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Laci's New Job


Author's note. This is our first attempt at story submissions. We are very excited to hear thoughts/comments/suggestions. So please leave us some feedback!


Laci turned her phone off and clenched it tightly as she smiled to herself while laying on her queen sized bed. She just told her boyfriend Jeremy that she finally got a job interview, and was very happy with her life at the moment.

She had met Jeremy only 6 months ago. They had met at a club and even though she shot him down a hundred times since, he persisted until one night she had finally given into him and from that night on they were inseparable. So much though that she had decided to get a job where he worked so they could ride to work together and be closer. She loved him. Which scared her. She was only 27. She wasn't sure if she was ready for that. But he was so good to her. And the sex was amazing. She surmised that the love they shared would be enough...

Her interview was tomorrow. She needed to get an outfit that says "professional." So off to the mall she went. "I have to nail this job!" she said to herself while driving. "My life will be perfect".

After spending an hour in her favorite store, Laci went into the dressing room and stripped her clothes off. She looked at herself in the mirror and admired what her boyfriend got to fuck every night. She pulled back her long blonde hair and felt her 38C tits with eraser length nipples sticking out. She was already aroused. Some thing about being naked in public turned her on. She ran her hand across her tanned skin (well, except for the very thin bikini line that she kept just for Jeremy) down to her clean shaven pussy. She watched herself in the mirror as she rubbed her clit. Slowly, methodically teasing herself until her pelvis was involuntarily pushing itself against her fingers. She rubbed her clit furiously while imagining her boyfriends cock sliding into her as she rode him. God he could fuck. She bit her lip as she came, and then licked and sucked her cum off of her fingers. She looked at herself again in the mirror and with a devilish smile she said "Slut" and went back to trying on her selection.

She decided on a knee length black pencil skirt with a white blouse and a black garter set. Normally she would wear thigh highs but what the hell she thought "it'll be a nice surprise for Jeremy tonight." She decided to go with a black bra and a matching jacket. At 5'7 she didn't think she needed heels but decided to get a pair that gave her a couple inches.

She looked at herself again and was very pleased with herself. "This outfit screams I am a strong professional woman" she thought to herself. With that she changed back into her street clothes and walked out. As she was checking out she noticed the guy behind the counter was giving her a weird look. She knew immediately what was up. "Enjoy the show?" She said with a wicked smile. He could only clear his throat and finish ringing her up. As she grabbed her bag, she gave him a slutty wink and walked out, feeling very victorious and powerful.

When she got home she texted her boyfriend and let him know that she had gotten the outfit for tomorrow, but left out the garter belt. She still wanted to surprise him. He simply said that it sounded great and that he couldn't wait to see her in it. "Or see you out of it ;)" he said. She smiled and tossed her phone on the counter while she got dinner ready. She texted Jeremy about mundane things until it was time for her to shower. Then she sent him a few very dirty pictures of her. He loved them of course, but when she asked him to see his cock, he wouldn't. This was her only issue with him, he was not that adventurous. He had a problem with sending her nude photos of himself, even though he was a gorgeous man. He wouldn't even let her play with him if it were anywhere other than the bedroom. Now granted the sex was amazing and he could fuck like a Greek God, but she liked to have fun, and he didn't.

"Just a small sacrifice for the greater good" she would say. So she told him she was going to bed unsatisfied (a joke, he thought), but she still loved him.

The next day she got ready for "work" and was on her way. She felt so sexy and so amazing today. She just knew things were gonna go right. As she was pulling up her garter, she decided "what the hell, let's really give him a surprise tonight" and left her pussy bare. She left the house with the address and name of the guy she was going to be interviewing with. Simon.

She walked into the building and over to the receptionist and asked what floor she should be going to. "5th floor." the receptionist told her. Laci was immediately confused. Jeremy worked on the 4th floor. And she thought they would be working together. This whole thing would be pointless if they weren't going to be working together. But she thought she better see this through in case she missed something. So she got on to the elevator and headed up to the 5th floor. That is where Laci's life changed forever...

When she walked out of the elevator, she found the directory and Simon's name, and followed the arrow. When she got to his door she let out a deep breath. While doing so, she heard a man speak in a very stern, deep voice "Don't be so nervous, it's just an interview. Now get in here."

