tagLoving WivesLacey's Story Ch. 09

Lacey's Story Ch. 09


Some time ago, when I first started this prurient voyeuristic walk down memory lane, I promised that I would explain why I call my wife "Lacey" even though that isn't her real name and I assume that you have been patient as you wait for an explanation.

Well, as luck would have it, I have now arrived at that part of the narrative where I must divulge the secret of her dual identity.

No, I will not tell you her real name; her privacy and dignity must be preserved as she has done nothing to merit being "outed" in such a way. What has she done really except live out some of the fantasies that many married women wish they had the courage to perform? What has she done other than live out her loving husbands fantasy of a hotwife, thereby making him love her even more?

So no I will not reveal her true name, but isn't it better this way? Honestly? If you don't know her name, then she can be anyone. She could be your neighbor or the married co-worker who's tits you stare at so longingly when you think she isn't looking. She could be the MILF Assistant Manager at Radio Shack who is trying to sell you a new cell phone as you look at the sparkling diamond on her left hand and wonder how easy it would be to convince her to take it off, just for one night. She could even be the slightly older waitress at Olive Garden who smiles knowingly when she catches you checking out her ass while she takes your wife's order.

I won't tell you her name but I will tell how she came to be known as Lacey. It's not a particularly arousing story but if you'll just sit patiently a little longer (you ARE sitting, aren't you? You're not laying in bed with one hand under the covers reading this on your smartphone as you fantasize about what you would love to do to my beautiful wife, are you?) and I promise that once you know where the NAME comes from you soon will read more stories of LACEY cumming.

It was a Friday morning and the beginning of my weekend when my wife had a request for me.

"Hun, Ben was wondering if you could do him a favor...?" she began.

"What's that?"

"I don't know. He had some sort of leak at his place and there's a bunch of water damage. He has to rip out a wall, tear off siding, shit like that, and he was wondering if you would be able to help him? He said he'll even pay you for your time."

"Okay," I said. "I guess I can do that."

"Great! I'll let him know. Oh, just one thing..."


"His wife is gonna be there. That bitch can't know that you're my husband. She doesn't know that Ben and I have even been talking, let alone hanging out."

"So I suppose it's a safe bet that she doesn't know what you've been doing while you've been 'hanging out' then, right?"

"Shut up, smart-ass," she snapped with a smile. "Anyway, as far as she knows, you're just some guy that Ben met at work. If you talk about me at all, my name is Lacey. Got that?"


"Lacey? That's got a nice ring to it. Kind of sexy."

"Yeah, well, Ben thought of it. Just make sure you don't slip up and use my real name, okay?"

"No problem. I love you 'Lacey'".

So there you have it: The Origin of Lacey. Probably not as interesting or kinky as you were hoping, but then real life usually isn't.

We made arrangements for me to go help Ben with his house on Saturday morning and as fate would have it I never spoke with his wife, nor did I even speak in front of her. In fact I only saw her for a few minutes and listening to her talk to Ben was enough to assure me that I probable didn't really want to talk to this crazy lady.

While we were working, Ben asked how Lacey was doing. Not knowing if his wife might be eaves dropping, I not only used 'Lacey's' new name, but I tried to keep the rest of the conversation in code as well.

"Well, I said. "She's been getting involved with team sports lately. She started out with racquet ball, you know, just her and a partner, but she just lately tried her hand at two-on-one basketball and she seems to be enjoying that. I would day she's definitely enjoying that a lot more than she thought she would."

"Basketball?" Ben asked, "Really?"

I just stopped and stared at him for a minute with one eyebrow raised until he realized that my sporting references were really analogies for her recent sexual escapades.

"Oh!" he finally exclaimed with a grin. "Well, I'm glad that she's getting some exercise. And it's good that it's something she enjoys!"

I ended up staying at Ben's house until about two or three in the afternoon, after which we hit the bar. After a few drinks at the bar which was actually a remodeled barn on the side of the highway, Ben asked if Lacey and I would like to hang out later. I told him I wasn't sure as Lacey had been talking about being really wiped out from work and she just wanted to relax, but I promised to ask.

I got home just in time for supper and passed on Bens request. Lacey seemed slightly apprehensive and eventually agreed on one condition:

"I'm really tired today. I just want to hang out. No funny business, okay?"

