Lacey is a friend of mine, a very good friend. Actually, I wanted her to be more but she always avoided the subject. Right now, she was being a big pain in the ass. I had a rush job getting the data off a dead hard drive and suddenly she wanted to talk about us.

When I told her I was busy, she stomped out the door of my small shop and slammed it hard. I jumped at the sound and damned near dropped the hard drive. As it was, I cut my finger on a sharp edge of the case.

I sucked on the bloody finger as I turned and looked out the glass in the front door. I could see her standing at the curb with her back to me, her arms folded across her chest. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She was mad, mad as hell.

With a sigh, I turned my attention back to disassembling the hard drive. I had to get the disks out of it and transfer them to my old mule drive. From the mule drive, I would be able to copy the information on the disk, once I found the index key.

I had the drive torn down by the time I heard the front door open. I figured Lacey had calmed down and was coming back to work. She was my girl Friday at the shop. She handled the counter, the money, and the paperwork so I could get something done.

Removing the disks and transferring them was a tedious task. One slip, one scratch, and a lot of data could be lost. Lost data meant lost money and that was in short supply right now. The guy was paying big money and we needed it. I needed it to keep the shop open and she needed a paycheck.

I could hear Lacey moving around behind me as I slipped on a pair of latex gloves and swung my magnifying light over the broken hard drive. I glanced back to see her sitting on a stool by the register watching me. I smiled and nodded. She nodded back but did not smile.

With a soft sigh, I turned back to the work at hand. When I had the mule drive assembled, I would see what she had wanted earlier. Gingerly I lifted the top disk up and sat it on a holding spindle. I paused and took a deep breath, one down, and one to go.

I lifted the bottom disk and transferred it directly to the mule drive. I centered it on the drive spindle and secured it. I snapped the center read/write heads in place and reached for the top disk. This one was trickier; it had to fit where the alignment marks lined up with the lower disk.

It took two tries and a little tweaking to get it where it needed to be. I held my breath as I got the cutout top cover in place and secured. Once that was finished, I sat back and pulled the gloves off. It had gone better than most.

"Are you done?" I heard Lacey ask from behind me.

I nodded as I picked up the mule drive and studied it closely under the magnifying light. The disks looked parallel and the clearances on the four read/write heads looked good for their off states.

"I'll know more when I try a slow speed test," I told her.

From my right, she said, "Then look at me."

I turned my head that way. My eyes bugged out, my mouth dropped open and I forgot all about hard drives, money, and breathing for that matter.

Lacey stood next to the wall facing me. She had her left hand on her hip and her right fingertips barely rested on the workbench. Her left foot was on its toes and slightly ahead of her right; her left leg bent slightly at the knee.

So, what was the problem? First off, she was completely, totally, and astonishingly naked. I had never seen her that way, in a skimpy bikini yes, but never naked. The second was the big grin on her face.

Her long wavy blonde hair framed her pixy face and hung down to brush the top of her pear shaped breasts. I noticed that one was larger than the other was and that the aureole on the larger was larger and puffier.

My eyes dropped on down across her ribs. She was not skinny but she was not fat, there was meat on her bones. Her belly had a soft rounded look instead of a flat muscular one. A shallow groove ran from just below her breasts down to end at the indent of her bellybutton.

There was a pendent of three diamond-looking stones clipped at the top of the opening of her navel. My eyes hung there for a second. The indent of her waist was high. It was up at the bottom of her ribs. Her hips were long curves from there to her upper thighs. It gave the appearance of narrow hips, but they were in balance with her wide shoulders, and full breasts.

The long narrow effect seemed amplified even more by the fact that she really did not have a mound above her sex and her sex sat low between her upper thighs. Her thighs were slender and added even further to her long lean look. Even her feet were long and narrow.

"Look at me!" Lacey said again.

"I... Uh... I... I am!" I stuttered.

"Now that I have your complete attention, we can talk."

"Uh.... Yeah... Uh... Talk!" I got out as my eyes wandered back up her luscious, beautiful body.

When my eyes finally returned to her face, she was still grinning. "Well, how was the tour? Did you like what you saw? Do you like what you see?"

I nodded and whispered, "I love it, uh, you."

"I love you! That is what I wanted to tell you. I have been thinking about us, about how you have been trying to talk to me about it, about how I would put you off. I must have been crazy," she said in a rush.

I continued to look at her, my eyes moving from one place to another randomly as I tried to take her all in at once but couldn't get past the parts and pieces.

Lacey frowned and then grinned. "I think I have to much of your attention. Earth to Greg, Earth to Greg, my eyes are up here," she said with a giggle that turned into a laugh as I looked up at her face with a confused look.

"Poor baby, I think I sprang too much on you at one time," she whispered as she moved closer to me.

I glanced toward the front of the shop and the display windows. I was suddenly worried about someone else seeing her. That's when I realized she had closed the blinds on the door and flipped the closed sign over. I also realized why she was over by the wall. The counter and the display racks behind it hid her from the street.

