inside his classroom. He had returned to the school to retrieve a few lab reports he planned to mark that evening, and was awestruck when he reached the door and began to unlock it. Glancing through the window as he did so, he found himself frozen as he watched his least-favorite student deliver the most astounding blowjob he had ever witnessed. Lucia's face was a mess, with her black mascara in lines down her cheeks, a glaze of cum on her mouth and chin, and her lips swollen and red. He marveled as her semen-covered breasts heaved and jiggled as she sucked Cale's cock. He felt his own erection grow as he watched, unseen by the classroom's occupants. So that was how maintained Cale's cooperation in her lab work, he mused. He wondered briefly if she would be as receptive to working out her exam grades with a similar trade. "I could make good use of that mouth," Michael thought, lecherously.

His thoughts came back to reality as he saw Cale pull back and begin to stroke his cock, aimed directly at Lucia's face. Michael was pleasantly surprised to see that Lucia did not shy away from Cale's impending load, and in fact appeared to be eagerly awaiting it as she knelt at his feet, her right hand inside her jeans between her legs. He watched a Lucia began to moan, and closed her eyes, followed almost immediately by the first spurts of cum leaving Cale's cock. His powerful jets of jism blasted her in the face, and Lucia opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue in response. Though he could not hear them well, he thought he heard Cale ordering her to swallow his cum, which she did as his load began to peter out and merely leak onto her face. Realizing that he would be seen if he hung around any longer, Michael Henderson left his reports for another day, and retreated to his car. He walked briskly, anticipating the enormous orgasm he would have at home while picturing Lucia working on Cale's cock. He decided to give serious thought to a way to approach the subject of quid pro quo with Lucia. After all, it was only fair after his overlooking of her obvious academic misconduct...

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