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Lacy Finally Loosens UP


Lacy Hawthorne was raised in a small southern town. Everything about her upbringing was conservative. She played soccer, softball and basketball in high school. In the summers she swam in the city pool. Her parents were strict and very religious. The congregation of her church were mostly country people and for this size town everyone was close to country. The preacher knew how to fan the flames when he preached and railed about divorce, homosexuality and anything else deemed "sinful". Every girl in her class had taken the virginity vow which meant that they were to save themselves for their husbands. Interestingly enough, the girls did not talk much about sex. They commented on boys that they said were "hot" or handsome. They would never share details with each other for fear of being labeled a slut. Divulging anything about sex could come back to haunt if it got out. Even heavy petting was a sin.

Lacy did well in school and went off to a major college Maryland. After her freshman year she was asked to join a sorority. She was actually recruited by several sororities. There was no doubt why. She had blossomed into a stunning blonde. She was five feet, six inches tall, gorgeous and smart. Growing up, no one treated her as a great beauty. She was pretty, all right, but her athleticism and intellect were the centerpieces of her personality. But, now she was coming into her own. Still a virgin, she was nonetheless coveted by just about every red blooded male she came in contact with. She had many dates the second year especially, but soon became known as Miss Frigid. She even heard other girls whispering when she walked by. Sometimes she would hear slightly muted calls of "Ice Queen" behind her back.

She hardly talked to any of her new friends about this because she had not grown up sharing feelings and secrets about lovers. Her closest sorority sisters treated her well, but did not share intimated details of their sex life with her as they did with each other. However in some regard the sorority helped her develop socially and along with her unmistakable beauty, she began to blossom into a more rounded college sophomore.

It was that summer that she spent two weeks with one of her best friends in the sorority. Her friend had a boyfriend back home who went to a different college. They were doing the long distance relationship until they could spend holidays and summers together. The boyfriend worked part time for spending money, so the girls had plenty of time to bond. One night, Lacy and her girlfriend went over to the boyfriend's apartment. They decided to stay in and watch a movie. The couple got into a good natured argument about what type of movie they were going to rent, so they ended up going out together to get one.

Lacy volunteered to stay back at the apartment and wait on delivery of a giant pizza. While she waited she started browsing the apartment until she found a copy of Penthouse Letters. Out of curiosity, she picked it up and began reading some of the stories. The stories told of illicit sexual adventures, infidelity, homosexuality and just about anything you could imagine. She read nervously for fear that her friend would come back and catch her reading such filth. However, she felt a strange nervous warmth in her stomach and could not seem to put the book down. As she flipped pages, she idly began to move her free hand to her shorts. She had masturbated some in high school, but like most Bible belt girls, had the decency to ask God for forgiveness afterward.

Her junior year she met Jeff. They were introduced by mutual friends who though it would be a good match because both were very studious and conservative. They dated for a year and a half before having sex. Everything was very proper and satisfying. After graduation they got married and Jeff entered law school. Lacy went to work in human resources at a large corporation. After law school, Jeff was hired by a large law firm and began the regular 80 - 100 hour work weeks. Their sex life while never a scorching event anyway, became even less so. Lacy worked out five times a week at the company recreational facility. She was busy working and tried to stay busy to make up for her husband being gone so much.

She is a natural blonde and streaked it about three shades lighter. It was hard to understand why she was not the most popular girl in college. Her looks certainly rated that. She was 5'-6" and weighed about 130 lbs. She began swimming, lifting light weights and running while in high school. She continued through college and was always in superb shape. She has naturally round 34DD breasts, but usually wore a minimize bra. She did, however visit the tanning booth and wore a skimpy bikini. Her husband wanted to see the creamy white patches contrasted to the bronze tan. Jeff liked to see her naked, but their sex was mostly missionary style vanilla. Jeff was only about five inches long when erect, but Lacy thought something was wrong with her because she could never climax during intercourse.

