tagIncest/TabooLadislav's Search for Venues Ch. 01

Ladislav's Search for Venues Ch. 01


Each chapter has a couple parts based on my experiences or my brother's experiences. So as not to spoil anything, I've summarized the real events at the end. Thanks to my brother for helping me with the male perspective.


Being 20, Tatiana could not handle her parent's dinner party, a full night of gossip and wine. Now if she could have some of the wine and circumvent all of the thoughtless chatting, she might not have gone for a walk outside.

Being 40, Arto could not handle the sight of his newly returned daughter silently excusing herself from dinner, a recurring scene during social gatherings in the past. In short, he had forgotten what it felt like to be 20, and in some ways, wished he could be so carefree.

Being 18, Ladislav may have helped in raising Arto's expectations for his children, sitting as still as one could sit, listening intentively, answering questions only when called upon, even more, with ample wit. Ladislav enjoyed roaming the grounds of their families estate as much as Tatiana, but he also knew that if he sat and observed, he could latch onto something that might improve his standing with his parents.

Being 38, Maria was entirely concerned with her appearance, obsessed with the fine lines that had only recently developed on her face. She looked at Tatiana walking out of the dining room with her gentle curves and smooth skin, comparing it to her own. She looked at her husband Arto who looked better with each passing year. She looked at Ladislav, so vibrant and sharp.

Their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Bronte, sat laughing and conversating as if they had nothing to worry about, but to be honest, no one could pinpoint exactly what they were thinking at any given moment. When Arto excused himself to clean some dishes in the kitchen, Mrs. Bronte quickly and quietly turned to Maria, "I just read an article that said mixing coconut oil and semen is good for your skin."

Glaring at Mrs. Bronte, Maria suspected she might have been insulting the condition of her skin, but she realized that Mrs. Bronte had double the amount of lines in her face. Sitting up straighter, Maria laughed and whispered, "There's no way. It sounds like something ridiculous thought up by a teenage boy."

"It's the absolute truth, they even conducted experiments, it's completely on the up and up... semen can rejuvenate your skin!"

Maria looked sideways at Ladislav and then whispered back to Mrs. Bronte, "Not so loud, Ladislav hears everything."

Mrs. Bronte looked over at Ladislav as he added, "I haven't read the article but I could see it being true. Although I am a teenage boy so my opinion is probably moot."

Maria blushed and looked at the table, trying to find something to distract her from the conversation. She picked up her plate and then continued to pick up the remaining plates from the table, "Well, I better help Arto wash these dishes."

Once she had left, the Brontes' and Ladislav grinned at Maria's prudish reaction, trying not to audibly laugh. The Brontes' slowly made their way into the kitchen, thanking Arto and Maria for the meal before leaving. By the time Ladislav went to wash his dish, only Maria remained, carelessly scrubbing each dish. He stood next to the sink, waiting his turn, "You know, I've heard it all before."

Maria shook her head, "It's just not appropriate conversation for dinner. I like the Brontes but they're kind of wild. You'd think with their upbringing, they'd understand manners and decency."

Nudging his plate under the water Ladislav laughed, "Mom, just because you're from old money doesn't mean that you have to carry on their ridiculous rules. We've never been like that before," he paused, "speaking of old ways, whatever happened to the maids and kitchen staff?"

Setting a pot into the sink Maria slumped her shoulders, "We have to cut back on some things," she gave a forced smirk, "Old money doesn't mean as much anymore," staring at the pot, as if she would pick it up again, Maria instead washed her hands and walked upstairs to her room.

Arto combed their tremendous grounds, looking for Tatiana. When circling the horse stables, he spotted her sitting on the cusp of a well, her dark hair curling in the wind, sketching a lone stand of three trees.

Sitting next to her he didn't say anything at first, but then softly began, "First day back in town and you have to sit through one of our pompous, well-mannered dinner parties. Must be a shock compared to long nights with pizza and beer."

While still sketching, Tatiana laughed, "I don't know about your college days, but currently, everyone is obsessed with health food. It's more like some vegetarian food from a restaurant serving exotic cuisine. As for the beer, it's not Coors or Budweiser it's the most unknown craft beer, filled with the most hops possible. It's not too bad, but it can get as stuffy as these dinner parties when someone takes it all too seriously."

