tagGay MaleLabor Day Cum & Play Ch. 02

Labor Day Cum & Play Ch. 02


I must have laid there for at least an hour wondering what Seth was thinking when he saw Ethan's naked body hanging halfway out of our bed. I was mortified. As if my mind wasn't clouded enough from the events of the night before, knowing Seth could be squealing to their parents made it hard for me to think about anything else.

I finally woke Ethan with a violent shake. "Your brother got a good show this morning."

Startled, he replied "what the hell are you talking about?"

"Well that monster of a cock of yours was hanging out the sheets this morning for everybody and their mama to see. Your brother was in the bathroom pissing and opened our bedroom door, saw your fucking morning wood and slammed it shut. I'm surprised your deaf ass didn't hear it." I explained.

"Don't get your pretty little panties in a wad," Ethan said in a calming voice. "I sleep naked at home all the time. Besides that'll teach his ass not to be so damn nosy."

"Yeah but do you have another guy in your bed at home when you sleep in the nude?" I said, unimpressed with Ethan's attempt to downplay the situation.

Ethan rolled over closing his eyes "don't worry about it man. Go back to sleep." He tried to reassure me.

At that point I had to know for myself whether Seth squealed or not, so I got up out the bed and threw on some gym shorts and a tee shirt to head to breakfast.

"How'd you boys sleep?" Were the first words out Ethan's dad's mouth as I sat down at the table with my bowl of Cocoa Krispies.

My face was as red as the can of Coke Seth was drinking when I answered "Pretty good. Thanks again for letting me come down here with y'all. I'm really looking forward to some time at the beach today."

I was trying so hard to read Seth but I just couldn't. Every time I looked his way he would look away, making me think he knew something was up.

"Colby, see if you can get Ethan up and moving. We want to get to the beach before noon." Ethan's dad chuckled. I darted my eyes over to Seth who was snickering under the table. He definitely knew something was up.

I walked into our bedroom to find Ethan still out cold. I took off my gym shorts and tee and made my way over to the dresser for my swim trunks. Glancing over at the bed I couldn't help but notice the tent in the sheets from Ethan's hard dick. Thoughts of last night came rushing to my mind and suddenly I figured out the perfect way to wake him.

Still nude I tip toed over to the bed and dropped to my knees. Peeling the covers back, I was practically drooling by the time I uncovered my prize. This was the first chance I had to really get a good look at Ethan's gorgeous cock. Nestled at the base of his shaft was a small, cut bush of hair that led to twin blue veins running down either side of his shaft. They were almost as thick as the ones on his arms.

His shaft was smooth and girthy, and he was perfectly cut. The head of his cock was the biggest part, almost draping over his shaft like an actual mushroom. It was so thick and as red as a beet. His ball sack was a little hairer than his pubic area, and the aroma that came from them smelled so good to me it filled me with lust. His balls were almost as big as golf balls, though one was slightly larger than the other. They hung so low I had to lift them to get a glance at his hairless ass and hole.

After seeing all that I coulndn't take it any more, I had to milk his beautiful cock.

I lustfully licked the base of his dick to the slit in the head, carefully getting every drop of pre-cum. I slid his cock down my throat inch by inch until his pubic hair tickled my nose. Careful not to choke and draw attention to our room, I kept it there for a few seconds, and began to rock my head back and forth, letting his rock hard dick fuck my throat as long as I could stand it.

It was only my second time sucking dick, but I was completely in love. I worked his dick out of my throat and licked the underside of the head before removing it from my mouth, remembering the combination of licking his balls while jacking him off that gave me his second load last night.

I made my way between his legs and started to lick and nip at his balls while using the spit from the vigorous deep throat I had just given him to jack his cock off. I used my free hand to gently cup and tug on his nuts, taking them both in my mouth. I let his balls go and reached a little further down, caressing the smooth skin between his hole and sack. After doing this a few minutes without any sign of an orgasm, I decided to use my tongue instead of finger to stimulate his sweet hole.

His hole smelled just like his balls, and I dove right in.