Another problem was that growing up in a small town under strict moral rules, she never had much chance to talk to other girls about sex. She still got embarrassed when some of her girlfriends shared details about sex in general. She had no idea that sex was more fun than she was having. She did manage to get herself off by masturbating occasionally, but the after-guilt suppressed the full enjoyment. She and Jeff had never had oral sex.

One of Lacy's co-workers, Amy, spent a lot of time in the gym also and they developed a friendship. Amy was single and quite open socially. She talked about everyone they both knew and shared details of her dates. Gradually, Lacy, began to get drawn into Amy's stories and was surprised when she started wanting to masturbate after hearing some of her sexual adventures. Naturally, she worried about being turned on by Amy's adventures while her own sex life was going nowhere.

One night at the gym, Amy asked Lacy if she would help with the recreational basketball league. Amy was going to help with timing and scorekeeping, plus it gave her instant contact with all the company studs. Lacy agreed to help Amy out. They thought it would be fun to volunteer together. The recreational leagues of most companies attract some really good athletes. In fact the upper divisions are made up of mostly ex college players.

When the league started, they were working only the top division with the most skilled players. During the games, they chatted and watched the guys display exceptional athletic skill. The games were very competitive and sometimes combative. The testosterone was always on display. The officials had to keep things tight and make sure that these studs did not get too rough. They saw plenty of good competitive games as well as some technical fouls for arguing with the refs as well as very hard fouls.

Amy was single and a real knockout herself. She was about 5'-3" tall, but had a fabulous body. All the guys flirted with her constantly. When Lacy started helping her, these same guys all tried hitting on her also. She usually just showed them her wedding ring and let that speak for itself. Amy on the other hand entertained all their bravado, innuendo and sex related comments. Lacy asked her about this and she said it was just harmless flirting.

It only took a few games before Amy shared with Lacy that she really liked dating the basketball players because they were tall and most of them had big cocks. Lacy did not know at first how she was to respond to this. She mostly blushed and tried not to let Amy see that it embarrassed her. As Amy got more descriptive, Lacy slowly began to get somewhat more comfortable with the conversation. She asked Amy if she had dated all the guys. To which Amy replied that she had been out with most of the single guys and some of the married ones. Amy shared that one of the married guys had the biggest cock. At some point around mid-season, Lacy realized that this narrative was beginning to warm her up to the point that she began visualizing how she thought a certain player was endowed. She even thought of some of the guys when she masturbated.

One evening Amy and Lacy had the last game and also had to lock up the gym. Amy went to lock the front door while Lacy checked the locker rooms and exited the back door. Lacy noticed a light on in one of the locker rooms and went to the door to check it out. She called out to see if anyone was still in the locker room. Apparently no one heard her call out and she thought the guys had just left the light on. As she went to the light switch, she heard a sound behind her. One of the guys, Chet, a tall black guy, was getting out of the shower. He was as startled as she was. Lacy quickly averted her eyes and called back over her shoulder for him to lock up when he left.

She ran out of the building to her car. She fumbled with the door handle. Her hands were shaking so much that she dropped her keys in the floorboard. Finally she was able to start her car and drive slowly away. Her heart was pumping blood so fast that she became light headed. She settled down enough to realize what she had just witnessed. In a flash, she replayed the startled look on Chet's face and reluctantly began to contemplate the size of his big black cock. She knew it should be at its absolute smallest after a workout and a cooling shower. She also knew that his cock was already larger in his flaccid state than her husband's was erect. She tried to put the sight out of her mind, but the thoughts kept coming back.

At home, Jeff was already in bed, dead tired as usual. She quickly showered and joined him. All night long Lacy kept waking up, thinking about what she had seen. In the morning she really began to fantasize about how big Chet's cock would be erect. In the shower, she masturbated to a shattering orgasm. That day at work, several of her co-workers asked if she was OK. That evening she waited up for Jeff and virtually raped him when he came to bed. Jeff had no idea where this passion had come from. Once she starting making love to him, he forgot how tired and overworked he was. The next morning, Jeff asked her what had come over her. She passed it off to being lonely so much of the time. In short order their sex life took on a greater sense of urgency for a while. Slowly, they began to fade to boredom again.

