tagLesbian SexLace Club: Jessica Stern Ch. 03

Lace Club: Jessica Stern Ch. 03


I woke up with the morning sun pouring through the windows of my bedroom. My body was tired and weak. I reflected on yesterday's events and felt my nipples harden against my white silk top. What a wild ride!

In case you're not familiar, yesterday was my first day working for Lace Club — a company that specializes in all girl sex parties. I had a very erotic massage and wax, followed by an intimate and flirty lingerie fitting with a sexpot named Scarlet, then later at the Lace Club party I had a very sensual encounter with Scarlet and Kayla (a crazy-famous, crazy-hot, young A-lister).

I heard my phone buzz. An email from Jessica Stern.


I heard you made quite the impression on some clients last night. Meet me in my office at 10 am sharp. Wear something naughty.

-Jessica Stern"

God, even her emails were sexy. How is that possible?

It was only 8 am so I had plenty of time to get ready. As I lie in bed thinking about the "impression" she said I'd made, I suddenly felt myself getting turned on. Maybe Jessica — ahem, Miss Stern — would be at the next Lace Club party. My heart began beating a little bit faster.

What would I do to Miss Jessica Stern if I had the chance? The possibilities were running through my mind. I thought about Kayla's soft lips on my wet pussy last night and how she wrapped them around my clit and teased me with her tongue. I grabbed my phone and went right for Kayla's instagram page. She had millions of followers and it's no mystery why, her photos were fucking sexy. She posed in the pool with her breasts sitting just above the water. She was wearing only a wet, white, tee shirt. Her pert nipples stood straight out. My pussy was dripping. With one hand I played with my sensitive nipples through my silk top, and the other hand ventured down and felt the wet spot that had formed on my silk panties. My heart beat rapidly increased as I gently grazed over my throbbing clit and let out a soft moan.

I reached for my vibe and kicked off the covers so I could see my incredible body in the mirror as I began teasing myself with the vibrator. My body writhed and grinded against the vibe as I thrust my hips into the air towards it.

Buzz, buzz.

It wasn't coming from my vibrator, but instead my phone. I don't normally check my email while I masturbate, but who knows, Jessica's emails have been making me very hot lately!


Never orgasm before a meeting with Miss Stern, she can always tell.


Assistant to Miss Jessica Stern, Lace Club, Inc."

Fuck. I was so close. I looked at my long tan legs in the mirror contrasted by the (now wet) white silk panties and top. My large breasts pressed against the fabric. My long blonde hair tumbling over the edge of the bed. I gently touched the vibrator to my clit and I almost came from just that. No, I couldn't. Renee said she could always tell. I had to stop, Jessica Stern was my boss. I followed her rules. Wow, that made this whole thing even hotter.

I hopped in the shower. A cold shower. It made my nipples stick out and I tried not to linger on any sensual parts of my tight, wet, bouncy, body. Jeez, this was proving to be a very difficult task for me.

I had to avoid mirrors and put my vibrator out of sight while I got ready. I chose a silky, light pink dress, black stilettos and no panties or bra. She said wear something naughty, who am I to disobey my own boss.

As I confidently strutted into her office I was greeted by Renee. It was clear Jessica surrounded herself with beautiful women intentionally. Renee was stunning, her dark mocha skin and her jet black hair only enhanced her incredible body. She was athletic looking, with perky breasts, and full lips. She had a smokey, sensual voice.

"Hi Colette, Miss Stern is ready for you now."

I felt a shiver run down my spine. I was so horny. I walked into the office with confidence.

"Sit down Colette"

I obeyed.

"You are an amazing asset to the Lace Club team. I am so thankful to have you on board. I think you're a great fit to the company."

"Thank you Miss Stern, I have to agree. I feel right at home here."

"I am so glad to hear that. I heard you got familiar with Kayla and Scarlet last night."

I blushed. Talking about my wild sexual escapades with my boss is never something I'd done before.

"They were lovely" I said with a smile.

"I'm glad to hear that. I have a project for you."

