tagFetishLactation in a Lift

Lactation in a Lift


Many of you may be tired of stories that take place in elevators. Understandably so, since many are unbelievable, even if they really did happen. This story is equally as unbelievable, but I assure you, it is completely true and happened to me just this afternoon.

I was just returning from lunch, and entered the elevator to go back to my floor. The elevator reached the second floor, where our cafeteria is, and stopped. It sounded a little funny when it stopped, and kind of lurched when the door opened. I really didn't think anything of it since the elevators typically make noises and are kind of jerky.

At the second floor stop, two women got on with me. One was a blonde with shoulder length hair, hazel eyes, and an amazing body. Her breasts were so firm, when she walked, they barely jiggled beneath her navy blue blouse. It did not appear that she was wearing a bra as I could clearly make out her extended nipples. The other woman was a shorter brunette, equally as stunning, but with smaller breasts. Also wearing a dark colored blouse, I could just see her white lacy bra where it joined in the middle between her perky breasts. The two women chatted as they had been before boarding the elevator.

The doors closed, and the elevator groaned and grinded as it began its ascent. I smiled at the ladies who seemed to be shocked at the movements of the elevator. I assured them that it happens all the time, but they still both looked concerned. We reached the 13th floor, and the elevator stopped. It then dropped only a couple of inches, but it seemed like several feet from the suddenness of the drop. Then, there was silence. I still had several floors to go, and the women worked on the floor beneath me. We just stopped.

"This hasn't happened before," I told the ladies, "but they should get us out of here in no time at all." The blonde said "I certainly hope so! I have things that need to be taken care of!"

She seemed a bit embarrassed at her comment, but I thought nothing of it. I took the initiative to contact the emergency call personnel. I pressed the button, and after a while, a voice came on asking if we were ok.

"We're all ok," I told the voice from the speaker phone. "How soon will you have us out of here?"

The voice came back with an answer that made all of our hearts sink. "Looks like about 3 hours until the technicians arrive. You are trapped just right that the emergency key slot is hidden."

That isn't what I wanted to hear. I thanked the voice, and told it to keep us posted. I then took out my cell phone and called my office to explain what had happened. The two lovely ladies with me did the same thing. I took off my shirt and folded it into a cushion for me to sit on, and settled down on the floor. I was still in my t-shirt, so I was comfortable. As I sat, I noticed the legs these two women had. They were slim and fit, and perfect. The blonde wore flats while the brunette wore high heels. The blonde had on a skirt that was short, tight, and had a slit up the back all the way to where her ass was. I could just barely make out light colored panties. The brunette was dressed a little more conservatively, with a below-knee length khaki skirt.

"You may as well join me," I told the ladies. "We may be here for awhile."

"Dammit!" said the blonde, who plopped down near where I was sitting. "I really need to get back and get this taken care of."

I still had no idea what she was talking about, and didn't really care. I was enthralled in the way she sat with her legs curled beneath her. I noticed that when she sat, she leaned towards me, resting on one arm. I could see inside of her blouse now, and confirmed that she was indeed not wearing a bra. There was no need, really, since those tits were so firm, they never moved.

Obviously knowing what the blonde was talking about, the brunette said, "It'll be alright, Lexi," as she sat down next to her friend.

The brunette extended her hand, and introduced herself as Liz. She introduced Lexi to me as well. I told both ladies my name, and we began to chat. It was obvious that Lexi was still uneasy with the whole situation, but it was obvious that she was becoming more relaxed as we chatted.

"I'm sorry sir," Lexi said to me.

"For what?"

Lexi turned her head down, and I noticed that her blouse was becoming darker.

"What the hell?" I silently asked myself. "Her tits are leaking!"

"This is the problem I needed to deal with," Lexi explained to me. "I've waited too long now, and this is what's going to happen."

"You don't need to apologize to me, Lexi! In fact, I find it very erotic!"

"You do? Most people think it's gross!"

"I'm not most people, Lexi. I think you're beautiful, and your breasts leaking is fascinating to me!"

"That's sweet of you to say, Jeremy. The worst part is that my blouse is going to be ruined!"

"You could always take it off," commented Liz.

"In front of a complete stranger?" Lexi shrieked back.

"I'm sure he wouldn't mind, Lex. He already said he thinks you're hot!"

"No, what I said is that she's beautiful, but you're right. I do think she's hot."

