Lab Rat


Author's note: The use of psychological terms and conditions in the following selection does not imply the author believes that he knows anything about psychology. The use of such is merely a tool to make the story more fun and entertaining as I am in no way claiming to be an expert having taken a grand total of two college Psychology courses before many readers of this site were born.


"Harder, oh come on big daddy pound my cunt with that big dick; cum in me; my cunt is on fire," Susan yelped at her father. Sweat was running off the older man with jet black hair that now was being filled in by silver streaks. John, at age 44, couldn't believe his daughter was screaming for his seven inch prick.

"Oh fuck yes, baby girl, then take this my little sluttie daughter. You are a hot little bitch aren't you?" John worked his cock in and out of the young girl's twat. He wrapped his hand into her long blonde hair that perfectly topped her five foot seven inch frame. He thought to himself what a frame it was too. She only weighed about 135 or 140 pounds with 36C boobs and a large 40 inch ass and sexy bedroom blue eyes.

"Yes, daddy I am the hottest fucking God damn bitch in town! Oh Christ daddy I am cumming; come on fucker fill my twat up with your seed." Her father stood about five inches taller than she did and weighed 185 pounds and was very athletically built from working out and running. He felt so good inside of her and could make love to her for hours on end.

"Oh shit, little girl I'm cumming," he exclaimed as he released a massive load of sticky nectar deep in her cunt. At the same time he felt his daughter shudder in her own orgasm as she cried out in pure delight. They collapsed beside each other on his king size bed which hadn't gotten much action since his wife ran off with an English Professor.

His friends told him never to date a Romance Languages Professor but he didn't listen and ended up jilted when she got stars in her eyes when the other guy quoted Shakespeare. As head of the Psychology Department he thought he should be able to handle this break up better than most people but it had been three years and he still thought of his wife from time to time.

His daughter, Susan, had helped him not only by fucking him but she seemed to understand him. After all, he was so very proud of Susan as she had just gotten her Master's degree in Psychology herself. Daddy was so proud of his little girl but now they spent many evenings arguing psychological theory.

Susan had been doing experiments on Pavlov's theories. She thought that she could use conditioned response on adults successfully enough that they might do things in public that they wouldn't normally do. Her father argued that you couldn't make a normally intelligent adult do anything unless you either thoroughly brainwashed them or hypnotized them. He confessed that using behavior modification techniques was very helpful in changing a behavior but these people wanted to change the behavior.

Susan told him she had already had some success with one of her classmates who would put her hand to her ear whenever she heard the word 'hi'. She admitted that behavior would likely wear off unless reinforced with positive feedback. Also, it took her a week and three pounds of M&M's to train her. Her dad's come back was that the girl was only touching her ear because Susan was around and expected it.

"Ok, daddy, I'll bet you that I can cause you to have a conditioned response," she pronounced a little defensively.

"There isn't any way in hell, little girl, I know all of the tricks, you just couldn't do it," John boasted.

"Do you want to bet on it?"

"What is the bet and how long do you get?"

"Ok, daddy I'll have you conditioned in ten days and you will still respond two weeks from today. But, you must do everything I say or the bet is off," Susan said gaining some confidence.

"I will be the model test subject, but will resist the conditioning like any smart adult. So, what are we betting?"

"Ok, if you win I will become your sluttie bitch whore and do anything you want. I'll take it up the ass; find another girl for a threesome, or whatever else you want."

John was excited but had to ask, "And what if you win?"

"Well then daddy your ass is mine. If I want you to put on my panties or fuck in the park you will do it." John didn't like the idea of wearing her panties or fucking in public but agreed knowing that his chances of losing were slim. They sealed their bet with a long passionate kiss lasting a full two minutes.

"Well, Susan what are you going to train me to do?" he asked slightly out of breath. He hoped that it wouldn't be something really embarrassing just in case she should really succeed. His worst fears realized when she told him.

"Well, daddy you will get the biggest tent in your pants whenever prompted. You will get so hard that it will feel as if the skin is two sizes too tight." she responded with a glint in her eyes.

"That is no test, I get hard whenever I see you or hear the word fuck," he snapped back.

