tagLoving WivesLadies Book Club Ch. 02

Ladies Book Club Ch. 02


Friday afternoon, I was asked to see the boss in his office. As I entered, he said, "Bill, we have made a decision. You have been promoted to Vice President. Right now, there is a crew moving all of your belongings to your new office."

I was in seventh heaven and called Alice to give her the good news. She had just got back from her lunch break and was thrilled for me. I told her not to plan anything for dinner if she got home first, we were going out to celebrate.

I went into my new office and was organizing my things when a co-worker came in. He picked up the picture of Alice and asked if that was my wife. I told him yes and he said, "She is beautiful. She looks like the woman I saw last night." I asked him what he meant and if he knew the women in the ladies book club.

Adam said, "I don't know of any ladies book club, but this woman that looks like your wife was in a gang bang with a bunch of black guys."

"What are you talking about?" I asked, "Alice has joined a book club and they meet on Thursday nights."

Adam said, "Well, it might not have been your wife. There are two black guys that moved into a house on the other block from me. I can see their glass enclosed family room in the back of their house from my second story bedroom. Last night, they had this beautiful white woman on a small table and fucked her, one in her pussy and one in her mouth. Then when they finished, the room filled with black guys and they all fucked her over and over in both her pussy and mouth. It was around midnight when it was over. She sure looked like this beautiful wife of yours."

I told Adam he had to be confused. Alice and I had been happily married for over fifteen years. It had to be another woman that looked like Alice. Adam told me that if I wanted to be sure, I was welcome to come to his house to see for myself. I said that it was an idea, at least we would be seeing a live porno. I told Adam that I wouldn't join him, but the invitation sounded good.

I got home and Alice was dressed and excited over my promotion. She looked ravishing in her clinging red dress that the hem was just about 3 inched above her knees. I could see her nipples straining against the fabric and knew she wasn't wearing a bra. She was never comfortable wearing a bra.

We enjoyed a great dinner and then went to a club nearby to have some champaign to celebrate. Alice was getting tipsy drinking and dancing and we decided to get home. We undressed each other and Alice got on her knees and took my hard cock into her mouth. I felt her nose on my groin as my cock went all the way into her throat. She has never been able to deep throat me before, but I was enjoying the sensation as I came and she took my sperm directly to her stomach.

I pushed Alice onto the bed, spread her legs wide and inched my way toward her vagina. Another surprise, she was cleanly shaven. I looked up and she said, "I wanted to surprise you on your promotion." I was already hard again as I pushed my face between her legs and licked her labia and then her clit. Alice was moaning as I kept licking her labia and clit. Her juices were flowing heavy by the time my tongue entered her pussy as deep as I could.

Alice had her legs wrapped around my head as I was eating her pussy. She then began screaming, "I'M CUMMING, YES, YES. I WANT YOUR COCK IN ME, I WANT TO BE FUCKED DEEP."

I moved up and had the head of my cock on her labia when she began to hump her hips up and down on me. I slowly began to push my cock into her and she was so well lubricated, that I had no resistance and plunged deep to her cervix. It felt like her vagina walls had expanded, had been stretched. I began to fuck her fast and hard right away, instead of slowly pushing in. Every time I kept hitting her cervex, she was screaming, "YES, YES, YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME DEEP. FUCK ME, FUCK ME."

After I came, she spun around and took my cock in her mouth, cleaned our combined juices and then took my cock deep to get me hard. She wanted to be fucked again. She was able to get me to cum two more times before I was spent. She was a sexual wild woman wanting to be fucked.

When she couldn't get me hard again, her head was laying on my stomach looking at my cock and her hand was slowly stroking me. I asked her, "Were you thinking about another man fucking you?"

Alice seemed to stiffen up, and then she said, "Yes, but I was thinking about more than one man. Just a fantasy, one you started."

I felt my cock trying to harden, but it was no use. I said, "I would like to see you. It would excite me to be next to you when another man puts his cock into you. You talking about more than one man, well, that would be even better if I could watch one with his cock in your pussy and one in your ass."

Alice's body began to quiver, her legs shook and she had a strong orgasm just with her head lying on my stomach.

