Laden Desire


Jenny and Anne had been waiting in line at one of the POD points hoping to get some ice, water and food. They had survived the hurricane with very little damage to their house, but the ensuing hours without power and water began to strain their resources. They had planned for the hurricane and stocked up with water and non-perishables but now, a full three days after the storm they needed some help.

Without power they didn't have any television or internet so finding the POD location was virtually impossible, but they got lucky while driving through the debris and spotted a long line. They quickly pulled in behind the last car and climbed out, planning to walk to the front of the line and make sure it was for the correct supplies. Although they were dirty and simply had to reek, not having bathed in almost 75 hours, they received a number of propositions as they walked past the long line of cars.

While neither of the women were exactly virgins and both did enjoy sex, what really would have turned them on at the moment was the thought of a hot bath, not the opportunity to roll in the back of a car with some guy who most likely stunk much worse than they did. No, sex was one of the furthest things from their minds as they reached the front of the line and confirmed they were waiting in a POD line and that FEMA was expected shortly.

Happy that they were in the right line, they prepared themselves for the gauntlet of propositions and sexual innuendo waiting on the return trip back to their vehicle. They both looked at the ground and walked quickly, ignoring their surroundings until Jenny walked right into a tall, thin, bearded man. She immediately looked up and said, "Excuse me, I'm sor..."

She abruptly stopped her apology as she saw four weapons pointed directly at her, all held by the odd looking men surrounded the bearded man she ran into. Holding her hands up she and Anne backed away, while the tall bearded man shouted to his friends, "Put those away, these women mean no harm. Besides we don't want to attract attention."

Jenny and Anne cowered behind a large SUV fearing for their lives when the man turned to them, held out a hand and said, "Please forgive my guards, they simply do not understand the American ways."

Anne took the man's hand and walked out from behind the vehicle, Jenny following closely behind. "We're sorry we ran into you, it's our fault, we weren't watching where we were going."

"It is okay, the greatest gift of the almighty is forgiveness, we will share that today," the man said. He then adjusted his robe and continued walking toward the front of the line.

Jenny and Anne quickly began heading back to their van, giggling a bit out of their nervousness. After they had taken a few steps Jenny stopped and looked back at the group of men as they walked away. "You know, that tall, bearded man, he looked very familiar."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. His nose was big and he was kind of dark skinned but I have seen him somewhere before."

"And his friends with the guns, you don't suppose..."

"You mean..."

"But I thought he was hiding out in Switzerland or..."

"No Pakistan," Anne replied.

"Where is that?"

"I think somewhere in Arkansas, I wonder what he is doing here."

"Well, you know FEMA is part of Homeland Security," Jenny said.

"So why would he be in a FEMA line?"

"From what I hear, FEMA people are the last people you'll find here. I mean here is the line, there are the trucks with all the water, but where are the FEMA people to pass it out?"

"You mean he is hiding from Homeland Security in one of these POD lines?"

"Well hell, as disorganized as these things are, even Saddam Hussein could hide here and they would never find him," Jenny replied.

"But they did find Hussein didn't they?"

"That's my point, if he hid out here, he'd still be fine today!"

"You know, he was tall and although he wasn't what I'd call a supermodel, he had a rugged appeal," Anne sighed.

"And when you took his hand, I'd swear I noticed a tilt in his robe."

"You didn't."

Jenny nodded, "Yes I did."

"Hey look, they're coming back."

Jenny slipped into the back of the van and said, "Anne, see if you can get him, just him to come into the van."

"What do you have in mind girl?"

"Just do it," Jenny ordered.

"Ok, ok."

Jenny prepared herself and though it took a few minutes, the back door to the van finally opened and the tall, bearded man slipped inside with Anne right behind him. Jenny reached out and guided his hand to her naked breast.

"Oh my, my fingers seem like olives rolling over the white silk of your skin. I mustn't do this, you are infidel."

"Oh I am, am I?" she said, guiding his hand down between her legs.

"Your maidenhead weeps for me," he replied, holding his hand up and seeing Jenny's wetness glistening on her fingers.

"I have you know I lost my maidenhead long ago."

"You are not a virgin?"


"And you are not married?"


"I must escape, help..."

Before he could scream Jenny pushed him onto his back and muffled him with the only thing she could think of as she straddled his face and dropped her pussy over it. He was just about to cry out in that high pitched twilling the Bedouin's are so famous for, but instead of his cry of alarm bringing his guards, his tongue burrowed deep in Jenny's pussy and she moaned loudly.

Anne, seeing all this activity knew she had to help Jenny, or the man's guards would certainly kill both women. She quickly pulled off her shorts and panties and after pulling up the man's robe, lowered herself onto his long, thin erection. As the head slipped into her wet pussy it made a slurping sound she swore wounded like, "Osama!!!!"

The man struggled and continued attempting to summon his guards with that trilling, but all that he accomplished was to simply drive Jenny wild. The speed and dexterity of the man's tongue as he trilled slid in and out of her pussy and up her slit, over her clit and back down again was devastating. She came the second time and as he continually tried to scream she just kept coming again and again. His face was so covered in her juices she could feel his wet beard sloshing against her thighs.

In the meantime Anne moved furiously up and down on his cock. She could see Jenny had come several times so while she fucked the bearded man she reached down and began diddling her clit as she moved. The pleasure swept though her body as she came, her pussy pulsing on the man's cock. After her second orgasm Anne could feel the man stop resisting her and actually begin to respond, lifting his hips to met her.

Anne slowed her movements down, letting them man pump himself in and out of her until she felt him arch his back and his cock began twitching wildly as he spurted his cum deep in her pussy. She relaxed as his cock slowed its twitching and then eventually slid out of her. Only then did Anne move, crawling up over Jenny's thighs so she could look the bearded man in the face.

"Jenny, stop moving, but keep him gagged," Anne said.

Jenny stopped fucking the man's fantastic tongue, but kept her pussy firmly spread over his mouth. "Okay Anne, what now?"

"You called us infidel right?"

The man nodded, sending a bit of a tingle through Jenny as his nose banged her clit.

"Well that makes you an infidel fucker and eater. What will your guards and followers think if they knew their leader fucked and came inside an infidel? What would they think if they knew your beard was soaked in infidel cum? What would they think if they knew you made two, young, lovely infidels cum again and again?"

The man gazed back at her with fear in his eyes.

"I'm sure you'll agree that we need to keep all this a secret right?"

The man nodded, this time driving Jenny to one more orgasm.

After waiting a moment for Jenny to recover, Anne continued, "Okay, well here's what we are going to do. Jenny will climb off your face, you will dry her cum from your beard and my cum from your cock with this towel and then you will leave. You will never tell anyone of what happened here and we will do the same. Agreed?"

The man nodded.

"Okay Jenny," Anne said.

Jenny carefully climbed off the bearded man's face and he quickly grabbed the towel and ran it over his beard. He then turned his back to the women and wiped off his cock. Tossing the towel aside he looked back at Anne, who reached for the door to the van. Before opening it she whispered to him, "And if we ever see you in this country again we will do you twice as hard as we did today."

The man nodded his head and quietly slipped out of the van. He assembled his guards and they quickly walked away.

Jenny and Anne listened as they walked away. They overheard the tall, bearded man say, "No forget the refinery, we are going back to Afghanistan where the American Army is, at least I am safe there."

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