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Sandra is your typical girl-next-door, suburban mom from New Jersey, but she has a naughty side that she loves to explore every once in a while. Bottom line...she loves being with beautiful women. Their smell, their softness, how they taste, everything about them turns her on.

She didn't realize any of this until one evening about a year ago when she spent a memorable few hours with her good friend (my wife) Jen and our neighbor, Katie at our home. They were part of a book group which was chock full of good looking moms from the neighborhood and had just finished a group discussion on "Tipping the Velvet" a love story about two lesbians in the Victorian era. The book was intense and during the course of the conversation some of them had wondered aloud whether such a relationship was possible for straight women. It wouldn't be long before they found the answer to that question.

Sandra is an incredibly sexy mother of three in her early forties with reddish blonde hair and a killer smile. My wife is a pretty brunette who looks 10 years younger than her age, enjoys showing off her great legs and flawless ass and is as wholesome as she is hot. Katie is a petite, dark haired beauty in her late thirties who looks a little like one of the stars from Sex and the City.

The evening started innocently enough. It was a sultry, hot and humid summer night so both Jen and Katie were wearing sleeveless tops and shorts that accentuated their great butts and legs. Sandra had on a short jeans skirt and cotton top. It had just started to pour outside so nobody was in any hurry to leave, especially since the discussion was far from over and far too intriguing.

Judging from their body language I was sensing that they all three of the ladies had some less-than-pure visions and thoughts going through their heads during the book discussion. They were all squirming a little in their seats, either from being slightly uncomfortable with the subject matter or maybe being somewhat titillated by it. The fact that they were "stuck" in a house with other women they all found mutually attractive only seemed to add to the allure.

The discussion was very cerebral at first, talking theme and character development, but soon became a little more suggestive and flirty, especially during the interaction between Katie and Jen. Although Sandra never had any serious inclination to indulge in such activities, she always found it a little fascinating and potentially sensual. She was just taking it all in. She was getting a little warm with the wine and had removed her shoes to get more comfortable on the couch.

They continued to sip their wine and martinis, unsuccessfully trying to casually move away from the topic at hand and engage in small talk. Jen turned to her two friends and asked very casually, "I kind of feel weird about asking you guys this, but since the rain isn't letting up and it seems like we'll be here for a while, would you mind offering your opinion on some new lingerie I bought and haven't worn yet?"

"Oooh, I love lingerie," cooed Katie. "Will would let me buy a new piece every week if I asked him." Sandra just smiled and shook her head in agreement. This was not a typical activity for a book club but they both assumed that Jen would return with the lingerie in the Victoria Secret bag, price tags and all.

They weren't totally prepared 10 minutes later when my beautiful wife made her way down the steps in heels and a silky white robe, obviously hiding her new purchase underneath. Katie's dark brown eyes got as wide as saucers. Sandra was also pleasantly surprised at the prospect of getting a close-up view of my soon- to-be scantily clad wife.

Jen paraded around for a few seconds, then turned her back to them and slowly dropped the robe from her shoulders, letting it fall at her feet. They now had a perfect view of her shapely butt. The strip of lace nestled between her cheeks barely covered her womanhood. An audible mmmm emanated from Katie's lips as her eyes travelled the length of Jen's smooth body, admiring her white bra, matching panties, garter and heels.

Jen turned around to face them and you could hear a pin drop. The lace triangle in front was essentially transparent and it was obvious that my wife kept a very tidy and sparse love nest. Both ladies were speechless. After about 30 seconds of awkward silence, Katie blurted out, "Damn Jen, that is hot. Your hubby will be drooling when he sees you in that."

"I'm drooling now...I mean that's really pretty," stuttered Sandra, still having trouble getting the words out.

"You know, I have a few other items that you two could model if you are up for it. You'd both look great in all of it. We could have a mini-fashion show. Come pick something out," Jen said.

"If anything you have up in your lingerie drawer is as sexy as that little number I'd love to try it on," Katie quickly responded.

Sandra, being a little more conservative, stayed behind while Jen and Katie disappeared up the steps. "I'll see you guys in a few. Don't stay up there too long," she joked. Jen grabbed Katie by the hand and led her up her bedroom. Once they were out of sight Sandra picked up the novel again and sought out a few passages she had highlighted. The sections were among the most intimate and graphic, describing in detail how women make love to each other. She began to let her mind wander and fantasize about what it would be like to be with another woman, to feel their fingers, tongue and lips caressing her.