"Oh don't worry daddy you will get hard no matter who gives you the cue; man, woman, little child, or even shriveled up 110 year old lady. Of course I won't use a word like fuck that wouldn't be fair. But I know I'll make you so fucking hard all of the time for the next two weeks that you will feel like you could cum at any time."

"I will believe that when I see it; the clock is running." Susan stood just smiling at her daddy knowing all of his sexual weaknesses. She was well aware of the power that he had given her as to get a fuck he would practically do anything which would make him putty in her hands for training.

"No, no, no, the clock starts right now because big sexy daddy whenever you hear or say the word 'hi' your big sexy cock will get so hard and big for me. Don't you want to get big and hard for your hot little bitching girl, daddy?"

"Oh yes, baby I love being hard for you and can't wait to get back in that twat of yours."

"Well then, my daddy do what I say, ok? Oh my it looks as if my sexy daddy is hard already." She walked up to him and placed the tip of her finger on his erection through his pants and slowly rubbed up and down on it's length and whispered over and over again the magic word. She must of said 'hi' 100 or more times.

Knowing that it would not be enough just to caress his cock while she said the word she stopped the caressing and walked away. She wanted to reinforce that whenever he heard the word that good things would happen. She didn't think candy or treats would be good enough it would take sex. John had been getting excited by the fondling and protested its sudden end, "Susan, don't leave me hanging you just made me hotter than shit!"

"Do you want to shoot your cum out of that big sexy prick?"

"Oh my fucking God, yes I am so horny."

"Well, I guess I'll help you out this time. Go ahead and pull it out of your pants for me. But, if you want me to make you cum right now you will repeat what I say and say whatever I tell you to say, ok," she cooed seductively standing over him playing with her crotch through her pants. She couldn't believe how turned on she was getting herself; her panties were soaked.

Whipping his cock right out of his trousers he answered eagerly, "Whatever you say just go for it right now; you are driving me crazy already."

Susan had already made her father realize in less than five minutes that he might well lose this bet; therefore she was half way to victory. Sitting back beside him, grasping firmly on his member, she whispered in his ear, "Hi!"

Her father just sat there enjoying her hand wrapped around his cock. Since nothing came out of his mouth Susan let go and backed off a little. It took a moment for him to realize what he was supposed to do and finally half whispered, "Hi."

Yanking hard on his stiff rod she leaned in and licked his ear as she purred, "Hi."

"Hi," he responded without a moment of hesitation this time. Susan let her breast brush against his side as she repeated that word that was sounding sexier and sexier to both of them. As her hand began stroking up and down his member John quickly responded. She repeated herself saying the greeting several more times as he got more and more turned on almost responding before she finished saying the little two letter word.

As she loved giving blow jobs the next part would be easy and fun. Her father's eyes were closed in ecstasy as she asked, "Daddy wants a cock sucking?"

Breathlessly he uttered, "Daddy wants a cock sucking."

"Well then, I want you to say over and over again until you fill my mouth with that sweet jism 'the word hi makes me very hard' and don't stop or pause daddy; I want to hear it loud and clear." Susan snaked herself onto the floor in front of him and smiled up at him. Taking his manhood into her hands she blew across the head softly waiting for him to utter the key phrase.

"The word hi makes me hard. The word hi makes me hard. The word hi makes me hard. The word hi makes me hard. The word hi makes me hard. The word hi makes me hard. The word hi makes me hard. The word hi makes me hard. The word hi makes me hard. The word hi makes me hard. The word hi makes me hard. The word hi makes me hard. The word hi makes me hard. The word hi makes me hard," he spit out rapidly.

Part of Susan couldn't believe that her dad was actually doing what she said but right now more than anything she wanted to swallow his hot sticky seed. She heard a moan come from him and then silence. She knew she was close to getting to drink his cum but had to stop. Pulling her head only a couple of inches away he resumed repeating the phrase. Her head quickly returned to the task of liberating his cum. Up and down him her mouth bobbed back and forth on his long shaft until he filled her gullet with his sweet nectar. She licked her lips in deep satisfaction.

"Wasn't that fun dear daddy?" she asked as she got up and straightened up her clothes. John was still trying to catch his breath from her incredible cock sucking. She looked over him and his semi-hard cock and just smiled broadly. Then pivoting around she practically waltzed away from him.

