Labor Day


She whimpered again, and then murmured something as well. She was still smiling, and looked as if she were laughing, though he couldn't hear the sound. Her lips continued to move, and he leaned into the room, though he still couldn't make out any words. Just as he was about to tear himself away from the sight of her, two words came out clearly.

"Oh, Zach."

His eyes widened. Now he had to know what she was saying — what she was dreaming about. Any warning shouts that his conscience might have made were quickly and mercilessly stamped down by curiosity. Stepping carefully, testing his weight on every board before committing to it, he moved closer to the bed. Steadily, he could make out more of what she was saying.

"Zach, that tickles. That's better. That feels good. Mmm."

Must still be massaging her in her dreams. Better than nothing, I guess.

Though he couldn't make out a few of the next words, the first he could hear dissuaded him of that notion in a hurry.

"Kiss me again. Mmm. I need. So hot. I need you. Please, Zach. Down there."

That sent a shiver through him that caused an audible — if barely — groan. It was hard to interpret what he was hearing as anything else. Silent steps moved him closer to the bed, against anything resembling common sense. He still couldn't hear every word she mumbled into the pillow, but what he did made him throb like mad.

"Mmm. Please. On fire. Need your touch. Oh yes."

Then the alarm on his cell went off.

Worse than waking him up from a dream, it was exposing him in reality. He fumbled to shut it off while still in his pocket, to avoid pulling it out where it would be any louder. The damage was already done, and her next words were in full voice — somewhere between awake and asleep.

"Turn that off. Your tongue feels so good, Zach." Even as she said his name, she came fully awake and gasped, her face turning bright red when she saw him standing only a couple of feet away from the bed.

Zach finally got the alarm off and explained, "I was coming to wake you up."

"I was talking in my sleep, wasn't I?" Her blush had faded a little, replaced by a sweet, seductive smile.


"Well, I know what I was dreaming about, so how much did you hear?"

"A little."

She let out an exasperated sigh. "Okay, my hormones are too out of control to play this game." A crooked finger beckoned him near as she rolled onto her back. "Kiss me before either of us comes to our senses."

Even as his mind whirled, his body was moving. He'd dreamed about this for far too long. He leaned over the bed, pressing his lips to hers. She moaned into the kiss, hands moving to roam over his back.

Her eyes were still closed and her lips puckered when he straightened over his elbows above her. She shivered, and then her eyes opened. "Mmm. Wow."


"That was the sweetest kiss anyone has ever given me. Just like everything else about you." She reached up to caress his cheek. "You always had a way of making me feel better when Richard was ignoring me to get drunk, or forgot my birthday. You never forgot my birthday."

"He didn't deserve you."

Her cheeks reddened again, and she closed her eyes for a moment. "I've tried almost everything they say is supposed to help you go into labor. Spicy food, castor oil, playing with my nipples..."

The last made him throb.

"There's one thing I haven't tried."

"What's that?"

She answered not with words, but by tugging the straps of her top off her shoulders again. This time, she didn't stop, slipping her arms completely out of the straps, and pulling the top down off her breasts.

"Beautiful," he breathed, drinking in the sight. Rosy pink rings surrounded her stiff nipples, capping the globes he'd studiously watched grow larger as her pregnancy progressed.

"Please, Zach."

He didn't need to be asked twice. His elbows bent again, and her fingers twined into his hair. The first touch of his lips was a soft kiss, barely there. She shivered again as his lips closed over her nipple, and she whimpered.

Repeating the kiss on her other breast, he felt a tug — a silent request for more. Happily acquiescing, he suckled her nipple, swirling his tongue over the stiffened bud.

Marie moaned, thrusting her breasts up toward him. "Oh Zach, it's been so long since anyone touched me. You're so gentle. It feels so good."

Even in the fog of passion, he took that cue, curbing his desire to nurse her swollen breasts with all the hunger he felt. Instead, he caressed and tantalized them, his lips and tongue constantly changing the sensations. He switched back and forth between the pair, giving each equal treatment.

A taste — something subtle, unique, and new — gave him momentary pause. Remembering that she'd said her breasts were leaking, he felt a surge of euphoria. The taste had to be her pre-milk, and he wanted more.

A glance just before switching nipples confirmed his suspicions. A droplet had welled up from the erect bud. Rather than take her nipple in his mouth, he scooped up the drop with his tongue first, savoring the flavor and circling her areola with his tongue.

After sucking her nipple for a few seconds, he noticed that the other had provided yet another succulent drop. Back and forth he went, drinking from her wellspring and imagining what it would be like once her full milk came in.

