tagRomanceLacie Ch. 02

Lacie Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Lacie Sold

Lacie awoke in complete blackness. There was nothing in the dark, save for a small amount of jostling and bouncing. Lacie began moaning, and the sound came to her as if it were muffled, the source far away from her. Her thoughts were hazy and scattered, a throbbing headache pounding behind her eyes and at the base of her skull. Lacie tried to lift her hands to comfort the ache, but her arms wouldn't respond. Lacie tried to shake her head to relieve some of the aching pressure, but she couldn't move. Slowly, as awareness returned and the thick fog that blanketed her thoughts began to dissipate, Lacie realized she was bound, nearly every inch of her body covered by some slightly flexible material.

Her jaw was jammed open around a massive ballgag, a thick phallus shaped protrusion filling her mouth, pushing her tongue towards the back of her throat, making breathing difficult. Her arms were bound behind her, tugging her shoulders back painfully as she knelt in the dark. She could feel dozens of straps criss-crossing her body, the bindings were so precise that even her fingers were bound and immobile. Lacie could feel a blindfold attached to a hood covering her eyes, effectively blinding her. Thick, fluffy cotton was balled up in her ears, trapped there by a leather hood, the combination of cotton and leather effectively muffling any noise before it reached Lacie's ears. There was a small gap in the material encasing Lacie's body, a small cutout around her lips, chin and the bottom half of her nose, allowing any observers, had there been any, to see the lower half of Lacie's face.

Lacie could feel pressure pulling her ankles back up behind her butt, the same pressure pulling her wrists down, Lacie understood that she was hogtied, her wrists bound to her own ankles, making it impossible for her to move from her kneeling position. Lacie began to sob in terror, instantly realizing that she had finally been sold. The small jostling movements were from the vehicle that she was being delivered in. One of the men that had visited her cell had bought her, and now she would be subjected to his every desire. She was a slave. There was nothing Lacie could do about it.

Lacie, realizing that she had to keep her mind off her future, thought about her past, more specifically, how she had ended up here. The last thing Lacie remembered was being taken to a different feeding room than every other time, though the significance of that had been lost on the starving Lacie, as the poor girl hadn't been fed in over a day. Dropping to her knees, Lacie shoved her face into the feeding trough on the floor. Her arms remained in their sleeve behind her back, so Lacie was forced to eat without her hands. There were a few other girls in that room with her, but Lacie was too busy eating to care about them. The food was horrible, some cold, slimy muck with gristle and fat throughout, it looked more like someone had taken everything off a dinner table that even the family dogs refused to eat, and tossed it into the trough for Lacie.

Too hungry to care, Lacie ate with abandon, realizing it might be another full day before she got food again. The food had tasted slightly off, a strange smell filling her nostrils as she ate. Soon the room had begun to spin, and Lacie had felt her body slump to the side, pulling her face out of the disgusting muck. The smell remained, but Lacie was too far gone at that point to understand that the entire room was being chloroformed. A girl across from Lacie had leaned back, a dizzy look on her face. Her red hair bounced around her head as the girl struggled, trying to stay awake as the fumes attacked her consciousness. Lacie couldn't remember what happened to the redhead, as her own eyes had closed moments later, the dark pulling her away from awareness.

Lacie's mind dove through her memories of the past few weeks, wondering which of the old, ugly, smelly, fat men had purchased her. Sobbing into her gag, Lacie cried for hours as she bounced in blackness, unable to move, awaiting her delivery to her new owner.

Finally, Lacie felt the truck begin to slow, then it stopped completely. After a few moments, the truck started moving again, rolling forward slowly. A few more minutes of gentle rocking and soft acceleration followed, then Lacie felt the truck make a large loop before stopping again. Lacie began to hear muffled noises, but nothing was clear enough for her to understand or recognize. Then she felt a moment of weightlessness as she felt whatever container she was in lift and swing, before settling gently on something movable. Lacie heard an engine start up again, and the muffled noise of the vehicle sped away.

Lacie felt a few tugs and twists as her crate was maneuvered before whomever was moving her managed to gain control and pull it in the direction they wanted. Lacie's heart pounded in her chest as the terrified girl sat in darkness, unable to move, unable to escape. Finally, after what seemed like hours, but could only have been several minutes, Lacie felt the crate she was in slow to a stop. Then she was jostled and pushed as she was maneuvered off whatever trolley had been pushing her around. Finally, Lacie felt more than heard the wooden crate thump to the ground, creaking as the wood settled.

