tagLoving WivesLactating Lesbian Lady Ch. 5

Lactating Lesbian Lady Ch. 5

byTawny T©

Rosita and I lay together softly kissing. Her hands moved to my full breasts and pulled at my sensitive nipples, rolling them, as she knew how to do so well. I arched my back toward her talented fingers. She was lying beside me and her hot thigh slid between my own and pressed against my wet pussy. I stroked her wonderfully smooth skin, several shades darker than mine.

“You know just how to do that, don’t you my hot Latin lover.” I said pulling back a little and smiling into her dark expressive eyes. They were so deep brown that you felt as if you could fall into them and swim in their sensuous depths.

Her eyes sparkled. “Do what, Senora?” she asked mischievously, grinding her thigh skillfully against my mound. She knew full well what I meant. We had been lovers now for well over a year and she knew my body very intimately - inside and out - and just how I wanted her to make love to every inch of it.

“Make love to me! Suck my nipples. Drink my milk! Suck them - now.” I pleaded. “They are so full. Little Jimmy doesn’t drink all I produce. I have so much milk. I enjoy nursing him but particularly love to have you, Janie and Jamie suck my breasts, take my milk from them too. Having a woman suck my breast milk is so damn wicked and sexy! ”

Rosita smiled a little naughty grin then kissed me softly, caught me and rolled me on top of her hot naked body. Her large breasts pressed against mine, we hugged and kissed a long delicious moment, then I moved up over her on arms and legs, as I knew just what she wanted. God she was so hot! I spread my legs on either side of her, straddled her body and slid upward a little and felt my full, milk-heavy breasts sway as I moved. She leaned her head back and both hands went to my breast and guided it to her lips. She kissed the nipple and sucked softly on it, pulling it with her lips, but not hard enough to make my milk flow into her waiting mouth.

I remembered the first time she had made love to me and sucked my milk from my swollen breasts. She had gone down on me then, the first woman ever to make love to me. Her hands now cupped one breast squeezing it and her lips teased my nipple, pulled her sensuous lips from around it, and then kissing my sensitive areola just above my long nipple, not making contact with the nipple itself. I knew her devilish ways and loved it.

She spent long minutes kissing and licking my large bulging areola before I reached down and caught my breast and moved my nipple to her lips. She laughed softly then her hot lips surrounded my nipple and her tongue flicked the tip, teasing me, still not sucking. I moaned and my head bowed back in frustration, wanted her lips to suck my aching nipple, suck it hard!

“Rosita, ohhh please, Love! Please suck my nipple. I need you to! You’re killing me! Suck it! Ohhhh, suck it! ” I groaned in anguish.

Then I gave a long loud sigh as her soft lips pulled at my nipple and slid along it, sucking it softly. She teased it, making it harder, making it longer and firmer, but not sucking hard enough to draw my milk into her mouth. My hips thrust down against her body, my wet pussy pressing against her stomach, conveying my need.

An eternity later she sucked harder and I felt the fantastic relief as the milk flowed from my swollen breast into her hot mouth. She put both hands at the base, squeezed inward and pulled downward, milking my breast. God, how wonderful it felt to have her suck and milk it with her hands till the milk sprayed out inside her sweet mouth. I lowered my chest, pushed my breast against her soft face and her lips sucked again and again drawing my hot mother’s milk into her mouth. She knew just how to do it so sensually.

Nursing a baby was erotic, his little mouth sucking away, giving me pleasure, but when Rosita suckled, it was a whole new feeling, a feeling of one woman making love to another. I knew my pussy was very hot and in all probability - very wet. She always had that effect on me. Soon she would empty my breasts and then we would make love. I wanted her hands, her lips, her tongue slipping into my pussy, driving me to a fantastic climax as I made love to her at the same time.

A 69 had become one of our favorite love positions. We both loved the delicious taste and scent of an excited pussy while our own pussy was being sexually stimulated. The wanton intimacy of a 69 is beyond describing. It is so wonderfully erotic and satisfying, when done with a caring lover who cherishes and wants only to satisfy you in the most intimate of lovemaking techniques. Eating and being eaten at the same time, to my mind, is one of life’s most erotic sensations, transcending all others. As I have read many times, only another woman truly knows how to make love to a woman. I have found it to be a truism.