"You're making me so wet," she said as one hand moved from the back of his head and between his legs. He grunted as her fingers found his hardness. "I want to see you."

Feeling torn for a moment, he ultimately gave in to her desire over his to drink from the font of her mother's first milk. After a final kiss — and taste — he stood up to pull off his shirt. On the bed, Marie wriggled and tugged to remove her top as well. She had just pulled the pale teal cloth over her head when he kicked off his shoes and pulled down his shorts.

Marie gasped and her eyes widened as his cock popped free to twitch before her eyes. She stared for a moment, and then looked up at him. "Oh my. I wasn't expecting that."

"What?" Zach asked as he leaned back over the bed.

She beckoned him into a kiss, and then whispered into his ear, "Let's just say that's one more reason I picked the wrong brother."

Petty as it might be, he could help smirking at the revelation that he had his arrogant brother 'outgunned'.

"Help me out of these." She pushed down on the waist of her shorts.

Curling his fingers beneath the band, he tugged the boxers down when she lifted her bottom. As soon as they cleared her feet, she parted her legs slightly, and he accepted the invitation.

Her head lifted up off the pillow and she yelped as his fingers brushed over her mound. He could feel hints of dampness, and see the dark shadow of hair beneath. She lifted her bottom off the bed again, and he followed the silent instruction, pulling down her panties.

There was apology in her voice when she said, "I can't really see or reach to shave."

It didn't bother him in the slightest. Her folds peeked out from amongst the nest of curls, making his mouth water for a taste of her. There was a much easier way than using words to tell her that a little hair wasn't a problem.

"Oh yes," Marie said as he climbed onto the bed, nudging one of her knees to the side. She parted her legs wide, and he dived straight in.

The scent of her arousal was thick and exciting as his tongue smoothed back her dark curls. He got just a little taste of her wetness in the first lap, but the next wriggled between her folds, coating his tongue in her nectar. His head rested against her tummy, making the angle a little awkward, but the reward was more than worth it.

She tasted like no woman he'd ever gone down on before. Drunk on her sweet juices, he sought every drop he could find, but made sure to give her clit plenty of attention as well.

"Oh, don't stop. So good. Faster. Yes, Zach!"

Her breathing quickened. Each inhale was a noisy gasp, and every exhale a moan or a squeal. She wriggled and twitched, one hand coming to rest on the back of his head. Unable to resist, he reached up to stroke one hand over the side of her tummy as he lapped her.

"Can't believe... So close. So good. Oh. Oh. Ohmigod!"

She stiffened, her fingers knotting painfully into his hair and thighs squeezing against the side of his head. She let out a loud squeal and began to quake as orgasm coursed through her body.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Ah Hah!"

Zach continued to lap for a few seconds, drinking up the increased flow of her juices and reveling in how hard she seemed to be coming. The fingers twined into his hair tugged upward, and he had little choice but to leave her sweet folds. She was still trembling, her pussy lips twitching as she yelped her way through the ongoing orgasm.

Her voice a warbling whimper as she went limp, Marie cried out, "Oh my god."

After licking his lips, Zach couldn't believe the words passing his own lips as he asked, "Did you come?"

She laughed, squeezing her legs together for a second. "What do you think? I have never got off that fast." A sudden lurch shook her, and she snapped a hand to her tummy.

"I don't think someone's terribly amused about all the fluttering going on in there. Here. Feel."

He let her guide his hand, and almost as soon as he touched her stomach, he felt his nephew kick. It surprised him so much that he jerked his hand away on instinct.

"Little Bruce Lee," Marie said, rolling her eyes. "It was so worth it, though. Kiss me?"

Zach lay down beside her, and melted into an aggressive, hungry kiss. Her hand found his manhood at the same time, wrapping around it. When their lips at last parted, she grinned, then bit her lower lip, and stroked him a little faster.

"I want you," he said, unable to hold back any longer. "So bad."

"I want you too. But how?" She patted her tummy.

His internet research was about to pay off. Scooting closer, he gave her another quick peck on the lips. "Are you okay on your side?"

She nodded, and then followed the guidance of his hand to roll over, facing away from him. He lifted one of her legs, stroking her shoulder with the other hand, and spooned in against her body. She gasped as his cock nestled up against her butt. A little more wriggling positioned the head of his cock against her wet heat.

A long gasp escaped him as he sank inside her. She was unbelievably hot and wet inside. The angle didn't allow for much penetration, but that was part of the point of the position, and he hardly cared.

"You're so hard. So big."

"You feel so good, Marie."

