tagIncest/TabooLactating Breasts, Mom's Relief

Lactating Breasts, Mom's Relief


When Laura came home from work, she had no idea how her life was about to change. She was carrying a small brown box. She removed her footwear, standing in her office suit, and put the box in the living room where her son was watching tv.

"What's that?" he asked.

There was excitement on Laura's face. "That, is part of my job. I've been given a promotion. And I'll also be able to spend the next 2 weeks working from home."

"Promotion...and you get to work from home?" he asked puzzled, trying to make sense of things.

Laura smiled and nodded. "I've been placed in charge of legal affairs regarding a potentially breakthrough product. A new drug. It's perfectly safe and extensively tested. But I'll be testing it as well in order to help write the legal disclaimers."

"Sounds interesting."

None of this surprised Brian. He was used to his mom taking things to the extreme. She always brought her work home and got hands-on with things. It was one of the reasons why Laura was such a successful attorney for a big pharmaceutical company.

"It should be interesting."

"Well what's in the box?" he asked. "Don't tell me it's packed with pills and you'll have to take them all."

The excitement left Laura's face. Now, it was time to have a serious conversation with her son for what was to come. Their household would soon be undergoing some major change for the next month.

"Can you turn the tv off please?" she asked politely.

He switched it off. "Everything okay?"

"Everything's fine," she said, sitting on the couch next to him. "But what I'll be doing is a little...unorthodox, shall we say. The company is working on a new drug which helps with breastfeeding. In particular, it helps the breast produce milk. I'll be taking these pills and my breasts will begin to produce milk again."

Naturally, he was shocked. "Really?"

She clenched, feeling a little embarrassed. "This is only for a while. The effects are temporary and it's perfectly harmless."

Now everything was finally laid out. She braced herself for how her son might react to this absurdity. However, she was sure her son could handle this. After all, Brian was a college student who majored in biology. So this should be something he should be getting used to.

"For some reason, this doesn't surprise me," he said with an expression that was tough to decipher. "It's great that you take your job so seriously."

Laura tried gauging her son's reaction. There was a hint of something there. As if Brian was going to enjoy this a little too much. She brushed away the thought and decided not to think too hard about it.

She took pride in the comment. "I'm glad you think so, after all, my dedication pays for your expensive tuition."

"Thanks mom," he smiled. "I'll help with the dishes tonight. I promise."

What would come next was the moment she'd have to fully reveal the details of her trial. Details which would take the awkwardness to a whole new level. But it was extremely necessary for Laura's unbiased legal analysis of the new drug. Once again, she found herself tensing.

"There's more," she said, trying to relax. "I'll be taking strong doses of the drug. This is necessary so that I experience the full effect, to help craft my legal opinion on the matter. For the next few weeks, I'll be heavily lactating."

"That's great. I mean, no big deal. I respect what you're trying to do. Really. I think it's something that could potentially help a lot of nursing women with issues they may have."

It made Laura happy that her son was such a strong supporter of nursing mothers. Who knew? At the same time, she couldn't help but have a creeping suspicion that something was off. There was something in his tone was not quite casual enough.

"It's a little more than that," she needed to add. "Because of the amount of milk I'll be producing, I may have to dress a little differently."

Once again, she carefully studied her son's facial expressions to see how he'd react to the news. And once again, she couldn't tell what he was thinking.

"No worries. Wear whatever you need to get comfortable. It's an important job after all."

The lack of true insight was driving her crazy. She needed to know how Brian honestly felt about this. She had to put her foot down.

"Please be honest with me," she demanded. "Do you think I'm crazy? If you think so, just tell me. Stop being so coy."

He laughed. "Mom, how many times do I have to tell you? It's no big deal! Stop feeling so paranoid about this. You don't have to keep asking me about it."

She let out a breath of relief that she wasn't aware she was holding, and her mind felt relaxed. She must have been imagining the change in tone when she mentioned the lactation.

"Fine, you're right. I wasn't sure how you'd react. And I'm glad that you're taking this so well."

"Yeah, we'll certainly get to know each other a lot better."

