tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLadies' Changing Room

Ladies' Changing Room


It's a clothing store and only two of us work in the afternoons when it isn't busy. We cater to men and women... good stuff... high quality and fashionable. I'd come back from lunch about fifteen minutes earlier and was just trying to look busy. Nancy my coworker had just answered her cell... and I knew she'd be on there quite awhile... she always was with her boyfriend. She might even disappear into the backroom for a few minutes of quiet phone pleasure with him. I didn't care... she isn't my type.

I heard a tinkle as the door opened and you walked in and I'm caught by your appearance. You definitely are my type. I hurried to help but you tell me you're just looking and I move back behind the counter and watch. You're wearing a short pleated black skirt and a lacy transparent blouse. Your bra is strapless but not transparent although there is a lot of cleavage available. You have on heels, not high but more than adequate to tone your legs. I watch as you walk over to the lingerie.

Soon you've moved on to where our more exotic lingerie is on display and are picking through an open pile, selecting a few and holding them. I've seen you before in here. You're shapely and sexy and we've smiled. Your breasts and your ass are full and perfect. Your smile is impish at times. I've wanted to hold and do things to you. But you've never given me any indication that you could be interested. Even though I still feel a thrill travel through to my privates and we've never much spoken. I've even escorted you to a dressing room before.

Our store had been losing a bit of merchandise and management had complained that we weren't vigilant enough. So very quietly one day I'd studied the rooms and hit on a plan. It was risky if we ever got caught but almost sure-fire and fun. I removed the mirror from the wall in each room and carefully removed the mirror's reflective backing with a pocket knife. The area I scraped was small, perhaps an eight inch square and located in the upper corner where it was very difficult to notice. Then I'd drilled a small eighth inch hole at an angle from the center of the room.

I replaced and screwed the mirror down tight to the wall again. On the other side of the wall over each hole I'd hung a small employees notice. There were no direct lights in the back room and so with very little effort I could quickly swing the paper out of the way and peer within. I was amazed and hadn't planned it this way, but the mirror on the opposite side of the room gave me almost complete room visibility in its reflection if someone moved out of line with the hole.

The owner came in one day complaining about the losses at another of his stores and observed that our own losses had dropped dramatically. After he'd complained about the cost and difficulty with possible lawsuits from installing a video system in each store he'd asked what we were doing . I thought for a moment and showed him what I'd done. He thought it was a great idea and then gave us orders. Only a person of the same gender as a customer inside could watch what was happening. But he winked at me as he left the store.

Nancy had quietly watched everything and when he'd left she came up and slapped me. Not really hard, but I felt it. She'd been trying on clothes every day since she started work over a year ago. She'd also try on lingerie, which is a no-no in our State for health reasons. Several times I'd watched her and it was arousing. Even very much more so when she'd linger with her hands or masturbate. I'd seen every part of her body now many times, but she wasn't my type, any more than every girl is my type.

After that Nancy would watch the guys and I'd watch the gals. We'd talk about what we'd seen and enjoyed, and Nancy started trying things on in the backroom instead of the dressing room and did it right in front of me. One particular afternoon she'd noticed how interested I was and insisted that she watch me change. Actually she insisted that I strip right there in the open and fondle myself in repayment of what I'd done much earlier. She'd said what I had was nice, even exciting and even worthwhile. But I was not her type. She said she might kick me out of bed, but would never let me get off the floor before she'd had her fill. We were both more at-ease with each other after that and became good friends. We even enjoyed a few exercising afternoons when she'd broken off with a different boyfriend and she was feeling horny.

But today was my turn. You carried the lacy stuff up to the counter and asked to use the dressing room. I looked at your selections and told you that the State didn't allow trying on or returning lingerie after the packages had been opened. All the time I was talking I was picturing you in and out of the stuff as you changed. You answered back that you were buying, but wanted to see what it looked and felt like and that you might choose to wear some of it as you left. I rang up the stuff and escorted you to the dressing room. Nancy was back at the front counter and could handle anyone that came in while I was gone.

After closing the curtain, I stepped through the open doorway into the back room and waited for a moment before sliding the paper out of the way. You had slipped off your blouse and were selecting a bra. And then you unclasped and removed the one you were wearing. Your large, erect pink nipples were set in an arousing darker pink and I watched as you massaged the area where the underwire had been riding. You lifted and cupped your breasts and turned to study them from every angle. They were everything I'd wanted and I yearned to touch, taste and pleasure them. My cock was rigid and I removed it through the already opened zipper in my pants.

I watched each bra being tried on and fitted as the cups filled. Then you slid the skirt off and I watched as you slid the panties down over your full cheeks. I was rubbing and stroking but afraid to really masturbate in case you decided to come out before trying everything on. You stood in front of the mirror for several minutes while studying and then you started posing and turning. I watched you raise a leg in a kick and then another. You did some kind of a nude dance and I watched every enticing movement. You did a series of Yoga type moves and then you put one foot up on the chair, spread your thighs and slid your hands down your tummy and entered the fur below. I watched as your fingers slid around your lips and it was the most arousing thing I'd seen. One hand returned and a finger slid under and in, and you began circling your clit. I watched as your body seemed to convulse in orgasm. Your entire body was into it. Your head was back and to the side. Your small pink tongue extended and wet your lips and then settled in one corner half extended.

I caught myself as I was about to groan and my hands had been too busy, too fast. I relaxed, difficult but necessary. And now I watched attentively as the fingers of both hands began working and it seemed that you climaxed three more times. Your hips had been moving with your hands and your body had been swaying to music I couldn't hear.

Suddenly you stopped. Your one finger was back circling your clit and you turned and looked straight at the hole and raised your other hand and curled the finger repeatedly toward me. I panicked. I didn't know what to do. I'd been caught. How had it happened? I glanced through the hole again and you were standing with a hand on your hip with your legs spread in a demanding way. There was a very serious look on your face and you were still signaling.

Sheepishly I dropped the paper cover and walked around and through the door. I stood there and waited for the inevitable. Suddenly you peeked out and yanked my arm pulling me inside. You demanded that I sit in the wooden chair. You started asking me what right I had staring at women changing. You asked if I knew there was a law against this sort of thing. You asked if I had no decency. My head was in my hands and you were still nude as you berated me. You asked if I wanted you to call the owner. When I didn't answer you demanded that I answer. When I sheepishly replied no I heard you take a step.

My fly was still open and I was still exposed. In my desolation I hadn't put myself away. You walked forward and I felt your nude body close as you settled onto my lap, holding and guiding while your breasts were pushing my head upright. When you were fully down you insisted that I'd better be good or you would call the owner. I heard Nancy giggle as she hurried by the curtain outside.

Later I found out that I'd been had. You and Nancy knew each other and one day you'd confided in her that you'd like to meet me. The two of you'd cooked the whole thing up together... and you really are a good fuck.

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