Back at the gym, Amy became more descriptive about fucking the big players. She told Lacy to lighten up and enjoy life more. She knew that Jeff worked a demanding schedule so she teased Lacy about getting some on the side. Lacy kept telling her that Jeff was all she wanted in a man. Amy was getting more and more curious about Jeff and Lacy's sex life. She wanted to know if there were any kinks that they shared. Lacy still blushed when she suggested fucking another man. She kept this up for weeks and Lacy grudgingly admitted that she was starting to notice more of the handsome basketball players. She even caught herself looking at the crotches of their shorts. Since they were hard at play and most surely were wearing jock straps, she really did not actually see very much.

One evening, Amy and Lacy again had the last game again. She noticed Chet and several of the other guys on his team eyeing her during the game. Afterwards, Amy asked if Lacy could close up both front and back as she had a date after the game. Lacy was reluctant but agreed. She locked the front door and was heading out the back when she noticed the locker room light on. This time she shouted at the top of her lungs to make sure anyone left could hear. Chet walked out with just a towel on and asked why Lacy was screaming. He had a sly smirk on his face. She fumbled for words to apologize for entering the locker room earlier. He said that was all right with him, but next time give him a little notice and he could be more proud of what he had to show. Her face was burning with a mixture of embarrassment and excitement. Just then two more guys in jock straps only came to the door and mockingly asked what the commotion was. Lacy turned to walk away when one of the guys asked, "Lacy, why are you such a prude?" She felt like she should keep walking, but turned to answer him anyway.

She told him she was married and just trying to help out the rec league by staying late. She knew these guys from the office. Larry was a 6'-10" former college standout and Ted was a 6'3" white guard. They said that she should lighten up. Ted told her that if she was happily married, then they didn't have anything that she hadn't already seen. Lacy had on her workout sweats and hair pulled back in a ponytail. She didn't feel especially attractive, but you would not have known it from the bulges in the jock straps and the tent in Chet's towel.

She told them, "Look guys I am very flattered by the attention and I am sorry if I came across as a prude." They laughed and said that anytime she wanted to join them in the shower, she was more than welcome. On that lighthearted note, she excused herself. This time she was more amused than embarrassed.

The following week, Amy and Lacy worked an early game, while Chet's team was playing late. As they warmed up and the girls were leaving, Larry came by the scorer's table and asked if Lacy was still going to lock up that night. When she told him no, he seemed disappointed. She had to admit that she was also slightly disappointed. Amy asked Lacy what Larry had said to her. She replied, "Just work stuff". Lacy walked to her car just a little disappointed. When she began driving, she was a bundle of contradictions. On the one hand, after seeing Chet's big cock, she was fantasizing more and more about it. On the other hand, she told herself that a happily married woman should never even think about having sex with another man.

The following week the ladies worked the early game and the guys played late again. Amy had a date and Jeff had been getting home later than usual. Lacy decided to get in her heavy workout for the week. She went through the weights, jogged on the treadmill and then swam laps. When she headed for the showers, she noticed that the game was still going on. She showered, applied body lotion and began to blow dry her hair. She had told Amy that she might meet them for a drink later so she began applying some makeup. With just a towel wrapped around herself, she was not concerned about anyone surprising her. Just as she unwrapped and began putting on her sheer thong, she heard voices in the hallway. She didn't know whether to reach for the towel or her bra as someone knocked on the door. It was Chet checking to see if someone had just left the lights on. She shouted back that she was still there and Chet came in just as she wrapped the towel back around her body.

Lacy stood there holding her sheer 36DD bra looking like she wanted to climb through the floor. Chet laughed and said that turn about was fair play since she had been ogling them for two weeks. She feigned a protest while he laughed at her embarrassment. Just then Larry and Ted appeared. Ted asked if her curiosity had gotten the better or her. She did not know what he meant by that but Larry and Chet laughed heartily. Chet told her to go ahead and finish getting dressed. He said they would either leave or watch. It was up to her. For some reason she took a deep breath and emboldened herself enough to call their bluff. The weeks of talking to Amy and watching all the bulging shorts had finally moved her over the edge.