Laura raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"

"You know, you'll be working from home. We'll get to see a lot of each other everyday. You're usually at the office all day."

She lowered her eyebrow. "You're right. It'll be nice to spend more time at home. There's plenty of things I need to do around the house. Maybe I can get back into cooking again. We can try new recipes together."

"Works for me."

"I'm glad this conversation went well," she said, feeling relieved. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to prepare for dinner."

Laura stood and picked up the box she had left on the table.

"Well?" he asked randomly.

"Well what?"

"Are you ever going to tell me what's in that box? It looks heavy."

With the box in her hands, she realized that not all of her plans had been explained, and that was for a reason. Some of her plans were a little more intimate. Nevertheless, she wanted to be honest about the process.

"There are different breast pumps in here," she admitted. "It'll ache if I simply allowed all the milk to stay inside me. The milk will be tested in the lab later."

"Fascinating stuff."

There was that same curious expression on Brian's face, along with the same tone in his voice. Laura knew big changes were coming. But there was no way she could have anticipated how big those changes would be.


The first day of the process was fairly simple. She took the pills three times a day; morning, afternoon, and night. The lactation hadn't started yet so she still had normalcy in her life.

The second day of the process was much the same. She took the pill on time and waited. According to the research, it could take 4-5 days to see any results.

Same with the third day.

The fourth day was when Laura finally started to see the effects of the medication. She awoke with a slightly sore, swollen feeling in her breasts. It made her happy that she could finally begin with her research on the product.

She immediately went to the bathroom and undid the top of her nightgown, standing in front of the mirror with her breasts exposed. They were pert, with only a slight sag from her age. Overall, she was satisfied with the way her tits looked. They had always been her best feature, according to past boyfriends.

They were ample sized handfuls that curved on the bottom. She also had nicely sized pink nipples that were very suckable, especially when she was aroused and her nipples hardened and protruded.

Laura critically examined the appearance of her breasts in the mirror, looking for visible changes. They looked roughly the same, as she looked at them from the front, then turning side to side. Yet, she still felt a slight stiffness to them.

Now, for the first attempt in trying to express milk. Bending over the sink, she cupped her right breast, just below the areola, squeezing gently, using her thumb and the tip of her finger. Nothing came out at first. Releasing the pressure, she repeated the process, building up a rhythm. To her surprise, drops of milk appeared, encouraging the manual stimulation. She smiled, elated, as a trickle of milk flowed from the nipple onto the sink. Success! It was her first time lactating since giving birth to her son over 19 years ago.

She used a soft cotton pad and wiped her nipple clean. A look of pride shone on her face. Laura was a woman who loved researching every detail of whatever she was assigned to. She always gave her job everything she had.

When the doctors & researchers explained the side effects of taking such a high dosage, Laura firmly stated that it wouldn't be a problem. She wanted to be fearless about this, no matter the personal cost.


The next day, Laura prepared her breakfast wearing a casual white t-shirt along with sweatpants. She had a few pairs of padded bras from the company, but was wearing one of her normal ones. She didn't want to wear them yet because of how uncomfortable they were, and how much they'd stick out from her clothing.

Brian came down stairs soon after and prepared a bowl of cereal. He had class in 2 hours and was in a hurry. They made small banter like they normally did.

"Any results yet?" he asked.

It was his first time asking about the medication since the whole thing began. It was obvious that he was trying to hide his intrigue, but Laura was glad that he took an interest in some way.

"Yes, actually the lactation started yesterday morning," she said. "Not a lot. It's all very exciting though."

"Really? You didn't tell me that."

"It was only a small amount. I didn't want to make a big deal of it. Besides, it's sort of an intimate thing for me."

Brian's eyes glanced at his mother's chest. "Mom?"

"What is it?"

"Your t-shirt."

She looked down and was startled by the sight of her wet chest. Her newfound breast milk had stained the front of her t-shirt. She was surprised that she hadn't even noticed it.

"My goodness," she gasped. "You keep eating. You have school soon. I'll go get cleaned up."

