tagGroup SexLabor Day Party Ch. 01

Labor Day Party Ch. 01


This story is the culmination of a long erotic dream I had one morning. I fleshed it out and added more details to make it longer. None of the people are real, but are loosely based on people in my life. If cuckolding isn't your thing...well, you can always click away. Or keep reading. You may find something you like...


My friend Sal and I had been planning on having a major blow-out party for Labor Day weekend - just a long overnight party since everyone was off on Monday. We figured that we would have plenty of people over - coworkers, friends, and a few of Sal's neighbors who we played poker with on weekends.

That Saturday night we started the party off in style with a big barbeque and two kegs. People were coming and going all night - there must have been 50 to 60 people there. Of course during the course of the evening, I lost track of my wife, Maria. I just figured she would be hanging out with Sal's wife, Donna. I handed Sal the reins of the barbeque and went inside to take a piss, and there I saw Maria and Donna hanging out with two of the guys from poker, Marcus and Derek. The four of them were playing cards with a few other people, and as I got closer I heard the telltale yell of "Last card!" from the game of Asshole. Donna threw down her final card and threw her hands up in the air.

"Hi Honey!" my wife said as I came over, seeing her with a strong buzz. I could tell she wasn't doing well in the game and had been drinking a lot as punishment for losing. She came bouncing over and gave me a hug and a deep kiss, then went back to her seat. Maria stumbled a little, and Marcus reached out and held her hand as she sat back down. I shook Derek's hand and nodded to Marcus, who was enjoying the party.

"You guys eat yet?" I asked, and everyone said yeah. I told them I'd be right back and went to the bathroom. On the way back, people had changed seats from where they finished in the previous game, and my wife was between Marcus and Derek. I couldn't tell, but it looked like Marcus had his hand on my wife's thigh. She was wearing shorts and a tank top. Her toned legs were looking real good that night, and her big breasts really filled up that tight top, with plenty of tanned cleavage on display. It only took a few rounds for me to get pretty buzzed from constantly losing.

The night started winding down, with most people leaving the party after a late thunderstorm came through. Sal had come over and started playing too, and it was down to Sal and Donna, myself and Maria, Marcus, Derek, and another couple from down the street. Everyone was really drunk and tired at this point, and we started breaking off to go to sleep for the night. Sal had plenty of rooms, so we all started picking spots for the night. I walked down the hall to the room, but realized I better have some water. As I went back into the kitchen, I saw Marcus whispering in my wife's ear. She nodded, and then turned to see me walking in the room. She smiled really big, then kissed me and headed to the room. I joined her shortly thereafter, and she was already asleep...or so I thought.

I passed out for maybe a half hour, but I woke up as Maria got out of bed. She heard me rustling, and said, "I'm gonna go pee - I'll be back," and headed down the hall. I mumbled an 'okay' in response, but found it odd she went down the hall to the right - the bathroom was to the left. I just blew it off and tried to get back to sleep, which just wasn't happening. I got up to get an aspirin, and heard voices down the hall...to the right. I softly walked down the hall to the room, and the door was open slightly. I pushed it open a little, and saw Marcus laying on the bed, naked, his fat black cock standing straight up. God it was huge. But what really made me do a double take was seeing Maria kneeling between his legs on the bed, topless, her hand grasping the base of his shaft. Her white hand started sliding up and down his dark manmeat, a big smile on her face.

"So is this what you had in mind?" I heard her say. Marcus nodded his head, and I watched my wife open her mouth and start licking his cock head. I stood in the door watching her tongue gliding up and down his shaft and circle around his thick cock head. She opened her mouth wider and wrapped her lips around his cock, her head slowly bobbing up and down on him. Marcus moaned and placed his hand on the back of her head, holding her reddish-brown hair out of the way. Her hand stroked his thickness as she sucked his cock, the sound of her slurping on him getting louder and louder. I felt my cock getting rock hard watching my wife act like a slut with my friend.

She moved forward a little, and started sliding his cock between her beautiful D-cup breasts. He reached down and held them together, pumping his hips up and down. Her eyes were locked on his, her mouth hanging open as she started to lightly moan. I watched the head of his cock pop up and down again and again, a very sexy contrast of his black skin against her tanned breasts and cleavage and the whiter skin where her bikini had covered.