I felt one hand leave my breast and slide sensuously down my body, over my rounded belly to stroke my hot thigh. She was teasing me again while her lips sucked and her mouth made love to my swollen breast. Her lips were never still, she moved her head up and down pulling on the nipple, giving me the fantastic sensations of her soft lips pulling, making my nipple harder and at the same time making it longer while she drew out my milk. Her hand cupped my bare pussy mound caressing it for a while, moved slowly downward. I gasped as her finger inched along my slit, then tantalizingly, pressed inward into my sopping pussy. I was wet and slick from her sucking my breasts and it slipped into my wet sex cave easily. I moaned above her and threw my head back in a movement of sheer pleasure.

Her lips continued their sensuous sucking and her talented finger slid out of my pussy, slick and wet, and began to gently and skillfully roll my hard clit in circles. She knew just how much pressure to use and her technique made me gasp. She had learned just how to make me squirm; making ripples of pure pleasure race through my body. Her finger slid inward, over and over, getting more of my slick juices on her finger then back to roll my clit till I was crying out with the need for release.

Her finger probed gently inward and I felt first one, then two fingers press deep inside me - finger fucking me. She twisted her wrist stimulating my vaginal entrance. Long minutes later I felt them curve inside me, and cried out as they found my g-spot and began to massage it with a touch we had developed together. I hunched my hips against her hand, feeling her fingers slide deeper inside me, playing over the small sensitive pad and making me feel as if I needed to pee, yet wanted more of her touch rubbing against it.

Her skillful fingers rubbed and stroked. From long experience she knew just how to stroke my g-spot. She had been surprised the first time I had spurted my pussy juice, and now her fingers rubbed and stroked bringing it on. Her lips drew my milk out and she changed breasts, pulling on the other one now.

“Ohh, God, Sweet Rosita, you are killing me. Your fingers are making me so damn hot. I can feel them deep inside me. Make me cum; I want to spurt around your fingers. Suck my nipples hard, pull on them, bite them, make me cum. Ohhh, I need to cum. Make me cum hard! Hard!” I cried out. Little Jimmy was asleep in his room with the door closed, but I didn’t care if someone heard me scream in the next block.

Rosita moved her fingers inside me, stroking my g-spot, her hand thrusting deep. She nipped my long erect nipples with her teeth bringing a welcome pain to them. She sucked hard and I could feel my milk flow into her mouth. I leaned to one side and put my weight on one arm and reached across and caught my opposite breast and squeezed and pulled on the nipple. Multiple streams of hot milk spurted from my erect nipple in tiny white jets. She was sucking my milk and being hit in the face with more of it. I didn’t care if I was making a mess; I needed the stimulation on both nipples. I squeezed and pulled hard, drawing the milk out to arc in long white streams over her face. She closed her eyes and her cheeks continued to hollow while her fingers stroked inside me. Droplets of milk formed on her face to ran off, down her face, and into her jet-black hair.

I screamed my ecstasy as I came. Her magic fingers played over my g-spot and her hand writhed against my pussy setting off a massive and explosive climax inside my body. I was on fire with need. My hand came off my breast to hold my body erect as I climaxed hard and explosively, head back, back arched. I wished Jamie and Janie were there too, three women making love to me at the same time. God, the thought sent me soaring over the edge and my pussy convulsed around her fingers, my body went rigid. My hips hunched down against her hand, I felt my pussy spasm and my juices gush out over her pumping fingers to run off of her wrist. I screamed and cried out as I came again and again. It seemed as if jolts of wonderful electricity shot through my body and fireworks went off inside my head as I climaxed. Rosita had the ability to make me cum far beyond what anyone else could.

Finally spent, I fell atop her panting. She rolled a little and we lay holding each other. We kissed and caressed and I slid my hand down to find her sopping wet pussy. I slid a finger along her slit and her firm clit was swollen and hard. I rubbed it gently with my slick finger. Her fingers continued played with my nipple, pulling and making little spurts of milk come out.

When I had recovered I moved down and began to kiss her soft firm breasts. I loved sucking her nipples till they stuck out and became hard and long. I longed to suck on them and have her milk flow into my mouth. I licked her large brown areola, and she pushed her breast against my mouth. I went from one breast to the other fondling them till they were firmer, harder with passion, her hot Latin blood swelling them. Oh, to suck milk from them!

