tagLoving WivesLacey's Story Ch. 01

Lacey's Story Ch. 01


Lacey and Lee

Okay, let's get the boring stuff out of the way first. This is a story about me and my wife's sexual adventures, so you're going to want some visuals. I am 38 years old and stand five foot, nine inches tall with a stocky build. I have black hair and blue eyes.

But you don't really care about me; you're just going to put yourself in my place as you read this anyway. You want to know about my wife, Lacey, so you can develop a good mental image as you imagine yourself fucking her. Lacey is 32 years old. She is six foot, one inch tall and has long blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. She has lovely, natural, 38c tits with a slim build and the absolute softest skin you could ever hope to touch. If I have to be honest, gravity has had a slight effect on her, as it has on all of us, but she is no less amazing for all that and looks easily ten years younger than her true age. Everyone I know always says they can't believe she has had three kids.

"She looks so beautiful and thin," everyone says. And it is true that she is stunning. Remember that as you fantasize about sliding your cock into my wife's wet pussy and hot mouth - she is stunning.

The last thing you need to know about my wife is that Lacey is not her name. All names in this story, as well as any professional and geographical information, have been changed to protect the guilty. I do have to occasionally refer to my wife as Lacey in real life though, and the reason for that will be made known later on.

Chapter 1
Lacey's Ending

This is the part of the story that my wife doesn't like to read as she doesn't want to be reminded of the bad times. Without this part, however, the rest of the story would most likely never have happened so I must be told. If you don't care much about background, then feel free to skip ahead to chapter 2.

Lacey and I had been together for eleven years - married ten - and, truth be told, we were just going through the motions. Playing house.

When we met, we where both dealing with the fallout of failed relationships. We had both lost the people who were, up to that point, the loves of our lives and we had built up our mental defenses to deal with those losses. We were emotionally walled off from each other and married based on logical considerations rather than emotional or passionate ones. From then on we were never alone, but never really together. We never really connected, and I had no idea how unhappy she was until her ex came back into her life.

Steve had been out of her life since before I had met her, and it hadn't been a particularly pleasant parting, but she was suddenly forced to deal with him again for legal reasons. Legal issues soon turned into friendship, however, and it wasn't long before Lacey was telling me that her e-mails with Steve were too private and personal for me to read. Too personal! For me, her husband!

Needles to say, I confronted her about her attitude on this subject and it didn't go well at all.

"I just don't want to do this anymore," she said to me. "I'm not happy and never have been."

"Are you saying you want a divorce?"

"I don't know what I want. All I know is that I'm not happy. Maybe I can't be. I don't know."

We decided to stay together and things got a little better. Only a little, however, as I had no idea how to make her happy. The best thing that happened to us from my point of view, though Lacey may disagree, is that her friendship with Steve blew up in her face. After several e-mails and a face to face meeting, she finally remembered what a complete asshole he is.

Then Ben showed up.

Ben was the man that Lacey dated after Steve and she was soon developing a strong friendship with him as well. They e-mailed and texted constantly and starting hanging out together. Of course this bothered and scared me. I was having visions of a repeat of the Steve fiasco.

Luckily, the "Steve fiasco" taught me a couple things:

1) I needed to know exactly what was being said between them, and . . .

2) Direct confrontation would lead to disaster, so. . .

I made an effort, dishonest or not, to read all of her e-mails and texts so I'd know exactly how serious this situation was. What I learned was that there was definitely some flirting and sexual innuendo being thrown about between them. One time Ben had told her about how he had spent the day trimming the bushes in front of his house and she responded with "You can come trim my bush anytime."

I made several attempts to bring things out into the open without letting her know I'd read her e-mails in for fear that she would shut me out again.

"I don't know for sure what's going on," I lied, "But if you and Ben are really just friends, then there's no reason to keep things secret."

She just stared at me.

"If you're flirting, that's fine," I said. "I realize that male and female friends act that way. I act that way with my female friends. It's just all this secrecy that makes it look like you're doing something you're not."

She still stared.

She said nothing to me but she kept Ben informed of everything I said. One night while she was working the night shift, I read an e-mail she had sent saying "I just wish Lee would see me for what I am - impulsive and selfish - and just leave."

I was stunned. Of course she had told me that she wasn't happy but this was the first time she said that she actually wished our marriage would end. And she didn't say it to me, but to another man. I felt the need to react to this. The feeling built up in me until I had to say something. Unfortunately, the only thing to say was "I give up". I had tried to make things better and it obviously was not enough, so I texted her.

{I'm sorry to keep sending you negative texts at work, but I can't really think clearly unless I'm alone and that only happens while you're at work. Then I have to say something while the thoughts are still clear in my head.}

{Thank you,} she replied.

{If you want to leave me, you can.}

{Why are you giving up on me?} she asked.

{I don't want to give up, but I'm tired of beating my head against a wall trying to hold on to something that apparently no longer exists.}

{I thought things were getting better?}

The fact that she was fighting me on this gave me hope, so I changed tactics. {If you want to keep working on things, we can, but we need to come up with a definite plan.}

{No, I think you're right: we need space. I think we need to separate.}

A complete 180. I was floored. {Why are you suddenly changing your mind?}, I asked.

{I just need time to figure out what I want.}

{Okay, how are we doing this?}

{I don't know, but the kids don't need to know anything about this yet. There's no need to upset them too soon.}

{So what's your plan?}

{I don't know.}

Her indecisiveness was upsetting me. This, and the fact that she had gone from fighting FOR us to fighting AGAINST us in the blink of an eye made me suspicious that there was something specific she wanted to do. Or someone. And to be honest, that idea actually excited me somewhat, so I took the lead.