Looking down into the darkness of the well, Arto nodded while itching his black scruff, "Poor college kids wanting to be refined like us boring rich types. I guess I'm not too surprised; they think this is the dream," he put his arm around her, "So how was the scholastic part of it all? You know, the reason you were there," he chuckled to himself.

"It wasn't quite what I expected. There aren't many geniuses running around in this world. But I guess I was taking a lot of mundane classes. I did take a figure drawing class, which was great; but of course, that's my thing."

Arto looked up at her seriously, "Just don't let them tell you what to draw," and then softened into a laugh.

Tatiana put her sketchbook down and stretched out, "I didn't have any problems with the curriculum; we got to draw live models, which is my favorite. But that was the first semester. I got a taste of the good life and then I was thrust back into things like math and science. I haven't drawn a figure in months!"

Arto cocked his head, "You were too afraid to ask people to pose? I was that way too."

She laughed, "I didn't even know you made art! But yeah, it's totally uncomfortable asking someone to pose. I've almost given up on it."

Now Arto stood up, struck a pose and smirked, "I used to pose for life drawing classes; I'm something of a professional," he relaxed, "Don't be afraid to ask anyone in the family to pose for you. We all support your dream of being the next Van Gogh," he winced, "Well, maybe not Van Gogh, things didn't turn out too well for him, but uh, the next Frida Kahlo. Or at least I think she wasn't as disturbed as old Vincent," Arto took a breath, "But really, if you ever want to sketch any of us, just say the word. Maybe not your mother at the moment, she's feeling a bit self-conscious, but me or Ladislav, we're here to help."

Tatiana looked at the skyline, seeing how blank it had become as a silhouette, "How about tonight? I have all this pent up creative energy that I need to expel."

Beginning to walk back to the mansion, Arrto smiled, "Well, we better get back then, before we get lost out here in the dark. Have you thought of a pose?"

"My brain is sore from all of the poses I have in mind but there's a series of three I really want to do. It's something really meaningful."

As they kept walking, Arto kept asking, "So can you describe the series to me?"

"Well, it's kind of complicated to explain in words. A lot of the meaning will come through in the way I paint it. I guess I can say, you will be pushing against a wall."

Arto playfully kicked something in the dark, "Like usual."

"Oh, and I want it to be really raw, as if you can see everything the character is feeling, completely exposed," she nervously spilled out the rest, "It would be nice for the pose to be nude to really express the vulnerability of the character but if you think it's too weird, you can wear underwear. It's only a little patch of hair and skin beneath it anyway."

After only making a "hmm" noise and walking a bit further Arto finally spoke, "Is it really important for the pose to be nude? I mean, if you wanted to wait, I could probably find someone else if it'd be uncomfortable."

Sighing, Tatiana slowed down her usual swift gait, "I don't know, if I really wanted my vision to be complete, it would be nude, and I want it to be someone middle aged," she looked at her father, "Do you even have any friends you could ask?"

He thought for a moment, "Probably not. I have a lot of business associates, but I guess that would be even more awkward," another pause, "You know what, it doesn't matter. I grew up pretty open minded, I think I can open it up again. A body is a body," he looked at Tatiana with a glint of youthfulness filling his eyes, "I'm in; anything for my talented daughter. But we really better get back faster, it's getting cold out here and I don't want to look all shriveled."

Tatiana punched her dad in the arm, "It doesn't need to be impressive!"

Ladislav sat at the top of the main staircase, listening to the house. It didn't creak much for being so old; he was more listening for his family, to hear what they were doing and what they were saying.

On cue he heard his dad and sister walk through the back door. They were a distance away but he could hear Tatiana rambling on about some abstract artistic ideas. His father, Arto asked her to elaborate on how the pose would look. She began to say something he couldn't hear and then heard her say the word nude before their conversation was completely inaudible. Ladislav figured they had gone up the side stairs and were on their way to one of the rooms.

His heartbeat quickened. He thought, "Is Tatiana going to be nude, with dad holding the camera, taking photos she can paint from later? Or is dad posing for Tatiana?"

