tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersLadies Night at the Leather Bar Ch. 03

Ladies Night at the Leather Bar Ch. 03


The aftermath of Round One found Carter and me cuddled together on one of the couches in the huge fuck room at the Roughrider Bar. We were soon joined by a cum covered Chloe, who sat, leaving me in the middle. I laughed and sang to her:

"Rebel rebel, what's on your dress? Rebel rebel, your face is a mess. Rebel rebel, how could they know?"

Chloe joined me for the hook line, "Hot tramp... I love you so!"

I moved in on her for a kiss, "Hoooo-hoooo, baby! You smell like the bucket at an adult movie arcade."

She gave me a quick buss on the lips and giggled, "And you love it."

Carter leaned over, licked some sperm off her cheek and engaged us in a three way cum kiss. My heart momentarily beat in double time as I danced tongues with both of my favorite people in the world: one from forever, and one brand new. Chloe tilted her head back and laughed.

"It's my new moisturizer. Do you like it?"

Both Carter and I answered in unison, "I love it."

Oh my God, the stars were aligning for us.

It's not an issue of self esteem for me to point out that Chloe was leaps and bounds prettier than me, but I had no fear that she would 'steal' Carter away, and somehow I already knew that Carter would not transfer his emotional affections from me to her.

It's a fine, subtle line to broach the question of 'who likes who better' when everybody in the room is fucking, sucking, kissing and cumming all over each other. In this lifestyle, we are still people with feelings, not just mindless fuck machines, although when you get knee deep in the 'zone', we are just that.

Carter took another cum-lick off her chin and said, "Tastes like Henry."

I marveled at how much I adored Carter already: He was the cum lickinest motherfucker I ever saw, and I loved it. He slurped his wide pink tongue across the side of her neck and continued, "And there's Bob,". He licked her forehead, "Billy," and then her cheek, "Hmmmm, not sure who that is - he must be new."

I was incredulous. "No way! You can tell everybody apart by the taste of their cum?"

He laughed, "Well, perhaps my sense of taste is not that finely honed. But I can certainly deduce their gender, at least."

I shoved his shoulder playfully, and we all laughed like old college friends. Carter fit in so well, I don't think 'smitten' covered the depths of my growing feelings for him. I so wanted to share my joy with Chloe, who seemed to understand the connection we had made. Even though we were at an orgy, she would never cut in on me where my emotions were involved, so I took the lead, speaking into Chloe's ear while looking at Carter, my comment loud enough for him to hear.

"Carter has a fresh ass full of cum. Would you care to join me?"

She giggled, "Ooooh... now THAT'S a salad I would love to toss."

I knelt in front of him, joined by Chloe. I took one knee, spreading it, as Chloe did the same with the other, then we both slid a hand under each butt cheek, gently pulling his ass forward. We worked so well together. We looked at each other, the up at Carter and spoke in unison.

"May we?"

Carter smiled and answered in a French accent: "Mais oui, mesdames."

He upended his behind, spreading that beautiful black bubble butt open for us, his alluring ebony aperture so inviting. I loved the way his tight white leather chaps framed this puckered object of our desire. Chloe and I looked at each other with delight, put our cheeks together and descended as one on our anal aperitif.

Like landing gear, our tongues extended together and met this raunchy rectal runway on either rim of Carter's exquisite asshole, drawing little semi-circles on his wrinkled crater. I loved sharing an anus with Chloe, our tongues mingling together as we lathered Carter's hole with love. I looked up from between his legs.

"Sweetie, I know you've got something in there for us. May we have it, please?"

He ran his hand over my hair, cupping the side of my head, and I felt him tense and push. Quickly returning to my battle station, I joined Chloe in her licking, then we both backed off a few inches to watch as his anus flexed, opening a little wider with each rep. It would only open about a quarter inch. Carter caressed my hair as he spoke.

"I'm afraid it may need a little help to open it up. Would you mind, dear?"

I was more than happy to assist. Chloe leaned back as I knelt up, poising my refreshed hard dick at his hole. It slid all the way in easily. I leaned forward and slithered my tongue into his mouth as I fucked him. It was glorious, my girlie cock inside my sepia stallion, but this would only be a sample, not the main course. I pulled out and squatted back on my heels. Quickly, Chloe dove on my sticky dick, tasting Carter and whoever filled him with cum.

"Mmmm... he's definitely got something in the pantry."