I said, "Alice, remember, this is our fantasy. We need to plan this out if we want it to be a real thing. It would have to be with someone we know and trust. With my promotion, desecration would have to be observed."

Alice took a while in her answer, but then she said, "Yes. I love you and don't want to hurt you. It would just be lust and not our love for each other. We make love, if I do have sex with another man or men, it would just be lust. No love involved."

It was strange that Alice seemed to be avoiding the subject of 'US' or 'ME' being involved with another man or men.

The weekend was usual and Saturday night, Alice was again a wild woman in bed and kept screaming, "YES, THEY ARE FUCKING ME DEEP, ONE IN MY PUSSY AND ONE IN MY ASS, YES, I FEEL THEIR CUM."

Twice, Alice had me fuck her ass. When Sunday morning came, Alice was full of cum in her ass, pussy and stomach. Sunday, I needed to rest, but Alice was constantly teasing me to fuck her. Alice pranced around in only her panties all day. She would keep grabbing my cock in my shorts. Sunday evening, she called me into the den where she was watching a porn gang bang on the computer. She said, "Look, she that woman getting cock? She gets it in the ass, pussy and mouth. That is hot and my pussy is flowing watching. Is that what you want for me?"

I answered, "I want you to be happy, to be satisfied. We need to plan if you want this to be a reality." Alice didn't answer, she just kept rubbing her panty covered pussy. I noticed that her panties were soaked with pussy juice.


Monday noon came and Alice was thrilled to see Jerome and Sam waiting for her in the park. They didn't waste any time as Jerome and Sam fucked her in her ass and pussy, each filling her twice. Alice wished that her lunch time was longer, she wanted to have their cocks longer. She knew her pussy and ass were going to be full, so she had a change of panties when getting back to work.

Jerome and Sam told her that they would expect her Thursday night. They reminded her that there were going to be clients to 'meet' her, ALL of her. Alice began to feel a tingling sensation in her pussy, she knew she was going to host a gang bang party again. Now the cum in her pussy and ass was running more than an ooze as she got to her office.

Alice kept wondering how she would talk Bill into being fucked by Jerome and Sam, two black men she had already fucked. She knew that Bill had insisted that they discuss and plan for her 'first time three way'. She knew that she had cheated on her husband, but she knew that she would continue seeing Jerome and Sam, especially with their Thursday night gang bangs. She loved all the cocks and cum she got from fifteen or twenty men, all with big black cocks.

She just didn't know what to do. She didn't know how long she could continue cheating on Bill or how to convince him that this would be her first time. Maybe she could tell Bill that she met two men she knew and Bill would accept them for her first time fling. Yes, she thought, I will begin telling him about these two men I got to know. Then have them over for dinner to meet Bill. Yes, maybe that would work, get Bill to like and trust them to fuck his wife.


Monday came and Adam came into my office and told me that his neighbors had gang bangs Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. He said all the women were white, but he didn't see the one that looked like Alice. He said, "If you want live porno entertainment, come on over, it looks like they gang bang a different white woman every night."

I laughed and said that I was getting my horns clipped at home with a hot wife. I didn't need to watch porn, even if it was live.

I got home and Alice was making our dinner. I was startled when seeing her wearing only panties. Alice told me that since lunch time, she has been horny. She said she came home with her panties wet and needed to put on another pair.

As I pulled her to me and kissed her, I reached down, pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and plunged three fingers easily into her pussy. As I was finger fucking her, it felt like her vagina was larger than usual and I was able to get four fingers and my thumb into her but just short of my entire fist. She didn't complain of any pain as I was stretching her pussy. Her pussy seemed to be wetter than usual.

When dinner was ready, I went to the half bath to wash and before washing my hand, I smelled it and I didn't smell like her usual pussy juices. There was something unusual about the smell.

Again that night, Alice was unstoppable in her libido. She started sucking my cock dry and after the first time I filled her with my cum, she begged me to eat her out. It wasn't usual for me to lick her pussy after I filled her with cum, but I knew it turned her on, so I lowered my head and smelled the smell that had been on my hand at dinner. She drained my balls again Monday night, and each time she insisted that I clean her pussy with my mouth and tongue.