Lacie could just barely make out voices outside the crate, but they were all far too quiet for her to hear what was being said. Eventually, the crate was wrested open from the outside and Lacie felt zephyrs of cool air sweep across the lower part of her face. Soft, thin fingertips slid under the sides of her mask, reaching up towards Lacie's ears. The fingers grasped the cotton balls that had been jammed in Lacie's ears and slowly tugged them out, allowing the bound brunette to hear once again. The sounds that assaulted her ears were definitely not what Lacie had been expecting. Instead of a boisterous, arrogant male voice, one that threatened and snapped, full of anger and cruelty, Lacie heard a number of soft, lilting voices, feminine in nature, all of them laden with concern and care. Lacie was stunned, her expectations were so far off the mark that Lacie had no idea what was happening, and that fear finally broke out of the terrified girl.

Terror got the best of Lacie, and she began to scream into her gag, sobs of horror and dread. Her own inability to move more than a few inches finally crashed into her, the primal terror of suffocation and being entombed, caused reason and thought to flee. Pure instinct began to take over, screaming at Lacie to get free! and escape! Lost to fear, the bound Lacie began to jump and writhe, straining against the bodysuit she was contained in. Screaming and shaking, desperately, blindly seeking escape, Lacie panicked, using whatever tiny amount of leverage she could find to do something, anything, so long as it helped her escape. The voices around her all started to clamor loudly once Lacie began to struggle, all talking over each other.

One voice cut through the rest, the feminine tones laden with authority.

"Enough! Hold her still! Lindsey, calm her down before she hurts herself, Callie, Tara, hold her down while I try and figure out how to get this thing off her."

Several other voices answered, then Lacie felt hands on her, holding her shoulders still. The added pressure drove Lacie's terror even higher, making the fear stricken girl redouble her struggles. Lacie's screams burst around her gag, the fearful howls sounding more like a wild animal than a human girl. Lacie felt gentle pressure around the back of her neck and a small tug at the back of her head as someone moved her ponytail. Then her left cheek was pressed into something soft and warm. Vibrations hummed through the object as Lacie's ear was held firmly to the smooth, yielding pillow. A soft gentle crooning sounded in Lacie's ear, and she realized her cheek was being held against another woman's chest. The soft fabric covering the other girl's body rubbed against Lacie's face as the woman's hand stroked Lacie's other cheek, gently trying to hold onto Lacie and not hurt her, while doing her best to calm the panicked teen down.

"Shhh, shhh, you're okay honey, you're fine, you're not hurt, you'll be ok, we're gonna get you out, shhh shhh, you're ok." Minutes passed as the girl's voice gently crooned to the panicked, bound brunette. Lacie finally felt the other woman's words begin to break through the fog of fear and terror that blanketed her mind, allowing Lacie to slow her struggles, sobbing into her gag as she gradually calmed down. The fear subsided as she slowed her frantic thrashing, but it didn't vanish completely. Lacie could feel the terror lurking just below the surface of her mind, like a snake hiding under a stone, just waiting to strike.

The authoritative woman's voice chimed in again, "Good work Lindsey. Keep her calm. I'm gonna try and take this thing off her. Jeez, there's gotta be fifty buckles on this thing."

The girl holding Lacie to her chest chimed in, and Lacie identified her voice as Lindsey, the soft spoken voice correcting the first speaker as she stroked Lacie's tear streaked cheek.

"Eighty four, actually. There's some under the gloves and others binding her to the metal framework around her body. If it's the same model I'm familiar with, anyway. It's not something you just wanna start un-popping straps on either, Bridget." Lindsey said softly.

The voice that Lacie now knew as Bridget, responded. "Why not? If we work together we can have it off in five minutes."

Lindsey sighed, clearly uncomfortable. "Look at the straps behind her shoulders. They're not attached to anything except the leather suit itself. They're there to increase tension on her chest, hold her down tighter. But look at these seams, they're straining. All of these seams are strained, the whole suit is under way, way too much pressure. It's no wonder the poor girl is half panicked, this suit is far too small for her. It's supposed to immobilize, not suffocate. Some of these straps are pulled as tight as they'll go. Whoever put her in here was a sadistic bastard, she can't move at all. I'm amazed she can even breathe as well as she can. If you just go popping off straps willy-nilly, you may release tension in the wrong spot, and we won't be able to get some of the other straps off at all. This has to be done carefully. If we screw up, we could end up wrenching her body as the tension snaps back. We could seriously hurt her if this is done wrong."