"Hey, little girl, don't I get to kiss your hot pussy or give you a good hard fucking?" He wasn't sure he could get it back up quickly enough to fuck his daughter but wanted to try. If nothing else he knew that he could make her cum by eating her delicious pussy. A frown came to his face as his daughter just kept strolling away from his shriveling penis.

"Not right now but don't worry my sweet lab rat you will have lots of fun over the next two weeks while I thoroughly condition you and that cock of yours." Susan was proud of herself as not only was she licking the sweet taste of cock honey from her lips but she had her daddy firmly in the palm of her hand. She sat down across the room from daddy and began reading the newspaper. Once she was convinced he had given up for now and was back into watching the television she snuck out of the room.

Going back to her bedroom she quickly discarded her clothing and put on a shortie nightie that didn't even cover her rump. Dousing herself with her sexiest perfume she put her hair up in pig tails. After a few minutes of primping to allow time for her dad's thoughts to wander from sex and get into the sports he was watching she headed back to the living room. Sure enough he had tucked his prick back into his pants and was intensely watching the game. Quietly she snuck up to where he was sitting and pushing her naked crotch into his face purred, "Hi."

"Hi," he instantly answered as the smell of her honey pot totally took over his senses. The smell was too strong and her cunt too close he just couldn't help it as his member grew hard. The vision of her thick blonde pussy literally in his face was just too damn much so he meekly responded, "Hi."

"Are you hard for me?"

"Fuck yes, who wouldn't be with your sexy cunt in their face?" Susan reached down and checked out his lap and sure enough his cock was stiff as a board. Grabbing the TV remote from his hand as she slid her legs further apart she took his head and pushed his face to her cunt lips.

"Oh yes daddy, you are so fucking hard; so, you can eat out my hot little cunt." She had never had her pussy kissed while standing up before but really wanted to try it. She figured this was the perfect opportunity as she could maintain full control of her lusty dad. Using his tongue skillfully he licked all over her lips and the tiny hole before turning his attentions to her hot button of a clit.

"Oh God, daddy, eat it now for me," she whispered hoarsely. Susan found that she had to hold onto John's shoulders tightly or she would fall over. Her legs were bowed far apart as her cunt gyrated in the older man's face. John thought to himself that this was quite a life as he was sitting in his favorite chair eating his favorite sweet dessert. As his daughter came for the first time her honey poured onto her upper legs as he tried to catch every drop.

"You taste so fucking great; but, can I fuck this hot little pussy now?"

"Are you still hard? Let me see?"

"You bet your sexy ass I am!" John almost shouted his response as her dainty fingers checked out the bulge in his pants. Susan pushed herself away from him and pulled the gown off. Getting down on all fours she wiggled her ass at her horny father.

"Well then, strip and plunge that big thing of yours into me." Shedding his clothing he never took his eyes off of her big bouncing ass. In a matter of seconds he was kneeling behind his baby girl and violently shoved his prick deep into her.

Susan was amazed every time her daddy's cock invaded her pussy at how great it really felt. She would never get tired of his talented spear jabbing in and out of her pulsating cunt. He had a wonderful weapon and knew just how to use it. Stroke after stroke the lovers moaned in ecstasy as the girl's hips slammed back at John's prick. The eruption was inevitable as their blood was boiling and breathing was getting ragged. With one last hard push John's seed splashed all over the insides of his daughter's pussy.

Pulling out of the tight quarters of her twat John fell back against his chair and just laid there slumped over trying to recover from the workout. He didn't notice his daughter scurry away to her room. While her father was out of it she made a phone call to her girlfriend, Rhonda, to make arrangements for the next day.

Then she got dressed in her least sexy clothing to give her training its first test. She didn't expect that her dad's cock would really get hard with only a couple of hours of training and certainly not after just coating her cunt with a shitload of his jism It took about half an hour for her to emerge into the living room where once again John had the sports going again. Casually she said, "Hi!"

Looking down at his flacid penis she got excited as it seemed to grow a bit in an effort to get hard. But, alas, he couldn't quite get it up. He meekly responded, "Hi, it is just too worn out after what you did to it."