Tuesday was a slow day at work when Adam came into my office again. He said that the two guys were at it again Monday night, again, another white woman. He said that it seemed that black men preferred only white woman to fuck. We laughed when I said, "Just like the old saying, 'all black men have big cocks'."

I got home and Alice didn't attack me this time. She did prance around in her panties again. She said she felt liberated wearing only her panties. We had a pleasant dinner. After dinner, I asked Alice what book she was reading for the ladies book club. Alice looked at me with a questioning look and after some thought, "It's an erotic story. I guess that's the reason I have been so horny lately." She quickly changed the subject and never told me the title of the book.

We did make love that night, our normal sexual encounter and I cam once in her pussy and once in her ass. She was getting more into anal fucking than usual.

We laid side by side and Alice told me that she had met a couple of men, brothers, that came into her office often. She said they were well educated and handsome. She said I should meet them sometime as she was sure I would like them. I asked her if she was hinting that she wanted to have sex with them, she said, "Hum, I never thought about that, but they are very nice. I'll give that some thought."

Tuesday night, after Bill fucked Alice in both her ass and pussy, they laid with each other as Bill fingered Alice's clit. Alice said, "Bill, those brothers came around again today. I really looked them over. You asked if I thought I wanted them to fuck me, well, I thought about it. I think they would be nice and I think it would turn you on to see them fucking me. I'm not in a hurry to be with other men, but I think you should meet them, we should all be friends and comfortable with the issue before any decisions."

Wednesday at work, Adam again came into my office. "My God," said Adam, "they gang bang white women every night. I still haven't seen the one that looks like your wife, the one I saw last Thursday night."

"From that distance, I don't think it could be my wife. Besides, tomorrow night she will be at her ladies book club." Adam then said, "I supposed you're right. I'm going to get some pictures of the action. I have a great camera with telephoto lens. What a great collection of 'free' porn. Maybe I can put some on the internet."

We laughed and being close to lunch time, we decided to have a liquid lunch. There was a very nice restaurant close by and we enjoyed our meal with a bit of Scotch.

I got home and again Alice beat me home. She was in her bikini panties, very sheer and sexy. I said, "If a delivery man came to the door, he would rape you right on the door step if he say you in those panties." Alice just laughed. She said, "We need to discuss who is going to fuck me. So the delivery man is out of the question, especially when you are not here to watch."

Again after an exhausting sexual work out, Alice said, "Bill, Jerome and Sam were around again today. Every time I look at them, I think you would approve that they should be the ones to fuck me. I'm sure they won't come into the office until next Monday, but when they do, I will ask them to dinner so you can meet them."

I asked Alice, "What makes you think they should be the ones to fuck you?" She answered, "They are clean, soft spoken, handsome and complete gentlemen. If I was single and they asked me out, yes, I would date them."

Adam came into my office Thursday morning. He threw down a folder full of pictures and told me I had to see a hot woman being used every which way by over twenty men. I picked up the pictures and said, "God, Adam, that camera you have is great. I can almost see the guys pubic hair. This one shows a fat black cock in the girls ass and cum being expelled from her. Here's another with a pussy shot, cum every where. Adam, how long was she fucked?"

Adam said, "She was naked and on that table at 7 pm and she wasn't fucked out until around 1 am. The two guys that live there had to help her walk when it was all over. She was a mess, covered in cum, her ass and pussy had cum flowing, not oozing, from them. Look at this last picture, see the smile on her face? She loved it, every bit of it. Not only that, but the glass doors were open and you could hear her screaming, not in pain but in rapture. She wanted more big black cock, she was their married white whore, and she wanted to be fucked harder and deeper."

My cock was hard looking at the pictures. I knew pre cum was coating my briefs. I was going to give Alice a good fucking tonight. Wait, no she has her ladies book club tonight, there might sex tonight if she is out late with the ladies. I thought and then reminded myself that last Thursday, we did have a quick fuck when she got home. I was more that ready for a quick fuck. I would have to see when she gets home.