"We'll do whatever you want," I replied.

After eating and cleaning up from dinner, we informed the kids that we were going out to hang with friends. We make sure the older girls knew what time to get their brother ready for bed and then we headed out. We met Ben back at that same old converted barn as it is fairly close to his house but we didn't stay there for long. In all we ended up visiting three or four different bars that night. Ben had made a few comments throughout the night that, since we were going to be out late, he could just get a hotel room for the night. Lacey didn't respond to any of his suggestions and we were at what would turn out to be the last bar of the evening for us when he had a direct question for Lacey.

"So," he asked my wife. "If I do, will you?"

"What do you mean?" my wife responded, playing coy.

"If I do, will you?"

"Do what?"

She was still acting confused and I remembered that she had told me earlier that she only wanted to hang out tonight, so I tried to clarify things without pressuring Lacey, or hindering what Ben was trying to accomplish.

"He's wondering if you'll come and hang out if he get's a room. It's up to you, you don't have to do anything you don't want to. You have the pussy, so you make the rules."

She still seemed uninterested and I wasn't at all sure how this was going to go. Ben had asked me earlier in the night if I thought she would be up to this and I told him that I couldn't tell. I had been watching her closely all night. I was looking for those 'come fuck me' eyes that she gets when she's really horny and she seemed to be on the fence tonight. That look would flitter across her face one second and the next she would appear bored and disinterested. It was anyone's guess how she would respond to his request and, honestly, only Lacey herself knows what she had been thinking up to that point.

Still not wanting to pressure her, but hoping she would say yes, I tried my last ditch effort. "Maybe we can find a room with a Jacuzzi and you can just relax if you want."

Her eyes lit up.

"Well," she said slowly, " I DO like Jacuzzi's..."

With that, it was settled and there's no doubt she knew exactly what she was actually saying yes to. I mean, it's not like we hadn't done this before, but Lacey and I were still new to this and I think she needed the comfort of having a reasonable excuse for ending up in a hotel room with her husband and another man in the middle of the night. Much as I'd like her to, she just wasn't comfortable saying 'yes, I want the two of you to take me somewhere and fuck me."

If we had known ahead of time how much of a pain in the ass it would be to find a room that night, we probably would've said to Hell with it. For some unknown reason, every hotel in the area was booked solid. We tried five different hotels and ended up driving 30 minutes out of our way before we finally found a room in another town. No Jacuzzi, but the drive there was part of the adventure.

We were on the highway still trying to find a hotel when Ben suggested it was time for Lacey to receive some road head for the first time. Lacey was driving with myself in the passenger seat while Ben was sitting directly behind her.

"No," Lacey said. "That's not safe."

"It's okay," Ben said as he encouraged me to go down on my wife while she drove. "You're an excellent driver. We'll be okay."

"We're on the highway," she continued to object as I pulled her tits free from her shirt and sucked on the nipple closest to me. "This isn't the best time for this."

"We're on an empty highway," I insisted as I unbuttoned her pants and worked one hand down inside her panties to rub her clit. "This is the perfect time; if you swerve, there's no one here for us to hit."

She wasn't convinced, but a finger in her pussy and a mouth on her nipple were having and effect on her. Her chest was starting to heave just slightly.

"That's it, Lee." Ben encouraged. "Get those pants off of her."

"Wait," Lacey said. "You hold the wheel, I'll take care of it." So I did my best to steer from the passenger seat as my wife lifted her hips and pulled down her pants and panties.

Ben reached around to play with her tits as I leaned over to lick her pussy. "Oh, this is new," Ben exclaimed as his hands landed on my wife's bare breasts. "Look at those beautiful tits out in the open, with that seat belt strap between them!"

Apparently, he hadn't realized that I had removed her breasts from her shirt. I looked up and I had to admit they looked amazing! Pouring out of the top of her blouse, being lifted up by the material while being separated by her seat belt - at that moment they were definitely the most beautiful tits I had ever seen. The only thing that made her chest look better was seeing another man's hands all over it. I slid my finger back and forth along my wife's cunt as I watched Ben work her tits. And work them, he did - squeezing one in each hand, pinching the nipples, rubbing his hands all over them as I continued to finger her. I had given up trying to lick her pussy as it was just impossible in that position, but my finger and Ben's hands were definitely having the desired effect as she started to moan and squirm in her seat.