Now he was gaping a good inch and a half across, and Chloe and I moved back in for a close-up as he pushed. His gape opened and closed, until finally, he pushed out the first creamy white glob. We put our tongues together, and placed them just below the stream as it descended his ass crack. I felt the warmth and gooey texture at the same time as she did. He pushed again and a voluminous flow spilled out like lava from a volcano. It was most certainly hot as it coated our tongues, but burned nothing but our desire.

We turned to each other, mingling this anonymous sperm in our mouths with a deep soul kiss. Chloe, my love, my partner in crime, my best friend, joined me in using this insignificant ejaculate we shared as a celebration not only of my deep connection with her, but of her commitment and support of me in the connection I now shared with Carter. I kissed her madly.

Carter suddenly farted out a massive glob of semen that splattered across our foreheads and oozed down our faces, cascading past our noses and dripping onto our kiss. I ran my arms around Chloe's neck, hugging her close, sipping and sucking the cum from her tongue. At that moment I was so thankful for her, for Carter, for life (I get sentimental at the weirdest times).

Chloe looked at me, then placed a finger inside the rim of his anus and pulled outward. Having double-teamed so many men in our travels together, I instinctively did the same on the opposite edge and together, we pulled his opening wide. With our cheeks against his buttocks, we both slid our tongues deep into his asshole, lapping the sweet nectar from within. Carter pushed, and more of the sticky flow coated our tongues as they flicked inside him in unison.

Alas, under our expert ministrations, the well of our desire and sustenance soon ran regrettably dry. With one last sperm coated kiss, Chloe and I peeked up over his balls and fat, cock that was just beginning to reawaken and smiled at Carter. I laughed.

"Nice creampie, Carter"

"Thank you. I had it made specifically for you, and of course, your lovely friend Chloe."

"Would you do something for me?"

"You have but to speak it, and it shall be done."

"Would you fuck Chloe while I watch? You're both so beautiful - I just have to see you together."

"It would be my pleasure, if Chloe would like it."

Chloe reached up with both hands and caressed my cheek. She was not not an over-sensitive crybaby like me, but I could tell she was moist behind her eyes as she giggled and spoke to me.

"Oh, honey... it's so funny, that in a room like this, with all this fucking... that I want your permission."

I leaned forward, touching my nose to hers, our gazes locked just inches apart. "Baby, you never need my permission... but thank you."

Looking up at Carter, she gave him a cum-stained smile. "Are you kidding? God yes."

We both got up quickly, then I guided Chloe onto the couch next to him, pushing them together by their shoulders. I decided to go Domme.

"Now get at it! I command you! I will have you fuck for my amusement, hahaha!"

They both smiled and laughed. Chloe saluted dramatically and faked an English accent.

"As you wish, my queen."

I put my hand behind their heads, moving them closer.

"Now kiss! Kiss, I tell you!"

And kiss they did. To an uninitiated casual observer, the concept of divorcing sex from emotion may seem alien, but I truly had no jealousy watching my dearest friend make out with what I thought just might be my new boyfriend. I didn't know Carter that well yet (and these parties are not the best place to gain any realistic insight into anyone's true character), but I knew Chloe. I honestly believe, and have never been shown otherwise, that Chloe would forgo the possible love of her life if it meant she had to take him from me.

I hopped to the side of the couch to watch. Carter was a magnificent black lion, and Chloe was the embodiment of a classic Zorn Nymph. They looked like Othello and Desdemona in happy times, before Iago. It was beautiful. They did not hold back, nor did I expect them to. If you can't fuck a stranger with pure lust and abandon, you don't belong at parties like this.

My cock twitched and stirred, even though I had just come so good a few minutes ago. Chloe sucked Carter's nipple, gently biting, nibbling.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up. A very buff, leather harnessed body builder smiled down at me.

"Hi baby, is this dance taken?"

I smiled back, then slid to my knees onto the floor in front of him. I placed my hands on his hips and pulled him towards me. I waited until my face was just inches from his leather jock strap, and I looked up, only tilting my head slightly, as it seemed more submissive that way.

"I'll dance with you, Huckleberry."

I extended my long painted index finger to the middle of his jock band and pulled very slowly, out and down. the ridge made by his erection ran to the left side, so I pulled it down to that side, moving my open mouth closer. A little more, a little more and I extended my tongue. As soon as the waistband cleared the edge of his rigid manhood, it sprang out, smacking me on the side of the face. GOD, I love that! As it 'boinged' to and fro, I pursued it with my mouth like a cheetah chasing down an antelope (scratch that - it's no fun for the antelope). It was like something chasing down something that it really wants, for the pleasure of both (I'm in simile Hell now).