Not hearing much activity from her two friends she took advantage of the opportunity to slowly run her right hand over her blouse as she continued to read the novel. Rubbing her nipples through the fabric she closed her eyes for a moment. The visual of Jen's creamy thighs and spiked heals was freshly in her mind. A few minutes passed and she started to imagine that Jen and Katie had snuck upstairs to engage in activities other than trying on lingerie. The serenity of her fantasy was rudely interrupted by the sound of the two women coming back down to the living room.

As if Jen didn't look delicious enough, Katie showed up in a black babydoll with matching panties, open in the front which highlighted her tight stomach and covered about as much as Jen's. She had on heels and had pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Sandra now wished she had picked out something sexy for herself to model. She was clearly overdressed but thoroughly enjoying the view and what might be unfolding before her. Jen followed Katie carrying what looked like a large make up bag.

"You need to give Sandra the full effect," Jen said to Katie. "Turn around." She did so and lifted the babydoll to let Sandra see what two perfectly shaped ass cheeks looked like.

"Wow, I'm not sure who looks better from behind. I think I need both of you to bend over so I can get a better view," suggested Sandra only half-seriously. Much to her delight both ladies obliged. They even spread their legs slightly for her benefit. Sandra felt a bit of a twinge between her thighs. For the first time she began thinking that these two beauties were a little too comfortable with each other's half naked bodies to be doing this for the first time. Not a distrustful person, she just brushed it off to them having a little fun at her expense.

"I think I need a refill," Sandra muttered to herself. She excused herself to the kitchen to grab another glass of wine and throw a little water on her flushed face.

"Are you sure you don't want to try on anything lacey or silky," Jen yelled into the kitchen.

"I'm kind of modest. I'm not ready to model in front of you guys," she replied.

Katie chimed in, "Well if you're not ready for that can we at least see what you have under your cute skirt?"

"OK, but only a quick shot." Sandra stood up, lifted her skirt above her waist for a teasing five seconds to reveal a sexy pair of blue lacey panties. She had lighter hair so she appeared clean-shaven although Jen was guessing she had a landing strip." You like?" Sandra giggled.

"What's not to like. Great bikini lines," replied Jen. "I have a blue camisole upstairs that would nice over those panties."

"I'm thinking the camisole would look even nicer without those cute panties," offered Katie. Sandra blushed slightly, although it was hard to tell it was from the wine or a reaction to Katie's suggestive comment.

"Well" said Sandra, obviously getting a little turned on by the tone the evening was taking, "maybe after a few more cocktails, I'll lose mine if you lose yours," she said with a demure smile.

Nobody expected those words to come out of that mouth. "What happened to your modesty? " Jen and Katie said in surprised unison

" I still have a skirt on but you two will be virtually naked...and that would be a win for me, especially since I already got a preview when you both were nice enough to bend over for me," Sandra added.

"Wow, you never told be your old neighbor had a naughty streak," Katie mused.

"I didn't know until now, but I like it," Jen replied.

"Screw the needing more cocktails garbage, let's see if the carpet matches the drapes" urged Katie. With that, Sandra moved to the center of the room and reached under her skirt, hooking the thin string on both sides and slowly sliding them down her thighs to the floor. Sandra walked over to the love seat, letting her skirt ride up just enough so that the ladies could see a trace of her pantiless butt.

"Now it's your turn," Sandra said with a Cheshire cat grin. "But wait, let's raise the stakes a little. I want you to take each other's panties off and do it as slowly as I did."

Things were heating up quickly. Three beautiful, predominantly straight moms, all dressed in next to nothing were about to break down every sexual taboo. For a woman too timid to try on lingerie 5 minutes ago, Sandra had come all the way on board.