He had never felt sexually excited by his sister, he could appreciate her beauty, but now he was curious to see her in the nude. If it was his dad posing, that would just be strange. He always found his family to be conservative when it came to sexuality.

Then he thought, "If they're posing in the living room, I can just walk in and act like I didn't know they were posing. But if not, I could climb the terrace and peek in from there."

Deciding to try the simple route first, he crept along the corridor to the upstairs living room. The lights were off.

He rushed to his room, opened the window and stepped out onto the ledge. The sheer danger of being on such a thin ledge, coupled with the excitement of seeing his sister and dad making nude art together had him shaking. He moved lightly along the edge until he reached his sisters room. The lights were on but the room was empty. Next he made it to his parents' room, but only his mother was there, brushing her teeth in the adjoined bathroom, staring at herself hard in her silky gown. He knew they wouldn't be in there, his mother was the main source of puritanical beliefs in their family.

After a couple more windows and a frightening encounter with the corner of the mansion and a gust of wind, he found them sitting in one of the guest rooms, his father looking over at his sister's sketch pad as she put down an idea. The majority of their words were audible, and Ladislav began to shake uncontrollably from the excitement.

Arto stood up, "So you want me to be on the ground sprawled out, but also pushing my right shoulder and left hand against the wall?"

Placing her sketchbook on the floor Tatiana explained, "Just test it out, look at the sketch and try to get it pretty close. I'll move you if I think the pose looks better a bit differently."

"I'll try my best," Arto began removing his shirt and kicking off his shoes, "Once I get in place, I'm going into vegetable mode; you take control. I know how particular an artist likes their poses."

He dropped his shirt on the bed and began unbuckling his pants when Tatiana fidgeted, "I'm not sure if I really need you to be fully nude. I mean, it's just kind of awkward. Maybe you can just be in your boxers."

Arto dropped his pants, "It's really up to you honey. It's your art project and you have some very specific ideas. I'm not self-conscious of my body," being in an unusually goofy and light-hearted mood he began to jokingly pull the waistband of his boxers staring down into them, "Really, not at all," he pulled them down slightly, so that she could see his pubic hair and the beginning of a bulk protruding from it.

Laughing, Tatiana yanked at his boxers from the bottom, "Oh, just get it over with."

The boxers slipped down easily. Tatiana had a difficult time not looking at his swinging member as he turned to look at the space where he would pose.

He first sat on the ground, looked at the sketch, leaned against the wall with his right shoulder, dropped his right knee to the ground and stuck his left leg straight out. Once he had achieved this contortion, he twisted his upper body so that his left hand was planted squarely on the wall above his right shoulder.

"You know, this is a bit uncomfortable. You may have to sketch quickly. Or, even better, you could take photos and use them later. I don't think I could sit for a whole painting like this," Arto tried to turn his head to his daughter so that he could make normal eye contact but his neck began to hurt.

"The camera is in my room. I mean, I would like to draw from real life but these poses are a bit crazy. Just let me go grab it real quick."

While Tatiana was gone, Ladislav looked out at the darkening landscape. He had no interest in staring at his dad in the buff. What excited him was the interaction between his sister and his father. Not being able to see much outside, he looked into the window again, his dad had relaxed his pose and even though his manhood was large, it had begun to shrivel, so he manipulated it some, trying to fill it up with a healthy amount of blood. Once it began to look more plump, he resumed the pose.

Tatiana entered the scene again and set up her camera for the dim light of the room. When she pointed the camera at her dad, she laughed, "You're so hairy, I'm afraid I might be painting more hair than skin."

"All natural, it's the way to go," Arto looked down at his trail of hair.

Laughing Tatiana admired the muscles that seemed set into his wiry frame and then took a couple of photographs, "Can you move... I mean, you're in vegetable mode, so, here," she walked over to him and pushed his right foot in closer to his body. Then she gently guided his head so that he was looking further to the side, "I hopes it alright if I'm pushing you around, this is a very delicate process."

"Like I said, you take control."

Tatiana snapped a few more pictures and then picked up her sketchbook again, "Alright, here's the second pose, unless you want to rest for a bit."

Arto stretched a bit, "Nope, I'm ready to go. I just wish it was a bit warmer in here. The cold doesn't make me look very flattering." He turned toward the wall and reached down to his crotch where both his son outside and his daughter inside could only see his arm move a bit.