After a couple of rotations back and forth, his cockhead hit one side of my open mouth. I closed my lips over it and moved forward: now it was mine. I suckled the helmet, swirling my tongue around it, licking the tender spot underneath.

"Oh, yeah, girl! Oh my fucking God!"

I closed my lips tight and descended, ever so slowly, to the root. His warm spongy flesh slid in easily as I reached up to cup his tight ball sac. The jock was becoming a hindrance, so without missing a delicious, slow stroke, I pulled them quickly down, and he stepped out of them. I used my hands on his hips to guide him to turn with his back to the couch next to Chloe, who by now had Carter's massive Mamba halfway down her throat. Still on my knees, I reached up and pushed his chest, forcing him back.


He fell onto the couch and I knee-walked in between his legs and inhaled his cock. I seem to have this automatic knee-jerk reflex that initiates whenever I'm on all fours with a cock in my mouth: my knees spread wide and I arch my back. If my butt's going to be on display, it damn well better be as inviting as possible. In a big group like this, it never fails, and it didn't tonight. Within thirty seconds, I felt a tongue licking my anus, and I didn't even bother to turn around and see whose it was.

My original dance partner moaned as I sucked his cock with my slobbery tramp mouth. I grabbed his hips and pulled his ass to the edge of the couch, lifting my lips from his cock. Licking my way down his shaft, my tongue soon found his balls. I anchored one side of my mouth on one testicle, and slid my mouth over the other, engulfing them both in one fell swoop (it's my patented move with a tight, compact scrotum). I swished my tongue rapidly over, under, sideways and down, lathering his ball with loving.

I fish-swallowed on his sac, massaging him, moaning as I felt the dickhead of my new admirer lodge itself into my asshole, poised for invasion. I pushed my anus muscles hard, widening my hole, but my gape had receded since the assfucking Carter had given me. Not to worry, as the cock slid all the way into my bowels, broadening my nether horizon once again. I gasped for a breath as he immediately began slamming me mercilessly.

God, it felt good being furiously spit-roasted, watching Chloe straddle Carter's cocoa cock, engulfing him with a hard pounce all the way down, fucking her asshole on his thick black dick with pure, humping abandon. I loved it as she held his head in her hands for a deep slobbering kiss, their bodies like a machine, slamming their sweat-streaked bodies together in a hungry carnal collaboration.

The two men fucking my mouth and asshole bounced me back and forth between them at mach speed until my buttfucker grabbed my hips, jammed his dick to the depths of my rectum and let loose a flood of semen. He held me in place as he stabbed at my ass with short jerks, lobbing spurt after spurt of hot cum, coating my insides. I felt the improved lubrication and realized that this was the first sperm my anus had welcomed that evening. I wished I could have given that honor to Carter, but arranging your dance card to that degree of precision is difficult at gangbangs like this.

Spent, I felt the emptiness of his quick departure followed by the warm trickle of his ejaculate dripping out of my hole, running down onto my balls. It wasn't even two seconds later that I felt a tongue lapping it up. I thought it was him, tasting his own cum until the tongue was gone, replaced by a new rigid rod slamming into me. I could feel the displaced sperm squirting out around this new fucker's dick. I mourned the loss of the departing dick juice, as I wanted my bowels filled to the brim with the sperm of dozens of men, but I had to bow to the laws of displacement.

No rest for the wicked as I was once again pummeled between two lascivious leather boys. The cock in my mouth erupted, hurling a huge wad into my throat. I swallowed quickly as he savagely fucked his cum into my gullet. His warm sperm flooded through my mouth to the precipice of my throat and flowed over, a hot waterfall of goo slithering down into my stomach.

I swooned with delight as I swallowed, loving the contrast of Carter's coal black hands cupping Chloe's alabaster ass as he fucked her. My forward cum donor withdrew, spewing the last of his seed all over my face, mixing with what was left of Carter's. He gallantly leaned down and kissed me through his cum, and then he was gone, replaced immediately by another anonymous cock.