"Do you like that?" Ben asked her. "Do you like what your husband and I are doing to you while you're driving?"

"Yes," she breathed.

"Are you gonna cum for us? Are you gonna cum while you're driving?"

"Y..yes," she mumbled.

"Yes what?"

"I'm gonna cum."

"Tell us when you cum."


"That's right," Ben whispered to her. "We need to soak this seat with your cum. We already soaked the one that Lee is sitting in."

I took one moment to remove my fingers from her slippery pussy and place them in her mouth. When she finished sucking her juices from my fingers, I placed them back inside her warm grasping cunt and continued to rub her off.

She was really enjoying herself now, grinding her hips in her seat as Ben continued whispering in her ear.

"That's it," he said. "Cum. Cum for us, but be sure to tell us."

My finger rubbing her swollen clit. Ben's hands sliding across her hard nipples. Her mouth open. Her hips humping the air...

"Oh god," she exclaimed. "I'm cumming. I'm cumming right now."

To her credit, she had no trouble staying in her lane. She can definitely multi-task, a talent that would be put to use later in the night.

"So," Ben asked. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Yes." she replied. "But if we're getting a room for the night, I'm gonna need some contact solution. And I'm hungry."

"Are you hungry for food," Ben joked. "Or are you hungry for cock?"

Lacey smiled. "Both. But food first, then I want cock. Only one at a time tonight, though. I am still tired and I think fucking both of you at the same time would be too exhausting."

And her promise to only fuck one of us at a time was one that she would keep...for about 20 minutes.

We swung by a drive-thru to grab some food then to the supermarket for the contact solution. Lacey pulled into a parking spot near the door, and I hopped out to run in and make the purchase.

"Keep her warmed up," I called to Ben. " We don't want her changing her mind while she's waiting."

It took several minutes for me to find the correct product for my wife, but eventually I paid and left the store.

The car was gone.

"What the fuck...?" I thought. "They didn't actually leave..."

After a couple seconds of confusion, I heard Ben calling my name and noticed that our car had moved to a new spot about 30 feet from the supermarket's door, in a darker area of the parking lot.

As I walked to the car I could clearly see Ben sitting in the passenger seat but Lacey was nowhere to be seen, and as I reached the car door I realized why.

Her head was in his lap.

And his cock was in her mouth.

"Hey," Ben grinned. "You said to keep her warmed up..." This brought a slight chuckle from my wife's throat as she slowly lifted her head, her tight lips slowly sliding up the length of Ben's hard cock and slipping off of his dickhead with a slight pop.

She looked at me and smiled. "Did you get my contact solution?" she asked as she absentmindedly wiped some spit from her lips with the back of her hand.

I assured her that I had.

"Great," she said. "Let's go!"

We quickly found a hotel with an available room and Lacey decided that she wanted to take a bath to clean up a little bit after a long night at the bar. The room didn't have a Jacuzzi after all but my wife never complained; she knew she was here for cock, not for a hot tub.

Lacey stripped down and climbed into the tub while Ben and explored the room and the pay-per-view entertainment, and then casually walked into the bathroom where Lacey was bathing.

This situation was slightly surreal; me and another man standing in the bathroom talking to my nude wife as she bathed right in front of us as if this was a common everyday event. As I think back on it now this was, strangely, one of the most exciting aspects of our new sexuality; the very casualness of it. My wife's open and comfortable nudity in front of another man, especially with me right there to witness it, was amazing and arousing.

Ben and I left Lacey to finish her bath and we ordered a porno from the hotel's pay-per-view. The movie was a parody of the TV show "The Office". I don't remember who was in it, or anything about the movie because shortly after it started, my wife walked out of the bathroom and asked, "Who's first?"

We just stared as she stood there completely naked before us.

"I'm gonna do both of you," she said. "But I don't have the energy to do two at a time tonight, so who do I get to fuck first?"

"Who ever you want," I replied. "Just make your choice and have fun."

"No. I don't want to choose. I don't want any hurt feelings because I picked one over the other. You two decide."

I stood up and walked over to my wife and took her in my arms, sliding my hands over her round ass as I kissed her. Then I stepped away and pushed her toward Ben.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Yes. He's the guest here, let him have the first turn."