"Oh my god, don't worry about that, dad! Here, look at the sketch and try to imitate it."

He gave up and laid on his stomach, stretching his body completely, both hands pressed against the wall. After getting his hands right, he tucked his left knee up to his stomach while leaving his right leg stretched.

Tatiana stood over him and grabbed his hips, twisting them a bit, "Perfect."

She took a few photos and then flipped a page on her sketchbook again, "Alright, third and final one."

Knowing the routine, Arto looked at the sketch and laid on his back with his head bent and pressing slightly against the wall. He raised up his right knee and stretched his left arm along the bottom of the wall. Every other part of his body was straight and relaxed.

"Looks good, but uh, your..." she stumbled.

Arto didn't look up, "You're the boss, you move me around. I'm relaxing. This is the first easy pose I've had."

Tatiana looked as if she wanted to thoroughly explain things but she instead walked over to him and crouched down, "I'm just going to move this over really fast," she paused, "It just looks weird sprawled out on your stomach like that."

Ladislav pressed his face closer to the window, feeling like he was going to hyperventilate at the thought of watching his sister move their father's penis.

She reached down and tried to grab a bit of the skin on his penis with her thumb and index finger but it slipped out of her fingers.

Out of surprise, Arto opened his eyes and made a little "Oh" sound but then after laughing exclaimed, "It's not dirty, you know!"

Blushing Tatiana loosely wrapped her pointer finger and thumb around his penis and lifted it up, "I know, I'm just trying not to shock you too bad, since you're an old man and all."

"I was a bit shocked but hey, in the end, it is just another part of my saggy old man body."

"You aren't saggy! I was only kidding," Tatiana dropped his now slowly growing penis between his legs. She was so embarrassed she didn't notice that it was gradually feeling heavier and a bit more puffy. With his penis hanging safely between his legs she stood back and pointed her camera, and then chuckled, "Dad, you're getting hard now. I don't think that's going to work."

Arto stretched out more, "Don't worry, it'll go down pretty soon."

Setting her camera down, Tatiana sat on the bed and looked out the window. Ladislav nearly fell off the ledge, trying to move out of view.

In a couple minutes, Arto called, "Alright, I think I'm good to go."

"You guys and your things, so fickle," Tatiana grabbed her camera and pointed it at her dad, "I don't know, now it looks like it was unnaturally stuffed between your legs."

Arto kept his eyes closed, breathing slowly as if he had half fallen asleep while they waited for his erection to go down, "Not my problem, you're the director, you're the one who put it down there."

Ladislav repeatedly pressed his hand against his crotch, fondling the bulge that throbbed through his jeans.

Crouching next to her dad once again, Tatiana tried to use her finger and thumb to pull up Arto's penis in a non-invasive way but it was wedged too tightly between his thighs. She slid her hand between his inner leg and his penis and fished it out with her whole hand. When she had it up and back in the light, she switched to holding it with two fingers and then looked at her hand, "Umm, dad, you're leaking."

He picked up his head and looked at his penis and then at her hand, and laughed at the pre-cum that was hanging between the tip of his penis and her palm, "Yeah, that happens sometimes when you go from hard to soft. I guess it's kind of appropriate for the last pose, you know, because the character is completely spent after pushing against this wall."

Tatiana's eyes lit up, "Oh my god, that's brilliant! I can't believe I didn't think of that!" then she looked back at his penis resting between her fingers, "Problem is, it's all on my hand now," she dropped his penis so that it was laying on his thigh, the hanging string of pre-cum pulled from his penis so that it just hung from her hand. She wiped the fluid onto his leg.

Arto didn't budge, consoling her with his eyes closed, "I'm sure there's a bit more gathered in there. Usually it drips a lot. You just have to push it out a bit."

Tatiana slapped his thigh, "Be my guest."

Arto laughed, "I thought you were the one in control of this pose. You don't have to go crazy, just hold it a little tighter than you were. You could probably just shake it. Actually, you could probably just wait it out," and then in a sing-song voice, "Let it ooze!"

Balancing himself on the ledge while trying to stick his hand down his pants, Ladislav was teetering dangerously.

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