Hearing his voice, so demanding, sent a shock through her body. Should he be talking to a potential employee like that? She nodded her head to shake the cobwebs loose and walked in. When she turned from closing the door behind her, he was already standing in front of her with his hand extending. She took his hand and felt a very firm grip. "Pleasure to meet you, I'm Simon."

As she slowly looked him up and down, she stammered "I'm pleasure to meet Lac..." She shook her head "I mean it's a pleasure to meet you too, my name is Laci." He gave her a puzzled look. "I'm sorry, I'm just really nervous. I've never had a job like this and I thought I would be working with someone I know."

He motioned to a seat across from his desk and started walking to his own seat while speaking "Have a seat" he said. And we can talk about this guy you know.

"How do you kno-". He cut her off with a raise of his hand.

"Darlin, please. It's no secret who got you this interview. Jeremy brags on you all the time. You've made him a very happy man." He put his hand down and interlocked it with his other on the desk. "I don't mind you working at the same company, but you can't physically work together. It violates company rules."

This made sense to Laci. "I see your point I guess. That's just kind of a bummer. He's the reason I went for this job."

"Honey you will still get to see your man. Trust me. This is a very fast paced environment, and one, or both of you will be all over this building. Speaking of which, this is a great time to go over my expectations and what you will be doing here." He relaxed and sat back in his chair while saying this, and Laci couldn't help but to check him out. She guessed he was about 40. In very good shape. He had a full head of hair that was black with a little bit of salt and pepper. His face was shaved except for the 5 o'clock shadow that was forming. He wore a grey suit that accented his chest very well. His eyes were grey, which added with his ensemble, gave a very intimidating look. And she had to stop herself from staring.

"So Jeremy works down on the 4th floor, in sales, as you know. You will primarily be working with me up here, as my assistant." She was confused.

"Your assistant? But I don't really have the qualifications for that do I?"

He waved his hand at her again. "Qualifications? You don't think you can follow simple instructions? It's not rocket science my dear. You do what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it, it's that simple. If I send you to the first floor to gather some shit a client dropped off, that's what you do. You'll also be taking care of my date book, and scheduling my appointments. I'm sure you do things like this with Jeremy as well right?" She was stunned. Here he was again using what she thought was non professional language with her. But what she also realized is that she felt a little bit of moisture between her legs. She replayed him saying "you'll do what I say when I say it" in her head again. She snapped herself back into reality and saw his hand. It had a ring on it. She didn't know if she was relieved, or jealous? I wonder if his wife gets the same demeanor at home?

"Are you listening Miss?" He said to her.

"Hhm? Oh yes, sorry, I was just noticing your wedding ring. How long have you been married?"

He smiled. "About 15 years." He said to her.

"Oh wow I am happy for you guys. Not many couples last these days. I'm hoping me and Jeremy last that long at least!" She said with great optimism.

He shrugged. "Maybe you will, maybe you won't. Let's move on. Before we get going I need you to sign this sheet of paper explaining that I told you what the job is and the offered salary. Once we are done with the interview we will sign the rest of the paperwork if you're still interested."

She thought this was a kind of odd request. "Normally these kinds of documents are signed once you get the job, but oh well, this is all new to me." She signed the paperwork, slid it back to him, and he stood up and showed her out of the office to see the work area. As she walked in front of her, she couldn't help but feel like his eyes were on her, and she felt a small trace amount of liquid running down her leg.

He showed her to the break room, and where to put her food if she brought any, and then the conference room, which held a massive oak table with at least 20 chairs around it. She was definitely getting in the big leagues. She loved it. Even though she couldn't work with her boyfriend, she loved being in the business world.

He then showed her the copy room and explained "This is where you will spend a lot of your time. Between the faxes and making numerous copies of crap that nobody is going to read, it's pretty time consuming."

She rolled her eyes a bit "Great. Can't wait for that! Maybe I'll bring a book to read?!"

He laughed. "Or a toy..." he said very quickly with a wink.

