tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLactation in the Rain

Lactation in the Rain


It wasn't surprising that a young, pretty girl holding a small baby in her arms was standing on my porch in a heavy rainstorm in Seattle. I'm a recently widowed 45-year-old whose own daughter had recently given birth to my first grandson and who often was at my house with one or more of her friends who also had newborns, and they sat in my den nursing their babies.

I usually gave them privacy and did some work in my office, but the thought of all those bared breasts and erect nipples squirting streams of milk left a lot of thoughts in my head and I had to make sure that my erection had subsided when I came out to say goodbye to all of them.

And now the prettiest of those friends had rung my doorbell as the rain pounded down.

"Mr. West," she said. "I'm your daughter's friend Loren and..."

I interrupted her. "Of course I remember you, Loren. Please come inside out of the cold and rain. And just call me Mike. Mr. West was my father."

She smiled prettily and stepped into the entry hall. I shut the door.

"Mr. West.....Mike. Lynne said if we ever needed help and we were near your house, she was sure you would be glad to help. I hope that's true, because I have a problem," she said, as she stood holding her baby in her arms.

I saw that she was wet from the rain, so I moved her toward the den and said, "Of course I'll help you, but first let's get you dried off, then you can tell me your problem. Let me get you a towel."

I got her a towel, she handed me the baby and began drying off her hair and face. The rain had also wet her blouse and made it stick to her body tightly. As she raised her arms to dry her hair, her milk-filled breasts raised up and I could see her erect nipples pushing hard through the fabric. I had a hard time concentrating on what she was saying and a harder time concealing the rising bulge in my pants.

She continued talking to me as she dried herself.

"The rain came in so fast, and it was time to feed Tommy, and I was going to do it in the car, but the electric window on the driver's side didn't work and I was getting soaked, and then I saw I was near your house..."

She paused, so I started talking.

"Loren, why don't you feed Tommy first and then we can worry about getting the car window fixed when the rain stops."

I ushered her into the den and got her settled on my couch and then asked if there was anything else she needed.

"No," she laughed, "I carry everything I need for feeding the baby on me."

I laughed, too, but the implication of what she was saying and what she was going to be doing in the next few minutes sent a tingle to my groin.

I stayed out of the room for a few minutes, but then I walked in and sat down on the couch next to her. She looked surprised but not alarmed, so I began talking to her as I serreptitously glanced at the nursing baby. The baby covered her nipple, so all I could see was the top of her full breast, but that was enough to keep me moving ahead with my plan.

"Loren," I said, "would you mind if I asked you a couple of questions about nursing a baby? I really need to know more so I might be more help to Lynne in the next few weeks."

I used the word "nursing" so I didn't get her nervous over my use of "breast feeding," but I also I knew that if I kept her talking for a few minutes, she would have to switch breasts for her baby, and then her spectacular breast and nipple would be on display for me.

Loren looked a little nervous, but apparently thought she shouldn't be rude to someone who was helping her out with a problem. And, of course, I had been a perfect gentleman on earlier occasions. So she said, "Sure, I guess that's OK."

"How do you know how to nurse a baby?" I asked. "This is your first child, isn't it? Is it just a natural instinct, or do they have classes or what?"

I knew the answers to my carefully thought out questions, but I wanted to get Loreninvolved in the answers and the atmosphere I was hoping to create.

"Well, I guess it's a little bit of both," she said, "You sort of know what to do, but at the hospital a lactation specialist comes in and gives you advice."

Little Tommy was sucking away noisily and I envied him his work, and I hoped to be joining him soon.

"Is it difficult to know when to feed him and when to switch from one breast to the other?" I asked, purposely dropping in my first use of the word "breast."

Loren didn't seem to notice the change in wording.

"Tommy lets me know when he's hungry," she said, "and I can feel when it's time to to switch."

"You mean you can feel when he's had all the milk out of one breast?" I said, making my voice sound like that was sort of hard to believe.

"Oh, yes," she said. "Like right now I can feel that he's almost finished with my left breast."

My timing seemed right, so I abruptly changed the subject.

"For him to nurse," I said, "does your nipple have to be erect, and if it isn't, do you have to stimulate it so it will be large enough for Tommy to latch on to?"