{Okay,} I said. {From this point on, we are separated. We both have the right to do whatever or whoever we want. Since the kids can't know, that means we have to continue living in the same house and sleeping in the same bed but we are basically just friends. If you want to be friends with benefits, that will be up to you.}

Now you need to understand that the whole "Naughty Wife" scenario - married women fucking men other than their husbands - has been a fantasy of mine for a long time. I had always wanted my wife to do this, with my consent only, but never mentioned it to her for fear she would think of me as some kind of horrid pervert, but her sudden change of heart during our conversation made me think that one of the main deciding factors in this separation, for her, may be that she wanted to fuck Ben and I saw this as an opportunity to allow her to have some freedom and fun while I lived out my fantasy. What I'm saying is that when I said "We have the right to do whoever we want", part of me was hoping that she would take the opportunity to sow some wild oats. The obvious downside, of course, is that I had no idea whether or not this separation would eventually become permanent. Not that I had any choice however, as she was pushing for the separation. She needed time to find out what she wanted.

Well, she agreed to the arrangement and went back to work. I went to sleep scared and slightly excited about what may soon happen.

From the beginning, it was apparent that this was not going to be a typical separation. If anything, we started growing closer almost immediately. Our sex life definitely improved. I have to admit, to my embarrassment, that I was never a very passionate or energetic lover in the years we had been married. The fact that I had been out of shape for most of our marriage made wild intercourse very tiring, and the emotional walls that I mentioned earlier made me unwilling to make any serious effort. Luckily I am very good at eating pussy, so my wife never went wanting for orgasms. On many occasions in the early years I was able to make her cum so many times with my tongue that she actually passed out, and after hearing her tell a mutual friend that we liked oral sex more than intercourse I pretty much decided that oral it would be. Our sex live became what I'd consider the exact opposite of most peoples; we would only fuck for a few minutes as foreplay just to move on to the main course of going down on each other. I understand now that, while my wife considers me the king of sucking cunt, she was definitely missing the feeling of a hard cock in her pussy.

When Lacey got home the morning after we agreed to separate, I planned to leave the bed to her and sleep on the couch.

"You don't have to leave," she said as I got up.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked

"Lay here and hold me."

I did just that and, as we both sleep naked, it wasn't long before my dick started to respond to the closeness and my hands started to wander with a mind of their own.

Lacey started to respond as my hands caressed her side, sliding down over hip and thigh and then back up to squeeze her tits. Her breathing became more labored and her hips started to slowly rock back and forth.

"Under the circumstances," I said, " I don't want to be too forward. What do you want me to do?"

"Keep doing what you are doing. It feels good and I like being close to you."

So I continued running my hands over her body; rubbing her side, her hip and thigh, running my hand along her abs and then up to roll her hard nipples between my fingers. She started to moan and move her hips more forcefully and she reached behind herself to grab my cock, pulling and squeezing with an exquisite pressure.

She turned her head to kiss me, intertwining her tongue with mine and breathing lustily into my mouth.

"What would you like now?", I asked.

"Fuck me."

"Is that really what you want?", I teased.

"Yes. Bend me over the bed and fuck me."

I didn't need any more encouragement. My cock was hard enough to cut glass, so I quickly draped her over the side of the bed and stood behind her. I suddenly realized what I'd been missing all those years as I slowly slid into her hot pussy and I was quickly started pounding into her with a passion I hadn't known in quite some time.

My beautiful, now estranged, wife looked so beautiful bent over in front of me. Her back arched. Her hand reaching back to grip my thigh. Her mouth open wide, moaning and her eyes rolling back in pleasure. I had been getting slowly back into shape for awhile and, while you maybe couldn't tell by looking at me, I definitely had more energy and stamina than I had for years and we continued to fuck passionately for nearly an hour before I threw her onto her back and buried my face between her thighs. She had already had 2 or 3 orgasms and now it was time for the coupe de grase. Her pussy was dripping with her cum and I licked it up like a man on a mission. I pulled out all of the stops; licking up the entire length of her pussy, sucking her cunt lips into my mouth, sticking my tongue inside her, and flicking my tongue over and across her clit with blinding speed in each and every direction before wrapping my lips around it. I sucked her hard clit in and out of my mouth like I was giving her a miniature blow job. I sucked hard on her clit and was rewarded as she sprayed her cum in my mouth and all over my face. After taking a few minutes to recover she told me to move up the bed so she suck my cock and it wasn't long before I was returning the favor by shooting a load of hot sticky cum down her throat.

All things considered, it was a very good day and I had very positive feelings about our future. Fate had another hand to deal however, in the form of some information that seemed horrible to me at the time but which was actually a blessing in disguise.

That night I decided to check Lacey's e-mail. I know, I know; I'm a terrible person, but remember I was a man desperate to save his marriage. Anyway, Lacey had received an e-mail response from Steve to a message she had sent the previously day (just hours before we had agreed to separate). My step-daughter was in Manhattan visiting Steve, her biological father, for only the second time in her life and things were not going well as, I may have mentioned, Steve is an asshole.

A certain part of Lacey's e-mail grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go.

"Don't pull this shit with me," she had written. "I have no problem coming out there and bringing Ashlee home. I'm seeing someone now who can charter me a plan instantly."

Seeing someone? She was referring to Ben as he obviously had the money to do that, and had actually offered to do so if needed. But she said 'seeing someone'. Had she been seeing Ben behind my back? Had they already had sex? Now you need to understand, there is a big difference between your wife fucking another man with your consent for your mutual pleasure and her doing it without your knowledge and behind your back. I may seem weird but the later is disrespectful and hurtful, and while I wanted her to fuck other men I didn't want it to happen that way. I was hurt and decided we needed to have a serious talk.

I stayed up all night cleaning the house and thinking about how I was going to approach this.

My wife walked in the door the next morning to see me standing there waiting for her.

"We need to sit down and have a serious discussion," I said.

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