She grabbed me by the knees and pulled me, stool and all, over toward the wall. The wheels on the stool squeaked as she did. I started to get up but she grinned and pushed me back into the seat. Quickly she stepped up on the footrest and straddled my lap.

My arms automatically went around her waist. She was so warm and soft to the touch. She leaned forward and kissed me softly and tenderly. I returned the kiss the same way. After a moment, we both moaned softly.

She broke the kiss and sat up straight. She blew out a long gentle breath and sighed. "I should have done something like this a long time ago," she whispered more to herself than to me.

I nodded as I ran my hands slowly up and down her back from her hips to her shoulders. She sighed and leaned back forward to rest her head on my shoulder. "Why do I have to be so pigheaded all the time?" She asked softly.

That was a question without a correct answer so I hugged her tightly and kissed her shoulder and neck. She shivered in my arms and then squirmed on my lap. I suddenly felt awkward and shy for some reason.

"I.... Uh... I...." I stammered and then shut up. I really didn't know what to say and I did not want to screw things up by saying the wrong thing.

"Me too," Lacey whispered.

I was not sure what she meant so I kissed her neck and hugged her. She sighed deeply and then lifted her head to kiss me again. Only this time there was more passion in it and that grew as the kiss went on.

Finally, she broke the kiss and sat up straight, a grin once more on her face. "I should have taken your shorts off before I got up here. Talk about your poor planning."

I wiggled forward on the seat, grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, and then stood up. Lacey laughed as she wrapped her legs around my hips and her arms around my neck. I still had an ass cheek in each hand to help support her.

Using one hand at a time, I worked my shorts down onto my thighs far enough for them to slide to the floor. My hard dick had caught in the shorts and at one point it snapped loose and slipped up between Lacey's parted thighs to slap wetly against her sex. We both moaned loudly. Her sex was excruciatingly hot on the topside of my shaft.

I felt Lacey shiver as I moved to sit back down on the stool. My dick moved slightly where it pressed against her hot opening. The stool rolled back and I followed it. My dick moved more and Lacey gave out with a soft whimpering moan.

When the stool rolled away from me again, I turned and sat Lacey on the padded edge of the workbench. The soft padding pressed my shaft even tighter to her opening. Lacey whimpered loudly as a shivering shake ran through her body. She relaxed her grip on my hips with her legs.

A few seconds later, she whispered, "I.... I... I'm a virgin."

"Huh?" was my witty reply.

"I've never done this before," she said breathily. "No one has even touched me before, down there, I mean."

Now it was my turn to be flustered. "I.... Uh... I...."

Lacey was twenty-three and I was five years older. She had been to college and so had I. How could she still be a virgin? I knew how and probably why but huh? My mind was having trouble wrapping itself around this information.

I took a half step back and my dick slipped out from between her legs to slap wetly against my lower belly. Lacey giggled and looked down between us.

"Is that thing spring loaded or something?" She asked with a grin.

"Uh, something like that."

She wiggled and slipped off the edge of the bench to stand right in front of me. Her hard nipples were pressed to my t-shirt at my lower ribs. Using both hands, she lifted my shirt until her nipples were against my bare skin. A quiver ran through both our bodies as she leaned against me.

"That feels good," Lacey whispered as she pushed my t-shirt even higher.

I was well aware of her breasts rubbing on me as we both worked to get my shirt off. She was also aware. When I tossed the shirt on the workbench, she moved back and rubbed her palms over her hard nipples.

"My nipples are so hard they ache," she whispered softly.

"Ah. Maybe I should kiss them and make them all better," I whispered back with a big grin.

"You do and I won't be held responsible for what happens after that."

"Then I'll just kiss you instead." I told her as I pulled her to me for a long deep kiss.

The passion in that kiss should have had steam coming out of both our ears. Our naked bodies were pressed tightly together; my right thigh was between her legs and pressed tightly to her hot slippery sex. Our lips were all over each other's, as our tongues dueled.

Our hands explored each other's bodies from shoulders to ass cheeks and back again. I had never had a kiss like that and I'm sure she hadn't either. She was whimpering and moaning, her hips working her sex against my thigh. My hard dick rubbed on her belly.

Lacey gave out with a loud muffled moaning groan, her hips jerking and twitching against my thigh. Her sex had been hot on my skin but now it was like a liquid branding iron as she came. I realized I was very close to doing the same as she broke the kiss and hugged me tightly. I held her just as tightly.


For nearly five minutes, we just held each other. Lacey finally blew out a loud breath and sighed deeply. "That snuck up on me," she whispered.

"Uh huh." I replied in a soft whisper. "I know what you mean, I was damned close myself."

"You were?"

When I nodded, she said, "I figured you were an old hand at this sex thing."

"I've had a little experience, yes, but...." I paused a moment and then added, "It's you. I've dreamed of this forever but I never thought.... Well, that it would happen, especially like this."

Lacey shivered and said, "I love you and when I realized it as a fact, I had to do something. I know that I.... Well, I lost my cool when you ignored me but after thinking it over I realized that I should have waited."

I chuckled and replied, "I'm the dumb ass that couldn't wait a few minutes."