Adam left the pictures with me, he said that he had duplicates. I don't know why, but I called Alice and told her that I had some hot pictures of a girl being gang banged by a room full of men. Alice asked, "Does that make you hot?" I said, "You had better believe it." Alice then asked, "Do you imagine me being the girl getting fucked?" "I don't know," I said. "I imagined you with maybe two men, not a whole gang."

I got off the phone and wondered why she was asking if I pictured her with a room full of men. Is her fantasy to be gang banged by many men? First, we talked about another man, then it went to two. What is she thinking. Does she want to be fucked all night, multiple times, by many men?

As I was turning the corner to our house, I saw Alice getting into her car. She threw a small bag into the car. I think I need to have my glasses checked, I thought I saw her getting into the car and her skirt was so short you could see her pussy and ass. Wait, pussy and ass? She wasn't wearing any panties. Her car pulled away before I could catch up to her.

I got into the house and she left me a note that there was dinner in the fridge to heat up and she was on her way to the book club. I was wondering what kind of book club that the women wore skirts so short, their ass's and pussies were not covered. Sure, she had told me that the book they were reading was an erotic book. Were they reading porn books and everyone was masturbating to the exciting stories? I wondered how she heard of this book club. Just what did they do, read and use dildo's on them selves?

I grabbed a beer and sat down at the computer. A search for book clubs where women read erotic stories, did not turned up. There were many sites where women gathered to masturbate in front of each other, the same as men in a circle jerk. I got another beer and then realized that she left me dinner in the fridge. I grabbed the covered plate and there was a note under the cover. "Bill, I love you. I'm off to the ladies book club and may be late. Don't wait up. Love, Al."

My mind is spinning, just what is happening. She has become a sexual animal in the last week. Is it the books they are reading? I looked around the house and could not find any books that I would call erotic.

Another beer, and then an envelope fell out of my pocket, it was the pictures Adam left of his neighbors gang bang. He took some really hot pictures and it wasn't long before my cock was hard. I pulled my cock out and began masturbating looking at that woman being fucked by all those guys. Her white skin against all those black bodies was a contrast to behold. Adam had told me that she was screaming for more. Now, I wished I had taken up his offer to watch the entertainment.

I woke to a quiet sound, saw the time was 2:30 am and then sleepily saw Alice go into the bathroom. I was about to say something but was drown out by the sound of the bath tub filling. Normally Alice would take a quick shower before bed, but tonight she was spending a long time soaking in the tub. I fell asleep again after waiting, but then woke when feeling the bed depressing as Alice climbed in, snuggled next to me and then fell asleep with her arm over me.

I woke in the morning before Alice. There was a dress on the floor at the door to the bathroom and it was not the same dress I saw her wearing when she left. This dress was about knee length.

I made coffee and about a half hour later, Alice came into the kitchen wearing a robe. I poured her a cup and asked her how the book club went. She said she had a great time and they seemed to drink too much wine which was why she was late getting home. She said she contemplated staying over night that she might be too tiipsy to drive, but she took a chance. She said, "Yes, I know. You keep telling me not to drive after drinking. I know it was wrong and I didn't want to leave my car and take a taxi. All the other girls live in different directions, so I didn't want to ask them for a ride. Please forgive me."

Alice has never lied to me, but everything was a bit fishy. The change in the dress, the bag that looked like a small suit case thrown in the car, not wearing panties. Now driving after drinking. Why did she take a long bath instead of a shower before coming to bed? Her wanting sex almost every night and more than twice. My head was spinning and in need for answers.

Off to work on Friday morning. Finally Friday. I didn't know if I would be productive at work with all the questions. The first thing I did when entering the building was to fill my coffee cut. I turned on my computer and as I waited for it to boot up, I had my head down between my hands. I heard a noise and looked up. There was Adam standing in the door way with a sheepish look on his face. He looked pale and didn't want to look directly at me. I said, "Come on in Adam, you don't look well. Do you need to go home?"

Adam said, "No...I...I don't know...I just feel bad. I wish I wasn't the one...the one to tell...you. I need to go, I can't talk to you." He turned and as he was leaving he put another envelope on my desk. He then disappeared down the hall.

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