She needed no more encouragement as she walked over to the bed where Ben was laying. Without a word my wife crawled onto that hotel bed and took another man's cock deep into her mouth.

All the room's lights were on and I walked around to the foot of the bed to watch as the woman I married eagerly sucked a hard cock right in front of me. Ben ran his hands through her hair as her head bobbed up and down on him. Her lips were wrapped tightly around his dick and they glistened as they slid slowly back and forth on his spit slickened shaft. After several minutes of putting on a show of swallowing her friends cock, as much for my pleasure as his (or hers), she let it fall out of her mouth and got up on her knees.

Lacey reached down and grabbed Ben's cock, pointing it at her dripping cunt as she swung one leg over his hips. Positioning the head of his dick at the opening of her pussy, Lacey sat down on it, pushing it deep inside herself.

At this point I took out my cell phone. My beautiful wife was riding another man's cock right in front of me and I was sure as hell going to get this on video.

I aimed the phones camera at Lacey and her friend as her hips rose and fell, fucking the hard cock beneath her. The spectacle was definitely having an effect on me and my dick was hard as a rock and I struggled to keep the camera focused on Lacey's ass as is bounced up and down, slowly at first with her hips rotating seductively and then quickly gaining speed as she fucked herself harder and faster on Ben's pole.

Ben's hands were squeezing Lacey's tits and pinching her nipples as her hips slammed against his. She leaned over and my wife's mouth found Ben's, kissing him deep, their tongues sliding into each others mouths as she impaled herself on his cock. Her breathing was ragged and I could hear her moaning over the similar sounds of the porno playing on the TV.

Her hips moving faster now; lifting herself up to the tip of Ben's cock and then slamming herself back down forcefully. Her back arched as she came but she didn't stop riding that cock.

I walked around the side of the bed with the camera. Her moaning had stopped as she worked to catch her breath and her head was down as she enjoyed the orgasm running through her. She had just had her first orgasm since entering the hotel room and she smiled up into my camera as I got her attention. And all the while she was still fucking herself on Ben's rigid dick as I watched.

While she worked on orgasm number two, I walked around the room filming her little sex show from different angles. I filmed from both sides of the bed. I filmed from the foot of the bed, getting some amazing close-ups of Ben's cock sliding in and out of her slick pussy.

Then inspiration struck.

I turned around and aimed the camera at the mirror on the wall. This allowed me to not only get a good view of the two of them fucking but also to get myself in the shot as I filmed the entire event. Being an extremely visual person, I knew that just reliving this night in my mind would not be nearly as intense as being able to watch it on video. And being able to see myself standing next to the bed as my wife rides another man's cock would be the ultimate visual treat.

Unfortunately however, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it.) my phone soon ran out of memory and I was forced to stop filming. I put my phone down and crossed to the chair that sat next to the bed as the two lovers changed positon, Lacey now laying on her back Ben leaning over her to place his hard shaft, slick with my wife's cum, at the opening of her vagina. With one quick thrust he shoved himself all the way in; her back arching sharply and her mouth flying open in a silent scream of pleasure. I sat down to watch my wife being fucked.

Lacey's eyes were closed and her lips parted through a constant series of low moans as Ben forcefully pounded into her. No sooner had I sat down than she turned her head toward me, opened her eyes, and muttered in a low breathy voice "Come here. I wanna suck your dick."

So much for only wanting one at a time, but who the hell was I to complain? As quick as I could, I stood next to the bed and fed my throbbing cock into her hungry mouth. Her right hand rose up to rest on Ben's hip as he continued his assault on her soaked and slippery cunt and her warm mouth engulfed me eagerly. Lacey attacked my cock like a starving woman and each moan that Ben forced from her throat vibrated through my shaft like an exquisite electrical shock.

We maintained this scene for some minutes - Ben's hips thrusting back and forth as he drove his cock in and out of my wife's pussy , Lacey's head bobbing wildly back and forth as she worked her mouth up and down my cock. The only one not moving was me until suddenly I wasn't. My wife's back arched up from the bed and she froze in place with my dick buried in her mouth and Ben continuing to fuck her with abandon as she broke through the barrier of another orgasm. She screamed out her orgasm with her mouth stuffed full of her husband's cock as she came all over the hard rod of another man.

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