She thought she would hit him back a bit. "Hmm, now that would be an interesting sight to walk in on, wouldn't it "Boss"?" They both laughed and started to walk out. They both tried to walk through the doorway together and ran into each other. She laughed and turned sideways to let him pass. He turned towards her and for a moment they were locked in each other's gaze. He moved passed her, and she wasn't sure but she thought she felt him squeeze her leg as he walked passed. It sent a tingle through her body.

They walked back to his office and she sat back down in her chair. But this time he sat on the corner of the desk closest to her. She was feeling a little uncomfortable. Mainly because she knew she was getting aroused. She just didn't exactly know why.

"So this is it. You'll report to me every day, and to make the day as painless as possible. The job comes with many perks as well as a generous salary as you've already seen." He stood up and started walking around her and put his hands on her shoulders and leaned in close to her ear. "Do you think you could handle taking...orders... from a man like me?" She gulped and slowly nodded her head up and down. He squeezed her shoulders "you will address me as sir!"

She quickly responded "yes sir, I can do that."

He smiled. He knew he had her. He sat back down on the corner of the desk and crossed his arms. "Good. There is one other job requirement that you will have here with us."

She looked up at him. "What's that?" She asked. He glared at her and a light bulb went off in her head. "I mean, what's that sir?"

His expression changed. "You will dress how I say. And you will please me how I say. If I want you to suck my cock, you will do so. If I want to fuck your sweet pussy, you'll offer it to me. Understood?"

Her pussy was on fire. Jeremy never talked to her like this. But she couldn't give in to this. She started to stand up. "I really don't think this is what I signed up for. And plus I have a boy-"

he cut her off as she was backing up against the door, slowly panting. "You have a what? Boyfriend?" He laughed "Honey I haven't even touched you yet and you're pussy is a faucet right now."

She ignored his comment and told him that he could not talk to her that way and she was going to report him for sexual harassment.

He laughed and showed her the paper she signed. "Do you know what this is? This is a non disclosure agreement. This means you can't say a thing about what we discuss. You should really be more careful on what you sign sweetie. But, let's say you did go run your fucking mouth. Who are they gonna believe? I have a perfect record here and everyone loves me. I have a "wife" at home who adores me. So are they gonna believe me or some slut who parties every weekend?" Her jaw dropped. "You don't think I looked into Jeremy's squeeze when he started running his mouth? C'mon little thing. I know you're type. You WANT a guy like him to sound good on paper, but in reality, you want a guy who will bend you over and fuck you like the whore you are."

"You're wrong!" Laci said to him. "I love him!"

He laughed at her. "You love him huh?" He slid his hand forcefully under her skirt and to her pussy. It was soaking. "Hmph!" He said. "If you love him then why are you so damn wet?" I bet all you can think about is how my cock will feel inside your cunt, isn't that right?"

"No!" Laci said to him. "I don't want this, I don't want you!" Tears were starting to form in her eyes. She wasn't sure if it was because she knew he was right, or that she needed to be fucked badly and he was toying with her.

He pulled up the paper with her signature and tore it up. "There you go miss. Go run and tell anyone and everyone that I was mean to you." He leaned closer to whisper in her ear. "Tell your boyfriend that you love so much that you didn't imagine my cock inside of you. Fuck him and don't imagine me. I dare you."

Laci was biting her lip and had her eyes closed. She was getting light headed. If she could only remind her body that she needed to breathe...

He started speaking again. More sternly. "If you're not gonna do that, then walk your ass over to my desk, and put your hands across it." She hesitated for a moment, thought of her boyfriend, how much he loved her, and how much she loved him. And then she walked over to Simon's desk and did exactly what he told her to do. Her pussy was ready for him, even if her mind wasn't.

He chuckled and moved over to her. "I knew you were a slut" he said to her. "I bet you think I am going to fuck you, don't you slut?" He said as he pulled up her skirt. He laughed when he saw the garter belt and saw that she had no panties on. "Look at this... no panties at all. You really are easy". He said as his hands gripped her ass. It was not a caress. Not a touch. But forceful. Kneading her flesh, making her bite her lip...

"it was...uhh...for my...mmm... boyfriend."

"Your boyfriend?! Your boyfriend huh? Well I guess I am the one who is going to be unwrapping this gift, aren't I?" Laci remained silent. And he slapped her for it. "Answer me bitch!" His voice booming.