"I'll forgive you this time," she said merrily as she waltzed off to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Their dinner was routine and a very typical father and daughter time together. They filled the time with everyday small talk. The subject of sex seemed somehow to be taboo while they ate their dinner.

Throughout the rest of the evening Susan continued to play with her father finding reasons to leave the room and re-emerge and say the two letter word that had become very sexy. Without fail his manhood would stretch out his pants. Each time she would give him some type of positive reinforcement whether it was offering up her ass for him to kiss, her boobies to fondle and suck on, or some other form of erotic activity.

As they slept that night she was convinced that her father would get hard each time she greeted him, especially with the sexy reinforcement she had been giving him. But, this was the easy part as he had to get erect whenever anyone said "hi" for her to win the wager. A couple of great tests would come the next day when she went into work for a couple of hours to get ready for the next semester.

She walked into her tiny Teaching Assistant's office and quickly shut the door as she braced herself against the file cabinet she yanked off her panties from under her skirt. She brought the cotton crotch of the red bikini to her nose and knew why her dad loved eating her so much as it smelt so damned good.

Susan could have played with herself right then but had more important things on her mind. Hurriedly she sat down and pulled the phone to the edge of her desk. She placed one leg up on the desk carefully placing her pussy only six inches from the phone. The girl turned on the speaker phone and began dialing her home number. She was briskly rubbing her clit waiting for her dad to answer until she heard him softly answer, "Hello."

"Hi daddy, do you know who this is?"

"Susan, is that you?" he carefully asked.

"Yes daddy, are you hard for me?"

"Well, maybe half hard but not stiff sweetie." Dipping her fingers into her cunt she began playing around with her sopping wet cunt. Once she got herself good and dripping she used her fingers to fuck herself creating a wonderful noise that was clearly audible over the phone line. She edged just a little closer to the microphone of the phone so that the slurping and sucking sound would be even louder for her daddy.

"Daddy, do you hear that, that is my red hot pussy and it is wet just for you. Now, are you hard daddy?" John felt his cock spring to life and become stiffer than he could ever remember. He couldn't believe how sexy the swishing of her cunt sounded.

"Shit, fuck yes, I am so fucking hard." Susan smiled broadly knowing that the next time she talked with him on the phone he would have no trouble getting a hard on. She would have to cut the conversation short as she didn't want him to risk using up his precious seed on a phone call.

She told him to chant out loud 50 times that the magic word would make him hard and he would be handsomely rewarded. Repeating the short phrase over and over again daddy was a bit frustrated when he hung up from Susan and considered whacking off but just then there was a knock at the door.

Opening the door the sight that greeted the older man really got his heart pounding. There was the five and a half foot tall Rhonda with her blonde hair blowing in the wind and her pert 36C tits virtually staring at him as they were standing straight up in her thin blouse. The thin girl's deep blue eyes twinkled at him as she purred, "Hi."

John's Cock instantly regained the stiffness that it had lost when the knock came on the door. Rhonda was a true vision of sexuality. She had no trouble noticing the sexy older man's erection as the tent in his pants was absolutely huge. The report to Susan would be a positive one and she could give John some positive reinforcement. So, tugging at her ear, she replied, "Hi, Mr. Anderson may I come in?"

"By all means, my dear; what can I do for you today?" He panted. The girl ran into the room grazing John with the hip of her tight shorts as she slammed the door as she went past the astonished man. Looking him straight in the eyes she began unfastening her blouse.

"Susan told me about her bet with you and I agreed to help her. And, either you are very happy to see me or she is winning the bet as I can see that sexy big thing in your trousers. Now I get to reward you for getting hard like Susan ordered you to." She dropped the blouse from her shoulders exposing her perfect boobs that didn't need a bra to hold them up.

Quite literally she collapsed to the floor in front of him and opened his pants and pulled them and his boxers down to his knees. Rolling his balls between her fingers she used the muscles of her cheeks to suck his prick deep into her throat. John let out a loud moan that sounded like he was in great pain but nothing could have been further from the truth, as all he could say was, "Fuck, shit, shit, my fucking God."

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