Katie smiled at the direct nature of Sandra's request and without hesitation moved behind my pretty wife. She took a few seconds to admire my wife's beautiful ass and rub each cheek telling her how pretty she was. Jen closed her eyes while Katie placed her arms around her and rubbed her breasts against her while gently raking the sides of Jen's soft legs with her fingers. It sent a shiver up Jen's spine and she instinctively reached back to grab Katie's neck and pull her towards her. They met in a kiss, which surprised all three of them, but they held it in place as Katie began to slide her hands lower until they were both resting on Jen's thighs just inches from her v-shaped patch of silk, which was the only thing separating this gorgeous woman's fingers from my wife's moistening pussy.

They finally broke the kiss. Katie continued to gently touch with my wife as she knelt down in front of her so that her eyes were at panty level. She looked back at Sandra, who was fidgeting in anticipation and said, "I think you're going to like this, Sandra." She then turned back to Jen, made direct eye contact and let her fingers softly brush against the lace between my wife's trembling thighs. She kissed all around her panties then planted a butterfly kiss on the diaphanous fabric, eliciting a short breath from Jen. She proceeded to slide the sheer thong down my wife's legs and off, leaving her in only her heels, stockings and garter.

"Oh my God. You're even prettier down there than in my fantasies," Sandra cooed.

You could have heard a pin drop. Katie and Jen were speechless after getting some insight into Sandra's true feelings. Jen finally broke the silence. "I try to keep it fairly smooth. I like the way it looks and how it feels when I touch myself. But now I have another surprise. Why don't you open up my little bag and pick something out. It might help you to more thoroughly enjoy yourself until the rain lets up."

Sandra slowly unzipped the bag and was delighted by its contents, which included the infamous "rabbit" vibrator, a larger flesh-colored dildo and a 7" perfectly shaped pink vibrating cock. "I've never used one of these," said Sandra. "I've thought about it but never had the nerve to buy one."

"There's a first time for everything," assured Katie. "Once you do you'll never go back. I use one when I fantasize about being with a man or a woman, or both at the same time. Your skirt will just get in the way though. Let me help you out of it." With that, Katie walked over to the love seat and coaxed Sandra to lift her nice ass up enough to slide her out of her cotton garment. There was our PTA mom in just her purple top, her athletic thighs slightly spread, a soft triangle of light hair above her glistening slit. Katie was tempted to be the first woman to slide her tongue into that delicious box and began to inch toward Sandra's sweet spot when Sandra stopped her.

"Not so fast. I think it's only fair that I get to remove yours now," Sandra said to Katie.

"I thought you'd never ask," she replied. Katie walked over to the love seat and stood between Sandra's thighs. She placed her hands on her new friend's shoulders and watched intently as Sandra first pulled the black thong up between her perfect ass cheeks, then pulled the front of her panties up between he full lips, rubbing them against her hard clit before methodically removing them. Katie was completely shaven and absolutely breathtaking. She bent down to give Sandra a soulful kiss of approval before turning her attention to Jen.

She then walked back to Jen and got situated next to her on the couch. She looked deeply into her green eyes, smiled slyly and whispered just loudly enough for Sandra to hear, "I want to put on a show for your pretty friend". My wife didn't say a word. Instead she slid her middle finger into her juicy snatch and placed it to Katie's lips for her to taste.

Katie gladly sucked every bit of pussy juice off of it. Sandra got the sense that they had planned this evening for a while but she wasn't going to stop them and she was mesmerized by the sight of two gorgeous mature women with their thighs spread, pointed in her direction.

Katie kissed Jen gently then started to lick her way down my wife's prone body, until she reached her soft mound. Katie then looped her arms under my wife's thighs lifting Jen's gorgeous ass off the couch and planted a prolonged kiss on her succulent pussy lips. She then placed her hands on Jen's inner thighs to spread her legs wider giving Sandra a great view of my wife's perfect flower. She spent what seemed to be an eternity licking every inch of my wife's delectable ass and thighs, purposely avoiding her oozing pussy. Jen reached to her sides and grabbed the cushions in anticipation of Katie reaching her ultimate destination.

Finally, Katie used both of her thumbs to separate Jen's puffy labia and put her talented tongue to work. She licked up and down each sensitive lip and eventually drove it so far inside her that her nose rubbed against Jen's clit.

