tagBDSMLacey is Born - My First Punishment

Lacey is Born - My First Punishment


"I am your Little Girl Daddy - I am yours to Train"

"I am your Slut Daddy - I am yours to Fuck"

"I am your Bitch Daddy - I am yours to Own"

"I am your Queen Daddy - I am yours to Protect"

"I am your Wife - I am yours to Love"

We were laying in bed, my Daddy and I, discussing our life together. And the experiences that I was going to have, and the world that I would be shown. As we talked, I informed him of my nervousness and excitement. I explained that I was always the good girl, with only having the thoughts of being bad, save a few minor dabbles. Daddy grinned.

For the next few days, we went through what we called "slut names". We must have rattled through a hundred before we found a name that fit. A name that sounded super slutty to both of us. And here I kneel, proud to be called Lacey. Daddy's Little Girl. Daddy's slut.

I went to the bathroom around the corner of the dimly lit house, slowly, and nervous. I could feel the hardwood floors beneath me, sweating. Or was that me? Daddy had told me to go take off my clothes, save my bra and panties. I was still getting used to this life, and called him "ass face". And I was about to be punished for it. My first punishment.

I was terrified. But also proud of myself. Daddy gave me a choice. Kneeling for several minutes, or taking ten hard whacks to my ass with Daddy's paddle with our safe words revoked. I decided to be a brave Little Girl and take the whacks. And prove to Daddy that I have what it takes to be his.

I could hear Daddy from the bathroom. I closed my eyes as I heard the sound of metal clanking. The noise echoed in my ear. It was Daddy's spreader bar. He told me about it. Explained how much fun it was going to be for me. I told him early on that I was interested in being tied up. But again only had limited experience. So now hearing this, and knowing what was about to happen, sent a wave of emotions through my body. I was nervous obviously, because I had never done anything like this. I was scared because I did not want to back out. I wanted to be good for Him. I was excited because this was a new chapter in my life that we were writing together! And worried that I would not live up to what Daddy wanted. And I wanted to be the best Little Girl for him!

After I finished my task of undressing (I say task because any one who can remember their first time knows that preparing for your first beating is not easily done! The mind fuckery of it is orgasmic in itself). I walked back into the bedroom and saw that Daddy was finishing up the ropes and bed restraints. I was about to get on the bed when he snapped his fingers and pointed to the pillow on the floor.

I was immediately taken back. The look in his eye, and the assertiveness caught me off guard. In the midst of everything, time seemed to stop right there. He looked so fucking hot (I have a thing for dominant/authoritive men) and a bolt of electricity shot straight through my body to my pussy.

I snapped back to reality and kneeled on the pillow provided for me. I kept my head down and eyes closed. I was happy to know that much at being a sub and Daddy didn't have to teach me. He seemed very pleased. Which made me even happier!

The moving around finally stopped and that could only mean that Daddy was ready. And to confirm my hypothesis, Daddy snapped his fingers again to get my attention, and pointed to the bed. I made my way over to the bed, my heart pounding. Slowly crawling on top of it and sitting face down, ass up, with my hands reaching up, my blonde hair hanging down in front of my face, as instructed by Him.

I stayed like this for what seemed like hours. I later found out that Daddy was admiring my beauty before moving in. He started attaching the cuffs from the spreader bar, making sure to slowly, methodically touch my skin while doing so, his fingertips lingering across my wrists. No doubt sending smaller shockwaves throughout my body.

My mind was a blur while he finished my feet and made the appropriate adjustments. Making sure they gave just enough to accomplish his task. Which was to inflict damage to my unprotected ass cheeks. I gripped the bar as Daddy moved closer. My heart was racing. Even if I wanted to back out, I couldn't. All of my senses were heightened. There was way too much going on around me and inside my head for me to process. All I know is when Daddy reached his hand to my ass, everything stopped. Game time.

Daddy soothed my ass in preparation. Gently massaging and squeezing. Rubbing. It felt amazing. Until he stopped. In a moment his hand was replaced with his paddle. I could feel him running it across my ass. I could feel the rigid corners lightly digging into my skin. If he didn't have my attention before, he had it now! He let me feel the sides, and the edges. My mind taking notice of how long the paddle was. I had seen it before, but it had never touched my being.

That is when Daddy leaned in and whispered in my ear, which also sent electricity down my spine, straight to my pussy once again!

"Do you know why you're here?"

"Yes Daddy."


"I called you ass face Daddy"


"I can't remember Daddy. A lot!"

"That's right. You have been very disrespectful."

"I'm sorry Daddy!"

"Not yet. But you will be."

I took a deep breath.

"How many did we agree on?"

"10 Daddy."

"Good. You remembered. It's always good practice for Little Ones to know what they are being punished for." Daddy was back to massaging my ass with his hands. I tried to focus on that. To block my mind of what was about to commence. It had little effect.

"Yes Daddy."

"Are you ready?"

I don't know if I said yes or not. But my head was shaking, and that was enough for Daddy to begin. I held my breath for the first one. I thought it was going to be an unbearable feeling...

But Daddy was good to me. He started light. Almost loving. I could barely feel the paddle hit me, let alone any sting.

2. 3. 4. All gentle seats. 5. 6. Slightly increasing. And then 7 hit. Hard. Daddy miscalculated his force, and went way too hard. Hard enough my body lunged forward. The first thought in my mind was "Fuck this!" I was on the verge of saying it. And my mind waged war on itself. In the end, I opted to trust my Dad. I loved him. I wanted to please him. I wanted to be his. So i stayed.

And it was the perfect choice. Daddy immediately stopped and came to my rescue. He soothed me. And explained that he knew he hit too hard and that he was sorry. He massaged my ass. He held me. Kissed me. Cared for me. I loved him even more in that instance for admitting his faults and being there to comfort me.

After a while Daddy asked me if I wanted to resume. I said yes. After a moment, and asking me if I was sure, Daddy regained his place behind me. And raised the paddle again. My heart was racing faster than before. I did not want another smack like that. But I trusted him. I gave myself to him completely.

8. 9. Back to loving gentle touches. 10. I didn't know what to expect, but it was the perfect amount of force. Not hard enough to make me remember number 7. But not gentle enough to let me off easy.

When we were done, Daddy held me. Caressed me. And I was in the safest and happiest place I know. In my Daddy's arms.


The above recollection is 100 percent true. Written from Lacey's viewpoint. Since this night, Lacey and myself have had a lot of fun encounters, that we hope to share with you. Please leave comments and feedback, but please no shaming. This is our life and we are living it to the fullest with what we are both comfortable with and enjoy. Of this isn't for you, please don't read it.

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