Laura excused herself, hurrying upstairs to her bedroom, shutting the door so she could have the necessary privacy. She pulled off her milk stained t-shirt and tossed it in the laundry basket. Then she went to the bathroom to remove her wet bra, standing topless.

God, her nipples looked and felt so stiff. They were so stiff that they were stinging, sending little shocks along the nerve endings in her breasts. As she looked at her breasts, she noticed that her nipples had become puffier and darkened in color. She knew that men loved the look of lactating nipples for that very reason. Men, in her experience, loved larger nipples. They were much more fun to suck on and play with.

But even with her pregnancy 20 years ago, she never felt this level of stimulation, stiffness, or swelling. Most of all, she never felt the ease in which milk naturally came of out of her nipples. What was happening now was purely from the high dosage of the medication.

She used a soft cotton pad and wiped her nipples dry, feeling her nipples grow even stiffer in the process.

God, this made her fucking horny. As far as sex drive goes, Laura always considered herself to be average. Sure, she had sexual desires, but nothing extreme. In college, while most of her friends were out partying and having sex, Laura stayed in her dorm studying. The same was true throughout her legal career. Colleagues dated. Laura worked overtime.

Now, Laura experienced something that felt almost indecent. Her nipples ached. In turn, that caused the blood to swell in her pussy and she began to feel a dull ache there as well. This was surely the side effect of the high dosage she was taking, she thought. It was messing with her hormones.

She knew what had to be done. She needed to masturbate to alleviate the feelings. But in the morning? How obscene. At least by her standards. Nevertheless, it had become a necessity for her.

She sat on the edge of the bed, her legs spread wide and began to rub her pussy. Usually she'd play with her sensitive nipples while she masturbated, but she didn't want to make a milky mess in the process.

As she slowly circled and caressed her clitoris with her fingers, she heard the sound of her son coming upstairs to go to his room. He was changing his clothes, getting ready for class.

God, it made her feel so guilty that her son was in the other room while she masturbated, but this was her career. She always brought her work home, but never like this. It was never sexual. Her work had always been professional and wonky. Until now...

Until now, when she so desperately needed to relieve herself of the sexual urgency she felt.


Hours later, Brian had returned home from class and Laura still had a dilemma to solve. On her bedroom table, there was a small container of her breast milk. She had used the breast pump to fill the container. It had once again aroused her as her nipples felt the suction of the device.

Due to her high dosage of the medication, her nipples were now uncontrollable. Even the lightest of touches would send her down a path of sexual deviancy. Just grazing her nipples would cause them to squirt, and more alarmingly, cause her vagina to pool with wetness. The slightest touch of her bra against her breasts would give her an insatiable need to pleasure herself to completion.

What that meant was, she couldn't wear a bra. If she did, her nipples would be squeezed and she'd become sexually aroused.

She put on a bathrobe, wearing nothing but her panties underneath. It was a perfect outfit because the robe would absorb the milk. She didn't want to keep staining her tshirts.

Then she went downstairs to greet her son, who had just come through the front door.

"You look super relaxed mom," he said jokingly, only to realize that his mother was in a totally serious mood.

"We need to talk. It's important."


"Can you change your clothes and come back to the living room?"

He nodded, not knowing how serious this was. "Sure, give me a minute, I'll be right back."

Laura sat on the couch in her bathroom, while her son headed upstairs, and in a few moments he returned in his normal home clothes. They sat on the couch together prepared for the serious conversation.

"What is it?" he asked.

Laura took a deep breath. "There's something I need to explain to you. For now, let's not think of each other as mother/son. I'm a lawyer. You're a biology student. So let's think of each other as working professionals who have important duties. Okay?"

"Okay. Sure. That's no problem."

Laura explained everything. She felt that this was the best approach. She needed to be open and honest. No detail was spared. She explained that she had been taking a high dosage of the medication and that she was told the side effects which would result. Laura also explained how the medication worked. Her breasts had become slightly fuller. They had become stiff. And her breasts were producing the intended amount of milk.