I glanced over and saw there were two more beefy studs waiting in line for a blowjob. Behind me, there was a short queue of leather studs in chaps and harnesses jerking their dicks as they waited for their turn at my faggot asshole. I loved this party! I quickly inhaled the new fuckstick in my face and sucked the ten inches deep, taking about five of it into my throat.

Just as I was nestling his rod in my trachea, the guy pounding my ass launched into hyperdrive, shoving me forward and jamming my throat further onto the dick that was already running roughshod over me tonsils. I just went with the flow, finding the groove in the bounce that allowed me to steal a breath here and there. Suddenly, my buttfucker slammed me forward and held my ass tight. His cockhead as far up my anus as he could get it, he spewed.

Ahhh... that hot, welcome flood of cum, warming me within, coating the little ass cave deep in my bowels, refilling me. He barely moved: just a series of short, sharp jerks, each one creaming my rectum with more of his viscous juice, rewarding me for simply being a good hole. That's what I was that night: a greasy, slimy hole to come in, at least for everyone but Carter and Chloe. For them, I felt like the beloved object of desire. My love for Chloe, and my developing feelings for Carter, spread a heat throughout me that was warmer than all the cum in all these cocks that my little faggot body would welcome that evening.

I milked the forward dick as the aft appendage emptied its sperm into my sticky rectum. It took only a moment before the semen shaft in my mouth joined with my rear attacker, hurling thick ropes of cum straight down into my belly as I swallowed as quickly as I could. Having two men fill both ends of me with cum at the same time proves to me that there is Heaven on Earth, that Nirvana is attainable.

Before I was able to wax too eloquently on my scattered, lust ridden musings, both cocks exited me at once, causing me to crumple to the floor once both spits were unceremoniously removed from my roast.

I rolled onto my back, and the leather line moved up a spot. A new guy straddled my face as a strong pair of hands folded my spread legs back against my chest. Two new cocks entered me simultaneously, jamming to the hilt and fucking away with abandon. So much for my temporary feeling of emptiness. I opened myself completely to both, slobbering all over my oral and anal invaders, although the slobber in my anus was left behind by the previous tenants.

It didn't take long before my facefucker pulled out, directing his first stream of hot cum onto my forehead. I held my head up so he wouldn't overshoot his target, and before his first layer of goo could run down my face, splitting into two rivulets at my nose, he pelted me straight in my wide open mouth with a second powerful squirt. Then my ass felt the liquid heat of cum as the guy fucking me unloaded, shooting streams of sperm into the melange of man-muck pooling deep in my bowels.

My ass was so full already that I could feel a thick stream of mixed DNA run out of my asshole when my donor pulled out. I needed a butt plug, because didn't want to lose any, but I didn't even bring my purse in with me. I noticed the end table next to the couch and pulled open one of the drawers. As I expected, it was full of toys, leashes, easy-escape handcuffs and such, and at the bottom, a nice sized plug.

I rammed it straight up my leaking hole and got up, a plan for later already forming in my mind. Chloe and Carter were on the floor now, his big black boner jackhammering her ass in the missionary position. My own hardon was back at attention, and needing so much more than the brief penetration I'd enjoyed earlier, I mounted Carter's muscular butt and drove myself in.

He took it in stride, and craned his neck to see who his new fucker was. When he saw it was me, he looked so happy, like a kid who got his first bike at Christmas. It was impossible to accurately describe, but when our eyes met, my heart literally pounded in my chest. In that moment, we both knew that he was my man and I was his girl.

I hunched over, kissing him with my whole heart and slamming him with my whole cock. Just below, Chloe watched us as Carter fucked her. She smiled the broadest grin, and I had to have both. Straining forward and down, I had to climb up on Carter's ass to reach her lips. I barely had two inches inside him when our three tongues met. We slobbered over each other's mouths with kisses that were so much more than 'heat of the moment' passion. I loved Chloe, and I was falling in love with Carter.

We couldn't hold the kiss for long, as my feet were off the ground and I was teetering. Our little house of flesh cards was ready to collapse, so I broke off and stabilized myself, getting back into some serious fucking. Carter got into a back and forth rhythm as the filling in this reverse Oreo between me and my best friend. Ooh-la-la, Lucky Pierre!

I looked up across the room and, just past a fivesome fucking on a couch, I caught a glimpse of something in the corner, a couple of pieces of strange furniture. I rocked back and forth inside Carter, but I stopped dead, fully up his ass to the hilt, when I realized what they were: STOCKS. Carter looked over his shoulder when I halted my buggering.

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