For the first time, Loren seemed to be a little uncomfortable with the turn the conversation had taken, but, again, as a guest in the house of someone who was doing her a favor, she apparently didn't feel she could tell me that that was none of my business--which is what I was counting on.

I moved right along. "That brings up another question," I said. "The breasts and especially the nipples are major erotic spots. Do you ever get turned on sexually when Tommy is sucking on your nipples?"

Now the 20-year-old beauty was squirming a bit, but again she apparently felt she had to answer.

"Well, it's a nice feeling, but I wouldn't say it was a sexual feeling," she said.

"Well, I think it should be," I said. "Maybe you're not letting yourself go."

Without waiting for an answer, I moved right ahead. "Haven't you and your husband ever made love when you're nursing the baby?" I asked. "I've heard that it can increase your sexual pleasure greatly."

Looking at Loren, I could see that our conversation was arousing her, so I made my move. I turned toward her and said "Tell me how this feels."

With that I pulled down the right side of her nursing bra, then dropped my head to her breast and took her pink, erect nipple into my mouth. I began sucking eagerly on the large nub and was immediately rewarded with a stream of warm milk in my mouth.

I continued sucking as I felt a shudder run through Loren's body. She didn't tell me to stop so pulled more and more milk through her nipple. The flow was so great I had to swallow quickly to keep it all in my mouth.

As I sucked, Loren stiffened and then shook violently as a heavy orgasm electrified her body. Feeling that, I put a hand on her leg just below the end of her short skirt,ran my fingers up and down her inner thigh and then moved them onto her pussy mound, covered only with what felt like a skimpy thong.

The only sounds that were coming from Loren were small whimpering noises, so I began stroking up and down her pussy lips. I could feel heat coming from her cunt mound. mound.

I pulled my head back from her breast and my cock stiffened even more as I saw her wet nipple with milk still pulsing from the tip. I saw that her baby had released himself from her breast, but Loren didn't seem to notice.

I reached down, flipped Loren's skirt up and then grasped both sides of her thong and pulled it down, actually lifting one of her legs leg to take the thong completely off her body.Her cunt lips were long and puffy, perhaps both from the recent birth and from the sexual arousal of the moment.

I moved her legs apart and dropped my head between them. When I licked from the bottom of her pussy to her clitoris, another shudder went through Loren, who clasped her baby to her chest and then dropped her head back onto the sofa cushion, giving herself to me completely.

Although I pulled her cunt lips apart and licked the pink flesh again and again, I knew that a great deal of foreplay wasn't needed. Loren was ready. So I unbuckled my pants and dropped them and my shorts. My penis was totally ready for action.

I moved up between her legs, rubbed my hard penis up and down her labia a few times and then slid the tip of the penis into Loren's wet and waiting vagina.

When I pushed further, my penis slid in easy, but the hot cunt walls fit tightly around my aroused member.

Not knowing if Loren had even started sex again after Tommy was born, I moved carefully and gently inside her at first, but it was Loren who picked up the pace and the intensity until our bodies were hitting together harder and harder with each stroke.

I knew that my arousal wouldn't allow me to fuck into her for long before my climax would appear, but I wanted it to be good for Loren, too. But I didn't have to worry, because after only about five minutes of intercourse, Loren began to shout "Harder, harder, harder" and then she had another strong orgasm.

The jolts of her body brought me to the peak and I felt the electricity in my penis as it swelled even more and began shooting my sperm deep in her womb.

I collapsed on top of Loren, my penis still inside her body, and it wasn't until then that I realized that the baby was asleep. Apparently our movements were enough like rocking to have lulled him into sleep.

Loren notice it, too, and she began laughing.

"Well, it looks like if I can't get Tommy to sleep at night, I'll just have to drive over here and give him--and me--Mike's special treatment."

I laughed, too, and then I noticed that our laughing had stimulated my penis and it had come back hard and ready for more action.

I began rocking back and forth inside Loren, who took Tommy and gently laid him on the couch next to her.

"We wouldn't want to wake the baby, would we, Mike." she said as she squeezed her vagina hard on my cock.

# # #

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