Lexi asked me, "So you wouldn't mind if I remove my blouse?"

"Not at all! Especially if it makes you more comfortable."

At that, Lexi began to slowly unbutton her blouse. Liz had a grin on her face as she watched more and more of Lexi's breasts come into view. She finally reached the last button, and pulled the blouse back to reveal her perfect breasts. They were so engorged with milk that it was literally squirting from her nipples. There was such pressure there that milk was squirting out past her legs, and onto the floor. As she moved to remove her blouse completely, Liz and I were both sprayed with her flowing milk. It ran down the curve of her breasts, down her tight tummy, and began soaking her skirt.

"Perhaps you should take your skirt off, too," I joked. "You wouldn't want to ruin it, too."

"He's right, Lexi," explained Liz.

"But...I'm not wearing any panties. I can't take it off and sit here completely naked, can I?"

"I don't see why not," I told her. Liz agreed, and told her to go ahead, adding that we would be here for awhile.

"I'm scared to move, though. I keep squirting you two with this mess!"

"We can just get naked, too, then, and throw our clothes over there where you can't get to them," said Liz. I wasn't really sure about that since by this time, I was to my full 8 inches, and hard as steel. Liz just had a wicked grin on her face, knowing that I had to be sporting a huge erection.

"Well...I guess that's ok, but only if you guys do it, too."

I hesitantly explained that because of the erotic display of her squirting nipples, I was extremely aroused, and probably shouldn't take off my clothes.

"Are you sure about that?" asked Liz, as she took one of Lexi's breasts and pointed it at me, causing the still streaming milk to squirt onto my clothes.

"Well, since you put it that way..."

I stood, and completely disrobed in front of the ladies I had just met. Both ladies' eyes were wide open when my stiff penis popped into view. I shed my clothes, and tossed them in the corner, far from where Lexi could reach them with her milk. Liz then stood and peeled her clothing off as I resumed my seat next to Lexi. When she was naked, she sat back on the floor, but this time, next to me. I wasn't going to complain at all.

"Your turn, Lexi!" Liz said.

Lexi turned to get up, and when she did, her sweet breasts were pointed right at my cock. As she rose, she soaked my penis in her warm milk. She stood facing Liz and me, showering us in her milk. Liz began to rub it into her skin as it ran down her own breasts and down to her completely shaven pussy. Surprisingly, Lexi, too, had a bare pussy. Kneeling down to return to her seat, Lexi again rained her milk down on my aching cock. She apologized, and started to move away. I stopped her, and told her it was fine if she would stay right there. She got closer, concentrating more of the stream onto my cock. I took it in my hand and started to stroke it openly, enjoying the sensation of her milk streaming down onto it. Liz leaned forward and took one of her nipples into her mouth, and began to drink. I almost came right then, but instead let go of my cock, and reached over to squeeze Liz's breasts while she drank from Lexi.

Liz got up on her knees to really get after nursing from Lexi's swollen tits. Her hands were working that tit like a baby. Squeezing, forcing more milk from it. I didn't care anymore. I reached under Liz, and ran my fingers along her soaking slit. Liz turned to give me better access to her pussy. This freed up Lexi's tits, and both were again drizzling milk onto my cock, which was harder now than it had ever been. I shoved two fingers into Liz's pussy, and worked them in and out. She was on her hands and knees with her back to me, so I would occasionally pull my fingers back, and spread her juices across her puckered ass hole. I got it really wet, and eventually started to push my fingers into her ass as well. Now, I had two fingers in her tight pussy, and my thumb was in her ass. I worked them in and out faster and faster until she finally came on my hand.

Now, Lexi was just about done squirting, but still had plenty of milk on board. She began to lean lower and lower, now milking herself onto me. She got low enough that her engorged nipple was grazing the tip of my penis, and she milked herself onto the head. Liz turned around and swallowed my penis in her warm mouth. She sucked me softly as Lexi continued to milk herself. She squirted all over Liz's face, and soaked her hair as she sucked my cock.