She heard Jen gasp out loud as she continued to explore her wet folds. Her tongue quickly found her clitoris and gently pushed to covering hood of skin backwards to reveal the small, hard bud. Jen groaned and spread her legs wider as the hot mom picked up the pace and drove her tongue in and out of her tight pink hole. She replaced her tongue with her fingers, sliding one, then two inside of her, moving them in a slow and rhythmic manner, bringing Jen closer and closer with each thrust. Jen was beside herself, her head thrown back. Katie could feel my wife's muscles tighten around her drenched fingers as she slowly pulled them out, feeling the suction of my wife's convulsing snatch as she came with a force.

Jen looked down between her damp thighs and gazed into the brown eyes of the beautiful doe-eyed woman servicing her. She was totally captivated at the sight of this fantastic creature going down on her, enjoying the touch of her wet tongue licking the length of her slit. It was clear from the look in Jen's eyes that she was about to explode again. Seeing the lust in Jen's eyes only made her pump her pussy harder as a faint, but clear, "please put your tongue back inside me," escaped from her lips. She replaced her fingers with her tongue and my beautiful wife came again, Katie's soft tongue still deep inside her.

Jen composed herself and knew it was time to reciprocate. She looked over at Sandra who was leaning back against the love seat with her legs draped over each arm. She had a birds-eye view of the two hot women together on the couch. Sandra had chosen the pink vibrating dildo and was enjoying using it while she watched her hostess and new friend go down on each other.

"Do you need some lubrication?" Jen asked, hoping to provide it with her tongue. Sandra smiled and said. "Are you kidding? Watching you two has made me wet enough." She turned back to her pussy, pressing the lifelike head against her lips. She reached down to a black knob at the base and twisted it to turn it on, closed her eyes, and held it on her clit. The initial contact sent a shockwave through her body and she held it there for two minutes before slowly sliding all 7 inches inside of her tight pussy, one inch at a time. As she pushed it up inside her, she turned her head to look at her friends. It was quite apparent that she was having as much fun as they were.

There is nothing sexier than the sight of a pretty woman masturbating and the subdued hum when her toy disappears inside her. Sandra removed the toy from her pussy and slid it in her mouth, twisting it and licking her juices off the head as if it were a real cock. She alternated sliding it from her lips to her snatch. She even stood up and looked back over her shoulder at Katie and Jen as she simulated getting fucked from behind by her thick rubber cock. She looked like a seasoned pornstar, nasty and insatiable. Watching her in that position made Jen wish she had added her black strapon to the mix. She had bought it a while back on the recommendation of a co-worker, Veronica, who was nice enough to help her break it in. Jen envisioned rubbing the head of the strapon against Sandra's ass before sliding it into her, stretching that tight pussy with the thick rubber tool.

Jen was dying to go down on Sandra and her head was spinning with the fantasy when she finally came back to earth and changed places with Katie. She passionately kissed her, working her way down to her firm tits before descending to her Brazilian quim. The scent of her sex was intoxicating as my wife slid in closer between her thighs and placed her hands on her knees. The lust in her eyes was palpable. She took in the vision of Katie's soft mound and delicate pink lips. Jen smiled to herself. It had been a while and she'd almost forgotten how good another woman could taste down there. She wanted to make her cum so badly, taste her juices and return the favor for the job Katie had just done on her.

Katie reached down to run her hand through Jen's hair and then turned her head toward Sandra with a sexy smile on her face. Jen methodically started to lick the entire length of her pussy, from her beautiful ass to her protruding clit, tantalizingly sucking gently on her love button. Her moans were all the encouragement my hungry wife needed as she became ravenous, burying her face in her tasty box and darting her adept tongue in and out like she had been eating pussy all her life. As her tongue explored the depths of her tight cunny, Jen's finger began to feverishly rub her friend's clit, spurring an explosive orgasm.

Jen seemed to be enjoying giving as much as Katie was enjoying being lavished with attention. Katie got on all fours, spreading her legs toward her audience, leaving nothing to the imagination. Jen knelt behind her, licked two of her fingers and slowly slid them inside her guest's quivering honey pot. Katie grabbed the leg of the love seat with one hand and reached underneath to massage her clit while Jen gave her a finger-fucking she won't soon forget. Jen alternated using her fingers and her tongue, lapping at her wet lips and tight asshole from behind until she came for a third time and collapsed on the floor after covering my wife's ivory soap face with her juices.

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