The taste of his hole was sweet but bitter, and it wasn't long before I felt his body start to twitch. I sped up my pace of stroking, and licked harder on his hole until I felt his balls tighten between my mouth and hand. Leaving his hole, I cupped his balls with my hand and shoved every inch of his hot cock in my mouth desperately wanting his seed in my throat.

His body twitched and jerked as gobs of cum began to fill my throat. I waited for him to finish before taking his softening dick from my mouth, swallowing and swallowing until the last drop was gone. I squeezed his dick head and licked the last bit out. After a few more seconds of playing with it I finally put it down and looked up. Ethan was staring down at me with his handsome grin.

"What a way to wake up" he laughed.

"I'm sorry I just saw the tent in the sheets and couldn't help myself." I explained as I joined in his laughter.

We both got up and put on our swim trunks and headed down to the beach to meet his parents. We had so much fun that afternoon I almost forgot Seth had been absent most of the day. We constantly ran in and out of the water to cool our bodies off from the blistering sun. The rest of the time we sat in our chairs talking about the dick lines in the trunks of the guys getting out of the perfect blue ocean.

"I wonder if those frat boys are still down there?" Ethan asked.

His words shocked me. 24 hours ago neither one of us would dare have said a word about another guy in that way. Now it was all we could talk about.

"There's only one way to find out" I finally responded after picking my jaw up out of the sand.

As we strolled down the white sand we conversed about things I had always kept deep in the back of my mind. Our celebrity crushes, the guys at school we thought were hot, and whose dicks we had seen in the locker room. We neared the spot where the frat guys were yesterday to a massive disappointment.

They were gone, leaving behind nothing but cigarette butts, empty packs, and the most empty beer cans I had ever seen in my life.

"Well that's a fucking bummer" I admitted.

"What's to be bummed about we still have each other, right?" Ethan replied giving me a smack on the ass.

After a few more hours of drooling over the strolling passerby's, it was time to head in and get ready for dinner.

"Ethan, your dad and I are making a run to the liquor store. You and Colby hop in the shower and be ready to go when we get back." Ethan's mom yelled from the kitchen.

Ethan and I gave each other a sly grin and made our way to the bathroom, stripping our trunks off along the way.

The warm water felt amazing on my body, as Ethan wrapped his arms around me hugging me from behind. I turned around and put my arms around him as he leaned in to kiss me. I was so caught off guard my body froze for a few seconds before I snapped back to reality. I kissed him back, letting our lips and tongues explore the others. My dick was instantly hard, prompting me to reach down and grab Ethan's. He did the same, and we stroked and kissed each other until the water started to turn cold.

We got out and dried off quickly, both diving in the bed to continue our make out. We were both so turned on, kissing and biting each other's necks and bottom lips. Ethan found my tender spot between my neck and shoulder, making me cum instantly. I let out a couple of loud moans as my body jerked with each pump of cum that escaped my dick, spilling all over Ethan's cock and chest.

He let mine go and turned his attention to his, adding more cum to the bucket load that was already covering his chest.

We returned to the shower, constantly kissing while we washed each other. It was like our lips were magnets attracted to one another with a strength neither of us could explain. I washed the cum off Ethan's chest and stomach while he washed my hair, tenderly kissing on his neck in the process. Our cocks were throbbing again, lusting for one another. We finally got out of the shower to towel off, finally parting our lips, knowing we would pick up our exploration where we left off when we got back.

I had just walked back into our bedroom when Seth barged in the bathroom. "Are you faggots done yet?" he spat.

"Grow up asshole" Ethan snarled. "You keep calling us faggots when you're the one rubbing dicks with everybody you wrestle with."

I was almost as surprised as Seth, watching as his face grew red with anger and embarrassment. He quickly grabbed Ethan up and slung him on our bed pinning him down with his huge leg muscles and holding Ethan's arms down making his perfectly cut biceps and forearms flex.


"I said maybe you're the fucking faggot!" Ethan snapped back.

I expected Seth to completely flip his shit and starting beating the hell out of Ethan, but instead he held his position staring into Ethan's eyes as if they were having a conversation through telekinesis.

After a few seconds Seth flung Ethan out from under him and stormed into the bathroom, slamming the door.

I rushed over to Ethan, "are you okay?"