"I need you back in my mouth," she said, and dove back down on his turgid pole, her head turning side to side as she sucked him harder. Marcus moaned loudly and tilted his head back, enjoying my wife's oral skills.

"You can see her better if you come in," he said loudly, which shocked me back to reality. It took a second or two to realize that he was looking right at my reflection in the mirror across the room, my hand rubbing my cock through my shorts. Fuck, i must have had the door halfway open as I stood there gazing on my wife pleasuring another man.

Maria slowed down her blowjob, but kept Marcus' thick prick in her mouth as I slowly came in to the room. "You like watching her suck my cock?" Marcus asked me. I watched him proceed to guide her bangs off her forehead. "She does an amazing job," he added as he stroked her hair.

"No," I said, and even I didn't believe myself. I had fantasized about this for a while, but could never bring it up. I never thought she would go for it, and was always embarrassed that she might hold it against me.

"Bullshit - your cock is hard. If you really didn't want to watch this, you would have stopped it." All i could do is stand and watch. "Oh wait, that's right - you WANT to see your wife with a big black cock in her mouth!" Marcus' words hung in the air until Maria lifted her mouth off his cock with a juicy 'pop' sound.

"I figured that I would take your fascination with cuckolding and interracial porn into my own hands," she said. "Yeah, I know what you look at on the computer, dummy. You might want to try to delete your history every now and then."

My heart froze - holy shit, what has she seen? What HASN'T she seen? She got off the bed, grabbing her tank top that was laying on the floor. "I know you wanted me to do this, especially with all the online pics you looked at of all the women that that kind of look like me. All those pics of white girls with their pussies, mouths and asses filled with black cock. Filled with cum. Don't worry, you'll get your big wish."

She smiles wide, then kisses me deeply. I can taste the wetness on her lips from the cocksucking she was giving Marcus. She reaches down and rubs my cock - "I can see someone is turned on. Take your clothes off - NOW!" she says, as if a switch has flipped in her head and a more dominant version of Maria has appeared. I quickly pull my clothes off, my cock standing out. I can see that Marcus is much thicker in comparison to myself, and probably 3 inches longer.

"Put your hands together in front of you," Maria says, and I oblige. She uses the tank top and ties my hands together, then pulls me over to the bed. "Lay down on your back, right here near the side." I do what she says, and she takes Marcus' belt off the floor and fastens my hands to the bedpost. She gives it a nice tug, then when she is satisfied I am not going anywhere, she leans in close to me, looking into my eyes with a fiery passion. "Tonight, you get every dirty little wish you wanted from all those sites you looked at. I spent quite a bit of time myself there - that IS some hot shit you like. I can't wait to make all YOUR dreams come true..." she glances at Marcus, then back to me, "...and MINE." There is a deep, guttural growl of pure sex and fire as she says 'MINE' that strikes me to my core. Holy fuck, what did I unleash? She pushes herself off my chest, then turns back to Marcus. "Now where were we?" she says to her stud.

"You had your sweet little mouth wrapped around my fat cock," Marcus says, and sits in the bed next to me. I watch Maria crawl up to him, her big juicy breasts swaying back and forth. Her perky nipples are rock hard and stand out well due to the tanlines.

"Can you see honey?" she asks as she grabs his still-hard cock, and I nod a yes. "Good," she moans as I watch her mouth slide back down around his manhood. Her eyes gaze up at me as her cheeks go concave from the vacuum treatment she is providing to Marcus.

"Your wife is very good at sucking cock," Marcus comments as I watch her jerking and sucking his fat cock. My cock twitches as I watch her, unable to touch it. My eyes are fixed on my wife as she looks up at Marcus, sucking and slurping his cock. A few seconds go by, and I hear Marcus speaking - I look over to see him on the phone.

"Yeah, it's on..."

"Oh yeah...her mouth is on my cock right now..."

"Yeah, he's here too, but he won't be a problem..."


He hangs up the phone, and smiles. "Shit just got a lot more interesting," Marcus says to me. Marcus tosses his phone back on the side table as the door opens and Derek walks in wearing just his boxers. I look over at Derek in the doorway as Maria releases a sultry moan from her mouth...

...to be continued...

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