A third voice chimed in, a foreign accent coloring the speech of the new girl's voice. The odd phrasing clued Lacie in to the fact that English was obviously not her first language.

"Well, if you know so much of suit, then you can safe take it off, yes?"

Lacie felt Lindsey squirm uncomfortably as she responded.

"Maybe, but I'd rather wait for Claire. She's... better at this than I am." There was evident meaning in her statement, as several other people in the room began to giggle.

"That's enough girls, Lindsey is doing her best, which, I might add, is a hell of a lot more than the rest of us." Bridget's voice cut through the giggling. "Linds, do what you can, Claire should be on her way, so hopefully she'll be here soon. We're all supposed to be here anyway. Master's orders. Ana, take Lindsey's place, try and keep the poor girl calm." Lacie heard the strange pronunciation of Ana's name as Bridget spoke. She had elongated the "a" sounds in the other girl's name, making it sound slightly exotic. The end pronunciation sounded closer to "Ahnah" than "Ana".

The accented girl hummed a response, sliding into place on Lacie's right side as Lindsey stepped away. Lacie felt tugging on her bodysuit as Lindsey began to carefully undo the massive number of buckles trapping Lacie in the leather.

"Tara, what do you think?" Bridget's voice came to Lacie's ears again.

"Not sure yet. That suit is really tight on her. Lindsey is right, we'll have to be careful." A new voice spoke gently. A hand softly brushed the side of Lacie's leather prison. "She's wider in the hips than I am, but Tatiana should have something that could fit her reasonably well."

The accented voice chimed in again, and Lacie was able to connect another voice to a name.

"She is welcome to anything clean, but I not sure most will fit. Looks she might be little bigger." Tatiana responded, her accented voice thrumming through Lacie's right ear as Tatiana, apparently also called Ana, held and stroked Lacie's face, the gentle touches helping Lacie stay calm, despite the panic that still bubbled just below the surface.

"Well, if she's too big for your clothes, maybe Callie has something." Bridget said.

"Sure. We can all go play dress up once Linds has her out of that leather torture rig." Another person spoke, this one evidently belonging to Callie. Lacie could hear the smile in her voice. "That could be a lot of fun."

Lacie felt another few straps loosen around her waist, and Lacie felt a blissful release of pressure in her chest, allowing her to breathe more freely. A moan of relief escaped her as more sweet oxygen swept into her body. Until that moment, Lacie hadn't even realized how much effort she had been putting into simply breathing.

"I don't like that gag, especially if she's having trouble catching her breath." Tara's voice cut in, concern in her voice as the other girl quickly understood the cause of Lacie's relieved moaning.

Bridget responded quickly. "Well, the straps are fabric. I can't see the buckle at the back cause it's under her hood, but do you think we can cut it?"

"Master might be upset. We might have to use this thing again."

"Well, do you think you could repair it if I cut it? Say, right here? Who knows, we might just be able to replace the gag with another one."

"No, it's sewn into the hood, look. There's a weave here where it's attached." Lindsey interjected, concentration filling her voice as she worked at more straps.

"Well, we can always try and repair it. How long till you can get the hood off Linds?"

"Long *ungh* time." Lindsey grunted, obviously struggling with one or more stubborn straps.

"Ok, we're cutting it off. Master can just punish me for it later if he wants to."

"Wait B, not there. If you cut, say an inch and a half to the outside, I can try and sew it back together. It'll take a few hours, but I should be able to patch it together again." Tara instructed.

"Ok, thanks Tara. Right here?" Lacie felt cold metal slide up her cheek as Bridget maneuvered a pair of scissors under the strap holding her gag in place.

"Yep. Other side too, same place if you can."

"Got it. Callie, go see what's keeping Claire, Heather and Marie. I want Claire to help Linds get her out of this... thing, and Heather should be here anyway." Lacie felt the scissors gently close, cleanly cutting one of the straps forcing the gag into Lacie's mouth.

"Kay. Be back in a flash."