"Fuck that asshole" he replied. "He knows I'm telling the truth. Every time he gets done with a match he has to tuck his boner in his pants so nobody notices but the damn thing is so big everybody can see it."

I couldn't picture anything other than Seth's massive boner hanging out of his singlet the rest of the night, giving myself an instant hard-on each time the thought crossed my mind. Neither Ethan nor Seth said a word to anyone during dinner, and the car ride home was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Seth didn't let the car stop all the way before jumping out to meet his friends once we made it back to the condo.

Ethan and I sat in front of the television with his parents for an hour or so before they went to bed, still not talking. I could tell his spat with his brother really bothered him, and figured a trip to the hot tub to talk would cheer him up. We changed into our trunks and made our way to the Jacuzzi, not passing a soul along the way.

"I just can't believe the nerve of that asshole. He knows how much I hate it when he pins me down like that," finally breaking the silence, Ethan continued. "I'm not a fucking kid he can just do whatever he wants to with anymore. I'm not his fucking play thing."

Feeling responsible, I responded "I feel like it's my fault. If we hadn't been messing around last night you wouldn't have been sleeping naked last night."

"Don't say that, he's like that with all my friends. I guess I'm just more confused than anything." He confessed, "Sucking his dick that night did something to me. It was all I could think about for months and I was constantly trying to figure out how I could do it again. It completely changed me. I started looking at guys differently, thinking about guys differently. Hell the last time I had a girl go down on me I couldn't even get hard. Straight porn does absolutely nothing for me, and if I watch two minutes of a couple guys going at it I feel like my dick will explode if I don't jerk it."

"I think I know exactly what you mean" I replied attempting to comfort him. "You're the only guy I've ever thought about this way and now that we've started exploring each other I don't ever want it to stop."

"I think I'm in love with you" he interrupted me.

I thought I was going to be sick right then and there. I couldn't believe my macho man straight best friend was saying those words.

Ethan continued, "Since I realized I could never have Seth in that way again I turned all my attention to you because we're constantly together. I just never knew how to tell you."

I had heard enough. I made my way over to Ethan and laid a kiss on him like no other. There was so much passion in those few minutes I thought my heart would explode.

I broke the kiss only long enough to tell him I felt the same way.

With that he began kissing me hard. Our tongues wrestling the others while working our lips around one another. It was so hot I felt like we were the cause of the steam rising from the hot tub.

Subconsciously I climbed on top of my new lover, straddling his hips with my legs, falling deeper into his kiss. He began kissing and sucking my neck, moving from side to side before meeting my lips in the middle. I could feel his dick standing straight up in his trunks, and I positioned is right against my ass slowly moving up and down its length. Once he started to move his hips in motion with my movement, I couldn't take it anymore. I had to have him right then and there.

"Fuck me" I whispered in his ear, nibbling on its lobe.

He picked me up out of the water and placed me on the side of the Jacuzzi. I wrapped my legs around him as he got on top of me, starting to kiss his way down my body. I was in complete ecstasy, moaning with every swirl of his tongue. Ethan was loving every minute of it, keeping his eyes on me watching my facial expressions as he kissed a new, undiscovered part of my body.

"I can't fuck you right here, what if somebody walks up?" Ethan asked as I snapped out of his trance.

"You have a good point." We both laughed, "We can't go back to the condo, I don't think I'll be able to be quiet enough when put that ridiculous dick of yours in my ass."

"I'll snag a few towels off the pool chairs and we'll find somewhere on the beach." Ethan had a solution for everything.

I gathered myself and started to prepare my mind for what was about to happen. So much had already happened in the 24 hours since we arrived in Panama City. I couldn't believe Ethan and I were finally being completely honest with each other for the first time in our relationship, and I was falling head over heels in love with him.

The short walk to the beach couldn't come fast enough. My heart was racing, dick was throbbing, and ass was quivering at the thought of my first time having a cock deep inside me. Letting my new lover completely have his way with me. Burning to feel the sensation of his seed spill in my hole.

"You ready?" Ethan asked as he neared with an arm full of towels.

"As ready as I'll ever be," I replied, leaning in to give him one more kiss.

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