Liz stopped sucking me, and pulled Lexi down. Lexi was lying flat on her tummy with her legs stretched out behind her. She scooted up close enough to me to crawl between my legs and wrap her soaked tits around my penis. I took the hint, and grabbed those beautiful breasts and began to fuck them. I leaned back against the wall of the elevator while thrusting myself up in the channel between her sweet tits. Every time I bottomed out, the impact would force more milk to squirt out. Because of how tight I was squeezing those tits around my cock, every squirt was used as lube for me, which only turned me on more. I couldn't hold on much longer. I began to squirt loads and loads of cum. The first struck Lexi on the chin. The second, more powerful blast, landed right in her open mouth. She pushed back and engulfed my cock in her mouth, sucking every bit of cum right out of my stiff pole.

I started to soften a bit, but she continued to lay there and suck me. Liz had stood up and pushed her pussy into my face. I eagerly lapped at it as she straddled my face, giving her pussy to me. Her tits were pressed against the wall, and her hands were spreading her cheeks as I tongued her from asshole to pussy. I would occasionally dip my tongue into her sweet pussy and coax the juices from within her. She was happily giving me all of herself that I could drink, as she came repeatedly on my face.

Lexi finally got my cock hard again, and let me go. I felt her hand on my chin, and I knew what she was doing. She was pushing her fingers into Liz's ass while I sucked on her clit. She took her free hand, and returned it to my cock.

Liz had enough after awhile, and laid down on the floor in the milk mess that was everywhere. She lay face down with her arms to her side. Lexi crawled up to her ass, and squeezed some milk down into her crack. She then bent down to lick it off of her. Liz reached back and spread her cheeks so Lexi could spray milk on her tight little hole. Since Lexi was now on her knees with her sweet ass pointed at me, I decided to take the leap. I got up behind her, and rubbed my stiff pole against her pussy, just letting the head slide between her lips. I rubbed it up and down her pussy, teasing her entrance, and then up and down her tight ass. I spread her cheeks and let my head rub against her ass hole. She pushed back against me as though she wanted me in there. I dipped my penis down again and pushed about half way into her pussy. She was tight, and she was hot! I pulled back out, and again rubbed my now wet shaft against her asshole. This time, she pushed back even harder.

I grabbed my 8 inch rod, and pushed the head against her tight ass hole, easing my way inside of her. When the head popped inside, I stopped to allow her to get used to the intrusion. I spread her cheeks again so I could watch my cock disappear within her butt. I pushed slowly and gently, watching as her butt swallowed my penis. After about half way in, I reversed until just my head remained inside of her. Then I again watched as my entire length was worked inside of her ass. I began to thrust into her, fucking that tight butt for all I was worth. Liz had turned around to slide under Lexi. In the position they were in, they were sucking each other's breasts while I pounded my pole deep inside of Lexi's butt.

Liz scooted further back, and was now able to 69 Lexi as I fucked her butt from behind. Liz was licking Lexi's pussy and occasionally would let her tongue graze against my balls as I slapped her Lexi's pussy with them. Lexi's muscles seized as her body was racked with orgasm. Her ass hole squeezed tightly around my penis and throbbed as she came. This pushed me over the edge. I shot one single load up Lexi's ass, and pulled out to deposit the rest on Liz's awaiting tongue. She opened her mouth, and I shoved my cock all the way down her throat, emptying the rest of my cum into her stomach. When I was done, I made a couple of thrusts into her throat just to make sure I was empty, and then pulled out, completely spent.

Lexi turned to kiss me for the first time. It was a hungry kiss, her tongue exploring my mouth. Liz, not to be left out, joined us in the kiss. Our hands roamed over each other's bodies as we passionately kissed.

"So, Lexi," I asked. "Are you glad you didn't get to take care of that little problem?"

"You bet I am! That was amazing!"

We started to get dressed, even though we were all soaked in milk, cum, and sweat. Our clothes were dry, as planned, so that made it easier to hide it some. We used my shirt that I was sitting on to soak up as much of our fluids as possible, and then we sat waiting in the only dry corner in the elevator. It was about 30 minutes later when the elevator began to creak it's way to the bottom floor again. We were almost all the way down when Lexi said,


"What's up, Lex?" asked Liz.

We all looked to see that once again, Lexi's tits were leaking again. This time, not so much, but I figured it wouldn't be long before they were. I still had to get to my office and finish a couple of things, so we exchanged information, and made plans to meet for dinner later tonight. I returned to my office via a different elevator, and stayed long enough to write this story. Now, I'm going to meet the girls again. Who knows what the rest of the night has in store for us? One thing's for sure. I will write another story when I know how it ends! So stay tuned for part two!

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