With a lopsided grin, Lacey looked around the shop. "I should have waited until we had a bed or a couch or something soft and comfy to... uh... you know." She blushed at the last and lowered her eyes shyly.

"I still have to get the data off that hard drive."

Lacey's hands found my hard dick and gave it a squeeze. "I have a hard drive I want to work on myself." She giggled at her own joke.

Without a word, I scooped her up in my arms and carried her across the room to the office door. Lacey's eyes darted to the large glass display windows and the traffic on the street outside. She took a sharp breath and let it out as a whimpering moan.

I used my hip to push open the office door and carried her over to the old couch in the corner. "I don't know how comfy this will be but it's softer than the top of my desk."

Lacey giggled and whispered, "The top of your desk sounds exciting to me."

I turned and sat her on the end of the desk. Reaching around behind her, I swept everything off on the floor as I kissed her passionately. We slowly laid back until I was on top of her, my hard dick pressed tightly to her slit, her legs wrapped around my hips. We were both moaning softly.

My mind was awhirl with passion, lust, and love. I wanted to take her right then and there but another thought kept running around in the back of my mind. She was a virgin and as such would need extra attention and care. I had never been with anyone for the first time but I realized that I needed to exercise great care.

Lacey's hips were working against mine as she whimpered and moaned into my mouth. There seemed to be an urgency to their movement. I was starting to feel that urgency myself but I still hung back from making that first thrust into her virgin sex. I did not want to hurt her even the slightest.

With a sound of frustration, Lacey broke the kiss and whispered, "Please," and pressed her hips up against me even firmer as she flexed them up and down.

"I... I don't want to hurt you," I whispered back.

"You won't," she whispered and shivered hard as I moved my hips up and down slowly, my shaft rubbing along the length of her slit.

"But," I said quickly but she made that frustrated sound again and arched her back trying to get the head of my dick lower.

"I have a toy, you know," she said loudly and then flexed her hips hard.

"But you said...." I started to say but her heels drumming on my ass stopped me.

"To the real thing," she almost yelled.

I dropped my hips as hers came up and pressed forward as I felt the scorching heat of her opening touch the head of my dick. My dick only entered her an inch or so but it was enough to freeze both of us. Between her inner heat and the velvety soft texture, I had never felt anything so excruciatingly wonderful.

Her hips were quivering; her eyes were open and locked with mine. She had a half smile on her lips as her eyes slowly closed and she lifted her hips pushing me slowly deeper and deeper. I groaned and she moaned loudly. "Yes," she whispered as my hips touched hers.

Her eyes opened and she smiled up at me. "You feel so much better than my toy."

I smiled back at her and lifted my hips a few inches. I lowered my hips and she bit her lower lip as her eyes closed. When I lifted my hips again, higher this time and then slowly lowered them, she groaned and whispered, "Yes."

When I started to fuck her with full strokes very slowly, the "yes," became a litany at the bottom of each stroke. Very soon, her hips started to roll upward to meet me and the litany got louder. I could feel the velvety softness of her sheath along the length of my shaft as I moved.

I was in heaven. Her feet drummed on my ass again and I smiled as I increased the pace. She moaned loudly and shivered hard under me. Her inner muscles were making little grabbing motions around my dick, which made me groan. I thought I had everything under control until that moment.

My hips moved faster and Lacey raked her nails over my back as she let out a long loud moan. I groaned and slammed my dick into her softness. She yelled at me, "Yes, harder," and I was only too happy to comply. I fucked her with wild abandon, all thoughts of virginity lost. Her hips met mine with every full hard thrust.

With all control gone, my orgasm was on me before I was anywhere near ready for it. Luckily, Lacey's was there as well and perfectly on time. She gave out with a loud yell a second after I gave a loud moaning groan and planted myself as deep as I would go. Our hips still rocked in perfect synchronization.

As our hips slowed and finally stopped moving, I opened my eyes to look at Lacey's beautiful face. Her eyes were shut and she had this sated, satisfied look that I had never seen on a woman's face before. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled at me. I smiled back.

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then she smiled and whispered, "That went very well."

I rested my weight on my elbows and took her face in my hands as I leaned down to kiss her gently on the lips. Raising my head slightly, I looked deep into her eyes and whispered, "Yes, it did."

Then her eyes got wide and she looked scared. "What? Is there a problem?" I asked quickly.

She nodded as a blush crept up and covered her face. "In the heat of things, I... uh... we... uh... forgot something important."

My eyes got as wide as hers did. My mind spun in its own tracks for a second and then got a grip. "You're not on any kind of birth control are you?'

She shook her head quickly. "Uh, no."

I grinned and whispered, "Then there is only one thing to do."

She looked at me and cocked her head to the side slightly. It was a questioning look. Still grinning, I kissed her softly. When I raised my head I whispered, "You'll just have to marry me and very soon, won't you."

Her eyes got very big as she stared at me and then the shocked look turned into a grin to match mine. "Sounds like a plan to me," she whispered and then lifted her head to kissed the hell out of me.

Three days later, we were married. The honeymoon was already well under way by that time so we continued it and we are still continuing it.

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