She dropped the towel and began putting on her bra. All the guys whistled and said how lucky Jeff was to have such a beautiful wife. She threw caution to the wind and even backed over to Chet and asked him to fasten her bra. Lacy was hardly sure it was even her openly flirting with three handsome studs. After complimenting her, Ted said that it would be a shame to waste such a golden opportunity and that if she was interested, she could see if it was true about black guys having larger cocks than white guys. He said that if Lacy would remove her bra again, they were sure to have three erect cocks to judge. Since they had already seen Lacy's breasts, she figured what the heck and removed her bra. With that the guys began dropping shorts and jock straps. She was now over the top and going down a path that her instincts told her was wrong. However she could not seem to be able to control herself.

If the sight of Chet's cock soft was enough to set all this in motion, she had no idea what to expect what it would be like erect. It literally was twice as big as Jeff's. Ted was next. His white cock was much larger than Jeff's but not nearly as long and thick as Chet's. Larry was the largest of the guys physically so she wondered if cock size was proportional. He was really endowed also. He was as long as Chet but not quite as thick. Ted said that he always was referred to as 'big stick' when he played college ball, but when he met Larry and Chet; he had to relinquish his title. Funny thing is that he was so much larger than Jeff. Lacy had never had a large cock at all and now these monsters were standing erect for her inspection. The guys asked for a judgment. She told them that that they were all astounding. Larry then said that his was actually larger than Chet's if he just had someone to suck it. She was so lightheaded already that she could hardly comprehend where this was going.

Chet and Ted began urging her to suck Larry's cock. After three weeks of building up to this she was lost to reason. Never in her wildest dream would she have ever thought of cheating on Jeff, much less with three guys and two of them black. She just wasn't raised that way. Jeff was not great at oral sex and she could easily get his cock into her mouth, but Larry was packing an absolute enormous black club. Slowly she opened her lips and kissed the head of it. She could barely get the plum size head into her mouth. But by then she was so hot that she was ready for anything. Lacy began licking up and down the shaft, lubricating with her saliva as she traced a path all the way down to his walnut sized balls. She licked and sucked them too. The inhibitions were finally defeated. She was crazed with lust. This is almost too bizarre to comprehend.

Then Chet and Larry asked for a ruling on who had the biggest cock. She told them that it was a tie. Ted asked about some of the same treatment that Larry got. Now Lacy was past the stage of resistance and started sucking his cock also. As she sucked Ted, Chet guided her over to a bench and helped her lay down without ever letting go of Ted. His balls were all over her head as she sucked him. Chet gently removed her little thong, spread her legs and began eating her pussy ever so slowly. As his pace and depth increased, she began to feel a massive orgasm building. Never had she felt anything like this with Jeff. Once she started coming, there was a throaty scream that came out. She wrapped her legs around Chet's head and pulled his tongue into her pussy. She moaned, screamed and whimpered until her orgasm subsided. Ted moved down on to the bench and entered her with his thick cock. Larry moved up to Ted's spot and began feeding her that huge black cock. Chet and Larry began trading positions as Ted rammed her with his cock. Finally, she felt Ted began to tense up. Just in time he pulled out and shot his load all across her belly, breasts and face. Again, Jeff had never cum on her and she was sure that his whole load was only half of Ted's.

She began massaging her breasts with his sperm. As soon as Ted was finished, Larry moved down to take his place. If Ted's cock was big, Larry's was huge. Even though she was dripping wet from Ted, Larry still had to go slowly. He began feeding his black cock in an inch at a time. He would then pull back and gently add another inch to his next stroke. Finally he was pounding all eleven inches into her. She had another stunning orgasm. As Larry tensed, she begged him to shoot his load in her pussy. She could feel the pressure as he gushed and gushed. He kept pounding away as he shot his cum repeatedly deep into her tight pussy. As he stroked, she began to feel his jism start running down the crack of her ass. As he spent himself, he pulled out and dribbled the rest on the clean shaven mound above her vagina.

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