I nodded eagerly.

"Having a celebrity sex symbol like Kayla endorse the Lace Club would skyrocket our brand. She hasn't come out explicitly saying she loves fucking women, but that's the beauty of Lace Club, no labels, just beautiful women who love beautiful women."

Her voice dropped to a husky sexy tone. She got up from behind her desk and slowly walked towards me. Making intense eye contact. I felt my nipples harden against my silky dress.

"Kayla couldn't stop talking about you and how hot you are. She said you tasted heavenly too."

I blushed. She kept getting closer.

"That's why I want you to be the one to convince her to endorse Lace Club. You have my permission to do... whatever it takes."

She stepped over my legs and grabbed the arm rests of my chair, essentially straddling me. Her full breasts hung in my face, close enough for me to lean in and kiss. I can't begin to describe how badly I wanted to.

Suddenly she reached down and brushed her hand against my nipple through my dress. It stood up to attention. My pussy throbbed. I felt her hot breath on my neck as she whispered in my ear.

"You followed my instructions, good girl."

She backed off and walked to her desk. I took a moment to compose myself.

"So when should I get started on this Kayla... project?"

"Not until I'm finished with you, Colette."

This caught me off guard.

"Stand up and bend over my desk."

My heart raced. I was so excited. I obeyed.

She lifted up my skirt. "No panties... you're a very naughty girl."

She spanked my ass. I felt a buzz inside me, I'd never been spanked like this before. I could feel myself dripping down my thigh.

I saw her get a strap-on out of her drawer. Nothing crazy, size wise, but it clearly had an end for her to insert in her pussy as well. She put it on and stood behind me. I anticipated the penetration but instead she leaned in and was gently licking and kissing my pussy. I moaned loud as I felt her soft lips against my bare, sensitive skin. After this morning's teasing this was exactly the release I craved. I felt her stand up. I let out a deep moan as I felt the strap-on enter my tight pussy.

"Fuck" I said.

She thrust harder and faster. I heard her let out a quiet moan. She aggressively grabbed my hips and yanked me closer. I tilted my ass up higher so she could reach my sweet spots.

I heard her unbuttoning her shirt and unzip her skirt.

"Couch" she said in a breathy, urgent voice.

I started to lift my dress up over my body to take it off.

"You have an incredible body Colette."

I looked at her tall, buxom, naked body and melted onto the chaise stye couch.

I lay on the couch sticking out my perky ass. She nearly ran over to me, still wearing her heels.

I felt her tits press against my back as the strap-on entered my dripping pussy from behind. She grabbed my tits and was caressing and pinching my nipples. One of her hands roamed down to my pussy and as she continued thrusting she brushed her fingers against my sensitive, pulsing, clit. My pussy tightened around the strap-on and she immediately flipped me over.

"I want to see your face when I make you come, Colette" I felt her hot breath on my neck. I gave in and succumbed to the orgasm. It quaked through my body as I moaned and whimpered in ecstasy. She pulled out gently and brushed my hair out of my face.

"You are so fucking hot," she said as she began taking off the strap-on.

"That was amazing" I said.

She smirked.

"It was only missing one thing, I didn't get to make you come." Her face lit up when I said this.

She walked over to me. I sat up on the chaise, I was still a little shaky from the orgasm. But i grabbed her hips and began darting my tongue around her perfect pussy. She moaned and threw her head back. I remembered how Kayla had wrapped her puffy lips around my clit and I employed that knew skill on Miss Stern. She nearly screamed my name. I slid one finger inside of her and was gently touching her G-spot. I felt her pussy begin to tighten. I slid another finger in. I rested my thumb right on her asshole as she came. I felt her body shake as I drank in all of her juices.

I stood up, also naked besides my stilettos. I pressed my breasts against hers and slid my thigh between her legs. I kissed her deeply as she gently grinded her quivering pussy against my smooth thigh. She moaned into my mouth as my tongue darted around hers. I held her up during the aftershocks of her orgasm.

"Nice work, Colette."

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