Finally, and most importantly, Laura explained the side effects and how her hormones were off balance. She explained that the slightest touch to her sensitive nipples would trigger something inside of her. And how, as a result, she would have a problem wearing a bra, or even a tshirt around the house.

"Jeez..." he managed to say.

"I know. This is a difficult situation. Even this bath robe makes me uncomfortable to wear."

"Then don't wear it. Problem solved"

"Brian!" she snapped.

He suddenly became meek. "Sorry mom, I didn't mean it like that. But you said that we shouldn't think of ourselves as mother/son. That we should view ourselves as working professionals doing an important job. Well, in my advanced biology courses, we've done things involving nudity. And if I decide to go to med school, there's plenty of nudity there too. Big deal."

Laura calmed down. Her son was right. In order to do this, she'd have to stop being so rigid. Especially since he was already so mature at his young age. And since he considered going to med school.

"How should this work?" she asked.

"I don't know. This is your experiment. I don't want to get yelled at again if I try to suggest something."

She nodded. "I'm sorry I yelled at you. You're right. We're both adults here. We're both professionals. So, I think we should do this?"

His eyes widened. "You do?"

She wondered if her son had a thing for lactating breasts. She knew it was a popular fetish, but that was really the least of her problems right now.

"I think it's for the best, but only if you're okay with this. I don't want to make you uncomfortable at all."

"Of course not," he said adamantly. "Your career is the most important thing. I don't mind boobs. In fact, I enjoy seeing them."

"Even mine?" she asked with an eyebrow raised.

He became sheepish. "Again, this would be purely professional. I promise."

Drawing this out would only make things worse and increasingly awkward. If they had to go through all the nuances, this conversation would take forever.

Instead, Laura stood up as Brian locked eyes on her. Then she untied the middle of her bathrobe, causing her pussy to twitch. Then she opened the bathrobe and tossed it on the couch, standing in nothing but her panties, with her hard nipples and milky tits fully exposed.

His eyes were wide like saucers. "Oh god."

"Remember, this is purely professional," she reminded him in a playful tone.

"Of...Of course, mom...I mean doctor...I mean Ms..."

"Just call me mom. Just because we're acting professional here, doesn't mean that you can't acknowledge that I'm your mother, okay?"

He nodded. "Okay."

"What now?"

She thought for a moment. "I'll have to be like this until we find a solution. I'll have to contact the doctors and they'll think of something."

"And if there's no solution?"

She gestured to her tits. "Then you'll have to get used to seeing these."

Laura took her bathrobe, gave another quick smile to her son, and headed back up the stairs to her bedroom, where she closed the door. She picked up the phone and made the call.


As it turned out, there was no solution to Laura's dilemma. She was voluntarily taking a high dosage and this was the effect. Perpetual sexual arousal. There was nothing she could do to cover her breasts without feeling the excitement of her nipples being stimulated by clothes. So she'd have to be naked.

She laid back in bed. God, her son had just stared at her tits. She was the one who had opened her robe to him. The recollection made her pussy so wet. She began to masturbate over the encounter, replaying it in her mind. She imagined the look on his face as he stared at her tits. She had been sexually aroused explaining everything to him and undressing for him. Nervous, but aroused.

Thinking back over it as she masturbated was enough to give her the best orgasm she'd had in a long time.


The next morning. She wondered how Brian would react coming down the stairs to see her topless again, making her breakfast while standing in nothing but her panties. He had already stared at her tits enough during the previous night when they had dinner together. Now, she wondered if Brian would be used to the taboo sight, or if his eyes would still be ogling over her. Worse, she wondered if she would still be aroused by him staring.

Sure enough, he came down the stairs and the awkwardness still lingered as he headed for the kitchen. Naturally, his eyes quickly glanced at his mother's bare tits. She noticed this and it made her uncomfortable still, yet so very excited at the same time. She was almost angry with herself that she was sitting there with her tits exposed. What kind of mother would allow such a thing? Worse, it made her ache with need.

After their normal morning banter, Laura felt it was finally time to break the fragile tension once and for all. It had to be done eventually, or this new arrangement was never going to work.

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