Lacie felt the scissors slide up the other side of her face, again snipping at the straps holding her gag in place. Finally, the repulsive gag fell away, bouncing off Lacie's bound thighs before dully thudding to the ground. Lacie sucked in a shuddering gasp as she was finally able to breathe freely.

"Sadistic was right, look, it's not a ballgag, it's a cock-gag. I'm amazed she wasn't choking on this thing. Master will be furious that she was treated like this. I looked her purchase forms over this morning, he had specifically requested she be unharmed."

"Would telling him of poor treating be good thing?" Ana chimed in.

"Would telling who, be what, now?" A new, loud voice called out. "Whoa, who's the mummy?"

Lacie heard Bridget sigh. "Yes Ana, he'll be angry, but at least he'll know not to use that group to deliver more girls. She could have died very easily. And as for you Claire, better late then never. Where are Marie and Heather?"

The loud voice quieted somewhat, lending a melodic tune to her speech.

"Calm down. Master had a few things he wanted us to take care of before we came down. They're right behind me. Heather had to grab some more of her stuff anyway."

"Alright. Well, then help Linds get that rig off her. Be careful."

"Gotcha. Scoot over Linds, let me get in here, baby." Claire said. "Ah jeez, Linds, what were you doing? You needed to undo this one first, not that one. Now we gotta go back and redo half of these. This is a masterful job of muck up."

"Cool it Claire, you're gonna upset her. She was trying and she was on time, so I don't see where you get off coming down on her." Bridget said, swiftly coming to Lindsey's defense.

"I'm sorry, alright? Jeez. Calm down. Just don't like having to do something, only to turn around and undo it."

"Linds, I thought you said you knew what to do." Bridget gently admonished.

"I..I do... I'm just not used to this perspective." Lindsey responded.

"Perspective? What do you mean perspective?" Bridget pressed.

Claire spoke up. "What she means B, is that Lindsey is used to being put into this kind of outfit, not taking someone else out. Remember, she's Master's submissive girl. That's why her job is to get dressed up in this kind of thing. Master needs someone who can blend in outside the house. At least Lindsey enjoys it." Claire explained to Bridget before her voice quieted. "Don't worry though, baby. I like it when you dress up for me too." Lacie got the feeling that the last couple sentences were directed not at Bridget, but Lindsey. That suspicion was confirmed a moment later when she heard Lindsey whisper quietly behind Lacie's back.

"I'm glad. I like dressing up for you too."

"Girl, can you hear me? Can you tell us your name?" Bridget called out loudly.

"Ye... yes, I can hear you." Lacie rasped, coughing slightly as she spoke. "My name is L...*cough*....Lacie." "Lacy? Kinky. I like it."

"Lord above, can you try and keep it in your pants Claire?" Bridget snorted, half laughing. "Where's Heath- Ah, Heather, good, and you brought Marie too. That's all of us. Would it be ok if we gave her some water, Heth?"

"It's not likely gonna hurt her, just make sure it's small sips." A new voice, apparently Heather's, said softly. "Let me get my stuff set out. Can I use that table you're leaning on Tara?"

"Sure. I'll get some preliminary measurements off Lacie while you're doing that."

Lacie felt a couple presences draw closer, and a soft clinking noise reached her ears. Bridget spoke softly,

"It's a glass of ice water, Lacie, drink slowly honey. Here's the straw. We're working, we'll have you out soon."

Lacie felt something small and plastic gently bump her chin. She opened her mouth and the straw was lightly placed on her lower lip. Closing her soft lips around the straw, Lacie pulled the cool, clean water into her mouth, the blissfully cold liquid soothing her ragged throat, cooling her body as she gratefully sipped more and more of the icy water.

"Not too much." Lacie heard Heather admonish. "If she's dehydrated the last thing we want to do is give her lots of water, all at once. Let her finish half of that glass. That's all she should have for now, though."

"Ok, two more mouthfuls Lacie, that's it. Ok. that's enough."

Lacie whined quietly as the straw was pulled from her still parched lips.

"Once Heather looks you over honey, you can have more. I promise."

Then next few minutes passed quietly, the only sounds in the room were of women breathing and the occasional grunted curse from Lindsey or Claire as they struggled. Lacie felt slight pressure on the leather in odd spots, hearing a soft zipping noise with every new spot. When a voice started muttering numbers, Lacie realized that Tara was measuring her body.

"Well Tara? Do we have clothes that will fit?" Bridget spoke again.

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