I kissed downward over her smooth satin stomach. She spread her legs wide for me. I moved between them and licked her velvet thighs, over her soft pubic hair to her sweet pussy. I slid my tongue out and ran it down into her groove, spreading her wet flesh, opening her up and slipping my tongue inside her, then plunging it deep inside, my lips sucking her sweet nectar out. I thrust my tongue in and out and suddenly had an inspiration. I pulled back and she groaned in protest. I grabbed a pillow and put it against her delectable ass. She knew what I wanted and lifted her hips up so I could slip the pillow under her, but I didn’t do what she thought I would do - go back to eating her.

I wiggled upward and put my breast against her spread wet pussy. I leaned forward and put my nipple against her hot wet flesh and pushed. My nipple found her opening and pressed downward. It felt so wonderful to me, having her hot, wet, intimate flesh around my nipple. I pressed downward, then pulled back slightly making my nipple fuck her pussy. She smiled at me, her hand came down and her finger found her turgid clit and rolled it around in circles. She took another pillow and put it under her head so she could watch me. I winked at her and pulled back a little, took one hand and pulled at my nipple and small streams of my hot milk spurted out over her pussy. She moaned her approval.

I pressed my nipple down against her spread flesh and then put a hand on either side of her pussy and pressed inward trapping my nipple between her pussy lips. I pulled backward and her pussy actually milked my nipple, my hot mother’s milk flowing out against her hot gash. My pussy pulsed, my clit throbbing at the idea of what I was doing. I pulled her pussy open again, slid my nipple back between her spread lips, closed them around my nipple, making her pussy milk my breast.

She watched, her dark eyes glowing with lust as she witnessed me doing something to her I had never done, or even imagined doing. My milk flowed out, into her pussy, out along her slit and over her delicious brown star. I pressed her pussy lips harder against my nipple making them milk my breast. My long hard, ejaculating nipple became a small cock fucking her pussy, and her pouting pussy lips seemed to suck on my hard nipple.

“Oh, yes, fuck my pussy with your nipple and make it suck your hot milk out. Yes, yes! That is so sexy, Senora Sandie. Fuck me, fuck my pussy. Yessss!” She moaned, as her fingers became a blur against her clit. I pressed my nipple down, taking it with my fingers and rubbing it around against the sides of her pussy, pulling at the same time, spurting milk into her open sex. She screamed out her ecstasy and I felt the pussy sphincter contract around my nipple and then a gush of her juices spurted out over my breast as she climaxed. Her hips thrust upward and I pressed my breast down hard against her body.

Her head was thrown back, her face distorted by passion. I almost came again it was so exciting. With a long sigh, she fell backward and lay gasping for breath. I moved up to kiss and caress her. Our lips were covered with our juices and we sucked and licked them clean with relish. Our hands roamed and soon we were both on fire. We turned in the rumpled bed and kissed our way downward till our faces were buried between hot thighs, our tongues and lips sucking on wet velvet flesh.

Her pussy was delicious, a mixture of my milk and her pussy juices. I sucked and licked with complete abandon and we became frantic lovers, not being able to kiss or lick the other partner hard or fast enough. Quickly we brought each other to a series of moaning, writhing climaxes, faces buried into steaming intimate flesh and tasting each other’s sweet juices. We both spurted out our juices to be devoured in an orgy of ecstasy.

Finally we became satiated, turned, hugged and pressed together. Our breathing became regular; we pulled back a little, and lying side by side, began to laugh. We were both a mess. My milk had spurted over her upper and lower body and our gyrations had spread it all over us. She even had my milk in her jet-black hair.

We got out of the bed, stripped off the wet sheets and laughing, went hand in hand to the bathroom to take a shower together. It was always a delight to shower with her as neither of us could resist a soapy finger slipping down to wash the other’s pussy, slick hands cupping and washing a firm breast, or slide up a tight back passage. I washed her raven hair, and she shampooed mine. We certainly got each other clean, top to bottom and all the naughty points in between.

That evening I lay on the bed spread with fresh sheets, little Jimmy lying atop me nursing when Rosita came in and sat beside me. Her hand reached out and stroked my face then a finger slid gently along my lips. I kissed her finger. God, I loved her so. I gazed at her beautiful face and it had a glow I had not seen before and her dark eyes had a sparkle to them that made my heart beat faster.