"Yes sir! You get to unwrap his gift!"

He slapped her again on the ass, leaving a hand print. She bit her tongue. "Tell me something girl. Do you suck ole Jeremy's cock? I bet you don't. I know you don't!" He was right. She had not sucked his cock yet. He had not complained about it. She thought he was being polite. And she wasn't sure why, but it just had not came up yet.

"No, I haven't" she said quietly with her eyes closed while Simon continued to touch her body everywhere, except her pussy.

"You're gonna suck mine though, aren't you slut?" He grabbed her by the hair and stood in front of her. She was panting harder now. She looked down and could see the outline of his penis in his slacks. Her mouth was watering. She hadn't had a cock in her mouth in a long long time. She instinctively put her hand out and grabbed it. Instantly moaning at the size. She looked up at him helplessly while she fondled his cock.

"You know what to do honey. Get on your knees." She slowly lowered herself down and put her hands on his cock. She stayed there for a moment, pleasing him with her hands through his pants before slowly unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. She gasped when it sprang out in front of her. And her hand immediately went to his shaft, up and down. She felt a twinge of guilt hit her body, but by now it was a passing, momentary feeling. All she could think about was putting Simon's cock in her mouth. And that's exactly what she did.

She moved his cock to her lips, and snaked her tongue around his cock head, smiling inside to herself as she heard him suck in air. She played with his head some more while she moved her hand up and down his shaft with a firm grip. His cock was very nice. He was well above average. And nice and thick. Her pussy was getting wetter by the second. She looked up at him with the head of his cock in her mouth and winked at him, before taking his entire cock in her mouth, and using her tongue to lick his balls. He moaned in delight "holy shit...You sure do know how to suck a dick don't you?"

She released him and moaned while jacking his dick off and kissing his shaft. "I love sucking cock!" She said right before going back down on his dick. The sound of slurping filled the room and she picked her pace up. He could feel that he wouldn't be able to last long like this. So he picked her up and told her to go back to the desk.

"Are you ready for this cock?" He said to her as he rubbed her dripping wet pussy with his two front fingers.

"God yes." She said while tilting her head back. "Please fuck me" she begged. He lifted up her skirt and pulled her leg up to the desk and held his cock at the entrance of her pussy. He could feel the heat coming off it it.

"Tell me you're a filthy cheating whore. Tell me how bad you wanna fuck another man."

She moaned, relishing at the language he was using with her. "YES! I want you to fuck me now! I don't want my boyfriend to fuck me I want you to shove your cock into this cheating pussy! Fill me with your dirty cum!" And with that he shoved his cock into her to the hilt. She could feel it hit the back of her pussy and she bit her lip hard to keep from screaming. She clenched the desk hard while he pistoned himself in and out of her slowly, deeply, methodically. Making sure her pussy walls felt every inch of him.

"You like that, don't you?" He whispered in her ear.

"Yyyeesssssss" she hissed back at him. "I love being fucked like a whore. He never talks to me like this! He never fucks me out in public! He knew I was a slut and he wants me to be a good girl! Ugh! Fuck me!" She screamed as she pushed her pussy back to meet his cock as if to tell him to stop being nice. He took his cue and grabbed her by the hips and pulled her pussy back onto him as he shoved his cock further, meeting at the impass deep within her vagina walls. Every thrust causing more and more pain. And her moans getting louder and louder, her begging him to fuck her harder, and deeper.

He grabbed her by the hair with one hand and squeezed her ass with the other while maintaining a rhythm with her pussy and his cock. She was the wettest and tightest pussy he had ever had. "I'm gonna keep this ASSistant as long as I can" he thought to himself.

She grabbed on to his arms and clenched down and she screamed "Oh God, I'm going to cum. I'm gonna cum so hard!" Her pussy tightened around his cock and he could feel her vice like grip milk his cock as she coated it with cum. After what felt like eternity, she collapsed on the desk, with her cunt juice running down her leg. He was letting her calm down a few (and himself) before he went right back to work. At first, all she could do was lay there and let him use her. Until he pulled her body back up and she could feel his entire cock back in her. She was moaning and feeling the intense pleasure of being fucked and at the same time knowing how wrong it was to be doing so.

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