"Give it to me. I've never had anyone come inside me without a rubber. I want it."

Having never had sex without a condom either, he was throbbing in anticipation of that as well. He worked his hips with a slow, rocking motion, stroking his cock inside her. She moaned with every shallow thrust, often punctuating it with whispers of, "Yes."

Though the position was a little hard on the back, it let him feel her hot skin against his and explore her body with his hands. A little effort even let him kiss the back of her neck, eliciting sharp whimpers each time.

Her tummy fascinated him, and his hands stroked over it often as he worked his hips, pushing into her saturated sheath. Those caresses always drew sweet, satisfied moans, encouraging him to trace every contour of the taut skin he could reach.

"Oh, so good. Faster."

He was barely containing the urge to do so anyway, and obliged her — within reason. His hands still roamed her body, cupping her breasts and rubbing her clit, but primarily indulging his desire to feel her pregnant bump. The lack of leverage meant that he only had his hips to work with, providing a perfect medium between what they both wanted and what was good for the baby. The first little itch of his own climax tingled in the head of his cock, and he knew that things were going to progress rapidly from there.

Fortunately, she appeared to be well ahead of him.

"Right there. Yes, baby. Oh, I'm gonna come," she cried out, her voice rising rapidly in both volume and pitch.

"Come for me, Marie," he grunted, barely holding back an eruption of his own as he pumped his hips as fast as he could manage.

"Oh, Zach! Yes! I'm... Ahh!"

Her satiny walls squeezed tight around him, and she screamed as climax once again claimed her. His right hand rested on her tummy, and he could feel it contracting — fluttering. He managed a few more halting thrusts, and then pressed hard against her body, shooting hot jets of cum deep inside her.

For long minutes, he stayed nestled in her depths, stroking her tummy and kissing her neck. Finally, both of them had to move.

"Thank you. I needed that so much," she said after they'd finally recovered their breath.

"So did I."

"You've always had a crush on me, haven't you?"

His face warmed, but he answered, "Yeah."

"It always made me feel good." She let out a groan of effort, lifting up onto one elbow to kiss him. "I started having..." After a brief pause and a nervous laugh, she continued, "dreams about you last year."


"Mmm hmm. You made them come true, too. The way you look at me. The way you hold me. The way you touch me. The way you made me come."

Zach shivered from her words, feeling a fresh surge of blood trying to fill his softening organ.

"That's really why I had to leave today. I had a dream about you this morning before Sam picked me up. It was all I could think about whenever I looked at you today. Then when you offered to bring me home..."

"I think about you all the time."

She snuggled in close and stroked her hand over his chest. "Mmm, that made me all tingly. Sam knows, you know?"


"She's not blind. She said something while you were out starting the car. She's not the only one, either. I guess neither of us was hiding it very well. She said we'd be good for each other."

That was both embarrassing and shocking. "You mean — like..?"

She nodded. "I'd like to."

"Me too."

Marie's smile widened and a single tear ran down her cheek. He wiped it away wit the tip of his finger, and the two of them lay lost in each other's eyes for quite some time.

"We should probably get up, though. There are some things I don't think Sam would want to know about, and she'll be coming over later."

"Guess you're right. I don't want to, though."

"Me either."

This time, it was Zach who sat up and sought her lips for a lingering, passionate kiss.

She moaned. "Mmm... Happy Labor Day."

He let out a chuckle and grinned. "Happy Labor Day."

"Those kisses aren't helping me get... Oh!"

Zach sat up straight, alarmed at the sharpness in her voice. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, but it's Labor Day in more ways than one. My water just broke."

Brain going into overdrive, he stammered, "W-what do I do? I..."

She pressed a finger to his lips and laughed. "Get dressed, get me a wash rag and a towel, help me get dressed, then call your sister. The baby isn't coming this minute."

"Okay," he responded, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed, his mind still awhirl.



"I want you with me. Are you okay with that?"

"Yeah, of course." The thought of watching her have the baby was actually exciting.

"Thank you. Go on, and don't forget to wash up before you get dressed." She glanced down at his pussy-slick cock and grinned. "I think Labor Day is my new favorite holiday."

He couldn't have agreed more, and hoped for many, many more to come.


Hope you enjoyed this break into a new category, and please do vote. Comments are always nice, and I do pay attention to them all.

This is an edited version of this story, correcting my hurry to post in time for the contest. I've fixed the line that brought so many readers up short, expanded the sex, and sweetened the ending.

I've also made sure to note that the story should be ineligible to win the contest for this and other reasons.

Don't let that stop you from voting and commenting, though!

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