“Senora Sandie.” She said with a slight smile. “I have been thinking about your request, and have given it great thought. I think I have been very selfish.” She hung her head, but a little smile belied her pretended mood.

“Request?” I asked. “I don’t remember a request, but there is not a selfish bone in your sexy body, Rosita. What request?” I didn’t know what she meant, but I knew the sexy little vixen was up to something.

“I have had the great satisfaction of drinking your milk, and that of Senora Janie and Jamie. I make the love to you ladies but it is not the same.” She let a little smile play over her lips. “I think that you three beautiful Senoras should be allowed to taste Rosita’s milk also.”

I was puzzled for a split second, then my eyes popped open wide as I caught her meaning. “You mean you are willing to become pregnant?”

She grinned at my expression and laughed out loud. Jimmie blinked at the sound of her familiar laughter. “Yes! I think that is only fair to you three who have been so very good to me. I want you to taste Rosita’s milk. Let Rosita give back her milk to you three wonderful Senoras.”

I was in a state of shock. I lay there and the legal and moral ramifications made my head spin. It seemed several minutes before I was able to get my mind back to normal “God, Rosita Darling, I am so overwhelmed by this. Let Jim and I talk this over, we need to make sure you and the baby are taken care of.” I paused still thinking of the implications, “Just how do you want to become pregnant, by artificial insemination?”

“No, by Senor Jim. I think he would like it, and Rosita owes the Senor much. I have seen the way he looks at Rosita’s naked body when we make love and he watches.” Her deep brown eyes twinkled with merriment. “Do you think he would be willing to make me with child?”

We both laughed uproariously at that, so much that little Jimmy pulled his head from my nipple and cooed along with our laughter.

A week later we had ironed out all the details. We had our lawyer draw up a contract whereby we would put a substantial amount of money in a trust fund for both the baby and Rosita. His eyebrows flew up when we told him that Jim would be the father. He looked at Jim, shrugged, and went back to drawing up the legal papers. After all, in these modern days he had probably heard of stranger things in his profession. We knew his reputation and that he would never divulge it to anyone.

Rosita and I went to the library and consulted several books on childbearing and the best time of the month for the woman to become pregnant. We began to chart her period and her temperature to arrive at the best time for her to become impregnated.

Two weeks later I was in the kitchen when Rosita came in. She had the thermometer in her hand and waved it around with a huge smile on her face. Her temperature had spiked and she was ovulating. Jim had gone to the office a little early and I finally reached him.

“Honey, do you feel really sexy today?” I laughed. He must have had someone in the office as he just chuckled and said he did and would give his all that evening to a good cause and would be glad to attend the benefit celebration. I burst out laughing and so did Rosita when I told her what he had said.

We had planned on this for about four days. We knew about when her ovulation should occur, and I had made him refrain from making love to me. We wanted his sperm count to be high when he made love to Rosita. He had laughingly said he would bear up and give his all as many times as it took to get her pregnant. Horny male that he is, I think he was hoping it would be months, and many delightful fucks, before Rosita became pregnant and he would enjoy her voluptuous body that he had lusted for since he had first seen us making love. I did not mind as we had teased him unmercifully when Rosita and I made love while he was allowed to only watch.

Rosita and I prepared his favorite dinner and had the bedroom immaculate with scented candles placed all around the room. We even had some of Jim’s favorite soft records ready to play in the background. We took little Jimmy over to my good friend Wendy’s house for the night. She loved to keep him and had said anytime I needed her to keep him, she was available. She readily agreed to keep him till morning. We didn’t want anything to spoil the mood of the very special evening.

While dinner was cooking, I prepared a scented bubble bath for Rosita and had her lie back and luxuriate in it. When she had soaked for a long time I gave her a bath with a soft natural sponge and we made sure she was shaved clean and smooth. She kept giggling and I asked her what was so funny. She said it was that now I was her servant. In a stern voice she bade me wash her voluptuous body. I played the humble servant, much to her delight.

As I dried her sexy body off, I had to refrain from making love to her. I had bought some sensual perfume for her and helped her dress in a new peignoir and dressing gown. It showed off her sexy body, concealing it just enough to make Jim really horny. I put on his favorite revealing gown too, and when he came home he was stunned by the two of us standing side by side. We did make a sexy looking twosome. We shooed him off to shower and shave before dinner.

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