tagErotic CouplingsLacretia, Queen of My Soul

Lacretia, Queen of My Soul


If you were offered one wish,… What would it be? A million dollars? A promising career? To travel the world? Power? Influence?

I was offered one wish, and I was promised that it would come true. But like all good things, this wish had a price, a price that I was willing to pay. What was that price?…My soul.

What, you may ask is worth one's very life? What could I possible be offered, that would even make me think of giving my life for?

LOVE, and eternal life.

I am now a 226 year old Vampire. I was brought over to the "Living Dead", by my now wife of two hundred years, Lacretia Bornio. My wife just had her two thousandth birthday, and she doesn't look a day over nine hundred. A little Living dead joke. I met her when I was twenty six years of age, at the signing of the declaration of Independence in Philadelphia. That night, I fell in love, and lust. From that night on, she was queen of my heart and soul.

After the huge event, she invited me over to her place, a huge brown stone house on 8th, that still stands to this day. Once in, I was amazed at who was there. Ten of the men, the founding fathers of this country. The all sat around in the Living room area, having sex with these girls, that look young enough, to be their daughters. Later Lacrietia would tell me that the youngest of those girls was twelve…hundred years old. Lacretia and I, really connected well. Mentally and otherwise. While listening to her speak, I became so captivated by her voice, it was as angels spoke. So soft and warm and comforting. Her physical appearance was beyond beauty. Her hair was long, down to her calves. Her hands were soft. Her skin, when I touched it felt like, the finest Silk imported from the Orient. Her body, was that of a woman, breast firm, nipples thick, thighs that looked ready for a man to be between them. When I looked into her eyes, I became hypnotized. They were a light hazel that sparkled in the light. I was thrown back when I saw what was going on in the different rooms of the house, but she assured me, that every thing would be fine.

She guided me up the stairs to her Master suite. When we entered there were two beautiful young girls laying naked on the bed. Their skin was a natural tan complexion. Their breast were small, but very perky. Their hair was long and curly. They lay on the bed, passionately kissing each other, I was shocked. I had never seen two young girls behave in such a way. Lacrecia closed the door from behind me, and introduced me to the two pervert laying on the bed. What she said, even shocked me more. They were her two, daughters. I asked in an upset tone, why she would allow them to do these things. I became furious not only at that, but at what was going on in the entire house. I was blinded by lust, "You are a whore!" I shouted. "I will have no part in anything in this house."

I proceeded to the door and walk out.

"Charles wait." Lacretia said in a sultry tone. "I apologize for any wrong intentions." I looked in her eyes, and became weak. I wanted to turn away, but I could not.

"Lay on the bed." She softly said.

Some how, I managed to walk over to the bed and lay down. I then witnessed, her two daughters walk over to her, and disrobe her. They gently unbuttoned her long black dress. When it fell to the floor, there stood before me three of the most exquisite women I'd ever seen. One of her daughters slowly walked to me, and very gingerly hop on to the bed. She undressed me, then moved down to my erect penis. She began to suck on it, and move her head slowly up and down. I closed my eyes, and when I reopened them, Lacretia and her other daughter, lay beside me making intense love to each other. Lacretia lay on the bottom while her daughter was on her chest licking and sucking on the breast. She then moved in between her mothers legs and entered her hairless crotch. I was mesmerized at what I saw, and was experiencing. I felt that I was climaxing, and I let out a soft "Yell" of pleasure. When I finally did climax, this girl swallowed all of my emissions. She slowly moved up to my face, and kissed me on the lips, then on the neck. I felt, her bite me, I screamed when she did, and at that very moment Lacretia shouted,


"Not yet what?" I asked.

"It's nothing, my youngest daughter at times get a little carried away." I knew she was lying. But some power had taken over me, I could not move. I looked down at the foot of the bed, and watched as her other daughter, licked and entered and exited her vagina.

I looked at who I now know to be as Nyssa. I leaned up and held her face in my hands. She was just as beautiful as her mother.

"You look so young, and beautiful. I can just imagine the joy of the man who has you as his wife when you get older."

"I'll never, marry. I am damned to a life of eternal sin."

"God forgives those who are repentant."

"God forgives only those who worship him. He only cares for the slaves of his house. I am a slave of pleasure. I worship the male. My alter is the laps of willing men. I have experienced things in my life, that humans will never. I am beyond repentance, beyond forgiveness, beyond sin, beyond life. I am beyond death."

"Why do you say such words. A young woman like you has your entire life in front of you… How old are you?"

"At this time, you would not believe my age."

"Tell me."

"Do not be preoccupied with my age at this time. Come and suck the nipples of my breast. The same chest that intoxicated King Solomon. Take my body, and caress my smooth skin. Enter me with your manhood, and take pleasure as did so many kings, conquering generals, and peasants have."

"Nyssa! Nyah! Leave us alone. I will beckon for you soon. There is some… fresh meat down stairs for you both, enjoy with the rest of your siblings."

Lacretia turned to me and apologized for her daughters aggressiveness.

"Charles, let me make love to you. Become intoxicated with my body. Do as you will with me."

"I can not treat you like a woman of the night. My heart has come to feel love towards you. My heart will not allow me to do the things you want me to do."

"Then allow me, to do things to you, that no other woman will do."

I did not say a word. She proceeded to straddle me with her body. She lowered herself on to my manhood. I reached up and grabbed hold of her firm breast, as she bounced up and down. I was in heaven. She moved very methodically. At times she closed her eyes, concentrating, thinking out every sexual move she made. She leaned down, and her hair, her long black hair covered our faces as we passionately kissed. She began to suck on my neck, my blood rushed through my body, making me feel light. I was about to erupt in her, but before I could she moved off of me and swallowed my cock in her mouth and sucked all of my semen. She leaned up moved her head back and slowly swallowed my drops of life.

"I am in Love with you. From just one night of lust, I want to spend the rest of eternity with you."

"Say out load, that you love me."

"I love you. I LOVE YOU!"

"If I gave you one wish, what would it be?"

"To spend all of eternity with you."

"Wish for it. Wish for me to be queen of your heart and soul forever. If you wish for that, I will never cease to please you. You will want for nothing. You will lust for no one. Wish that I will be queen of your heart and soul. If you love me, you will wish that."

"I wish that you were queen of my heart and soul."

She got up and stood at the foot of the bed. Her hair covered her body. She then spoke to me.

"Do not be afraid of what you are about to see, for love will cover over what I am inside."

Within seconds, she transformed into this, beautiful demonic monster. She flew to me, and bit into my neck, I felt the blood of my body drain instantly from me. I then passed out.

When I awoke, I was surrounded by naked young woman on the bed. Lacretia, lay next to me. Nyssa and Nyah lay ontop and to the other side of me. At the foot of me were three more beautiful young girls. Lacretia woke up and looked at me.

"Hello my king."

I smiled.

"What are you?"

"I am Lacretia Queen of the walking dead. You are now my king. We will rule and live forever together."

"Who are these girls?"

"My daughters. Our daughters."

"How old are they?"

"The youngest, Nyssa and Nyah, are nine hundred. The oldest are between one thousand and fifteen hundred."

"What will my life be like?"

"Filled with unimaginable pleasure."

Since that day, it has been. As you can imagine living forever with six beautiful undead women very horny women is very arousing. Being the only male, even for an undead can be taxing as well.

So that is my short story.

"Charles! Will you get in here. I am longing for you cock in my mouth."

"Be right there my queen."

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